Why You Shouldn’t Use YouTube View Bots

In this post I'm going to evaluate 5 popular YouTube view bots and why you shouldn't use them.

If you're looking for a YouTube View Bot, there are a couple of options.

It's important to note that there two different styles of 'bots':

  1. There are non-human viewers (bots) 
  2. And there are human viewers that you either pay for or exchange views with (traffic exchange networks)

Bots like SupaGrowth's YouTube View Bot tool don't involve actual humans. They inflate your YouTube views using VPNs & proxies in conjunction with your computer's desktop browsers to inflate your watch count.


I don't recommend using bots, traffic exchange networks, or paying for views. Google takes a dim view of 'black hat' strategies. You could jeopardize your YouTube channel if you fraudulently boost your YouTube views whether you're using a bot or a traffic exchange network. Especially if you're an AdSense partner- that constitutes ad fraud! So the following list is purely for our joint academic edification.

Then there are the traffic exchange networks- where, in a nutshell, you watch other peoples' videos, and then they watch yours. ViewGrip and View2.be are examples of this credit-based traffic exchange system.

You can also pay and avoid having to watch others' videos- so it's really a freemium model. QQTube is a pure pay for play option- though at the time of this writing, they're offering 1,000 free views as an incentive to start.

The advantages are pretty obvious- upping your views can help kickstart your channel to get organic traffic- triggering a virtuous, upward cycle of viewership growth.

5 YouTube View Bot Options

The SupaGrowth YouTube View Bot (Paid Bot)

The first option I've seen is the SupaGrowth YouTube View Bot.

(A quick aside: SupaGrowth also has a YouTube Comment Bot & a YouTube Closed Caption scraper that you can download.)

I'm actually a paying SupaGrowth member. I don't use the YouTube view generator- but I've downloaded a variety of his other tools and they all work well. 

Awesome Internet Marketing & SEO Software – Supa Growth

Supa Growth creates SEO and internet marketing software to help your business grow online. PBN Hunter, Long Tail Alert, Link Monitor and many more.

The developer is super responsive- so if there are any bugs or technical glitches with the view increaser, it's easy to ping him to get them resolved.

According to SupaGrowth, this YouTube views tool is designed to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos.

He explains that by boosting the number of views your videos have- your YouTube videos will appear more popular than they actually are. This will prompt YouTube to suggest your content organically- you'll get better rankings which will in turn increase views.

YouTube View Bot utilizes internet browsers set up on your computer like Internet Explorer & Chrome in conjunction with proxies or a Virtual Private Network to load and play your selected video. The software program will run in a infinite loop continuously boosting the videos views.

ViewGrip (Freemium Human Viewers)

ViewGrip is a Traffic Exchange service which will help provide website traffic to its users. Anyone can participate- their traffic exchange system is free to get free Youtube views, Likes and Subscribers.

ViewGrip: #1 Free Youtube Views, Like & Subscribers

Get Free Youtube Views, Like & Subscribers With the secure exchange system – Guarantees 100% secure – Free Youtube views and join the thousands of other members.

The way it works, your videos are watched by real people- instead of spoofing it. They guarantee that your online video is going to be viewed by actual individuals from around the globe.

The process works like this:

  1. You add your YouTube Videos to the ViewGrip network
  2. You watch other creators' videos
  3. Your video then will be viewed by other ViewGrip members

View2.Be (Freemium Human Viewers)

View2.be is another traffic exchange network- no bots involved. It also claims that it's fully compliant with YouTube's terms of service- though it does offer a 'YouTube dislike bot', which seems pretty nefarious.


Join the Thousands of YouTube Publishers Already Getting Free YouTube Views & Likes from 100% Real People to Boost Their Video Success! NO BOTS! View2.be is one of the Internet’s leading YouTube View & Like Exchange Networks. The concept is simple.

I can't say that Google will look too favorably on channels that growth hack using this service- but I digress.

According to their website, View2.be is among the internet's top YouTube View & Like Exchange Networks.

The idea is straightforward, they say. A person signs up for a free account, earns coins by viewing videos, Liking videos or completing offers and then you invest those coins on your own videos to begin getting Free YouTube Views and Likes.

You are able to deliver free YouTube views and likes to as many videos as you wish. For those who have 1 YouTube video or if you have 100 YouTube videos- you can promote as many as you want. It's up to you.

According to their website, this traffic exchange system that delivers free YouTube views and Likes to your videos is 100% risk-free and is in accordance with YouTube’s Terms & Conditions. And that means you don't need to be worried about ever being banned or penalized.

Your YouTube videos will receive views and Likes from 100% actual individuals. It doesn't use bots. You will get video visitors from thousands of men and women all over the world with unique IP addresses.

Besides offering paid and free YouTube views, they also offer a range of 'black hat' services:

  • Buy YouTube Views (Targeted)
  • Buy YouTube Subscribers
  • Buy YouTube Likes
  • Buy YouTube Dislikes
  • Buy Custom YouTube Comments

QQTube (Paid Human Viewers)

QQTube launched in 2013 and provides a network of viewers you can pay to, among other things, view your YouTube videos. 

As an incentive to start, at the time of this writing, they're offering 1,000 views for free- just visit their homepage.

My Social Following (Paid Human Viewers)

Another option is My Social Following- this is a pay-for-play service. They offer 2 distinct view generation options- automatic views and manually purchased views

Automatic views provides a set it and forget it strategy if publishing lots of content and looking for a hands off means of encouraging organic, algorithmic growth.

According to their website, to really get your video to go viral, you'll want to encourage YouTube and Google that your particular video deserves promotion on their platform.

Get Real Youtube Views, Likes, & Subscribers

To get your video viral, you need to convince Youtube and Google that your video is worthy of being shared. This is why our tried and tested youtube marketing services will give your video the attention it deserves by delivering targeted video views, likes, and subscribers.

 Their YouTube marketing service, they say, will get your video the user attention it's worthy of by providing highly targeted video views, likes, and subscribers. 

As soon as their view generator service gets your video the attention of YouTube's ranking algorithm, the platform's share-friendly, promotional environment will spur genuine, organic growth. They promise high-retention views, fast delivery, and a 100% refund.

A Quora Case Study

One Quora user wrote up a miniature case study.

He explains that when it comes to manipulating view count using a bot or traffic exchange system, when combined with all of the other common SEO strategies, it's pretty effective.

This Quora user explains that he's done YouTube search engine optimization for the previous couple of years, and he's tried almost everything.

He says that virtually all of the top YouTubers purchase views, social engagements, comments, likes, and backlinks.

9 times out of 10 if you notice a YouTuber move from 0 to 2 million subscribers in one year, 50 percent of the time it's fake.

So why do they do it, he asks?

As an example, imagine someone purchases 500,000 views, 2,000 likes, 100 comments and social shares + back links on all his YouTube videos.

Suddenly the user gets placed on 'whats trending' status in his country, that will get him tons of publicity and followers.

He'll get noticed by the mass media, they'll do reports, bring the celebrity YouTuber on different media platforms and podcasters will start speaking about him which equates to increased traffic, a lot more links, additional views, and importantly more revenue.

Then this user will also trigger promotion in the'related' algorithm and begin showing up in the search phrases and beside his competitor's videos.

This placement gets him millions of views organically.

The next step- this now 'celebrity' YouTuber slowly and gradually decreases the number of fake engagements that he's purchasing, at the same time as his genuine engagements are surging.

The Quora user explains that he's seen this kind of thing over and over- he even says that a lot of big YouTubers have outsoured this process and they conduct it for them in a more discreet manner to avoid detection.

The Risks Of Fake Views

According to Filmora.io, bots violate YouTube’s Terms Of Service. This is especially true if you're using AdSense. That would constitute ad fraud- so you should understand why Google would vigililantly police these sorts of infractions.

If Google suspects you of generating fake views, YouTube might delist your video or even strip you of monetization altogether.

They say that you'll probably escape Google's wrath with a warning initially. But if you persist, that's where things can get ugly.

You might have your channel removed from YouTube. You really don't want to tempt fate with Google.

An additional risk with using bots and traffic exchange networks is that the quality of the video engagement might be really low, which might mess up the engagement stats YouTube uses to assess the quality of your channel.

Overall- as I said at the start, I don't recommend that you manipulate view count with one of these increaser tools. My preference is to keep things 'white hat'. Use any of these view generation services and tools at your own risk!

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