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salient wordpress theme review

The Salient WordPress theme is developed by ThemeNectar.

It has nearly 100,000 purchases and over 20,000 comments on the ThemeForest marketplace where it’s sold.

It has a 4.80 average based on over 5,500 ratings.

Check out the video below for a full video walkthrough of its features.

Additionally, we curated a bunch of sites that are actively using the theme- so you can see how other site builders have used it.

Video Overview: Salient Theme Tutorial

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10+ Real Salient Theme Examples

Music Blog

Unseen-Composer-Keith-Kenniff salient wordpress theme

Live Site

Development Agency

Neapolitan-Labs-Building-Websites-Salient Theme Review

Live Site

Business Site

Carrix WordPress Theme

Live Site

Veterinary Hospital


Live Site

Product Design Business

Salient Theme Brand Site Example

Live Site

Real Estate


Live Site

More Salient Theme Sites

Below are even more examples of sites using the Salient theme- music blogs, advertising sites, business agencies, etc.

  1. https://www.unseen-music.com
  2. https://www.neapolitanlabs.com
  3. https://termisbpc.org
  4. https://www.carrix.com
  5. https://sutrovax.com
  6. https://www.ngwenyaglass.co.sz
  7. https://rhvh.com
  8. https://www.pyng.com
  9. https://8west.org
  10. https://themenectar.ticksy.com
  11. https://www.flocrit.org
  12. https://netbeez.net
  13. https://www.nixny.com
  14. https://sylha.io
  15. https://fahct.com
  16. https://isomvet.com
  17. https://www.os33.com
  18. https://mibtl.com
  19. https://ufcw99.com
  20. https://kezmo.com
  21. https://whigfest.com
  22. https://redragonusa.com
  23. https://fabcity.paris
  24. https://ovchsc.ca
  25. https://www.classlink.com
  26. https://museums10.org
  27. https://photoni.care
  28. https://artpaugee.com
  29. https://edcmt.com
  30. https://greatex.org
  31. https://wknds.com
  32. https://rvrgolf.com
  33. https://polonza.com
  34. https://siflex.nexbudev.com
  35. https://www.globalmed.com
  36. https://escale.com.br
  37. https://www.jennyschatzle.com
  38. https://tacsense.com
  39. https://artifact.film
  40. https://k-tma.com
  41. https://wearecsc.org
  42. https://www.theequitykicker.com
  43. https://www.boralroof.com
  44. https://www.oneaudience.com
  45. https://waveruralconnect.com
  46. https://invisonaering.no
  47. https://gaiku.io
  48. https://www.amlan.fr
  49. https://efirart.ru
  50. https://le-soulio.com
  51. https://www.coastalcontractpackaging.com
  52. https://eaton-marketing.com
  53. https://nkf.media
  54. https://ictsos.org
  55. https://allcan.net
  56. https://naviclean.fr
  57. https://vendybox.com
  58. https://wtads.com
  59. https://pergras.com
  60. https://laedc.org
  61. https://www.restaurantesesroques.com
  62. https://dandkagency.com
  63. https://aiawa.org
  64. https://turnthepage-onlinemarketing.com
  65. https://easy-brick.com
  66. https://www.tailorlaw.com
  67. https://111firstdelray.com
  68. https://propangas.com.br
  69. https://adssets.com
  70. https://www.arohaleadership.com
  71. https://swaygroup.com
  72. https://ogaveto.com
  73. https://radnorvet.com
  74. https://rafikisafari.com
  75. https://seyis.co
  76. https://www.cdmah.com
  77. https://kse.fi
  78. https://waunainen.fi
  79. https://desistartgroup.pt
  80. https://blackarat.com
  81. https://go-van.com

Salient Customer Feedback

We examined hundreds of user reviews and curated the consensus.

  • One user praised it for its design quality, saying that he loves the WPbakery integration and employs the theme on all of their client project websites.
  • Another said that support is unparalleled. They always receive a quick response – usually in under 10 hours.
  • Another said that it is the best multi-purpose WordPress template he’s ever used, but one issue is that it doesn’t have bread crumbs. So you would have to install them from a third party source, according to him.
  • Another reviewer said that it’s the best WordPress theme he’s ever used, specifically praising the diverse integration possibilities, customization opportunities and high-quality customer support.
  • Another site builder praised its flexibility and general design- saying that the documentation is extensive.
  • However, there have been some negative reviews. Specifically, one buyer said that the Woocommerce integration has been particularly troublesome. The site Builder said that he was trying to market eLearning courses and found some fundamental flaws in the theme’s functionality that prevented this from getting off the ground. While he didn’t go into specifics, he cautioned buyers against purchasing extended support because the support service, he says, was somewhat dismissive and didn’t provide above and beyond assistance.
  • Another user criticized it for being an old theme. He says that it still works pretty well but there are some outdated elements like the mobile menu styles.
  • Another reviewer praised the beauty of the theme but said that it is very slow. Although he attempted to optimize it in different ways he was not able to increase the site speed. It’s definitely something important to check out- you can use Google’s PageSpeed insights to test how fast the site is.
  • An experienced front end developer got his feet wet in WordPress by purchasing this theme. He said that it was easy to configure and set up, specifically praising all of the built-in templates and different miscellaneous configuration options. Because he is good at CSS, he was able to modify the website a good deal to make it look even slicker.
  • However, a developer with over two decades of experience criticized the quality of the code and the fact that in his experience pages often will behave funny and break.
  • An entrepreneur who’s launched multiple businesses says that he’s employed this multi-purpose theme for a variety of different use cases. It’s proven to be a reliable solution, no matter the type of internet business that he has launched.
  • Another buyer said that it is his favorite WordPress theme on Theme Forest. He says that he has bought 74 other themes And says that the code quality and design features are the best he has ever used.
  • Another satisfied customer said that it is powerfully dynamic and packed full of different templates. On top of that, technical support has been highly responsive. Although this person was a seasoned web developer and was able to do a lot of modifications without any sort of assistance whenever he needed some help he was able to turn to the Salient ticket system to get some additional assistance.
  • Another business owner says that they have been using it for over two years and each of the websites looks stunningly beautiful because the theme is amazingly flexible to accommodate different design requirements. When they take stock of the business landscape, their website stands out among the competitors who are likely using old and outdated hand-coded HTML websites. One bit of advice if they shared is that to get the best use from this theme and to make it look really unique you should have a grasp of CSS and HTML. Otherwise, to really make this theme pop, you may want to hire a developer so you can figure things in the best possible way.
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