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In this post, will provide you the answer to this Google certification question, along with an explanation resource, and sometimes helps if you want to build out your own digital marketing consultancy.

Your ad can show to a user when your targeted language matches:

  1. a user’s browser setting
  2. Correct: a user’s Google interface language setting
  3. the language of websites a user visits most often
  4. a user’s operating system language

*Explanation Resource

Google has advanced machine learning capabilities to detect the language that the user understands and will only show ads to them if they believe that the user understands at least one targeted language.

AdWords Language Targeting Tutorial

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Google Advertising Consulting

If you are looking to leverage your Google advertising certification, there are a couple different strategies to use. If you are looking for corporate work, LinkedIn remains one of the best places to go.

Otherwise, if you are looking to do some freelance consulting, or perhaps have a larger ambition to launch a Digital Ad Agency, I would recommend searching out clients on a platform like Fiverr or UpWork.

These freelance marketplaces help you get visibility to digital marketing buyers. I myself have purchased a lot of services on these platforms. I’ve bought a lot of freelancers offerings- a range of different digital marketing solutions and have a couple of tips to help you get hired on them.

Professional Headshots

The first thing I would recommend is to get a professional headshot. So many times I encounter freelancers that don’t have a photo or the photo they have makes them look somewhat strange.

You want to have an attractive presentation online. It will encourage buyers to communicate with you, providing you greater opportunity to convert them on your services.


Another common mistake, especially if English is not your native language, is a poorly-written profile description.

Once you write your profile, consider having a friend with native English fluency copy edit it for you.

Otherwise, you can try firing someone online to clean up the English.

You might think that it reads well in English, but often times they are syntax issues that are a dead giveaway. This can negatively impact your earning potential on a platform because it discourages buyers from trusting your professionalism.

Build A Portfolio

Another thing that we would recommend, and this is really relevant to the UpWork platform, is to include assets in your digital portfolio.

For example, if I were looking to hire a Google ads consultant, perhaps someone to help me with multi-language display retargeting, I would want them to have access to some case studies that demonstrate the digital marketer’s competency.

This really helps with conversion if a buyer can peek behind the curtain and analyze past work you have successfully accomplished.

Reviews are also incredibly important. This is probably one of the biggest concerns people have when they begin functioning as a freelancer.

One thing I would say is initially, consider pricing yourself below your typical market rate just so you get some work, get some good reviews coming in, and then adjust your price accordingly when your number and quality of reviews Rises up.

Summing Up

Understanding how language targeting works inside of Google ads is important.

If you fully appreciate this concept it can definitely help you service more diverse clients on different hiring platforms as well as embellish your performance inside of Incorporation.

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