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The Chewy Affiliate Program | Ranking For Pet Profits

chewy affiliate program

In this post, I’ll take a look at the Chewy affiliate program. I’ll show you the earning potential, some keyword research and promotional strategies.

About Chewy

According to Wikipedia, “Chewy is an online retailer of pet food and other pet-related products, owned by PetSmart and based in Dania Beach, Florida. In addition to its headquarters in Florida, Chewy also maintains fulfillment centers in Texas, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Florida and Indiana.”

They’re pretty active on social media as well- check out the recognition I got promoting this very post:

How Much Can You Earn With The Chewy Affiliate Program?

Their affiliate page doesn’t discuss commission structure, but one person I know who is familiar with their affiliate program told me that they are paying $15 per sign up, as of April 2019. If you have pet traffic, I would recommend filling out their application and getting up-to-date information about their commission structure.

Keyword Research

Below, I extracted 1,000 of Chewy’s top-performing organic keywords. I filtered out a bunch of branded search queries that included the Chewy keyword. This list of high volume keywords that they rank for is incredibly impressive.

It can also help you formulate a content and traffic strategy if you are trying to monetize your website or even a social media account using Chewy’s affiliate links.

You can see that some of their top-ranking keywords include:

  1. pet meds
  2. revolution for cats
  3. dog tags
  4. diatomaceous earth
  5. dog food
  6. dog harness
  7. victor dog food
  8. taste of the wild
  9. kong
  10. bravecto for dogs
  11. apoquel
  12. self cleaning litter box
  13. cat tree
  14. dog beds
  15. dog crate
  16. trifexis
  17. bravecto
  18. dog dna test
  19. cat trees
  20. trifexis
  21. dog crate
  22. cat toys
  23. cat window perch
  24. carprofen
  25. nexgard
  26. cat trees
  27. dog backpack
  28. nexgard for dogs
  29. best dog food
  30. kong
  31. merrick
  32. wisdom panel
  33. dog sweaters
  34. dog crates
  35. blue buffalo
  36. merrick dog food
  37. denamarin
  38. nexgard
  39. dog costumes
  40. dog house
  41. diamond dog food
  42. nexgard for dogs
  43. dog clothes
  44. cat food



Currently, they rank #6 for the term “best dog food“. It gets 49,000 searches a month and has a keyword difficulty of 39.

This is obviously a great keyword for them to rank for. It’s a review keyword with high buyer intention behind it. It’s also similar to the sort of website or social media content you should be creating to push converting traffic to Chewy.

Google is very smart these days and it doesn’t rank websites for terms like that unless visitors are satisfied and converting on the page. That means, their dog food pages are probably performing pretty well so you would also want to be sending traffic to them:

chewy products

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily target such a big keyword right off the bat, especially with a new site.

Instead, I would do some deeper keyword research to tap into some longer tail dog food queries. If you’d look at their dry dog food category page, you can see a variety of different brands. All of these brands will have their own universe of long-tail keyword.

Just doing a quick and dirty Google auto-suggest search, you can see that the Keywords Everywhere extension shows some significant volume for these terms including “Blue Buffalo dog food reviews” and “Blue Buffalo recall”:

blue buffalo dog food search

The general idea here is to produce content around some of these lucrative terms. You can see that if you do a little bit of digging there is great opportunity inside of larger, primary keyword terms like “dog food” or “best dog food”.

One way to target this traffic would have one single post dedicated to the Blue Buffalo brand with subheadings that correspond to all of the large keyword search terms like recall, careers, coupons.

Here’s a site that does this well- especially around the ‘recall’ keywords:


You would obviously want to create something that people want to read and not just an SEO exercise- but you get the idea.

Creating content online nowadays requires somewhat of a balance between satisfying the user as well as optimizing for the search engines.

Product Reviews

When it comes to writing product reviews, I prefer employing listicles.

For example, I would write something like the “10 best dog foods for large breed dogs”. I would instruct the writer to write 200 words per dog food brand, for example, and end up with at least two thousand words very easily.

This is a great SEO and user engagement strategy. It’s a recipe for creating long-form content without blathering on idiotically just to satisfy an SEO word count.

As well as attracting clicks from the search engine results page.

People like listicles- it’s the promise of easily digestible and organized information that encourages clickthrough.

Social Media

They also rank number 4 for “dog backpack”. This term has a keyword difficulty of 4, so it is an easier to rank opportunity compared to “best dog food”. It’s another example of an interesting pet-related keyword with some decent search traffic.

If you type that query into Pinterest, you’ll see that there are a lot of Pinterest users optimizing their content for this keyword:

pinterest dog content

Doubtless, they are trying to push traffic to their affiliate content which logically could include Chewy as well as Amazon affiliate links.

One of the top Pinterest images links to this website that showcases a pretty badass military-looking dog backpack.

This is not a Chewy product, but obviously, you could do the same with a Chewy dog backpack: create some captivating visuals and acquire traffic from Pinterest to your website.

Pinterest has also eased up there restrictions on using affiliate links directly in your pins.

This is another strategy you might want to explore to see if you can get Pinterest users to click through to Chewy using your affiliate link and convert directly without any intermediary pre-selling.

Summing Up

A lot of online marketers complain that certain niches like dogs or cats are completely saturated. It might seem that way- you probably know off the top of your head a variety of dog authority sites that seem overwhelmingly big.

I don’t necessarily agree with the oversaturation hypothesis, however.

When it comes to organic traffic, even if you never rank for the really juicy, big time keywords, if you produce long-form content that is decent quality, over time you will get traffic to your website and conversions on your affiliate links.

You don’t need to be ranked number one for the term “dog food”.

You could make a nice living online ranking for thousands of long tail keywords like “dog food for weight loss”, “best dog leash for large breed dogs”, etc.

If you are monetizing with Amazon or the Chewy affiliate program, there’s enough traffic to go around, especially when you include other social media platforms, to earn a couple of thousand dollars a month as an affiliate in the pet niche.

Answer: To Optimize A Client’s Campaign To Get The Most Out Of Her Mobile Advertising, You Can: [Google Ads Certification Help]

The duplicate content question

To optimize a client’s campaign to get the most out of her mobile advertising, you can:

  1. set shorter conversion windows to capture users who convert after researching on multiple devices
  2. Correct: set a mobile bid adjustment for the campaign based on insights from estimated cross-device conversion and total estimated conversion data
  3. edit the campaign’s ad text to include information about how customers can purchase her product on their computers
  4. use the maximize clicks flexible bidding strategy to increase the number of clicks her ads get from users viewing her ads on mobile devices

*Answer Resource

With Google’s enhanced focus on mobile experience, there are a lot of different ways you can investigate optimizing your client’s ads for mobile devices. The correct answer here identifies that adjusting the mobile bid based on actual on estimated conversion data is the smartest strategy to optimize for cost efficiency.

Optimization: Best Practices For Mobile Ads

Make sure to visit the answer resource we linked above. It provides a variety of other tips to improve mobile advertising for mobile users including employing Expanded Text ads, using the right mobile ad extensions, copywriting for mobile users, and designing a mobile landing page the right way.

If you are studying for the Google Ads certification assessment, you might also be interested in reading some of my niche reports to learn how to build a highly profitable online business:

Profiting With Google Ads Certification

If you are a Google advertising specialist, you might be working for a corporation, freelancing, or scaling up your own digital agency. One option that paid marketing Specialists often overlooked is affiliate marketing.

If you have some decent skills, there is an exciting opportunity to push traffic to other people’s products and services and then get paid for it.

The advantage here, over and above providing digital marketing services, or working for a salaried position, is if you find an affiliate offer that you can profit from, you can generate a lot of revenue very quickly without having to do work for a boss.

Myself, I focus more on organic traffic. There’s a lot of potential ranking for certain, profitable keywords. However, a lot of people aren’t into SEO and considering that the topic of this post is a paid advertising certification exam, I thought it would make sense to discuss that alone.

Using Clickbank

One easy way to try your hand at this strategy would be to visit ClickBank, an information product market place, choose a product to promote, create a landing page, and try running ads to the landing page.

There are a lot of offers on the platform.

One of the good things about ClickBank, however, is that they offer a good deal of transparency of regarding which products are converting well for the people marketing them.

That way, you can choose products that have high conversion potential and feel confident that the traffic you are running to offer has a fair chance at converting.

You can use your Google advertising expertise to find low cost per click keywords two bid on and display retargeting strategies to cost-effectively convert internet users on the affiliate offer.

Email Capture

One thing I would suggest, make sure that you include an email opt-in on your landing page.

While you might be a Pay-per-click expert, incorporating email Outreach to interested, potential customers is a good way to recoup ad spend. If you are worried about having to do the email copywriting yourself, you can actually find ClickBank products that include email scripts that you can send to your audience.

Summing up

Optimizing mobile campaigns is a smart strategy to craft a cost-effective acquisition strategy. If you are a Google advertising expert, consider what I wrote above regarding the lucrative potential of affiliate marketing.

If you can find a product that you believe in and have the initiative to experiment converting users on a landing page you build, you might discover a fascinating world where there are no bosses and your income potential is literally limitless.

Answer: Your Ad Can Show To A User When Your Targeted Language Matches: [Google Ads Certification Help]

The duplicate content question

In this post, will provide you the answer to this Google certification question, along with an explanation resource, and sometimes helps if you want to build out your own digital marketing consultancy.

Your ad can show to a user when your targeted language matches:

  1. a user’s browser setting
  2. Correct: a user’s Google interface language setting
  3. the language of websites a user visits most often
  4. a user’s operating system language

*Explanation Resource

Google has advanced machine learning capabilities to detect the language that the user understands and will only show ads to them if they believe that the user understands at least one targeted language.

AdWords Language Targeting Tutorial

If you are studying for the Google Ads certification assessment, you might also be interested in reading some of my niche reports to learn how to build a highly profitable online business:

Google Advertising Consulting

If you are looking to leverage your Google advertising certification, there are a couple different strategies to use. If you are looking for corporate work, LinkedIn remains one of the best places to go.

Otherwise, if you are looking to do some freelance consulting, or perhaps have a larger ambition to launch a Digital Ad Agency, I would recommend searching out clients on a platform like Fiverr or UpWork.

These freelance marketplaces help you get visibility to digital marketing buyers. I myself have purchased a lot of services on these platforms. I’ve bought a lot of freelancers offerings- a range of different digital marketing solutions and have a couple of tips to help you get hired on them.

Professional Headshots

The first thing I would recommend is to get a professional headshot. So many times I encounter freelancers that don’t have a photo or the photo they have makes them look somewhat strange.

You want to have an attractive presentation online. It will encourage buyers to communicate with you, providing you greater opportunity to convert them on your services.


Another common mistake, especially if English is not your native language, is a poorly-written profile description.

Once you write your profile, consider having a friend with native English fluency copy edit it for you.

Otherwise, you can try firing someone online to clean up the English.

You might think that it reads well in English, but often times they are syntax issues that are a dead giveaway. This can negatively impact your earning potential on a platform because it discourages buyers from trusting your professionalism.

Build A Portfolio

Another thing that we would recommend, and this is really relevant to the UpWork platform, is to include assets in your digital portfolio.

For example, if I were looking to hire a Google ads consultant, perhaps someone to help me with multi-language display retargeting, I would want them to have access to some case studies that demonstrate the digital marketer’s competency.

This really helps with conversion if a buyer can peek behind the curtain and analyze past work you have successfully accomplished.

Reviews are also incredibly important. This is probably one of the biggest concerns people have when they begin functioning as a freelancer.

One thing I would say is initially, consider pricing yourself below your typical market rate just so you get some work, get some good reviews coming in, and then adjust your price accordingly when your number and quality of reviews Rises up.

Summing Up

Understanding how language targeting works inside of Google ads is important.

If you fully appreciate this concept it can definitely help you service more diverse clients on different hiring platforms as well as embellish your performance inside of Incorporation.

Answer: On the Display Network, your ad is eligible to show on a webpage if your: [Google Ads Certification Help]

The duplicate content question

In this post, we’ll show you the answer to this question and provide some thoughts on how to make money with your Google Ads certification.

First, the question:

On the Display Network, your ad is eligible to show on a webpage if your:

  1. landing page matches that webpage’s content
  2. Correct: keywords match that webpage’s content
  3. ad text matches that webpage’s content
  4. website matches that webpage’s content

*Answer Resource

Build Your Own Internet Marketing Business

If you are taking the Google Ads certification assessment, you might also be interested in reading some of my niche reports to learn how to build a highly profitable online business:

If you are taking the Google Ads certification exam, we have some tips for building out your own pay per click digital agency. If you are a corporate employee, it might be worth reading on because we’ll show you that it’s pretty easy to build out a digital agency to replace your salary.

Consulting Opportunities

If you’re into pay-per-click advertising, you are pretty fortunate. Understanding paid media is a great place to be. There are lots of businesses eager to pay you for your knowledge, particularly if you are effective at driving bottom-line results and profits for their business.

And if you are trying to grow your own digital agency, paid media is going to be one of the primary drivers of your business. Search engine optimization, by contrast, takes a long time to get going, a lot of expertise, and it can be very difficult to get traffic in the crowded, digital marketing space.

The way I would recommend approaching the launch of a digital agency is to choose some specific customer verticals that you want to serve. I would pick some lucrative professions like lawyers, surgeons, accountants, etc. and build-out personalized landing pages that you’ll use in conjunction with Google Ads, including retargeting display ads on other websites, to build awareness.

If you can prove that you can convert customers on your ads, that itself is an endorsement of your skills to these potential customers.

One thing I should mention, when you build these landing pages, you should have a content upgrade. What this means, say you are targeting self-employed accountants or accounting firms that you want to provide digital marketing services for, try to capture their email with a Content upgrade light “the 5 best marketing tips for accounts”.

Email Capture

It’s a good idea to try to capture emails. Not everyone will immediately convert on your landing page. They may not call you or email you immediately, so if you capture their emails you have a way to connect with your potential customers. This will make your ad spend more efficient because you are not losing out on people that do not immediately convert. I have heard some studies that said that it can take 43 days from click to conversion!

This means that you need to build out a funnel- a way for customers to interact with you over the long term because it can take over a month for a customer to actually convert on what you are offering.

Retargeting Customers

As a Google ad specialist, no doubt you understand how to set up a retargeting campaign.

Anyone that lands on your specific landing page, you should be retargeting them because it is a cheaper click and it is warmer traffic since they are already somewhat familiar with who you are and the business solutions you offer.


Nowadays, it is really easy to hire freelance contractors. So if you have a growing digital agency, don’t be afraid to reach out to virtual assistants and other paid media specialist using a platform like UpWork. As your pay per click agency grows, you’ll want to get out of the weeds and outsource a lot of the tedious tasks that don’t drive the bottom line for you anymore.

In my own business, I found that it is extremely helpful to have a virtual assistant. I’m able to outsource a lot of mundane and repetitive tasks to the virtual assistant and focus on things that are more strategic to drive bottom-line profits and results.

For Employees

If you work for someone else, getting a Google advertising certification is a resume enhancer. It can help you if you are trying to find a new job. As well, if you want to transition to paid consulting work as a freelancer, it’s a real feather in your cap.

Answer: How Are Rich Media Ads Different From Other Ad Formats? [Google Ads Certification Help]

The duplicate content question

How are rich media ads different from other ad formats?

  1. They are displayed on the Search Network
  2. They are a type of text ad
  3. They are static image ads
  4. Correct: They are ads with animation or other types of motion

*Explanation Resource

Rich media ads are becoming increasingly popular – they enabled advertisers to mix text and animated content for enhanced click-through rates and overall performance.

Build Your Own Internet Marketing Business

If you are taking the Google Ads certification assessment, you might also be interested in reading some of my niche reports to learn how to build a highly profitable online business:

Affiliate Marketing

I also discuss different affiliate programs, exploring how you can get traffic online and monetize with arrange of different affiliate Network opportunities:

Google Ads Consulting Tips

By far, one of the quickest ways to earn a substantial income online is to provide consulting services.

If you are a Google ad expert, it is even easier to figure this out.

Presumably, if you understand even the basics of Google advertising, you know that you can target buyers when they are right at the cusp of making a purchase decision.

For example, if you live in a large metropolitan area, and you want to target local businesses, you can create different landing pages that speak directly to the customers’ needs.

It makes sense to target a business type that is high revenue and has the means to compensate you for driving leads to their business.

An Example


For example, you could target a term like “surgeon advertising”.

Medical professionals who do cosmetic surgery are willing to spend a good deal of money acquiring business because the services they provide are so expensive.

You could create a landing page that speaks directly to these medical professionals and sell them on the value proposition of Google advertising to their business.

Even if these medical professionals don’t immediately convert, you could retarget them with specific ads, thereby further convincing them of your advertising expertise.

I also recommend building an email list. If you include a content upgrade on this landing page, and offer something like “seven advertising tips for surgeons”, this can incentivize them to subscribe and you can further market your services by email.

This way, if they don’t immediately convert, you haven’t wasted the money. You have the lead on your retargeting list as well as hopefully your email list.

Far and away, this is the quickest means of building up a recurring income online.

If you are able to charge $1,000 a month, for example, how many pain clients do you need before you have to replace your corporate salary?

The big win comes when you can build-out your fledgling agency with contract workers or even full-time help.

You can find Freelancers on a platform like UpWork to do some of the menial ad management tasks and focus your own efforts on acquiring customers for your business.

Before you know it, you’ll have a team working beneath you and you can be generating five or even six figures in revenue per month.

This is not far-fetched at all.

Google Ads is an invaluable promotional solution but it is still complex for business owners to manage.

There is likely always going to be a need for advertising experts to help business owners implement this technology. This is true even though Google ads is trying to become more automated and easier for lay people to implement.

Answer: When building a keyword list for a Display Network campaign, you should do which of the following: [Google Ads Certification Help]

The duplicate content question

When building a keyword list for a Display Network campaign, you should do which of the following:

  1. Use Display Campaign Optimizer to identify new keywords
  2. Only include exact match keywords
  3. Only use Keyword Planner to identify new keywords
  4. Correct: Include keywords that are related to the websites your customers visit

*Explanation Resource

Build Your Own Internet Marketing Business

If you are taking the Google Ads certification assessment, you might also be interested in reading some of my niche reports to learn how to build a highly profitable online business:

Affiliate Marketing

I also discuss different affiliate programs, exploring how you can get traffic online and monetize with arrange of different affiliate Network opportunities:

Google Ads Consulting Opportunities

Otherwise, if you are looking to leverage your Google ad certification, I would suggest experimenting with UpWork.

Freelancing Tips

If you are in the process of acquiring a Google ad certification, we’ve got some tips below for getting business as a freelancer.

One thing that might seem obvious, but we’ve seen a lot of Google Ads Freelancers neglect, you can use Google ads to drive traffic to your own advertising consulting business.

While some people get the certification to embellish a resume or because it is a prerequisite for their corporate job, Freelancers can find a great opportunity helping businesses drive traffic from Google advertising.

Running Local Ads

If you are located in a big city, you might want to experiment with running ads locally. The advantage here is that should you need to have an in-person meeting with a local business to win them over on your consulting services it is very easy to do.

You could create a landing page specifically for certain local services and push traffic there.

Since you are, hopefully, good with Google ads, you should be able to make this work for you.

For example, if you are based in New York City, you could target a keyword like “restaurant advertising”, confine it to the New York City geographic area, and push it to a landing page that targets restaurant owners looking to promote their establishments.

We would also recommend capturing some emails and running retargeting campaigns so that even if the traffic you are sending to this hypothetical restaurant landing page doesn’t convert immediately that you have a funnel for eventually converting them.

It is also a good case study to have when you can show that you are building your own business using Google ads.

Other Promotion Strategies

Besides advertising on Google, there are freelancing platforms like UpWork and Fiverr where you can list your pay-per-click consulting services.

I have hired extensively from platforms like these.

One tip I would have, make sure that your imagery and copywriting is on point.

Many times I have found people on the platform that I was interested in hiring but was immediately discouraged because their profiles had grammatical, spelling or syntax errors.

Especially when it comes to pay-per-click advertising, where things can get very expensive quickly, you don’t want to hire an individual who looks sloppy.

That could be a recipe for an expensive disaster. You want your pay-per-click consultant to be diligent and exacting and everything that they do – including the appearance of their own promotional material.

For Employees

If you are a corporate employee, getting a Google advertising certification can be a smart idea.

It embellishes your resume and can be a low-cost way to enhance your skills and reputation within your company.

When you are looking for a promotion or a raise, being able to reference your certification will certainly help your case.

And should you ever have to leave your corporate job, you might be able to quickly pivot to providing freelance consulting solutions on a full or part-time basis.

It’s never a bad idea, especially when the corporation will often pay for it, to increase your skills and acquire valuable certifications.

Answer: Which campaign type would an advertiser use to target users searching on Google.com? [Google Ads Certification Help]

The duplicate content question

In this post, we’ll give you the quick answer for this question below, but also some tips on how to use your Google Ads certification in the world of work.

Which campaign type would an advertiser use to target users searching on Google.com?

  1. “Search Network with Display opt-in”
  2. Correct: “Search Network”
  3. “Display Network”
  4. ”Video campaign”


If an advertiser purely wants to target users employing Google Search, the Search Network is the best option. It will show ads near Google search results based on the keywords they have searched for.

Build Your Own Internet Marketing Business

If you are getting a Google Ads certification, you might be interested to learn how I build businesses online. My collection of websites brings in a passive, six-figure income. Subscribe to learn how I do it. Or you can read some of my case studies below:

Affiliate Marketing

I also discuss different affiliate programs, exploring how you can get traffic online and monetize with arrange of different affiliate Network opportunities:

Google Ads Consulting Opportunities

Otherwise, if you are looking to leverage your Google ad certification, I would suggest experimenting with UpWork.


If you’re taking the Google Ads certification exam, and you’re not working for a corporation already, you might be interested in providing consulting services. There are a bunch of ways that you can generate revenue online as a paid search specialist.

One way is to list yourself on UpWork. On the platform, you will be a freelancer and provide Google advertising services to buyers. I am myself an UpWork service buyer.

In order to Get hired on UpWork, I would recommend having an attractive profile photo, make sure that your profile includes all of the services you provide, and that the profile content itself is copy ended by a native English speaker. The more presentable you can be, the better your results will be on a hiring platform like this.

There are a range of other things you obviously need to consider.

For example, pricing is a big one.

A lot of Freelancers complained that pricing is way too low on UpWork. People that complain about this often times are based in the United States and they are competing against international freelancers that have lower cost-of-living and can, therefore, charge lower rates for comparable services.

That said, creating a profile that is attractive is one way to have a competitive advantage over and above other Freelancers that have misspelling or foreign language syntax errors in their English profile descriptions.

Niche Down

One thing I would recommend testing out is specializing as a Google ads expert. For example, if you specialize in marketing information products, you will be able to charge a premium to individuals looking for advertising specialists better familiar with information product marketing.

I myself recently created an information product and I would certainly consider hiring an advertising specialist who was familiar with information product marketing because it is very different than running ads to an e-commerce store, for example.

You can advertise different these service lines.

For sure, you can still be a Google ads generalist, but you could always mention that you have some specialized product lines.

This will help you get discovered in UpWork’s search engine, as well.

For example, if I went into UpWork and searched for information product marketing, if you had those keywords on your page, then you have a greater chance at being discovered and initiating a conversation with a high-value buyer.

Summing Up

Becoming a paid search specialist is a good idea – if you can help businesses drive converting traffic to their offers your skillset is never going to expire. There is always a market for people that helped drive bottom-line results.

Answer: Keyword Planner Can Do All Of These Things Except [Google Ads Certification Help]

The duplicate content question

In this post, we’ll give you the quick answer for this question below, but also some tips on how to use your Google Ads certification in the world of work.

Keyword Planner Can Do All Of These Things Except:

  1. Show search volume trends
  2. Correct: provide Quality Score estimates and validate keywords
  3. suggest keywords and ad groups that may not have occurred to you
  4. provide historical statistics on search volume

If you are taking the Google Ads certification assessment, you might also be interested in reading some of my niche reports to learn how to build a highly profitable online business:

Build Your Own Internet Marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing

I also discuss different affiliate programs, exploring how you can get traffic online and monetize with arrange of different affiliate Network opportunities:

Google Ads Consulting Opportunities

Otherwise, if you are looking to leverage your Google ad certification, I would suggest experimenting with UpWork..


Upwork is a large freelancer market place where you can sell your services as a paid acquisition specialist.

There are lots of individuals, agencies and businesses online looking for someone to help them with paid search marketing.

It can be very lucrative, especially if you niche down, and specialize in a particular vertical of paid search.

For example, say you specialized in getting leads for roofing businesses. This is a very lucrative vertical and if you know the space especially well you could charge a pretty high premium for your expertise.

Profile Tips

I’ve purchased a lot of consulting services using this freelancer marketplace and one thing that I can recommend is filling out your profile as thoroughly as possible.

You can also include a bunch of different keywords related to Google ads. This will help people find your profile and drive traffic to it.

You’re probably aware that the Google Ads platform is constantly evolving and changing, so new keywords emerge that you can include so that knowledgeable buyers locate you and begin a conversation about the Google consulting services that you provide.

Another thing you should do, make sure that you have a professional picture taken.

This really does help and I’ve seen a lot of Freelancers neglect it. You don’t want to look unhappy or scowling, you want to look presentable and upbeat- it will encourage UpWork searchers to click into your profile and initiate a conversation.

Another thing that’s extremely important, make sure that you have copy-edited your profile description.

So many times I’ve read freelancers profiles and they include grammatical errors and misspellings.

This is going to dramatically impair your ability to get business on the platform because buyers aren’t going to trust the quality of your work if you can’t even get your profile to read correctly.

If you are a non-native English speaker, I would recommend getting your profile edited by a native English speaker so that they can fix errors in syntax, for example, that you are unaware of.


Fiverr is another market place where you could sell your services. It’s a little bit different than UpWork because everything on Fiverr is basically a product.

Whereas with UpWork, things are not productized- you are searched out as an individual and then you have to figure out what product or service you will be selling when you engage with an UpWork buyer.

Summing Up

We use are some common tips to help you get started.

You might be taking this Google Ads certification for a corporation that you are employed by, but if you are at all interested in internet marketing, I can help you find a niche online, get traffic to it, monetize that traffic and leave the corporate world behind.

Or, perhaps, you are interested in providing freelance consulting services. This is another great strategy for quickly generating revenue online. Either way, good luck on taking the certification course!

The H&M Affiliate Program | Fast Fashion Profits?

h&m storefront

In this post, I am going to explore the H&M affiliate program. I’m going to show you how to join, figure out earning potential, and perform some H&M keyword research to help you create a traffic-focused content strategy.

About H&M

According to Wikipedia, “Hennes & Mauritz AB is a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. H&M and its associated companies operate in 62 countries with over 4,500 stores and as of 2015 employed around 132,000 people. It is the second-largest global clothing retailer, just behind Spain-based Inditex (parent company of Zara). The company has a significant online presence, with online shopping available in 33 countries.”

How To Join

At the time of this writing and may of 2019, your best bet for monetizing with H&M is to join either Viglinks (5.95% commission) or Skimlinks (N/A%). The way these services work, they will convert any H&M link on your site into an affiliate link for you.

They are essentially middlemen that have access to the H&M affiliate program. I would outreach to them to figure out if the program is active and how it is performing before investing a lot of effort promoting H&M.

Calculate H&M Earnings Potential

Keyword Research

I used some SEO software to conduct keyword research on the H&M website.

Below, I extracted 1,000 of their top performing organic keywords with H&M branded search queries filtered out. This will help you figure out some content ideas and themes if you want to drive traffic to H&M products.


SEO Ideas

The term “chunky knit cardigan” has a somewhat small search volume of 1,700, but a keyword difficulty of zero. If you are trying to do SEO, and you have a new website, or just want to compete for low difficulty keywords, this could be a good keyword to start with.

I would recommend doing a long listicle post- perhaps you scour social media and find examples of chunky knit Cardigans on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and write up 50 or 100-word blurbs beneath each image.

You could then throw in a couple of H&M chunky knit cardigans and include affiliate links. On top of that, it would make sense to create a Pin for Pinterest to drive traffic to your page. This is a smart, low effort strategy to siphon traffic from two different platforms.

Nursing dress” is another low competition term with 27,00 searches a month and it keyword difficulty of 4. It’s worth noting that when someone searches for this term, most of the results are going to be eCommerce stores.

If you have a content site with affiliate links, from my experience, your affiliate site content sometimes ranks for this primary keyword, but oftentimes ranks for longer tail variations of it like “best nursing dress” or “what is a nursing dress”.

This is because Google makes its own determinations about what people are looking for. And if they feel that the searcher intention is the purchase of a product rather than an informational query, it is going to rank an e-commerce store over and above your informational content.

Even if your content is incredibly long and the e-commerce product page, for example, has 150 words of duplicate content.

A particularly big keyword that H&M ranks for is “sweater”.

It gets 75,000 searches a month, has a keyword difficulty in the 20s, and is currently sitting at position 3. If I were approaching this as an SEO, I wouldn’t necessarily target the primary keyword. I would dive into some long tail variations of this keyword to see what I could find.

I used the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool to dive into the keyword and found some interesting results:

sweater keywords

Personally, I would target some of these longer tail keywords, which do have significant search volume, over and above trying to target such a generic term like “sweater”:

  • ugly christmas sweater
  • virgin killer sweater
  • sweater
  • sweater dress
  • ugly sweater
  • sweater weather
  • sweater weather lyrics
  • cashmere sweater
  • christmas sweater
  • sweater vest
  • virgin killing sweater
  • patagonia better sweater
  • cable knit sweater
  • turtleneck sweater
  • cardigan sweater
  • ugly sweater ideas
  • coogi sweater
  • ugly christmas sweater ideas
  • gucci sweater
  • fair isle sweater
  • off the shoulder sweater
  • sweater dresses
  • argyle sweater
  • sweater weather chords

Again, if I was running a fashion blog, I would consider publishing long form, image-based listicles and creating some digital Pinterest assets to drive traffic to my website.

One thing I like to do is to use content from social media- this means you don’t have to pay for image licenses if you are embedding image content from platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

For example, there is a lot of fun social media content about ugly Christmas sweaters:


Here is a website that is doing the listicle style format really well:

The Best Sweaters for Fall 2018 We Can t Wait to Get Cozy Jetsetter

It’s an easy way to create a lot of content around a particular term. For example, say you want to hit 3,000 words, you can have 30 list items with 100 words each to hit that word count and naturally incorporate an almost infinite number of long-tail keyword variations.

Social Media

As I have already touched on, Pinterest could be a great place to promote your H&M affiliate content. Since H&M is a fashion retailer, there’s lots of image-based content for Pinterest Boards and Pins. A common content strategy is to use a service like ViralTag To automate Pinterest scheduling.

You can also formulate your Pinterest strategy around some of the keyword research I provided- that way you know you’re targeting highly searched fashion terms.


If you have a decent-sized email list, you could experiment sending traffic directly to H&M. Say you do some research and figure out when they are going to have a sale, you can create some email scripts in advance and send them out to your list when the H&M sale is live.

Summing Up

It doesn’t appear that H&M has a dedicated affiliate program. But it looks like Viglinks and Skimlinks allow you to promote it. Doubtless, if you’re big enough, you might be able to reach out to H&M and coordinate sponsored content or a custom affiliate relationship. Don’t be afraid to reach out to their marketing team to coordinate this- I’d find some H&M people on LinkedIn and ping them there to start a conversation.

The Namecheap Affiliate Program | Domain Name Profits

namecheap logo

In this post, I’m going to take a look at the Namecheap affiliate program.

I’ll showcase some keyword research to see what terms Namecheap.com itself ranks for and promotional strategies I’d consider to monetize with this registrar.

According to Wikipedia, “Namecheap, Inc. is an ICANN-accredited registrar, which provides services on domain name registration, and offers for sale domain names that are registered to third parties (also known as aftermarket domain names). It is also a web hosting company, based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company claims to manage over 10 million domains.”

How Much Can You Earn?

  • Domains 20%
  • Hosting Packages 35%
  • SSL Certificates 35%
  • Private Email 20%
  • PremiumDNS 20%
  • Apps 0%
  • Marketplace and Premium Domains 0%


You can find the Namecheap affiliate program inside of several different affiliate networks including Impact Radius, ShareASale and Commission Junction.

Affiliate programs like GoDaddy and Namecheap are generally easy to get into.

The competition is fierce for buyer traffic and these affiliate programs are not as finicky about accepting publishers compared to more prestigious brands like Airbnb.

One of the most frequent questions I get from readers is how to get into a particular affiliate program. Oftentimes people don’t realize prestigious companies like Nike, Apple and Airbnb don’t just auto approve publisher applications.

They protect their brand and are selective about who they work with. Not so much when it comes to domain name registration.


According to Commission Junction Performance metrics, the 3 month EPC is $10.12 USD and the 7 day EPC is $13.09.

This means that on average, for every 100 clicks publishers are sending to Namecheap, they are earning $13 over the past seven days and $10 over the past 3 months.

If you are interested in this type of affiliate program, make sure to go and read my GoDaddy affiliate program review, as well.

Keyword Research

I used Ahrefs to extract Namecheap’s top 1,000 performing organic keywords.

I filtered out the term “Namecheap” to only focus on non-branded search queries.

Doing this identifies different content themes you can focus on if you want to promote their products.

For example, if you are into SEO, this is a great place to start to identify different content topics you can write about on your website.

As well, it identifies the most popularly searched perms, which is good to know if you are doing social promotion on platforms like Twitter or Pinterest.

You can see that they rank for a variety of technical, website-related terms, particularly clustered around domain names.

  • whois
  • .com
  • domain name search
  • cheap domains
  • domain names
  • cheap domain
  • whois lookup
  • buy a domain
  • Namecheap.com
  • domain name
  • buy domain name
  • domain
  • buy domain
  • domains for sale
  • .to domain
  • free dns
  • cheap domain names
  • wild west domains
  • whois domain
  • cheap domain registration
  • who is lookup
  • domain name registration

If I were to approach this niche as an SEO, I would look at you create long-form content around low difficulty keywords.

You can see in this keyword research table that the term “.ai domain” has a keyword difficulty of 3 and is getting 1,800 searches a month- if you’re an SEO, this is a great opportunity.


If you want to promote an offer like this, it makes sense to be in a tech, blogging, make money online, or small business niche where people need help figuring out how to purchase domain names, hosting packages, private emails, etc.

One of my authority sites is in the tech niche and I have one post dedicated to a big GoDaddy (a Namecheap competitor) keyword that gets a lot of traffic.

I include a variety of different calls to action that pushes traffic to GoDaddy. Finding that particular keyword was somewhat tricky because a lot of the terms that would attract qualified organic traffic are really competitive- especially in the hosting and domain name space.


As I touched on before, SEO is a popular traffic acquisition method. If you’re able to rank for some of these website terms, you can push a good deal of traffic on a continual basis to Namecheap.

If you have a website in the make money online space like I do, you can incorporate affiliate links to domain name registrars and hosting solutions quite easily.

In fact, the entire purpose of this post is to acquire traffic from the Namecheap query “Namecheap affiliate program” and I might even include affiliate links to it down the line if I’m getting traffic to this page.


This is a pretty dry topic. Direct linking to Namecheap from a visual platform like Pinterest or a viral engagement platform like Twitter isn’t a high conversion tactic, but I’ve seen people try.

A better method is to tap into a relevant topic like “how to start a blog”, promote that on Pinterest, and include Namecheap affiliate links in the content.

When I searched for “Namecheap” on Pinterest, the top Pin that I found didn’t even include that term in the Pin’s title or description:

start a blog pinterest example

Instead, This pin entitled “How To Start A Blog: A Beginner’s Guide” Links to a website that provides a step-by-step process for starting a blog:

How To Start A Blog A Beginner s Guide The Blissful Mind

The ‘how to start a blog’ niche is insanely competitive and lucrative, especially within SEO, but if you’re able to leverage traffic from other platforms like Pinterest you can definitely see some traffic wins.


YouTube is a natural fit- just publish a tech guide like this one promoting their services:


Email is another viable traffic strategy. If you have a decent-sized email list, you can’t actually promote Namecheap to it.

One strategy I frequently see is to include an affiliate link call to action at the bottom of an email, frequently in the “P.S.” section. It’s a non-pushy way to insert an affiliate link into an email

Filippa, The website auction house, does this. As you can see in the screenshot below, They are promoting HostGator in their emails:

flippa email example hostgator

You can do the same thing with Namecheap.

Summing Up

This can be an especially lucrative niche. While Namecheap is best known as a domain name registrar, they also provide hosting packages. If you are at all familiar with SEO, you know that ranking for hosting related keywords is incredibly competitive.

I wouldn’t recommend that novices compete in this area – but if you are in a related niche, I would investigate how to push traffic to Namecheap or a related affiliate program.