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In this post, we’ll give you the quick answer for this question below, but also some tips on how to use your Google Ads certification in the world of work.

Which campaign type would an advertiser use to target users searching on

  1. “Search Network with Display opt-in”
  2. Correct: “Search Network”
  3. “Display Network”
  4. ”Video campaign”


If an advertiser purely wants to target users employing Google Search, the Search Network is the best option. It will show ads near Google search results based on the keywords they have searched for.

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Google Ads Consulting Opportunities

Otherwise, if you are looking to leverage your Google ad certification, I would suggest experimenting with UpWork.


If you’re taking the Google Ads certification exam, and you’re not working for a corporation already, you might be interested in providing consulting services. There are a bunch of ways that you can generate revenue online as a paid search specialist.

One way is to list yourself on UpWork. On the platform, you will be a freelancer and provide Google advertising services to buyers. I am myself an UpWork service buyer.

In order to Get hired on UpWork, I would recommend having an attractive profile photo, make sure that your profile includes all of the services you provide, and that the profile content itself is copy ended by a native English speaker. The more presentable you can be, the better your results will be on a hiring platform like this.

There are a range of other things you obviously need to consider.

For example, pricing is a big one.

A lot of Freelancers complained that pricing is way too low on UpWork. People that complain about this often times are based in the United States and they are competing against international freelancers that have lower cost-of-living and can, therefore, charge lower rates for comparable services.

That said, creating a profile that is attractive is one way to have a competitive advantage over and above other Freelancers that have misspelling or foreign language syntax errors in their English profile descriptions.

Niche Down

One thing I would recommend testing out is specializing as a Google ads expert. For example, if you specialize in marketing information products, you will be able to charge a premium to individuals looking for advertising specialists better familiar with information product marketing.

I myself recently created an information product and I would certainly consider hiring an advertising specialist who was familiar with information product marketing because it is very different than running ads to an e-commerce store, for example.

You can advertise different these service lines.

For sure, you can still be a Google ads generalist, but you could always mention that you have some specialized product lines.

This will help you get discovered in UpWork’s search engine, as well.

For example, if I went into UpWork and searched for information product marketing, if you had those keywords on your page, then you have a greater chance at being discovered and initiating a conversation with a high-value buyer.

Summing Up

Becoming a paid search specialist is a good idea – if you can help businesses drive converting traffic to their offers your skillset is never going to expire. There is always a market for people that helped drive bottom-line results.

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