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To optimize a client’s campaign to get the most out of her mobile advertising, you can:

  1. set shorter conversion windows to capture users who convert after researching on multiple devices
  2. Correct: set a mobile bid adjustment for the campaign based on insights from estimated cross-device conversion and total estimated conversion data
  3. edit the campaign’s ad text to include information about how customers can purchase her product on their computers
  4. use the maximize clicks flexible bidding strategy to increase the number of clicks her ads get from users viewing her ads on mobile devices

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With Google’s enhanced focus on mobile experience, there are a lot of different ways you can investigate optimizing your client’s ads for mobile devices. The correct answer here identifies that adjusting the mobile bid based on actual on estimated conversion data is the smartest strategy to optimize for cost efficiency.

Optimization: Best Practices For Mobile Ads

Make sure to visit the answer resource we linked above. It provides a variety of other tips to improve mobile advertising for mobile users including employing Expanded Text ads, using the right mobile ad extensions, copywriting for mobile users, and designing a mobile landing page the right way.

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Profiting With Google Ads Certification

If you are a Google advertising specialist, you might be working for a corporation, freelancing, or scaling up your own digital agency. One option that paid marketing Specialists often overlooked is affiliate marketing.

If you have some decent skills, there is an exciting opportunity to push traffic to other people’s products and services and then get paid for it.

The advantage here, over and above providing digital marketing services, or working for a salaried position, is if you find an affiliate offer that you can profit from, you can generate a lot of revenue very quickly without having to do work for a boss.

Myself, I focus more on organic traffic. There’s a lot of potential ranking for certain, profitable keywords. However, a lot of people aren’t into SEO and considering that the topic of this post is a paid advertising certification exam, I thought it would make sense to discuss that alone.

Using Clickbank

One easy way to try your hand at this strategy would be to visit ClickBank, an information product market place, choose a product to promote, create a landing page, and try running ads to the landing page.

There are a lot of offers on the platform.

One of the good things about ClickBank, however, is that they offer a good deal of transparency of regarding which products are converting well for the people marketing them.

That way, you can choose products that have high conversion potential and feel confident that the traffic you are running to offer has a fair chance at converting.

You can use your Google advertising expertise to find low cost per click keywords two bid on and display retargeting strategies to cost-effectively convert internet users on the affiliate offer.

Email Capture

One thing I would suggest, make sure that you include an email opt-in on your landing page.

While you might be a Pay-per-click expert, incorporating email Outreach to interested, potential customers is a good way to recoup ad spend. If you are worried about having to do the email copywriting yourself, you can actually find ClickBank products that include email scripts that you can send to your audience.

Summing up

Optimizing mobile campaigns is a smart strategy to craft a cost-effective acquisition strategy. If you are a Google advertising expert, consider what I wrote above regarding the lucrative potential of affiliate marketing.

If you can find a product that you believe in and have the initiative to experiment converting users on a landing page you build, you might discover a fascinating world where there are no bosses and your income potential is literally limitless.

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