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I’ve been playing around with some new AI copywriting tools.

I buy all the AI writing lifetime deals on AppSumo, so I have quite an arsenal of robot copywriters.

As a known cheapskate, at least when it comes to ordering content, I LOVE the idea of a robot automatically writing free content for me.

Of all the new robot writer services I’ve explored, I’ve really come to enjoy Rytr.me, which currently has a lifetime deal for $39 on AppSumo.

(I’m not sure when the deal is going away- so I’d recommend buying it now and refunding it later if you don’t like it.)

In The Robots Own Words

I figured, why not let the AI tell you why you should buy rytyr.me:

“It’s the world’s first AI-powered copywriting service. The AI analyzes and creates content for you based on your keywords, audience, and style preferences.

rytr.me is an AI-powered copywriting service that can help you create engaging content with minimal effort. You can share your thoughts on any topic and let our AI do the rest of the work for you!”

That remarkably cogent text was produced by Rytr.me:


​Get The Rytr Lifetime Deal​

What I Like

  • Polished interface that’s super easy to use
  • Integrated plagiarism scanner so you can make sure your copy isn’t plagiarized
  • Full content editor
  • Some of the best AI copy I’ve seen- and I’ve used at least 4 other AI writing services
  • Active development- new features are being added regularly

What I don’t Like

  • If you’re having the AI write about more complicated subjects, you’ll need to spot check the facts to make sure it’s accurate

Example Rytr Content

DIY/Gardening Content

You can use it for blog introductions. You can spin out 2 friendly paragraphs about birch trees, like this:

“Birch trees are most well known for their bark which is often dark brown or reddish-brown, but when they’re young you can find some birch trees with grey or white bark too! The bark is quite rough to touch and it’s not uncommon to see it peeling off as well as bits of moss growing on it.”


You can also use it to generate FAQ sections in your content to add length and capture longtail keyword rankings.

Pet Blog

Say you’re running a pet blog- here’s another output I created about chinchillas:

“Chinchillas are small mammals that look like a cross between a squirrel and a rabbit. They are from the rodent family and they make up the smallest species.

Are chinchillas pets? Yes, they can make good pets if you have time to care for them. You will need to clean their cage every day and feed them organically grown food.”

Product Reviews

Say you’re reviewing bow rakes- here’s another friendly output from Rytr:

“A bow rake is a tool that can be used to reach higher leaves from the ground. It is usually 9 feet long and made from wood.

A bow rake can last for about 10-15 years, but it depends on how often you use it to what kind of terrain you are working on. The lifespan of the product also depends on how well you maintain it, what kind of wood your bow rake is made out of and how often you sharpen the blade.”

What Else Can It Do?

  • Write sales and marketing emails that get replies
  • Discover ideas and write engaging content for a blog
  • Generate creative, catchy copies for social media
  • Write product, job, profile, video descriptions
  • Generate interesting captions for Instagram posts

Rytr has lots of diverse uses and is a great addition to your content creation arsenal. It’s going to get more powerful going forward as they add new features.

Last Updated on November 15, 2023 by Ryan Nelson

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