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[Strange SEO] Ranking For Random People’s Names: How People Finder Sites Are Making Millions

Analyzing people search platforms

Continuing my series on weird SEO, today I’m profiling sites that rank for ‘people’ queries. First, a question… When’s the last time you Googled somebody? Maybe you were researching a prospective Tinder date or vetting a potential job hire.It’s a common strategy- especially as social media has nearly eliminated the expectation of personal privacy.Now, it’s expected that […]

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Ranking For Telephone Numbers [Weird SEO]

ranking and banking in the telephone directory niche

In this case study I profile a truly unorthodox style of site that focuses on ranking and banking in the phone numbers niche. Weird, right? Let me explain.Have you ever received a call or text from a number you don’t know? If you’re like me, the first thing you do is plug the unknown number […]

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How To Become A Millionaire Writing About Memes

funny doge meme image

If you’re on the internet in 2018, you’ve undoubtedly encountered memes before. Whether you’re confused by them or enthralled, memes are a powerful, modern form of communication. Today I’m going to profile a meme site that ranks for over 9 million keywords, has over 65 million backlinks, and is likely making a fortune in ad […]

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How To Play Candy Crush For A Living


If you grew up obsessed with playing video games, you probably entertained fantasies of doing it professionally.Maybe you dreamt of becoming a professional video game tester? Maybe a developer, an e-sports superstar or even YouTube gamer? Most likely you never did any of those things and you’re currently sitting in a cubicle day-dreaming how you can […]

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Ranking & Banking In The Woodworking Niche

woodworking niche

This is another fun, visual niche that has both physical and informational affiliate products you can promote to a passionate audience.The idea is: Woodworking.You’ll be creating a woodworking site that reviews woodworking tools while also publishing informational content like ‘how-to’ and long, image list posts. The site can be a resource for hobbyists, professional craftsmen, […]

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How to Replace Your Salary As A Ticketmaster Affiliate


This niche report is pretty exciting for me. Why?Because I’m personally pursuing it. The good news is that there’s a ton of wide-open white space in this niche, so you don’t have to worry about me eating up all the opportunity. The niche is ticket sales. More specifically, becoming an affiliate for a ticketing platform […]

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[Niche Report] Monetizing The Musical Instrument Niche

Music Instruments Niche

If you’re a musician, this next niche could be an excellent opportunity for you.The idea is: musical instruments.According to Statista, 18.08 million Americans play a musical instrument. ​Gallup also reports that more than one in two households (54%) have a member who plays a musical instrument. The most popular instruments, according to FirstTutors are as […]

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How To Create A Local Event Site For Passive Profit

Local Event Niche Guide Idea

This next niche idea can be a really fun and lucrative one especially if you live in a big city.The idea here is to create a local event site​ with a focused specialty or theme (music, tech, luxury, etc.) and monetize with sponsored content.This post will examine the opportunity and discuss how best to approach […]

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Publishing Listicles: The Secret To Viral Engagement


This next idea isn’t so much a niche, more a style of site that I’ve long been a fan of.It is: list/ranking sites.These sites specialize in publishing long listicles. Some sites like Ranker.com publish lists on everything under the sun. Others like Startups-List are more niche. They list startups and categorize them by location and […]

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