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If you produce videos, marketing them can be a challenge.

Sure, you can upload them to YouTube and Facebook, but if you really want to 10x traffic to your video, you should experiment submitting it a bunch of hosting and sharing sites.

In this post, I list out over 87+ different (free & paid) video upload sites you can use to promote your content.

Whether you’re marketing your local business, evangelizing your personal brand, promoting an affiliate offer, or trying to generate valuable SEO ranking signals- these video distribution platforms can be an incredibly powerful marketing strategy.

Outsource It!

Use Fiverr

Before we dive in, I’d recommend hiring a freelance service to do the uploading for you.

Trust me, it’ll be a real chore if you’re doing it yourself. I’d recommend using the freelancer marketplace Fiverr.

You can see below, that if you search for “video submission” there are a ton of results- including the top-ranking option that promises submission to 95 different video platforms:


Use Software

According to this YouTube tutorial, SENuke provides a module for automated video submissions. That’s another option if you’re looking to speed up the submission process.

Now, on to the list.

Check out the platforms below- we’ve even thrown in some SimilarWeb stats for each platform (current as of October 2018). All metrics refer to September 2018 traffic data. “Total visits”, for example, describes the number of September visits to the specific site.

87+ Video Upload Sites

1. YouTube

youtube (4)

YouTube is by far the most popular video upload site of them all. Originally, it started as social website (sort of) where people would publicly communicate with each other by posting video replies. Over the course of time, it evolved into what we have now – a huge portal where every type of video content can be found. Funny videos, news, political debates, cartoon, music videos… you name it. The content creators are encouraged to upload their videos and monetize them with ads, as long as it doesn’t violate the community guidelines.

  • Total visits: 23.88B
  • Average visit duration: 21:33
  • Most traffic from: US (16.41%)

2. Twitch


Twitch is by far the most popular site for streaming video game content. As soon as a gamer goes live with a stream, others can tune in to watch and even interact with them by posting comments in the chat window. Twitch also allows you to save videos for later, so they’re safely archived for those who couldn’t find the time to join in real-time.

  • Total visits: 862.28M
  • Average visit duration: 06:20
  • Most traffic from: US (20.98%)

3. LiveLeak

liveleak logo

LiveLeak lets users upload their own content. Although mainly focused on war, politics, and global events, you can pretty much post anything you want as long as you respect the terms and conditions. Unlike what you’re probably used to seeing on Youtube, you will not be able to get away with uploading music (unless, of course, you’re the copyright holder).

  • Total visits: 32.51M
  • Average visit duration: 06:57
  • Most traffic from: US (36.68%)

4. Dailymotion

Logo_dailymotion (Small)

Dailymotion allows you to pull up a video by searching through tags, categories, or groups. The content you can expect to find there covers a wide range of topics, from serious political discussions and all the way to funny videos. The videos you upload should not exceed 2GB and must remain under 1 hour in length. All in all, this is a good alternative to Youtube.

  • Total visits: 340.46M
  • Average visit duration: 06:11
  • Most traffic from: US (14.82%)

5. Veoh

veoh logo

Veoh is a TV service website where you’ll find independent production, studio content, as well as content that is entirely user-generated. The website allows you to upload videos of any length and in several different formats. Just the way you’ve grown used to on popular video sharing websites, you can engage in open discussions, leave comments, and rate the content others have posted.

  • Total visits: 4.83M
  • Average visit duration: 04:55
  • Most traffic from: US (18.91%)

6. Vimeo


Vimeo is very much like Youtube, except the fact that most of the content you can find there is rather much professional-looking. On the flipside, it doesn’t get as much visitors as Youtube, but nevertheless, it’s a good option to consider if you’re planning on selling your videos. In case of the latter, you can opt for a paid account that offers you advanced statistics, customization, password protection, and other useful options.

  • Total visits: 164.97M
  • Average visit duration: 03:18
  • Most traffic from: US (26.19%)

7. Break

break video logo

Break is the place to be if you can’t imagine a day spent without watching a funny video. If you want to participate by uploading your own, please note that the file must not be larger than 60MB, so shorter videos are preferred. When uploading, you have plenty of freedom to do so via the website, through your phone, or even send the file via email.

  • Total visits: 2.81M
  • Average visit duration: 04:15
  • Most traffic from: US (73.52%)

8. Metacafe

metacafe logo

Metacafe is a video sharing website where you can find plenty of short videos posted in various categories: sports, games, music, tv, and movies. It’s designed in a way to make sure that the algorithms push higher-quality video up in its search results. If you fancy the idea of getting paid just for uploading your videos, Metacafe is a noteworthy consideration. However, there’s a catch; a video you uploaded must get 20,000 views first. After that, Metacafe will pay you $5 for every subsequent 1,000 views it receives.

  • Total visits: 3.21M
  • Average visit duration: 01:48
  • Most traffic from: US (25.32%)

9. Flickr


Flickr is mainly used as a photo sharing platform, but you can also upload your videos, animated clips, and videos. Although the platform is not exactly known for its video content offerings, it can surely help boost your content’s popularity if you pick the right niche. Apart from this, feel free to browse its generous database of photos and images, including the ones with a creative commons license you can use however you please.

  • Total visits: 111.92M
  • Average visit duration: 05:19
  • Most traffic from: US (24.68%)

10. EngageMedia

EngageMedia_Logo (Small)

EngageMedia is a lesser-known video sharing website, but it’s gaining in popularity. Here, you can find blog, video, news, and other types of multimedia content. In one way or another, the content uploaded here is mostly aimed at discussing global issues, including social justice, human rights, technology, environmental awareness, and similar topics. You can find news from all parts of the world here.

  • Total visits: N/A
  • Average visit duration: N/A
  • Most traffic from: N/A

11. Instagram


Instagram also provides a free way to market your video- with some limitations. The maximum length, at the time of this writing, is just 60 seconds.

12. Disclose.tv

Disclose is a video sharing platform that mainly focuses on distributing alternative news. Anything that’s outside of the scope of the mainstream qualifies. Yes, even conspiracy theories, and conspiracy theory videos are definitely in abundance there. If you dig deeply enough, you’ll also find video footage of unusual sightings such as aliens and UFOs.

  • Total visits: 2.39M
  • Average visit duration: 03:56
  • Most traffic from: US (35.03%)

13. Dropshots

dropshots logo

Dropshots is a photo and video sharing platform that lets you manage your multimedia content with ease. You can also import them from other platforms like Instagram. In your account, you can manage the privacy settings and custom-tailor them to your needs. You can also manage who can view your photos and videos on an individual level and revoke the permissions at any time.

  • Total visits: 110.28K
  • Average visit duration: 04:50
  • Most traffic from: India (47.44%)

14. Hulu


Hulu is a subscription service for professional content (mainly shows and movies), but nowadays, the movie distribution has become a bit more modernized and everyone can take part. Of course, it’s not going to be cheap, but if you don’t mind shelling out $750, it can certainly be done. If you’re in it for the streaming library, the subscription is $5.99 a month if you decide to subscribe for an entire year.

  • Total visits: 133.27M
  • Average visit duration: 14:06
  • Most traffic from: US (95.52%)

15. Myspace


Myspace is most widely known as the first major social networking site that became operational way back in 2003. Besides videos, you can find other user-generated content here, such as blogs, photos, music, and more. Sharing what you’ve created is as simple as creating a free user profile and posting it through a user-friendly interface. Typically, famous musicians use it to share their live recordings in order to get more recognition.

  • Total visits: 8.16M
  • Average visit duration: 02:51
  • Most traffic from: US (35.90%)

16. StupidVideos

stupid videos logo

StupidVideos is a collection of viral videos spread around the internet. This is user created content that mostly revolves around pranks, doing stupid things, and simply having fun. Stand-up comedy, stunts, pranks, dancing, animal videos… you name it. The website isn’t receiving a lot of traffic at the moment, but it’s very niche focused, which could be of some use if you’re targeting a specific group of people or if that’s the kind of content you like to entertain yourself with.

  • Total visits: N/A
  • Average visit duration: N/A
  • Most traffic from: N/A

17. eBaum’s World

ebaum logo

eBaum’s World is a video upload website focused around humor and funny content of various sorts. Apart from videos, you can find plenty of memes, articles, and gaming-centered content. The vast majority of the content you can find here is user-generated, and the users are motivated for contributing via eBones (an internal monetary point system).

  • Total visits: 10.54M
  • Average visit duration: 06:40
  • Most traffic from: US (52.66%)

18. Upload Stars

upload stars logo

Upload Stars is not only a video sharing site, but a social networking platform as well. If you’re an artist looking for ways to spread the message and promote your work, this is a good place to check out. Actors, musicians, and comedians often use it to show what they can do and extend their fanbase.

  • Total visits: 205.11K
  • Average visit duration: 08:16
  • Most traffic from: US (36.40%)

19. FunnyOrDie

funny or die logo

FunnyOrDie is a collection of user-posted and staff-posted videos featuring celebrities, humor, and more. Some of the content you can find there may be a bit on the inappropriate side, but all in all, if it’s in good taste, the community doesn’t frown upon it. It was launched in 2007.

  • Total visits: 1.13M
  • Average visit duration: 03:34
  • Most traffic from: US (58.95%)

20. Viewster

viewster logo

Viewster has been around since 2007 and is a website where you can view ad-supported shows and movies. In case you’re looking for indie movies, there’s plenty of them as well. Of course, there is also the user-generated content, and everyone is invited to take part.

  • Total visits: 951.73K
  • Average visit duration: 01:26
  • Most traffic from: US (25.83%)

21. Google Drive


You can even upload your videos to Google Drive- a favorite tactic of SEOs who call it Google Drive Stacks- basically getting backlinks from a variety of Google properties. Just make your video accessible to everybody on the internet- and the backlink will be indexed.

Here’s a video explaining a bit about it:

Other Video Upload Sites

Below, I’ve listed out a bunch of other video upload sites.

I’d recommend using a freelancer from a marketplace like Fiverr to do the uploading for you.

There is some automatic video submission software that can do it for you like SENuke- but that can be kind of technically complex.

  1. BigContact social podcasting/videocasting
  2. TinyPic photo and video distribution service
  3. blinkx tv / video / podcast search
  4. blip.tv video/podcasting sharing service
  5. Vidmax video sharing site
  6. Bolt video/photo/music sharing service
  7. Boltfolio video sharing service
  8. Brightcove professional paid video hosting and distribution
  9. BroadbandSports.com sports video portal with videos of sporting events and football matches
  10. BroadSnatch podcasts & vlogs
  11. Castpost social video hosting and sharing
  12. Clipshack social video sharing
  13. DiviCast social podcasting and videocasting
  14. EveryBit search multimedia web content
  15. Oculu all-inclusive video technology platform
  16. EyeSpot simple video mixing and distribution
  17. FireAnt.tv social video sharing
  18. Flukiest music/photo/video distribution
  19. Freevlog video logging tutorial
  20. GetDemocracy internet television
  21. GlideDigital social photo/music/video/file/etc sharing
  22. Grinvi social video sharing in Spanish
  23. Grouper social video sharing
  24. Kolablog multimedia blogging service; free
  25. LifeBlogger free blogging service
  26. Loomia podcast/video search engine
  27. Magnoto no-cost modular blogging service
  28. MediaMax online media and file storage
  29. MediaTurner rich media player service
  30. mefeedia social video distribution
  31. MyVideoKaraoke social karaoke music video sharing  website
  32. Openvlog video recording and sharing
  33. Orb secure access to media
  34. Ourmedia online storage
  35. Phanfare social photo and video sharing
  36. PicPix photo & video organization application
  37. PiXPO video sharing service
  38. poddater video personals with tags
  39. Podesk video podcast/blog software
  40. Pooxi French video search engine
  41. Popcast social video broadcasting
  42. Revver social video sharing on a youth-focused site
  43. SelfCastTV social video sharing
  44. SevenLoad social video distribution
  45. Sharkle social video sharing
  46. ShoZu social photo/video/text mobile sharing
  47. Stickam social media distribution
  48. Stridr / swapzies social media storage solution
  49. Strmz videos from TV channels
  50. Trueveo video search engine
  51. Tubemogul service to share and distribute your videos to multiple video search engines
  52. TurnHere film of the day
  53. uZood social media video platform
  54. VideoBomb social video hosting and sharing
  55. VideoEgg video publishing
  56. VideoSift social video platform
  57. VidiLife social video sharing
  58. Vimeo social video sharing, unlimited length uploads, easy embedding – one of our favorites
  59. vlogmap video blogs on Google Maps
  60. vMix social video sharing
  61. Vongo a video plugin software
  62. vSocial social video distribution
  63. woomu social video sharing with user tags and votes
  64. Zippyvideos social video sharing

A Video Overview

Here’s a  video outlining some of our favorite video upload sharing sites:

Summing Up

Popular video sharing websites like Youtube have played an instrumental role in shaping modern entertainment. Unlike watching a traditional TV program, you get to be in the driver’s seat and choose what you want to watch, for how long, and replay the content as you see fit. Want a quick break to fetch a snack or go to the bathroom?

No problem – just pause the video and continue watching as soon as you get back.

Whether you want to use them to distribute your own content or watch what others have created, the above list should definitely come in handy.

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