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the7 WordPress Theme Review

The7 WordPress theme boasts over 150,000 Sales and 16,000 comments over on ThemeForest- an indication that it’s a high-quality and supported product.

Buyers say that it’s a versatile WordPress theme with superior and highly responsive customer support.

The7 includes complete integration with WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) as well as Ultimate Addons. The7 is designed to be used with these plugins- a bigtime advantage.

It includes over 1,000+ Theme Options to create just about any possible site design. The Design Wizard enables marketers to create highly customized website designs in a couple of minutes.

When you purchase it, The7 is bundled with the WPBakery Page Builder, Ultimate Addons, Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, Go Pricing Tables and ConvertPlus. It’s also completely compatible with most widely used plugins like Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, WPML, W3 Total Cache, All in One WP Migration,  and many others.

The7 WordPress Theme Review: Installation & Demo Content Tutorial

Check out the video overview below- you can see how the theme is installed and how to customize it for any purpose.

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The7 WordPress Site Examples

We found some examples of this theme in action- check out the sites below to see how site owners employ the theme.

Ad Agency Example

the7 wordpress theme exampleVisit Site

News Example

the7 wordpress theme

Visit Site

Golf Example

fromtherough the7 example

Visit Site

Museum Example


Visit Site

Beauty Blog Example

the7 wordpress theme demo example

Visit Site

User Feedback

The7 WordPress theme offers six premium plugins, more than 1,000 theme options, and free lifetime updates. But to find out more about the functionality and usefulness of The7, we combed through countless comments, ratings, and reviews.

  • A developer says that The7 is really one of the most customizable themes on the market and that he is impressed with the design and the quality of the code. He adds that he likes how flexible the template is and that it allows him to experiment and customize the website to his desires. The person also mentions that the customer support is helpful and reacts quickly to inquiries.
  • Another person also states that he finds the code quality to be top-notched and that he hasn’t found bug up to now. The client claims that this is one of the most versatile WordPress themes that he has ever used for his websites. He shares that he likes that the theme gest updated frequently and says that you’ll hardly find something as useful for the same price. The developer comments that he has used The7 to create more than ten websites and that he highly recommends it.
  • One individual comments that the theme has too many plugins for his liking and that he prefers something simpler than The7. However, other users point out that you don’t have to install all available plugins and that 1-3 are enough for most demos.
  • A person warns that this theme is not suitable for novice WordPress users because it’s too confusing and elaborate. The purchaser mentions that it requires a learning curve until you grasp all the features and what you can do with them. He advices beginners to use Theme Options Wizard before they attempt the more advanced options.
  • Another client mentions that the theme is easy to use and that it’s fast and reliable. The user says that he doesn’t have much experience in web design. Nevertheless, he manages to run The7 thanks to the support of the Dream Team who are always ready to lend a hand and explain how to do accomplish his goal.
    On the other hand, several users have complained that Customer Support is not adequate and that they are satisfied with the help they’ve received.
  • An unhappy developer mentions that The7 has a bug and that your site will crash if you update the theme before you update the plugins. He reports that other users also have experienced the HTTP ERROR 500 and that the author of the template should make changes in the code to prevent it.
  • Another developer observes that The7 has a clean, linear design, but it’s not optimized for speed and, as a result, it works slowly. However, other users state that they don’t have any issues with the speed and that he might not have optimized The7 properly. They advise that you look for somebody to do a competent optimization if you have speed problems.
  • A web developer remarks that The7 is an intuitive them and that he is amazed by the custom admin menu. The person also notes that the theme allows you to customize almost everything so it’s perfect if you want great-looking sites.
  • Another person comments that the theme is not as compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce as he thought and that he has experienced several internal server problems since purchasing the product.
  • An individual shares that the Customer Support and the provided documents are very helpful if you feel lost how to use The7 template. He also says that the likes that there is no monthly subscription fee and that it has amazing features that are easy to use.
  • Another developer mentions that the template has a few bugs here and there, but it’s nothing that an experienced developer can’t handle. He warns that The7 comes with WPBakery Page Builder, which has a lot of issues and bug. As a result, some users complain that they can’t update it. However, the user adds that the authors of the theme are currently testing WPBakery v.6.0.5 and will release it as soon as possible.
  • A purchaser states that the theme was working far slower than he expected. However, after he updated it to the latest version and switched off unnecessary plugins, the performance improved significantly.
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