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Please note that affiliate links may be included in some posts.

In this post, I examine some of the best-performing technology and consumer electronics affiliate programs in the ShareASale affiliate network.

And I'll show you 5 affiliate sites promoting some of these top ShareASale affiliate programs.

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In the table below, you can see the: 

  • Advertiser name
  • Affiliate Category
  • Website
  • Commission Rates
  • PowerRank (ShareASale's proprietary rank of the affiliate program encompassing things such as EPC, Volume, Reversal Rates, Conversion, and Program Uptime)
  • Earnings Per Click (EPC)
  • Active Since (how long the Advertiser has been part of ShareASale)
  • Average Sale (the average sale amount on conversions)
  • Average Commission (the average commission paid to the Publisher)
  • Reversal Rate (the average % of commissions that are reversed) 

There are a variety of unique affiliate programs you can join within the Computers/Electronics affiliate category.

They range from the Gazelle affiliate program, an eCommerce Advertiser that enables people to re-sell their used electronic devices to the Furbo Dog affiliate program, which provides an interactive dog camera paired with an app that enables pet owners to see, talk, and give treats to your dog when you're away.

Use the table to unearth some interesting affiliate marketing opportunities.

You can sort the table by PowerRank, Earnings Per Click and Average Commission to discover the highest-paying affiliate programs and the highest-converting options. 

Below the table I'll highlight some of the opportunities I think are interesting.

The 50 Best Technology Affiliate Programs

NameCatagorySite URLCommission RatePower RankEPC
, Computers/Electronics
Element VapeComputers/Electronicswww.elementvape.com5.00%25$65.09
BANGGOOD TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITEDComputers/Electronicswww.banggood.com6.00%43$26.01
, Computers/Electronics
Thinkific Labs Inc.Business
, Computers/Electronics
Daily StealsComputers/Electronicswww.dailysteals.com3.00%124$9.61
Glorious PC Gaming Race LLCComputers/Electronicswww.pcgamingrace.com5.00%139$15.44
Eight Smart Mattress + Bedding ProductsComputers/Electronicseightsleep.com6.00%156$186.43
TouchBistro Inc.Computers/$300.00169$345.38
Central VaporsComputers/Electronics
, Food/Drink
, Green - 10%224$17.66
, Green
, Green
Kiiroo BVOnline Dating Services
, Computers/Electronics
, Business
Writers Work LLCComputers/Electronicswriters.work50.00%253$59.11
Fuggin Vapor Co.Computers/Electronicsfugginvapor.com8.00%to302
Electronic ExpressComputers/Electronicswww.electronicexpress.com2.00%309$63.91
Jammin ButterComputers/Electronicswww.13deals.com6.00%312$8.53
COOLLCD Technology Co., LimitedComputers/ElectronicsWWW.COOLLCD.COM5%352$69.83
KEH CameraArt/Music/Photography
, Computers/Electronics
GearBest (HONGKONG) LIMITEDComputers/Electronicswww.gearbest.com7.00%417$4.86
KEH CameraArt/Music/Photography
, Computers/Electronics
KEH Camera SellArt/Music/Photography
, Computers/Electronics$24.00
Movavi Software LimitedComputers/Electronicsmovavi.com30.00%423$120.43
LaView SecurityComputers/Electronicswww.laviewsecurity.com10.00%441$53.80
BuyBackWorldComputers/Electronicswww.buybackworld.com3% - 10%491$41.03
Cable WholesaleComputers/$204.79
BuyBackWorld StoreComputers/$41.00
Dealsie.comComputers/Electronicsdealsie.com5.00%527$7.38 Inc.Business
, Computers/Electronics
IndiegogoComputers/Electronicswww.indiegogo.com2.00%687$8.38, Inc.Computers/Electronicssupergooddeals.com2.00%691$10.58

Affiliate Site Examples

1. Gazelle

Commission Rate: 5% - 10% Per Sale

AOV:  $285.77

7 Day Conversion Rate: 3.18%

About: Gazelle is a 'reCommerce' company that buys and sells pre-owned electronic devices.

Affiliate Site Example: Apple Insider

2. Thinkific

Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale

AOV: $28.70

7 Day Conversion Rate: 4.33%

About: "Thinkific is a technology company with a platform that allows people and businesses to create online courses from their existing knowledge and then deliver or sell those courses to their audience from their website, and under their own brand. Thinkific offers the tools you need for every step of your online course journey, from initial course creation to well past your launch." (Source)

Affiliate Site Example: Learning Revolution

3. PC Gaming Race

Commission Rate: 5% Per Sale

AOV: $55.84

7 Day Conversion Rate: 5.40%

About: They provide high quality PC gaming gear and accessories at an affordable cost.

Affiliate Site Example: Hardware BBQ

4. Animoto

Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale

AOV: $79.70

7 Day Conversion Rate: 15.56%

About: Create videos in minutes with Animoto's easy video maker.

Affiliate Site Example: Slaying Social

5. Small Rig

Commission Rate: 20% Per Sale

AOV: $79.70

7 Day Conversion Rate: 7.47%

About: Designer and manufacturer of DSLR camera rigs, camera cages and camera stabilizer, professional video shooting accessories.

Affiliate Site Example: The Brotographer

Some Top Performers

Below, I've profiled some of the top performers in the consumer electronics ShareASale network. 

high paying affiliate programs

The Gazelle Affiliate Program

Buy and Sell Used Cell Phones and Electronics | Gazelle

Buy and Sell your used cell phones and electronics. Sell your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad and more for cash, or buy used iPhones, iPads and other cell phones. More than one million customers trust Gazelle.

With affiliate commissions ranging from 5% - 10% and a 135 PowerRank the Gazelle affiliate program is clearly converting for a lot of Publishers.

Gazelle is a 'reCommerce' company that buys and sells pre-owned electronic devices.

They purchase used smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and personal computers.

They then inspect, certify then sell them to customers searching for a cost-effective strategy to stay connected. Gazelle is straightforward, hassle-free and it works for everybody, they claim.

The Grasshopper Affiliate Program

Grasshopper Virtual Phone System | Manage Your Calls Online

Toll Free Numbers Great for marketing and a national presence, toll free numbers can make your business sound more professional. Find the perfect Toll Free Number ” Vanity Numbers Ever wonder how companies like 1-800-FLOWERS get their vanity numbers? Easily-and you can too.

The Grasshopper affiliate program offers $100 CPA and as of this writing sits at #19 overall in ShareASale PowerRank. 

What Grasshopper does, it enables users to create & personalize phone extensions to forward calls anywhere: your residence, workplace or cell.

Users can immediately generate 1 digit department extensions and 3 digit personnel extensions.

Both for an area and nationwide presence, users may have both toll-free and local numbers for their company. You can also add department & employee extensions effortlessly for each and every person in your work team.

Grasshopper works together with your existing mobile and home/office telephones which means you never need to buy, set up, or manage costly telephone equipment. It is all virtual.

The VaporDNA Affiliate Program

VaporDNA | Premium E-Cig Store & Vaping Gear Shop

At VaporDNA, we offer the latest vaping mods, equipment and e-liquids from your favorite brands like Joyetech, SMOK and more! Shop our vape gear today!

Vaping is hella cool nowadays- there's even a hilarious subreddit dedicated to it. 

A million SEOs rushed into the vaping and 'drone' niches in the past couple years, ultimately saturating Flippa with half-baked websites with thin or plagiarized content. 

But I digress- there's money to be made in the vaping phenomenon and the VaporDNA affiliate program is one of the best options you can promote.

And, since Amazon doesn't carry vape products, consumers are looking for reliable, third-party alternatives to purchase their vaping accessories. 

It offers a generous 10.00% commission rate and it clocks in at #22 on ShareASale's PowerRank.

According to, their brand is among the leading and most respected retailers for Electronic Cigarettes, E-Liquids and vaping Accessories online.

With thousands of products and hundreds of the very best and most well-known vaping brands for sale to choose from, their client base continues to be just about the most devoted and vibrant in the vaping industry.

Using a highly curated and in-house 'twenty-four hours a day' skilled website design team, care and attention is given to every product they carry.

The FastTech Affiliate Program

FastTech – Gadgets and Electronics

Cool gadgets at unbeatable prices from FastTech. Worldwide free shipping on all orders.

FastTech is marketed as the techno-centric hub for all your nerdy needs. It's got a 5.00% commission rate, which isn't bad for electronics products and ranks #61 in PowerRank.

Just eyeballing their Popular Products category- a lot of them are vaping products. Which makes sense since, as mentioned, Amazon doesn't sell vaping products- so consumers are flooding these third-party eCommerce shops to buy their vape pens and accessories.

According to their website, FastTech is dedicated to end up being the most loved and respected electronics marketplace by providing an exceptional shopping experience, timely delivery, and outstanding customer service.

FastTech places customer support first. In contrast to a number of other stores, they believe customer support begins the second customers enter into their website. They have staff committed to responding to concerns in their forums, and they offer pre-sale specialized assistance on their site and through e-mail.

The Animoto Affiliate Program

Animoto video maker – Stand out on social media. Easily. – Animoto

Animoto’s video maker turns your photos and video clips into professional videos in minutes. Fast and shockingly simple – we make video creation easy.

I have personal experience with Animoto- I've been a user for several years. The core product enables you to upload photos and quickly create a video presentation that's synchronized with music

This is more of a marketing solution- so if you run a marketing blog, or even a DIY site, you can logically market this slideshow video creator to your audience. 

The Hear-Better Affiliate Program

Discount Online Digital Hearing Aids, Siemens, Under $100

Hear Better offers top brand hearing aids such as Siemens and Phonak at a fraction of the price with free shipping. Shop our selection of hearing aids today.

Another interesting 'tech' affiliate program to promote is Hear-Better. They specialize in hearing aids- definitely a niche affiliate offering if you're looking to make money online.  

It offers a 15.00% commission rate and is currently paying out an average of $28.64 on each conversion.

According to their site, being forced to buy hearing aids can leave consumers, especially the elderly, feeling confused and a bit embarrassed.

That’s why, according to the Hear-Better website, a great deal of hearing-impaired buyers are embracing to buy the very best hearing aids offered at prices that won’t break the bank.. provides a wide variety of digital hearing aids such as the well-liked Siemens hearing aids line. Some other well-known makers include the New Sound line, rated among the most state-of-the-art on the globe.

The price savvy consumer will enjoy their own Doctor Paul line of hearing aids that are low priced and highly effective.

When people shop, they'll be able to select from in ear hearing aids which are tiny, light-weight and comfy to wear, or assistive hearing devices that fit behind the outside of their ear and provide many potent options.

The Cable Wholesale Affiliate Program

Network, USB, Mobile, Home Theater Cables, Best Prices

Shop the Best Networking, USB & Home Theater Cables at CableWholesale – Browse Cables for USB, HDMI, Fiber Optic, VGA, DVI, Audio/Video & More

Another interesting option if you're enthralled by fiber optic cable and USB adapters is the Cable Wholesale affiliate program.

That's right, you guessed it, this program enables you to promote things like "CAT 5 Cable Bulk" and "InLine Couplers" and earn money online.

All kidding aside, I actually like the SEO opportunity here- this stuff is so dull that no one is going to write about it. They're probably too busy writing about vape pens and mini drones.

The affiliate program offers a 10.00% commission and an average sale of $240.48. Not too shabby!

The Ink Farm Affiliate Program

Printer Ink & Toner Cartridges: HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Dell

Shop for high quality printer ink and toner cartridges. Find Canon, Epson, Dell, Brother, Lexmark and HP ink cartridges at discounted prices.

As any printer owner can attest, buying printer ink is a loathsome obligation. Many printers will try to scam you- refusing to print black and white if the color is depleted.

So no one likes buying printer ink- especially when they're selling at what seems like ridiculous markups.

Regardless, even though everyone's mobile now, desktop computers are allegedly disappearing, there's still a need for printer ink cartridges- so why not earn some cash from home promoting the Ink Farm affiliate program. 

According to their website, since 1999, has been supplying high quality printer ink at exceptionally reduced prices. Located in Seattle, Washington, is a discount online shop for all items related to your printer: printer ink, printer toner cartridges, printing materials, specialized paper, USB cords, and much more.

Their huge assortment incorporates re-fill printer ink cartridges from all of the most important printer brands including Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Brother, and Lexmark.

In addition to providing cheap , original cartridges, even offers reconditioned models at increased savings. These types of ink cartridges will match the level of quality, color, and page yield of the originals and therefore are supported by a 2-year money-back guarantee.

The Dealsie Affiliate Program – Love The Deals

Marketplace of deeply discounted deals for electronics, computer, home, travel, toys, watches, fitness, and more for men, women, and children.

Groupon is one of the most famous deals websites- and they have their own affiliate program. But another option, which sits within ShareASale, is called Dealsie.

According to their website, Dealsie's passion for bargains drives who they are and what they do. It offers a 5.00% commission rate and it currently sits at a #415 PowerRank.

They start each day searching for the best deals for their customers. While is comparatively new, their team continues to provide deals online for over 17 years and their goal is to provide buyers with the best deals on the brand names that consumers love.

The Outlet PC Affiliate Program


Lowest Prices + Free Shipping! Shop 1000’s of deals on Computer Parts, Laptops, Motherboard Combos, Barebones, and Systems! We’re hardware experts in the PC industry and offer great deals direct to your door.

The Outlet PC affiliate program pays a paltry 1.00%, but it does sit in the top #300 affiliate programs within ShareASale at #285 with a $9.88 EPC.

If you want to promote computers and assorted electronics, it's an option with a proven conversion history.

According to their website, OutletPC was launched in 2001 and since then they've been dedicated to helping people all over the world money-saving deals on computer items, systems, and hardware. 

You can select from 1000's of parts to construct, enhance, or get your personal computer working precisely the way you want it.They urge you to think of them as your "local computer shop" across the street - just on the internet and able to serve any community on earth.

Their mission has long been to deliver the best prices to your door, no matter purchase size. They focus on outstanding customer support and fast shipping (over 99%+ of all purchases ship exactly the same business day).

The Thinkific Affiliate Program

Thinkific – The Most Trusted Online Course Platform For Your Business

Create online courses with Thinkific today and feel confident that you’ve got the easiest technology and the best support in the industry.

Thinkific is a software platform that allows both people and corporations to produce, publicize, sell, and supply web based classes on their own personal website.

This is a pretty high-paying affiliate program- in the last 30 days, it's paying 20.00% commissions, sitting at a #100 PowerRank with a $125.65 EPC.

Their website says that their origin story began over 10 years ago when Thinkific’s CEO Greg Smith discovered himself capped when instructing an LSAT course. 

Like a lot of educators, he battled with the best way to enhance the learning experience for his current target audience and access a lot more students, as well as developing a lucrative business. For Greg, taking his course online meant a chance to acquire more students.

But there was not any SAAS solutions to assist him. So, together with co-founders Matt Smith, Miranda Lievers, and Matt Payne, they attempted to develop the very best online class software program for not only themselves, but for each and every training course creator.


There you have it- 150 of the best computer electronics and tech affiliate programs. Let me know in the comments section if you've joined any of them and how they're performing for you!

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