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warriorplus review

In this post, I examine the Warrior plus affiliate network- analyzing their different offers and how I would promote them.  

What Is It?

WarriorPlus is an affiliate network that specializes in information products. Specifically, make money online products.

You can join as an advertiser or an affiliate.

Meaning, you can either list your product so affiliates can promote it, or get affiliate links as a publisher to promote the Marketplace offers.

On the face of it, some of the products seem somewhat sensational.

But WarriorPlus provides a variety of sales statistics demonstrating robust performance for the top offers.

Below, you can see a screenshot of their top-performing offers, sorted by number of sales, prior to July 2018:

warriorplus mmo affiliate offers

You get some helpful information about each affiliate offer including:

  • Vendor
  • Launch Date
  • Sales
  • Conv. Rate
  • Visitor Value
  • Avg. Sale
  • Comm. Rate
  • Refund Rate
  • Pulse

The table below lets you sort through some of these offers.

Offer NameAbout Offer# Of SalesConversion RateVisitor ValueAverage SaleRefund RatePulse
Profit Reignhttps://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/pdjfqr2000+8%$2.06$24.557%78.25
Fuego Multiplierhttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/wdhw8/go2000+13%$5.36$39.433%57.77
Ad Target Drillhttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/fsdrd/go1000+12%$17.062%46.51
Passive Income Machinehttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/vrdzb/go500+18%$3.70$20.760%42.64
Rival Keywordshttps://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/z5y6xr1000+21%$5.00$23.993%36.61
The Milk-It Methodhttps://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/mwgx6m1000+14%$1.94$13.943%32.46
LI Client Igniterhttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/czgt8/go2000+24%$5.02$20.461%30.45
Youtube Ads for Localhttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/vqqpl/go500+17%$4.33$25.852%26.68
Page One For Cash Confidentialhttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/lpnlx/go1000+22%$6.62$30.642%26.56
Sixty Minute Flipshttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/pwzsc/go1000+13%$1.34$10.491%23.87
[NEW Software with Resale Rights] Massive Site Builder!https://warriorplus.com/j/r/dcjp1/go250+20%$2.76$13.660%22.88
Fast Cash Fivehttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/sc0hp/go1000+6%$1.00$15.5810%20.70
OTP Static Swarm - Mass Page & Traffic Generatorhttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/lrwrf/go100+3%$1.63$59.120%20.28
Web Consultant Lifestylehttps://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/g6w72p250+20%$2.90$14.141%18.63
SAME DAY eCom Profits 2.0https://warriorplus.com/j/r/xdgxj/go250+7%$2.01$27.782%18.55
2 Day Profitshttps://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/l2ryvz10000+5%$0.51$10.488%17.47
Local Video Script Makerhttps://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/l7p7dd500+17%$4.16$24.570%17.29
Roofer Rounduphttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/rd8hs/go3000+25%$5.23$20.543%17.09
48HR Income Systemhttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/d44bz/go100+6%$0.88$14.681%16.27
Effortless GDPR Consulting Profitshttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/js3nt/go250+12%$3.60$30.661%15.67
Offline Merchant Alliancehttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/cnf6t/go100+16%$4.65$29.463%15.62
RSS Traffic Rocket 2.0https://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/vggc7c500+13%$1.78$13.812%15.59
The Banger Methodhttps://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/wjgw7r3000+4%$0.98$23.7710%14.41
1-2-3 Profitshttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/pzhc3/go250+8%$1.07$12.9113%13.80
Post 2 Profithttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/wmlth/go3000+9%$13.269%12.01
OTN - Free Leads Systemhttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/bncv2/go250+2%$0.18$10.262%11.86
The Cloneshttps://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/k1m9cx3000+11%$27.689%11.62
The Breakthrough With Kenny Cannonhttps://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/f6n1zv2000+16%$2.44$15.539%9.34
Local Landing Page Profits V2https://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/shctx1500+12%$3.16$26.290%8.95
Easy Peasy Ecomhttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/smgjf/go1000+9%$1.13$11.8911%8.89
ECOMBOX Themehttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/j7xkl/go250+9%$2.05$22.685%8.84
HSS: Headline Creation Sweet Spot Solution Sheethttps://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/k9fj3y50+15%$0.93$6.160%7.98
[LCK] Attorney Authorityhttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/wh8k9/go100+24%$3.61$14.261%7.92
Organic Traffic Platform - Massive Traffic On Demandhttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/xnj1c/go500+5%$73.430%7.64
Blog Defender 2018https://warriorplus.com/j/r/hdp67/go100+7%$2.10$27.976%7.55
Offline Puppet Master: 5 Year Anniversary FIRESALEhttps://warriorplus.com/j/r/xdnfn/go50+13%$4.55$37.130%7.53

WarriorPlus Earnings Potential

Top Offers

As of this writing in July 2018, Re-KaChing is leading the pack with over 2,000 sales. 

According to the Affiliate Offer Details page, the product Price Range is between $12.94 and $97.00 with a Commission Range between $12.94 to $185.94. 

You can check out the sales page here.

According to the sales page, "Re-Kaching is a brand new method for banking easy profits with just a few minutes of setup time required. You don’t need any special skills or prior experience to make big money with Re-Kaching. 

Just use the included software, follow the simple steps, and you’re good to go!"

It's not clear what the product is- but it obviously contains a variety of upsells, because currently the initial purchase price is $12.94 but the Price Range, as we see above, goes up to $97. 

Profit Reign is another high-performing offer. It's got a Price Range of $2.00 to $197.00 and a Commission Range of $2.00 to $223.00. 

WarriorPlus Features


According to their support page, payments are made via "PayPal, Stripe, etc.". 

Launch Calendar

WarriorPlus features a Launch Calendar. This gives you insight into upcoming make money online affiliate opportunities- and provides some runway if you want to create content in advance of a product launch. 

Deal Of The Day

Their Deal Of The Day section promotes daily affiliate opportunities. For example, the June 30, 2018 deal was for this viral meme product

Pulse Score

Like ShareASale's PowerRank or Clickbank's Gravity score, WarriorPlus uses a proprietary metric called Pulse to assign an indicator of performance for the affiliate offer. According to this page, they say that, 

"Offers on WarriorPlus have a "Pulse" score, which is an indicator of affiliate performance for that offer over the past few months.

A higher "pulse" would indicate more overall activity for an offer, based on the number of different people making sales, as well as some other factors related to overall sales numbers."

This is a handy metric- it will help you select the best-performing opportunities. For example, a product could have a huge amount of sales, but that could be a function of its longevity. 


Some of the affiliate programs within the network run contests for the affiliates. For example, if you click here, you'll see an expired contest for one of the offers.

WSO Pro Contest View WarriorPlus

This was called a "SPEED CONTEST" and the terms were as follows:

"Duration: First 48hrs Contest based on: Sales Teams of 2 allowed. First Place gets an extra... $1,000!"

The person that could promote this product launch the fastest got an extra $1,000. To cash in on a affiliate opportunity like this, you'd have to be able to push a lot of qualified traffic to the offer very quickly.

How could you do this? You'd want to have a sizable email list that you could broadcast offers to.

Perhaps you wrote up a product review a month prior to launch so you rank for the keyword when users begin searching for it.

Or maybe you specialize in paid traffic and you just push people to the offer from AdWords or other PPC networks.

How To Promote

I'll use the example of Re-Kaching.

If you check out the screengrab below, you'll see a variety of affiliates promoting this offer.

The top results are videos, followed up by websites, and then images:

rekaching serp example

My general recommendation is to create cross-channel content related to WarriorPlus keywords and rake in a passive flow of highly qualified traffic.

Website Product Reviews

If I had to push traffic to these offers, my personal approach would start by creating an internet marketing blog and publishing product reviews.

Here's the current, top-ranking site for the Re-Kaching offer:

Re-Kaching Review – A Complete Money-Making System – GLENNREVIEW

It is not difficult for you to hear about success stories in creating 6-figure or even 7-figure income online every single month with affiliate marketing but none of them told you the exact method to do that.

I'd pay attention to their Launch Calendar- writing longform reviews before the product launches to have a 'first mover' SEO advantage on my competitors in the niche.

I'd also run WarriorPlus through Ahrefs to see what they rank for and snipe some of their low-competition keywords.

You can see some of their top-performing keywords below:

There's not a ton of search volume for these terms- but there is high buyer intention. Any time someone Googles a brand term, they are far down the sales funnel- primed to make a purchase.

You just need to push them over the edge- just keep in mind that your reputation depends on recommending high-quality products that actually help your readers.

Or, just filter through some of the existing offers within this affiliate network and select opportunities that interest you.

There are certain themes here- some of the offers are eCommerce, some are SEO, some are bitcoin, etc. You could choose to specialize in a particular content domain and source affiliate offers that way.


Email marketing in this space is huge.

My recommendation would be to build out a high-quality content site that specializes in the make money online space, capture emails, set up an autoresponder with ConvertKit, and then you can broadcast affiliate products to your list. 

Of course, that's easier said than done. Check out this list-building tutorial from Noah Kagan- great tips if you're new to list building.

It's clearly one of the best ways to cash in on affiliate contests and quickly push traffic to offers as they launch.


I'd then create a YouTube video that includes the affiliate link in the description and a link back to my website's product review.

Here's an example of a Re-Kaching video review:

 I'd also rip the subtitles from my YouTube product review and publish them on the website as captions- I use one of SupaGrowth's internet-marketing tools to do that.

You can also publish the video across different video sharing sites- this is another smart way to increase your reach.

As far as the content of the video goes- you can just do a screenshare from your desktop. It doesn't need to be anything fancy.

Since these WarriorPlus offers don't have a ton of competition- you'll find that the videos will rank in the SERPs (search engine results page) alongside your website's longform product review.


I'd also create some custom graphics using Canva and distribute them to infographic submission sites.

Here's an example of a custom graphic created for the Re-Kaching program:

Even just publishing them on your product review post and/or Pinterest is enough to get them indexed by Google.

This is another viable referral traffic strategy- you'll even pick up some backlinks doing this.

Granted, a lot of those backlinks come from spammy sites scraping the internet- but Google has shifted to ignoring bad links, according to my understanding, rather than penalizing sites for them. So you don't need to worry about getting penalized.

Social Media

Obviously, you'll want to push your content out across social media. I use MissingLettr to automate drip campaigns. 

Or you can use of the many freemium social schedulers out there like Hootsuite and Buffer. 

While organic traffic from social posts isn't huge unless you have a big following, many SEOs think that these 'social signals' can help improve SEO ranking performance.

Because many of these internet marketing products are so low competition, you might find that your social content ranks in the SERPs. Just because Google has nothing else to rank.

As well, a lot of people resort to Twitter and Facebook to keyword-search for product reviews. If you have some content on those platforms, you could find some qualified traffic to help push to these WarriorPlus offers. 

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The make money online (MMO) space can be a dark, spammy place.

While I don't want to impugn any of the product creators, many MMO offers exploit novices with claims of automatic profits and easy riches.

And many publishers who are affiliates for these offers cash in by aggressive and disingenuous promotion of products they know are low-quality.

If you're looking to become an affiliate for WarriorPlus, just keep in mind that some of the offers are clearly too good to be true.

If you don't think the product is any good, let your audience know!

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