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The Lyft Affiliate Program [Any Good?]

lyft logo

In this post, I’ll break down the Lyft affiliate program– how to join, the commission structure, some keyword research, and how I would build a site that gets traffic that converts on ride-sharing offers like Lyft.


Lyft is a San Francisco, California- based, on-demand ride-share app. It launched in 2012 and operates in around 300 U.S. cities, including major metropolitan areas like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

It does over 1 million rides per day and was recently (2017) valued at over $11 billion dollars (Source).

The Story Of Lyft

Their Affiliate Programs

2021 Update: According to Lyft, “The Ambassador and Referral Partnership programs are phasing out. We greatly appreciate all the work our Ambassadors and Partners have done to help grow the Lyft community.”

Check out the Uber affiliate program if you want a ride-sharing alternative.

Lyft provides a Referral program and an Affiliate program. The referral program is more of a family and friends promotion opportunity, while the Affiliate program is better suited to more serious online publishers.

Both programs reward you for signing up Referred Riders or Referred Drivers.

I’m going to discuss the Lyft Affiliate Program going forward because the referral program is the more relevant option for niche site publishers.

I did apply to their affiliate program- so if/when I’m approved, I’ll update this post with more information.

The Affiliate Program Commission Structure

The payout structure is somewhat unclear. As of this writing in June 2018, according to the program terms, “Lyft shall pay you a referral fee (the “Referral Reward(s)”) for each Referred User according to the Referral Program Rules, subject to maximum payment amounts as described below. The amount of the Referral Payment is determined as of the time the new User satisfies the then-applicable criteria for qualifying as a Referred Rider or Referred Driver (the “Reward Criteria”) (as an illustrative example, taking a first passenger ride, or giving fifty rides within thirty days of becoming an approved driver). The Reward Criteria may change over time and by market at Lyft’s discretion.”

Translation: It basically says that they will pay you some amount, depending on a ‘Reward Criteria’ that can change at any time (“The Reward Criteria may change over time and by market at Lyft’s discretion.”) and will cap your earnings however they feel like it (Lyft may set maximum Referral Reward amounts that you can earn through the Referral Program”).Lovely stuff. My recommendation is, if you’re in this transportation niche, join their program and shoot them an email to get some specifics about the commission structure.

It’s likely that if you have a website with traffic that you can figure out a concrete referral payment structure for your traffic. I couldn’t find an email address within the affiliate program details, but you can contact their support here.

Lyft Earnings Potential

How To Join

To signup for their affiliate program, head over to their partnership page.

VigLink and Lyft

VigLink also can help you monetize with Lyft. The way VigLink works, if you have normal, non-affiliate, links on your site pointing to Lyft, if you integrate with VigLink, they’ll automatically transform your normal Lyft links to affiliate links.

According to this landing page, VigLink pays out “$35.00 commission and a $5.00 Flat Fee for First Ride”.

Before using VigLink, I’d get in contact with them to nail down the exact terms- because the above payout structure is somewhat unclear.

How To Promote It

To promote Lyft or another ride-sharing app, you obviously need qualified traffic.

While there are a bunch of quantitative affiliates out there running paid ads to affiliate programs- that’s never been my preferred strategy.

I’ll outline how I’d think about promoting Lyft- but first I wanted to do some basic keyword research to further examine this make money online opportunity.

Lyft Keyword Research

Below, I extracted 1,000 (with some duplicates removed) of Lyft’s top-performing organic keywords.

This keyword research table will help you brainstorm content ideas for your niche site.

Building A Content Site

As I’ve written about extensively, my promotional strategy is to create content-rich websites that publish high-quality information.

I’ll try to capture email addresses and push compelling content out to social media that drives traffic back to the website.

Example Niche Site

I Googled for a “Lyft review” and came across this ride-sharing authority site: RideShareApps.com.

This particular post offers a driver review of Lyft:

How to Become a Lyft Driver [Step By Step Guide]

As you can see, at the bottom of the site’s post there’s an affiliate link to sign up to the Lyft driver program.

One way I would gin up a ton of content is by conducting interviews with actual Lyft drivers.

You could post on Craigslist asking to conduct interviews with the drivers- I bet a bunch of them would do it for free for the exposure.

You could conduct the emails over the phone, or even have them submit forms. If you did a video interview, you could post it to YouTube and transcribe the content onto your website- two birds with one stone!

High Quality Information

This is the sort of content I would focus on creating- content that is interesting and informational but also monetized.

Not all of your content needs to be directly monetized. For example, you could create a page on your site dedicated to Lyft contact information.

According to KeywordsEverywhere, the search term “Lyft contact” gets 18,000 searches a month. If you published a detailed post outlining all of the different Lyft contact options, and it ranks in Google search, you’ll get a lot of traffic to a page that isn’t really a ‘money page’.

But you’ll be able to capture emails or get users clicking through to other pieces of monetized content.

In a nutshell– get the traffic first and then figure how you can creatively monetize or capture their contact information. That could be through email marketing, social media follows, or installing a push notification WordPress plugin.

What Niches Work For Lyft?

You could, obviously, build out a ride-sharing site and review the different apps for both drivers and riders.

Or, perhaps you can create a travel site- do profiles of city destinations and promote Lyft as a way to navigate foreign locales.

Below, I extracted 1,000 of TripAdvisor’s best-performing organic keywords. You can see that things like “argosy casino” is getting 8,600 searches a month with a Keyword Difficulty of 7 and “the social orlando” is getting 6,500 searches a month with a Keyword Difficulty of 0.

TripAdvisor Keyword Research

The point being- these are easy terms to rank for in the travel niche.

You could easily promote Lyft from this content- along with other travel affiliate programs for things like flights, hotels and vacation experiences.


There are several ride sharing affiliate programs out there. Granted, the program terms for Lyft are somewhat opaque.

But that’s also a competitive advantage- you can reach out and craft your own custom deal.

In my experience, lots of make money online publishers are lazy- they don’t want to do the legwork.

The Wix Affiliate Program [Good?]

wix affiliate program

Wix is a well-known website builder that, according to Wikipedia,

“was first developed and popularised by the Israeli company also called Wix. It allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools.

Users can add social plug-ins, e-commerce, online marketing, contact forms, e-mail marketing, and community forums to their web sites using a variety of Wix-developed and third-party applications. The Wix website builder is built on a freemium business model, earning its revenues through premium upgrades.”

Commission Structure

According to Wix’s FAQ affiliate page:

“You’ll earn $100 per Premium user* with unlimited payouts. The more sales you refer, the more you get paid. Learn more about our Premium Plans here.

*A Premium user who did not cancel their upgrade before the 14-day trial period.”

Other Website Builder Affiliate Programs

  1. Elementor: 50% commission
  2. Thrive Themes: 35% commission + recurring
  3. Beaver: 25% per sale
  4. Weebly: $25 per sign up
  5. Strikingly: Earn up to $100.80 for every customer
  6. TemplateToaster: 16% per sale
  7. VEVS: Up to $96 per year per sale
  8. Duda: $35-$100 per sale
  9. GoDaddy: 10-15% (they have a website builder)

Keyword Research

I extracted 1,000 of Wix’s top keywords to get a sense of what drives traffic to their site.

Obviously, if you want to make some money promoting this website builder, you’ll want to drive traffic employing some of these keywords on your website or social media channels.

SEO Content

As you can see there are a lot of keywords that contain the word Wix. Sometimes I screen these key words out when I do keyword research, but in this case, probably the most logical content you could create would be for example a block post that demonstrates how to use “Wix templates“, which is a keyword that gets 22,000 searches a month for the keyword difficulty of 13.

If you look at the keyword difficulties in the table above, you’ll see that they are very high because this is a lucrative and competitive landscape. People that build their website using Wix, they’re going to be on the hook for recurring payments and Wix is undoubtedly upselling them once they’ve captured them in their funnel.

Besides straight Wix related searches, you could see that they rank for a variety of other, somewhat unrelated terms like “create a logo free“, create a blog and photography terms. All of these are internet or digital-related queries that are more top of the funnel for Wix, but undoubtedly feed a steady flow of conversions for them.

Another keyword that they rank for is “starting a YouTube channel”. This might seem somewhat unrelated, but anybody that builds a YouTube channel, it makes sense that they also have a website that they can send traffic to.

This is an example of another top of the funnel piece of content that pushes people down the rabbit hole towards purchasing Wix.

If you’re interested in being an affiliate, these different keywords can represent a blog post, a silo of content, or perhaps the theme of an entire website.

There’s definitely a lot of traffic and affiliate commission opportunity and the website builder space, which sits under the broader category of internet marketing.

YouTube Traffic

I would think that a YouTube channel would play a prominent role if you were to enter into this space. Especially if you are brand new, launching a new website, it can take a long time to get organic traffic traction.

With YouTube, YouTube gets a lot more traffic more quickly and particularly in this space, you’ll want to be shooting YouTube videos demonstrating how to use Wix.

For example, check out this Wix YouTube tutorial:

It’s a high-quality video that pushes people to a custom Wix landing page- doubtless, it generates a good deal of commissions for Greg Gottfried.

Summing Up

Internet marketing in general and website builders specifically are extremely competitive niches.

That said, there’s always a way to create content and get traffic.

As I’ve mentioned, the way I would go about it, I would examine the keyword research table and begin producing cross-platform content.

Maybe you start with a YouTube video and convert it into a blog post or do that in reverse and create a blog post with an associated YouTube video.

Over time, as you begin producing more and more of this content, you’ll begin to see incremental traffic growth as well as commissions.

How To Play Candy Crush For A Living

candy crusha saga

If you grew up obsessed with playing video games, you probably entertained fantasies of doing it professionally.

Maybe you dreamt of becoming a professional video game tester? Maybe a developer, an e-sports superstar or even YouTube gamer?

Most likely you never did any of those things and you’re currently sitting in a cubicle day-dreaming how you can make a living playing Candy Crush.

I’m here to tell you that you can…

The niche business idea I’m going to discuss today is, broadly, video games.

My Video Overview

You might think that the video game niche is really played out and competitive, with huge gaming sites soaking up all the traffic.

Yes, that’s partly true.

But- there are some interesting angles to take to be competitive in this niche. I discovered this idea recently scrolling through Flippa, the eBay of online businesses. I stumbled across this mobile gaming site (the auction page has since been deleted) that routinely gets over half a million Page Views a month.

candy crush gaming website

This site focuses on the mobile game Candy Crush.  And it has absolutely insane organic traffic rankings.

Check out some of their rankings:

Organic keywords Candy Crush

View Detailed Keyword Breakdown

They are capitalizing on Candy Crush’s almost infinite level count. According to this site Candy Crush has 3,175 levels!

As you can see, AppTipper traffic comes from walkthrough/guide long-tail traffic with Keyword Difficulty scores of ZERO.

Here’s their level guide for level 3,005, for example. Make sure Ad Block is enabled!

Clearly, every imaginable permutation of Candy Crush level gets hundreds and even thousands of searches and no one is creating content for these queries.

And if you check out some of their metrics from Flippa below, you can see that they get 88% of their traffic from organic search, with 425,416 Page Views in November 2017 earning them $3,807.

Traffic Stats

I’ve collected some traffic & analytics information from Flippa and Ahrefs.

According to Ahrefs, the site ranks for 39,000 keywords at the time of this writing in January 2018:

Overview https apptipper com on Ahrefs

From the auction page you can see a detailed traffic breakdown from December 2016:

AppTipper com — Website For Sale on Flippa Site with 176 665 uniques mo making 4 000 mo


Helpfully, Flippa gathers financial information and you can see the site is making between $2,400 and $4,192 a month from ad revenue.

AppTipper com — Website For Sale on Flippa Site with 176 665 uniques mo making 4 000 mo (1)

If you think this is a cool idea, give me a share. I’d appreciate it!

The Takeaway

So- an interesting angle you can take with mobile, console or PC games is to do level guides. You can also do video game reviews and other types of content- but the equation I really endorse here is targeting the low-hanging SEO fruit.

These will be ultra-low competition searches. That’ll get you the traffic, but what about monetization?

This Candy Crush walkthrough site has some really obnoxious ads- including a video ad that plays as soon as the page loads using a paid video player.

They’re really aggressive with the ads and are currently making over a thousand dollars a month, according to the seller, from just the video ads.

Traffic + Ads = Profit.

That’s the recipe.

Why I Like This Niche

  • Fun niche: If you like video games, this is a great niche for you
  • Low SEO competition
  • Opportunity to rake in traffic from YouTube

Why I Don’t Like This Niche

  • You will most likely need to do your own video walkthroughs, outsource them, or risk depending on a third party YouTuber for content
  • You’ll need lots of traffic before you can quit your job using display ads- think at least over 500,000 monthly page views

The opportunity

If you’re nuts about video games, but don’t quite have the skills to be a professional e-gaming celebrity, you can still make a living in the video game industry.

You also don’t need to become a viral YouTuber.

A lot of video gamers limit themselves to YouTube, but as we’ve seen examining the Candy Crush keyword volumes, there are lots of organic search queries occurring outside of YouTube for video game content.

I’d advise selecting a genre of games to niche down to- choose a brandable domain name like VideoGamer.com to avoid copyright infringement and penning yourself into a particular game. Then you can start writing up the walkthroughs. There are some games that won’t require video, but there are many that will.

There are a couple of ways you can go about this. For example, take Call of Duty WWII, there’s a level called “Hill 493”. You could use one of the many YouTube videos online, embed it on your site, and write up your own 300+ word narration of the walkthrough:

A caveat, however, is that you might want to connect with the YouTuber prior to embedding their videos. If you depend too much on one YouTuber for your content, they could switch off embedding and you’ll lose ALL of your third-party content. Now, you’ll want to put some thought into structuring this content. Wikia.com has a nice structure for their walkthroughs- that’s also a really important consideration when creating one of these styles of sites.

They have a page for the Single Player Levels and if you click into a specific level like Hill 493 it has a ton of information, including a video walkthrough. The general idea here is to choose a genre of video games, focus on these low-competition walkthrough searches, and build out a site that satisfies searchers. Wikipedia has a list of all video games you can peruse if you need some motivation picking a niche.

Choose a game with lots of levels people are searching for and create pages targeting those levels. It’s as simple as that.

How to get traffic

You’ll target low competition walkthrough searches and write up 300+ word landing pages with video walkthroughs.

While the Call Of Duty example has some robust players in the space like Wikia, it’s really easy to rank for the search term “Candy Crush 1374” with 1,900 searches a month.

Because the game has thousands of levels! Crazy organic ranking opportunity. If you produce your own videos, you can rake in tons of YouTube traffic, as well. For mobile games, Apple provides a way to record your screen. So if you’ve reached Legend status on Clash of Clans, consider screen-recording some of your in-field domination and monetizing that content!

How to make money

Display ads will be your best bet here. The more content you have on page, the more ads you can reasonably serve.

To be fair, you’ll need a good dose of traffic before these ads will begin paying off- so you’ll need several thousand a day before you start seeing real money.

In addition, the more page views you get, the more money you’ll earn- so a friendly site structure is crucial here.

You’ll want your users flowing through your site to increase your RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) as well as boost the number of ad clicks you get. On the affiliate side of things, you can be an affiliate for certain games. There are also affiliate networks for app installs- this site has a good writeup on them. iTunes has an affiliate program, as well.

App Install Ad Networks

If you like this niche idea, let me know in the comments. If you think it’s cool, give me a share. I’d really appreciate it!

The Expedia Affiliate Program [Full Review]

expedia affiliate program
expedia affiliate program

If you're hankering to get into the travel affiliate game, Expedia is one of the more established affiliate programs in the space. The website lets you search for travel-related deals on hotels, flights, vacation experiences and more.  

In this post, I'll examine Expedia's commission structure, what you can promote, provide some travel-related keyword research, how I would drive traffic to this offer, and some travel affiliate alternatives to Expedia.

What Is Expedia?

First, some background on Expedia. The website is part of Expedia Group, which is a U.S.-based global travel technology company. For the most part, the Expedia Group's websites are travel metasearch engines and travel fare aggregators.

Besides Expedia.com, the Expedia Group owns Hotwire.com, Hotels.com, CheapTickets (Expedia's only provider of event tickets), trivago, SilverRail, Traveldoo, Classic Vacations, CarRentals.com, Venere.com, Orbitz, Travelocity, and HomeAway.

tl;dr Summary: The Expedia affiliate program operates within the CJ Affiliate network and provides 2-6% commission rates, with a 7 day referral window. It's not the best commission rate that you can find within the travel niche and the 3 month $30 EPC (earnings per click) as of this writing isn't particularly impressive. 

What Does Expedia's Name Mean?

If you're curious, according to the company's first CEO, Rich Barton, the word "Expedia" derives from a combination of "exploration" and "speed".

expedia name tweet

The Commission Structure

As you can see the EPC (earnings per one hundred clicks) is pretty low:

travel affiliate program

The current 30 day EPC (as of June 2018) is $30 over days and $3.14 over 7 days. The Expedia affiliate program offers a 7-day action referral period- so if any users convert within 7 days of clicking, you'll get paid on it.

What Can You Promote

If you look at their website, there are a variety of categories you can, theoretically, promote: 

  • Hotels
  • Cars
  • Flights
  • Cruises
  • Things to Do
  • Discover
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Deals
  • Rewards
  • Collections

Before you go wild creating affiliate links- you'll want to be clear on what Expedia products are ineligible for commissions.

What You Can't You Promote

Examining the Program Terms within CJ.com, the list of exclusions is kind of confusing.

travel affiliate example

My best recommendation is to contact Expedia at the affiliate contact listed within CJ.com (eap@expedia.com) to get some clarification about what Expedia products are eligible for commissions and what are not. 

I did write them an email asking for clarification- if/when they respond I'll update the post.

For example, under Non-Commissionable Items, they write that:

"Expedia.ca does not pay commission on pre-packaged vacations. The following will be considered a non-commissionable transaction: any car transaction exceeding a purchase price of $5,000 USD. All transactions that meet this criteria will be reversed and commission will not be awarded to the publisher’s account. Proof of completed travel will need to be provided by the customer in order to credit any car transactions exceeding $5,000. Car transactions between $1,000-$5,000 are subject to extension in the Commission Junction system and investigation by Expedia. Any transactions found to be fraudulent will then be reversed and commission will not be paid to the publisher."

As you can see, they're referring to the .ca domain, even though this is the .com Expedia affiliate program.

Sometimes you have to do some legwork to figure out the best promotional strategy- I wouldn't start promoting Expedia until I knew for sure what items are actually 'commissionable'.

Expedia Travel: Search Hotels, Cheap Flights, Car Rentals & Vacations

Plan your next trip with Expedia. Read reviews on thousands of hotels. Buy airline tickets easily, and bundle for even more savings. Expedia Price Guarantee!

11 Alternatives To The Expedia Affiliate Program

There are a variety of alternatives to Expedia if you're looking to promote offers in the travel niche:

  1. Booking.com's affiliate program has a volume-based referral fee structure, with payouts ranging from 25%-40% on purchases.

  2. TripAdvisor is offering 50% commissions with the capacity to link to deep link to over 500,000 city and hotel pages.

  3. The Sandals Resort affiliate program provides a flat, starting commission rate of 4% with a 60 day referral window.

  4. The Skyscanner affiliate program is offering 50% payouts. Skyscanner is a travel search engine that provides users comparisons of flights, car hire and hotels.

  5. There's also the Airbnb referral program- I wrote up a full review of it.

  6. Marriott also offers an affiliate program that ranges 3-6% depending on whether it's a Vacation Package or a Hotel Stay.
  7. Agoda markets itself as one of the leading online hotel platforms worldwide offering low priced deals on hotels, resorts, hostels, and homes. The Agoda affiliate program, according to CJ Affiliate, offers 6% commission. 

  8. The Air France affiliate program offers payouts based on whether flights are short, medium or long haul.

  9. The Hotels.com affiliate program has a solid 7 day EPC of $136.89, with commissions ranging from 1-4%.

  10. The Cheap Flights affiliate program is paying big commissions: 65% - 75% payouts.

  11. Another popular option is the Priceline affiliate program- it sits within the CJ Affiliate network and offers a rather convoluted payout structure, with 3%-100% commissions and $4 flat payouts.

Promotional Strategies

Content Marketing

Travel is pretty saturated. If I were to enter this niche, I'd consider finding low competition 'destination' terms, do a detailed writeup (1,500+ words), and then use hotel, flight, vacation package affiliate programs to monetize the content. 

Below, I extracted 1,000 of the best-performing organic keywords for Expedia:

Expedia Keyword Research

As you can see, they have some great rankings- things like "cheap hotels", "cheap tickets", and "cheap cruises" give you a sense of how consumers use Expedia.

A big segment is apparently searching out travel discounts.  

TripAdvisor Keyword Research

Another example, check out this TripAdvisor keyword research I did below- it shows a ton of destination terms that are really low competition.

There are a bunch of interesting, low-competition search terms you can rank for. For example, there's the term "the social orlando"with a Keyword Difficulty of 0 and pulling in 6,500 searches a month.

The Social

Box Office Hours: Daily at Showtimes – (407) 246-1419 54 North Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

These low competition 'destination search terms' provide a great way to cash in on travel affiliate programs- whether it's flights, hotels, car rentals or vacation packages. 

Another one is "oldsmar flea market" with a Keyword Difficulty of 1, raking in 6,600 searches a month.

If you're looking to build out a niche site- I'd consider specializing in a certain region and finding low-competition keywords, like those in the Expedia keyword research table above.

I'd write up definitive guides- these content-rich landing pages would naturall draw a ton of organic traffic. 

Beyond SEO

Besides just 'doing SEO', I'd take a broader approach to content marketing.

I'd figure out how to make a promotional video out of the content, create visual content for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, outsource the graphic creation and social media to Virtual Assistants from UpWork, and churn out as much content as possible.

One gray area to get images from is screenshots of YouTube videos- so if you're trying to rank for "oldsmar flea market", I took a screenshot from a vlogger's video tour of the flea market:

You can see the video below- the point being, this is a unique way to generate some unique images.

Google loves unique images and you can manipulate the images a bit with Canva to create a fun graphic for the different social platforms. I made this one in a about a minute- just using a general Canva template:

marketing affiliate program example


The worst part about building an authority site is that you 'have' to build backlinks.

I've never done any meaningful link building for my primary affiliate site- and it's currently making over $30k a month.

If you could suck it up and acquire 25+ backlinks to your domain, you'd be surprised at how far that can drive you up the Google Search rankings.

Just set that as a goal. Choose one of the backlink strategies- guest-posting, broken link building, skyscraper and execute on it until you've built at least 25 backlinks. 

A good way to drum up some content ideas if you want to promote Expedia or another travel affiliate program is to examine Expedia's own rankings. 


Obviously- social is an important aspects of user acquisition and engagement. 

To my mind, content marketing comes first- as you can see above, I endorse a holistic content-creation strategy. 

Create interesting and dynamic, cross-channel content that pushes people back to your site so that they click affiliate links or ads. 

Regarding social- all of the content you create should be drip fed to your different social media platforms. I use MissingLettr to automate all of that. 


I also endorse capturing emails on your site and marketing your content to your audience.

One thing I'll say about that: you'll have greater success capturing emails and marketing to your audience if you're in a narrower, specialized niche.

For example, if you specialized in U.S. travel- that's incredibly broad. 

It's unlikely you'll have the wherewithal to compete with a site like TripAdvisor that has over 53 million indexed pages, as of this writing (use site:tripadvisor.com in Google to see how many pages they currently have indexed).

But, if you specialized in a particular region 'the South', or a particular state, like Florida, you can produce a greater amount of content that resonates with a niche audience. If you're too broad, your site focus will seem scattershot and your site visitors won't feel that it's relevant enough to justify a subscription.

For email, I recommend using ConvertKit- it's a visually pleasing autoresponder that makes complicated email automations simple to perform.


When it comes to promoting the Expedia affiliate program- you really need to find a unique angle because it's a competitive niche.

I know people that think they can just clone a travel aggregator site and somehow they'll get people flocking to use it.

It's not going to happen. 

The best way to play in this saturated space is to find low competition keywords, produce engaging content, distribute it across social media channels and be patient.

Once you have some traffic to your site you can begin playing around with different affiliate programs and seeing which ones convert for you. 

Overall, this can be an incredibly fun niche- but you need to have a coherent traffic acquisition strategy if you have any hope of making legitimate money in it. 

The Newegg Affiliate Program [Full Review]

newegg icon
joining the newegg affiliate program

In this post, I examine the Newegg affiliate program, its commission structure, how it compares with the Amazon Associates program, how I'd promote it, and an example of an affiliate site having success promoting Newegg.

If you aren't familiar with Newegg.com, it's an online retailer that sells products like computer hardware and consumer electronics. It's a U.S. based company operating out of City of Industry, California.

Its unique name signifies the 'hope' the company's founders had for e-commerce in the early, lean years of the internet (Source).

If you run a tech site, could the Newegg affiliate program be a profitable monetization option?

My Video Overview

I also shot a short video overview of the Newegg Affiliate Program- check it out for some added insights.

Video Transcript

Newegg Program Overview

Obviously, one of the most important aspects of the program, besides its conversion potential, is its commission rate.

According to their affiliate program, Newegg provides 2.5% commission for any sales you generate for them, but within the CJ Affiliate network, the commissions are actually 0.5% - 1% for the Newegg.com Consumer Electronics affiliate program, as you can see below:

cj affiliate program


Make sure you examine Newegg's Program Terms within CJ Affiliate because they spell out some exclusions.

cj affiliate program details

As of this writing, in June 2018, some of the most important details include:

  • Flat 1.00% commissions on Apple products
  • Gift Cards/Video Cards/Video Game Consoles earn 0% USD

Newegg VS Amazon Commissions

As you can see in the Amazon commission structure, the Amazon PC, PC Components, DVD & Blu-Ray category is paying 2.5%, which surpasses the 0.5-1% commission payout for the Newegg referral program.

Product CategoryCommission Rate
Amazon Gift Cards, Wine0%
Video Games & Video Game Consoles1%
Televisions, Digital Video Games2%
PC, PC Components, DVD & Blu-Ray2.5%
Amazon Fresh, Toys3%
Amazon Fire Tablet Devices, Dash Buttons, Amazon Kindle Devices4%
Physical Books, Health & Personal Care, Sports, Kitchen, Automotive, Baby Products4.5%
Digital Music, Grocery, Physical Music, Handmade, Digital Videos5%
Outdoors, Tools5.5%
Headphones, Beauty, Musical Instruments, Business & Industrial Supplies6%
Apparel, Amazon Element Smart TV (with Fire TV), Amazon Fire TV Devices, Jewelry, Luggage, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories, Watches, Amazon Echo Devices7%
Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets Products, Pantry8%
Amazon Fashion Women, Men & Kids Private Label, Luxury Beauty, Amazon Coins10%
All Other Categories4%

How To Join

The Newegg affiliate program sits within the CJ Affiliate network. There are 3 separate options if you want to promote them:

cj affiliate program

There's Newegg Business, which bills itself as a B2B e-commerce company that specializes in competitively priced technology and entertainment retail goods. They also provide publishers b2b products for office and school supplies.

As you can see, the 3 month EPC is $52.06, as of June 2018.

And then there's the basic b2c Newegg affiliate program for U.S (3 month EPC: $10.50) and Canadian traffic (3 month EPC: $10.70).

What Can You Promote?

As an affiliate, you can promote a variety of computer and electronic products. Just head over to their site and hover over their Deals & Services tab:

newegg affiliate program

As you can see, there's a ton of tech products:

  • Desktop Computers
  • Gaming Desktops
  • All-in-One Computers
  • Server & Workstation Systems
  • Chromebox Desktops & Mini PCs
  • Business Desktops
  • Laptops / Notebooks
  • 2-in-1 Laptops
  • Chromebooks
  • Mobile Workstations
  • Touchscreen Systems
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Gaming Laptops
  • 7th Gen Intel Gaming Laptops
  • GeForce GTX 10 Series
  • 4K/120Hz Gaming Laptops
  • SLI Gaming Laptops
  • Battery Finder
  • Cable Finder
  • Ink & Toner Finder
  • Memory Finder
  • Monitors
  • Input Devices
  • Keyboards & Mice
  • Printers / Scanners & Supplies
  • Power Protection
  • Headsets, Speakers & Soundcards
  • Printer Ink & Toner
  • KVM Switches
  • Projectors
  • 3D Printing
  • Computer Accessories
  • Laptop Accessories
  • Laptop Cases & Bags
  • Docking Stations
  • Cables
  • Hubs
  • Adapters & Gender Changers
  • Core Components
  • CPUs / Processors
  • Motherboards
  • Video Cards & Video Devices
  • Peripherals

But, interestingly, they've broadened their product coverage to include Hobbies & Toys, Health, Apparel and Sports.

Newegg And VigLink

You can also use VigLink to monetize Newegg links. The way this works, if your site is already linking to Newegg, and it's not an affiliate link, VigLink will transform that link into an affiliate link.

As of June 2018, VigLink is paying a $1.78 commission on Newegg referrals. You can promote newegg.ca, newegg.com and neweggflash.com.

How To Promote

As I've written about in my other affiliate program reviews, if you're interested in promoting Newegg, you'll have to consider how it stacks up against Amazon.

What incentive do purchasers have for buying from Newegg over the king of eCommerce?

Newegg Keyword Research

To get a sense of their most popular products, I extracted 1,000 of the top keywords for Newegg.com, excluding a bunch of high-volume brand keywords.

Use this keyword data to brainstorm content ideas- pay attention to the Difficulty score.

I've found most success by producing content that targets lower competition keywords with significant search traffic Volume. 

Deals & Promotions

My advice is to search out price arbitrage opportunities. Head over to Newegg's Deals & Services sections and check out their Daily Deals and their Marketplace Spotlight to find compelling specials you can promote to your audience.

This lends itself to a tech deals website or a tech authority site with an email list.

Obviously, if your traffic is all SEO, these flash deals aren't going to work as well because you'd have to be swapping links out on your content on a daily basis- no one's going to do that. 

Unique Products

As of this writing, Newegg is promoting a variety of Featured Sellers. This would be a good place to start if you want to find products unique to Newegg- because that's obviously one of the few advantages this tech retailer could have over Amazon.

They are currently promoting Dyson, Adorama, Strawberrynet, Varidsek, Tirebuyer, Cryorig and DXRacer.

Affiliate Site Example

PCMag is one of the big players in the technology space. In this post entitled Newegg Tips Black Friday Gaming, PC Deals they profile Newegg's Black Friday deals.

Newegg Tips Black Friday Gaming, PC Deals

The tech e-retailer is planning to offer more than 5,000 deals between Nov. 20 and 30, making this its biggest Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale yet. PCMag reviews products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use.

This is a great strategy, particularly if you have an email list. I know that whenever Black Friday or Cyber Monday rolls around I'm always looking for the best deals from various retailers. PCMag makes it easy to see the best Newegg specials- all of them affiliate links.

I should say, it's possible that PCMag has crafted a private partnership with Newegg- so they might be earning more competitive commissions than what is publicly available within the CJ Affiliate network.

Regardless, when you think about promotional strategies- you nee to match the content you create with the platform you're getting traffic from. So, if you're trying to get organic traffic, you'll want to choose a keyword wisely, produce long-form, highly structured on-page content.

If you've got a decent sized email list, promoting content like PCMag's Black Friday deals rundown is a good example- this is a great piece of content to broadcast to your list to alert them to limited time deals.

If you're promoting content on social media, obviously you'll want to craft the messaging and imagery so that it's contextually appropriate. You wouldn't want to just repost your Tweet to Pinterest and Instagram- you have to pay attention to the context of the platform with regard to their respective demographics, media size & formatting.


It's a low margin affiliate program. Any success you have with it will depend on ferreting out unique product promotion opportunities.

It'll never be your biggest earner, but there could be some unique monetization opportunities if you're able to capitalize on deals and promotions, particularly during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday buying frenzy.

The Nordstrom Affiliate Program | Is 2% Worth It?

nordstrom affiliate program

If you’re a fashion blogger, you’re probably scouring the internet looking for big-brand, high-converting affiliate programs.

Nordstrom definitely fits the bill. Nordstrom is a luxury department store with access to a variety of premium brands.

In this post, I’ll examine the Nordstrom affiliate program’s earning potential and promotional strategies to push converting traffic to this century-old brand.

About Nordstrom

According to Wikipedia, “Nordstrom Inc. is an American chain of luxury department stores, also operating in Canada and headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1901 by Swedish American John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin, the company began as a shoe retailer and expanded its inventory to include clothing, accessories, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, and fragrances.

Select Nordstrom stores also include wedding and home furnishings departments.

The company also has in-house cafes, restaurants and espresso bars. Nordstrom, Inc.’s common stock is publicly traded on the NYSE under the symbol JWN.”

They recently started a YouTube channel- it gives you a sense of the company ‘vibe’:

Earning Potential

The Nordstrom affiliate program sits inside of Rakuten.

nordstrom affiliate program

At the time of this writing, they are offering a 2% Commission on everything but gift cards.

The terms specify that you can earn “2 % commission {For all products not covered in specific SKU Lists}, 0 % commission [Gift Card 0%] on selected goods is offered to you on items purchased by visitors who are referred to us from your site.”

These are the eligible commission categories:

  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Accessories
  • Men
  • Women
  • Health & Beauty
  • Cosmetics
  • Department Store
  • Clothing

Keyword research

Below, I extracted 800+ of Nordstrom’s top-performing organic keywords.

I used the Ahrefs software to create this list. It provides monthly search volume, keyword difficulty score and the position Nordstrom ranks for the particular keyword as of April 2019.

Whether you are doing SEO or building out Boards on your Pinterest account, understanding the type of search terms Nordstrom ranks for is a good way to figure out a traffic and content strategy, especially if you are interested in promoting Nordstrom.

If you look at their rankings, you can see that they rang for a ton of big-name brand terms. What I often find with sites like these that sell a lot of other companies merchandise is they end up ranking for these huge terms like Kate Spade, Patagonia, Nike, Adidas Etc.

They don’t just rank for those single terms, either.

Using Ahrefs I’m able to filter even deeper by a keyword like “adidas” and I see that they have great rankings for terms like:

  1. adidas shoes
  2. adidas nmd
  3. adidas ultra boost
  4. adidas superstar
  5. adidas originals
  6. adidas boost
  7. adidas alphabounce
  8. adidas pants
  9. adidas gazelle
  10. adidas sneakers

This is an important concept to understand. While the primary keyword “Adidas” is a massive, competitive term, if you go a little bit deeper, and peek behind the curtain, you’ll see that there are some really lucrative keywords that aren’t as competitive to rank for.

If I wanted to monetize with Nordstrom, I might target some of these branded search terms.

And I’m not talking solely SEO, either. Take a look at this YouTube video that is optimized for the term “Adidas Superstar”:

At the time of this writing, it’s trending towards over 400,000 views.

These snazzy, white sneakers are pretty popular. The good thing with fashion, it plays very well on social.

adidas Superstar Sneaker Nordstrom

That means you’re not restricted to building out an SEO fashion blog. Instead, you can leverage social media channels like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest to promote your website that contains the Nordstrom affiliate links, or even experiment with directly affiliate-linking to Nordstrom.

Brand Affiliate Opportunities

I really like the branded affiliate opportunity is here.

Often times, these big name brands don’t have their own affiliate programs, so working with a fashion retailer that sells multiple brands like Nordstrom, Zara, H&M, or Macy’s enables you to monetize with these brands even if they don’t have an affiliate program, or if you can get into it.

Fashion Affiliate Links

One thing you should be aware of, fashion is incredibly seasonal, which means products go in and out of stock very quickly.

One day you might be earning good money promoting the Adidas Superstar shoe on Nordstrom, but maybe it gets discontinued or goes out of stock. Then your affiliate link is going to a page with no product or even a 404.

I would suggest using affiliate link management software like ThirstyAffiliates.

This is the plugin I use in WordPress to manage all my affiliate links.

For example, say you are promoting the Adidas Superstar sneaker, you could cloak your link using ThirstyAffiliates, to be “yoursite.com/recommends/superstar” and have complete control about where that link directs.

If Nordstrom sells out of yes Adidas Superstar sneaker, you can easily edit it to redirect the traffic somewhere else- perhaps the updated model when it’s released.

One thing to note, though, Amazon does not like link cloaking- so don’t use it to push traffic to the Amazon Associates affiliate program.

It’s also a smart way to test different offers.

There are a number of retailers currently selling this shoe- you could experiment pushing traffic to Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, and even eBay if you really wanted to.

This is a quick and dirty way to test the conversion capabilities of the different affiliate programs you participate in.

Doing SEO

If you are into SEO, the way I would get traffic is by producing long-form, listicle-style content.

For example, for something like the Adidas Superstar sneaker, I might find 25 images on Instagram of celebrities wearing the shoe. You could create a BuzzFeed-style listicle post that captures organic traffic as well as social traffic.

Inside of that post, you could insert some calls to action I purchase the sneaker on Nordstrom.

You could experiment with sprinkling buttons into your content and using your ThirstyAffiliates cloaked URL with anchor text like view price or by now, for example.

I Love Listicles

I’ve written extensively about my product review formula and why I like listicles so much. In a nutshell, a listicle enables you to easily write thousands and thousands of words in an organized manner without coming across as an over-enthusiastic SEO trying to satisfy an insane word count.

In addition, if you are outsourcing the writing to something like HireWriters, It’s a much easier content formula for the writer who does need to hit a target word count.

As well, user engagement statistics really matter to search engine rankings. You will get a higher click through to your website from the SERPs with listicle posts, in my experience, because people like the promise of clearly organized information.

Summing Up

If you run a fashion blog, this could be a good offer to promote. As I’ve mentioned, Nordstrom has access to a lot of premium brands that don’t have their own affiliate programs.

Nike, for example.

Granted, 2% commission isn’t great, but it’s worth testing.

You could get some quick feedback using ThirstyAffiliates to automatically affiliate-link “Nike” keywords on your sneaker site, for example, and track clicks/conversions.

The Adobe Affiliate Program [Full Review]

adobe affiliate program

In this post, I'll be examining the Adobe Affiliate Program

I analyze the different Adobe software services you can promote, their commission structure, and how I would strategically promote content that acquires traffic that converts on Adobe offers. 

The Adobe Affiliate Program lets you promote:

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud,
  2. Adobe Stock and
  3. Adobe Document Cloud (Source

How To Sign Up

Adobe's affiliate program is managed by Trade Doubler. Click the signup button below to join:

adobe affiliate program signup

The Adobe Affiliate Programs

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud | Software and services for creative professionals

Enjoy the entire collection of our creative desktop and mobile tools, like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, and more with Adobe Creative Cloud.

The Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of services and applications from Adobe Systems. 

It provides clients a collection of software programs useful for graphic design, video editing, web design, digital photography, plus a group of mobile apps and some discretionary cloud services.

In Creative Cloud, a regular monthly or annual membership service is provided over the Internet.

What's Included?

Below is a list of their full suite of products- you can see them all on Adobe's website.

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Lightroom Classic
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe XD for mobile
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Dimension
  • Dreamweaver
  • Acrobat Pro DC
  • Acrobat Pro 2017
  • Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Stock

Adobe Creative Cloud stock photos, images, videos, and assets

Creative Cloud members have access to millions of royalty-free assets with Adobe Stock. Now integrated with Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and more.

Adobe Stock is a stock photo solution, similar to DepositPhotos, which is what I recommend for cost-effective stock photos.

Adobe Document Cloud 

Adobe Document Cloud

Speed business processes and let employees work anywhere with all-new Adobe Acrobat DC products and Adobe Document Cloud.

Adobe Document Cloud is a bundle of Software as a Service (Saas) applications provided by Adobe Systems that provides digital services related to the Portable Document Format (PDF).

This includes conversion and document exchange services. It also includes ExportPDF, includes Adobe PDF Pack, EchoSign, FormsCentral, Adobe Send, as well as Acrobat.com Personal File Storage.

The Adobe Commission Structure

Below is the commission structure for the various Adobe affiliate programs.

Creative Cloud & Document Cloud

  • Monthly subscriptions: 85.00% of first month
  • Yearly subscriptions (monthly payment) provide: 85.00% of first month
  • Yearly subscriptions (one-time payment) provide: 8.33% of first year

Adobe Stock

  • Monthly subscriptions: US $72
  • Yearly subscriptions: (monthly payment): US $72
  • Single Purchase: (one-time payment): 8.33%
  • 3 standard assets a month (monthly payment): 85% of first month 

*Adobe notes that stock subscriptions, with a minimum of 10 standard assets included, that have been cancelled within thirty days, will lead to a flat-fee commission rate of US $10. Invalid and fraud orders will get $0.

*Document cloud and Stock are only accessible in specified countries

Adobe Affiliate Benefits

Adobe says that there network provides diverse monetization opportunities and that there are a variety of pre-made promotional banners and text links for the 3 primary Adobe affiliate programs: Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Adobe Stock.

You'll also get access to exclusive Adobe promotions. Don't overlook the exclusives and promotions- this is a great way to provide value to your readers.

For instance, if and when Adobe runs a discount on Photoshop, for example, you can ping your email list and cash in on discounted payment plans.

How To Promote

As you can see, the Adobe affiliate program has a variety of different solutions.

They range from contract signature services (EchoSign, which I used to use when I was still in the workforce) to the acclaimed Photoshop program.

If you google "Photoshop review" you'll see that PCMag ranks #1 for this term:

Adobe Photoshop CC

Photoshop started the digital image manipulation revolution, and Adobe’s groundbreaking application continues to fortify its position as the best photo editing software on the planet. If you need layered image editing, including typography, 3D modeling, and drawing, you need Photoshop. The latest 2018 update adds AI-powered object selection, lots of new brush capabilities, support for spherical panoramas, and more.

If you're a new reader, when it comes to creating content, I recommend producing content cross-channel for organic, social and referral traffic.

So, if you were trying to promote Photoshop, which admittedly is pretty competitive, I'd first (1) create a longform review on my website,

(2) then a YouTube video review:

(3) then a Pinterest graphic:

(4) and then a social media drip campaign with MissingLettr.

You can see how this works- you're pushing out content across different channels, all of the content contextually formatted for the particular platform, whether it's Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

I'd also make an effort to capture emails on my site- that way I could repeatedly marketing Photoshop, and perhaps related Adobe affiliate program offers, like Adobe Stock.

It isn't really rocket science- though it will take some hard work. Obviously, I wouldn't just focus on publishing PhotoShop product reviews. 

Doing Keyword Research

As an example of my keyword research strategy, I used Ahrefs to extract 1,000 low-competition "Photoshop" keywords (below 25 Keyword Difficulty Score). 

The keywords in the table are prime opportunities to create content for keywords like "how to blend in photoshop", "double exposure photoshop" and "how to merge layers in photoshop". 

Depending on which of the Adobe software solutions you're interested in promoting, you'll want to do keyword research like this to find low competition and high volume terms to rank for.

You can do keyword research like this using KWFinder or LongTailPro.

Building An Authority Site

I found LightStalking when Googling for digital photography tutorials.

This is an example of an authority site in the photo and video creation niche. 

Why And How You Should Be Using Flash Gels To Make Your Portraits Pop

Flash photography combined with the use of colored gels certainly opens up an entirely new world of creative possibilities. While color gels might not seem like an important accessory, they can easily modify the atmosphere of the scene or help you create more dramatic portraits. There are two main reasons for using flash gels.

Below, you can see some of their keyword rankings.

They've produced a ton of great content and it ranks for some awesome terms that could easily be monetized with Adobe and various other affiliate program links. 

If you're looking to start an authority site, you can read my guide here.

The general idea is to build out a content-rich website that specializes in educating readers on a certain niche topic.

Once you begin acquiring organic, social and other referral traffic, you'll begin earning money from the affiliate programs you promote. 

Don't be overwhelmed with content creation. I recommend choosing an initial content theme. For example, if you search for the keyword "text" in the table above, you can see that there are 35 keywords focusing on working with "text" in Photoshop. 

Try writing 20 awesome Photoshop tutorials dealing with these text-themes. This will create an organized silo of content for your site.

As you become more familiar with the niche and how to run an authority site, you'll naturally develop a more coherent approach to site building as time goes on. Once the 'text' silo is filled out, you can move on to a different content silo. 

This way, your content strategy is organized and doesn't become overhwelming!

That's just a few ideas- let me know what you think of this affiliate program, and the niche in general, in the comments section below.

The Tea Niche: How To Start An Online Tea Shop

Glass teapot with blooming tea flower on wooden table

With over 2.5 million monthly searches, tea is a $12 billion market in the United States (Source).

This is an interesting and potentially lucrative niche- especially if you're comfortable thinking outside the box and putting in the work to build something significant.

Rather than build a junky Amazon affiliate site and just affiliate-linking to Lipton tea bags, you can have a lot of fun with this one. Because that's what it's about (and making fat stacks of automated cash).

This is partly an SEO play, partly a social media play. There's a ton of search volume to cash in on and a lot of room for creativity with images and video. Let's dive into this niche and examine the opportunity. 

Niche Facts Overview

  • Good SEO (i.e. free traffic) opportunity- tons of noncompetitive high/medium/low-volume keywords to pursue.
  • Over 2.5 million monthly tea-related searches according to LongTailPro (using "green tea", "tea" and "black tea" as the seed keywords).
  • Opportunity to create gorgeous visual content across social media platforms (i.e. brewing tea on YouTube; steeping instructions on Pinterest; steaming matcha tea pictures on Instagram, etc.)
  • Huge market: According to the Tea Association of the USA, in 2016, Americans drank nearly 84 billion servings of tea (more than 3.8 billion gallons) (Source).
  • Tea diversity: About 80% of all tea drinkers were downing Black Tea, while 16% were drinking Green Tea, and the rest were drinking Oolong, White and Dark Tea (Source).
  • The United States is one of the biggest markets- it's the 3rd biggest tea importer (Russia and Pakistan are first and second) (Source).
  • Millenials love it: Nearly 4 out of 5 people drink tea with millenials self-rating as the most likely (87%) to do so (Source).
  • Opportunities to niche down into "iced teas" (18,100 searches a month), "green tea health benefits" (over 10,000 searches a month), oolong tea (60,500 searches a month), kombucha tea (33,100 searches a month), white tea (18,100 searches a month), etc. Check out full keyword list below.

*If Google Trends doesn't load- just refresh the page.

Niche Market Research

The Opportunity

Tea is a huge market. When I think of attacking this niche, my instinct is the long-tail.

That is, I want to see tons of low-competition, high-volume, buyer-intent keywords. Keywords I can create dominant, link-worthy content around.

I also want to see opportunities to disambiguate complex information- providing value to my readers. I want to see the opportunity to create original and high-quality content for not too much money to ensure long-term, positive content ROI.

The Best Approach

This niche checks those boxes and also offers the built-in opportunity to create gorgeous YouTube videos and Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter images- tea lends itself to photography and video.

If you've read my other reportsI recommend that when you create content, you should always focus on harvesting it to publish across different channels to maximize its reach. Check out the graphic below that explains how this is done.

How To Harvest Content For More Traffic

Content Harvesting NicheFacts Example

Content Harvesting Explained

  • Basically, if you are writing content, you should consider turning it into a slideshow with software like Animoto, publish it to YouTube, and  then embed it in the original post, and pin the video itself to Pinterest.
  • You should also create images using Canva for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter using appropriate image dimensions
  • You can create a quiz around your content using a WordPress quiz plugin.
  • All of this collateral content can also be emailed to your subscribers.  

Indeed, you can go in a variety of directions with this niche. I would recommend examining the keyword volume data and choosing a strategy based on what people are searching for.

Check out a sampling of tea keywords below. (I included "ice t" in the results even though it probably, mostly, refers to the rapper.)

Tea Keyword Research (Full List)

What I Would Do

My initial instinct is to create a site that focuses on reviewing different styles of tea from different companies.

For example, "lapsang souchong" has a 5,400/month search volume according to LongTailPro (and a 14,800 search volume according to Keywords Everywhere as you can see below).

Regardless, there isn't much competition. Whenever you see eCommerce pages like Adagio's, Republic of Tea's, and Harney's at the top of the page, it indicates that there is a lack of quality content for that keyword. Another ranking page is from 2011- a full 6 years old at this point. 

I hope you're starting to understand my perspective on this opportunity- there are TONS of keywords in this vertical that you can own. ​

lapsang souchong niche example

I would consider ordering lapsang souchong tea from every available brand, doing an unboxing video and a taste test for YouTube, and then a long 2,000+ word writeup, with my own images, all of which would be shared across my social media properties. 

I would do this for every tea type with keyword volume- the aim being to rank in Google Search and YouTube Search for that query, and then affiliate-linking to where the different lapsang souchong teas could be purchased. ​

On The YouTube Side Of Things...​

The above video is the third result for "lapsang souchong". It's the sort of video I would envision creating, aside from slideshow style videos that might serve their own purpose on more informational and non-review style content. 

Truly, an opportunity to grow a large cross-channel subscriber base that you can monetize in a variety of different ways.

Niche Marketing Traffic

​​How to get traffic


​As I covered above somewhat- you should be publishing rich, long-form content on your website, and publishing high-quality videos and images across various social media platforms.

An example post could be the "10 Best Lapsang Souchong Teas"- targeting the primary keyword (lapsang souchong) and you can snag some brand terms (i.e. the companies who sell the tea: Twinings, Taylors of Harrogate, Harney & Sons, Davidson's Tea, etc.) as well as assorted long-tail traffic like "health benefits of lapsang souchong", etc. 

Tea Keyword Research (Curated List)

Check out a sampling of tea keywords with volumes greater than 720/month. Their Keyword Competitiveness (KC) is also calculated. The key for the KC calculations are below the table. 

Keyword Competitiveness Scores

  • 0-10 (No Competition),
  • 10-20 (Extremely Low Competition),
  • 20-30 (Low Competition),
  • 30-40 (Moderate Competition),
  • 40-50 (Somewhat High Competition),
  • 60-70 (Very High Competition),
  • 70-100 (Don't Even Think About It).

*Read more about their scoring.

Video Marketing

A YouTube channel will be a valuable source of traffic on YouTube and for your other online properties. Keep in mind, the purpose of your YouTube channel isn't necessarily to monetize it with ads. Honestly, it takes a ton of views to earn anything of significance.

A YouTube audience will take time to cultivate. Indeed, all of this will.

But, over time, as your audience grows, you'll reap the rewards of having a developed a cross-channel presence- it will enable you to do some really fun and interesting things with your audience.

As mentioned in The Opportunity section- you'll want to produce videos steeping and tasting the tea. Check out how other channels have done it- you can get by using an iPhone/Android to shoot these ​videos to start. 

Social Media​

Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook are other visual mediums that you grow your audience on. I would recommend seeing what others are doing in the tea space, deriving inspiration, and figuring out your own approach to providing engaging content.

You might even consider chopping your YouTube video up a bit into shorter clips that function as gifs and testing how that plays on different social media channels.

How To Make Money With Your Niche

How to make money

Affiliate Marketing

This will be an affiliate play- you'll start of with Amazon just to get the ball rolling, but check out ShareASale, LinkShare, there are a variety of tea shops you can promote.

I collected several affiliate programs below, but there are many others out there.

Affiliate Programs

There are definitely a bunch of tea affiliate opportunities available in this niche- you'll have to do your own research as you get deep into it. You'll want to investigate the commission rates and the Earnings Per (hundred) Clicks (EPC). 

Some will even have subscription tea services- this means you will either earn a recurring commissions for buyers you refer, or higher up-front payments for these high lifetime value customers.

The Amazon affiliate program will probably be your first affiliate program- below are some of the top searches on amazon for tea-related products.​

Top Amazon Tea Searches

  • tea accessories
  • tea assorted
  • tea assortment
  • tea bags
  • tea bags for loose tea
  • tea ball
  • tea candles
  • tea cup
  • tea infuser
  • tea kettle

*According to KeywordTool.io

Sponsored Posts and Ad Sales

Over time, as your tea authority site grows, you'll be contacted by brands that want to work with you to connect to your subscriber base. Perhaps they want to advertise on your site or pay you to review their tea. 

Display Ads

With larger quantities of traffic, you can experiment with display ads. Generally, you don't mix affiliate content with display ads.

In all honesty, most of my experience is with affiliate marketing- I've always considered display ads a personal nuisance and with the proliferation of Ad Blockers, some of which are even natively integrated into browsers, it just never spiked my interest.

But there are people who crush it with AdSense- but generally you'll need tons of traffic and a knack for testing Ad placements. Though services like Ezoic will automatically split test and optimize your ad placements for you.

Your Own Product (eCommerce)

You can create your own tea blend. After you get a sense of the tea market, you'll spot some gaps your product can fill. Perhaps you formulate a blend for hangovers, or one for expectant mothers. I guarantee that once you're neck-deep in the tea niche you'll start thinking up some interesting ideas.

Email Marketing

As you build a list, there will be opportunities to promote compatible goods and services to your audience. They could be subscription tea services, for example.

Or you could join the Brookstone affiliate program and delve into their tea product line. One important note, Amazon's affiliate program doesn't let you email its affiliate links- they will ban your account for that!

But, other affiliate programs will let you email their affiliate links- you'll need to always read the fine print when you join an affiliate program regarding promotional restrictions. 

The goal with email marketing is to forge trust with your audience- alerting them to your new content, as well as soliciting feedback from them. Not just hitting them up for money.

How To Get Started

  1. Figure out the 'tea angle' you want to take
  2. Choose a fun, brandable domain name
  3. Dive into keyword research- I recommend using LongTailPro
  4. Start publishing content and then harvesting it for cross-platform promotion (you'll obviously need to create some social media accounts)
  5. Once you've got 10-15 posts, apply to Amazon Associates (if you aren't already enrolled) to get some revenue rolling in
  6. With some organic and social media traffic, begin capturing emails
  7. Once you've got a solid content creation process, consider hiring writers or virtual assistants to help you automate and scale
  8. Investigate different affiliate programs and alternative monetization strategies

Additional Resources

Top Ranking Tea Content

Available Domains

  • TeaEngine.com
  • TeaLists.com
  • TeaAssist.com
  • TeaJump.com
  • WiredTea.com
  • WideTea.com
  • TeaEffect.com

Final Thoughts

Absolutely killer search engine traffic in this niche. Yeah, there's competition- there will always be, if it's worth it.

It's true, the affiliate products are not high-ticket, unless you end up reviewing Breville tea makers (I have one and love it), but there's truly opportunity to diversify revenue and establish a brand presence across all the major social media channels.

Once you figure out how to harvest content effectively and dice it up across each platform (perhaps even hiring out this process), you'll start getting some serious traction. 


  • Opportunity to build a cross-channel brand and subscriber base
  • Great SEO play (tons of brands/types of tea)
  • A fun niche- if you like tea
  • Great if you like shooting videos, taking pictures


  • Tea isn't the most expensive product to promote​
  • Bad if you don't like shooting videos, taking pictures

The Dell Affiliate Program [Full Review]

dell affiliate program

Named after its founder, Michael Dell, the company is one of the biggest tech businesses in the world, employing over 103,300 people internationally.

In fact, in 2016 it cleared $54.9 billion in revenue. 

In terms of its competitor ranking, in 2015 it was the 3rd biggest international PC vendor after Lenovo and HP (Source).

If you have an audience passionate about computers, laptops and IT solutions, then the Dell affiliate program could be a smart monetization option.

Which Network Manages It?

It took some digging to find their actual affiliate program. This Dell affiliate network page has an application link to a domain that no longer exists!

I did eventually find 6 separate Dell affiliate programs tucked away in the CJ Affiliate network:

the dell affiliate program

The Different Dell Affiliate Programs

Here's an overview of the different programs and their commission structures. Click here to join up with CJ Affiliate.

  1. Dell Canada - Home & Small Business: According to the program description: "Your customers will enjoy Dell.ca’s wide array of desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, TVs, cell phones, and other popular consumer electronics and accessories."

    Commission Structure: 1%

  2. Dell Financial Services Canada: According to the program description: "lets you provide Canadian customers a place to meet their business technology needs when looking for refurbished Dell computers. 

    Commission Structure: 3-5%

  3. Dell Home & Home Office: According to the program description: "Your customers will enjoy Dell’s wide array of desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, TVs, cell phones, and other popular consumer electronics and accessories."

    Commission Structure: 1.5%

  4. Dell Outlet: According to the program description: "Your customers will enjoy Dell’s wide array of desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, TVs, cell phones, and other popular consumer electronics and accessories."

    Commission Structure: 2%

  5. Dell Refurbished Computers: According to the program description: "DellRefurbished.com, an exclusive Dell, Inc. affiliate site, offers premium grade previously leased refurbished Dell computers at low prices."

    Commission Structure: Up to 5%

  6. Dell Small Business: According to the program description: "One of the first things you'll notice about Dell's affiliate program is that the Small Business segment tracks separately from our Home & Home Office segment. This way, you're assured that each link you post on your site is designed to appeal to the business-critical needs of your visitors.

    Big Commissions - Dell Small Business commissions range up to 8% depending on product line and sales amounts. And in addition to an always-updating selection of creatives, our publishers have access to an extensive product catalog so you can tailor the affiliate links on your site and maximize your earnings."

    Commission Structure: Up to 8%

As you can see, some of these programs are specifically for U.S. traffic, and some are for Canadian traffic.

The different programs give you the option to promote new or refurbished Dell electronics, or even promote their various small-business, enterprise tech solutions. 

Dell VS Amazon Commissions

Amazon currently offers (as of June 2018) 2.5% on the PC and PC Components category.

The most relevant Dell affiliate program is probably the Dell Home & Home Office affiliate program, which offers 1.5% commission.

That said, Dell Small Business offers 8% commission and Dell Refurbished computers have a 5% commission.

When it comes to choosing which option to promote, you really have to balance the type of traffic you have against the conversion potential of one of Dell's affiliate programs.

If you produce technology content on your site, one way I'd recommend testing Dell promotion using the Thirsty Affiliate plugin to evaluate how well it converts.

Here's an example from one of my sites showing how I promote third-party affiliates within a product comparison table: 

amazon and walmart affiliate product table comparison example

Promoting Dell Small Business Services

If you have the traffic, the 8% commissions offered by the Dell Small Business Services program could be a great affiliate opportunity.

I'd recommend checking out their site and figuring out how you could push traffic to this offer- and even create custom-content around their different service lines. 

Small Business Services | Dell United States

Dell provides end to end solutions to small businesses including technology financing, deployment and maintenance. Partnering with Dell will let its small business advisors to take care of your technology needs while you concentrate on your business.

For example, one of the services they offer is "equipment maintenance". You could experiment promoting that offer.

You could create longform content around their different service areas, publish YouTube tech tutorials for small businesses, etc. 

If you have a business blog, you could promote Dell's bulk business savings- you can see here that they offer business purchase options for computer hardware and servers.

They also offer cyber-security for small business and will work as a technology partner to improve small business' productivity and performance. 

This is how I would brainstorm some interesting niche affiliate ideas.

Dell Keyword Research

Below, I extracted a list of Dell's top 1,000 keywords (minus some Dell brand terms). 

As you can see, they rank for a ton of tech and electronics product terms. 

This table provides a great overview of their product line while also helping you brainstorm electronics affiliate content on your site. 

For example, the Alienware brand, a hardware subsidiary of Dell, is a great option to promote. These souped-up computer systems are designed for gaming and get a ton of keyword searches.  

Dell Affiliate Site Examples


PCMag's article "The Best Dell Laptops of 2018" contains CJ Affiliate links to Dell.

Obviously, PCMag is a huge player in the tech space- but there's lots of Dell-related keywords you can create and rank for. Just refer to the keyword research table above and sort by Keyword Difficulty.

The Best Dell Laptops of 2018

If you’re shopping for a PC, you have plenty of options to choose from, be it desktop-replacement systems to rugged notebooks, and a range of options in between.

Tom's Guide

Another good Dell affiliate example is Tom's Guide- check out their gaming and Alienware post:

Best Gaming Desktops 2018

Consoles are nice and all, but if you want to play gorgeous-looking titles such as Final Fantasy XV and Far Cry 5 at their maximum graphical potential, you’ll want a gaming desktop. We’ve tested dozens of the most popular gaming PCs available, running our rigorous suite of benchmarks and playing several demanding games on each system.

What Can You Promote

Dell offers a variety of consumer affiliate options: Laptops, Desktops & All-in-One PCs, Tablets & 2-in-1 Laptops, Gaming Products, Workstations, Servers & Storage, Networking, Monitors, Printers & Ink, Software, Electronics & Accessories, and Gateways & Embedded PCs.

There are also a variety of IT services you can promote as a publisher: Consulting, Deployment Services, Support Services For Home, Services for Small Business, Support Services for Commercial, Asset Resale & Recycling, Financing & Leasing, Application Services and Managed Services.

How To Promote Dell

As I've written about in my other affiliate program reviews, my preferred traffic acquisition strategy is SEO, followed up by Email and Social. 


In terms of SEO, I'd focus on producing long-form product reviews- you can see tons of keywords in the keyword research table you can rank for.

There are lots of cool tech products you can promote. 

Email & Social

Regarding email, I'd recommend paying attention to the deals section of their site so you can promote discounts and promotions to your email list and social media audience:

dell technology affiliate program

If and when you're approved for one of the Dell affiliate programs I listed at the outset, make sure you read through the affiliate agreement to determine Dell's policies on email and social promotion. 

Many programs have restrictions on posting affiliate links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And many programs have specific restrictions regarding email promotion. 


I see a lot of big brands like PCMag promoting more arcane programs like Dell's- they might have custom, private deals that make it worthwhile. 

As is, if you're not big enough to establish a custom deal with Dell, the commissions are pretty standard for computer hardware and electronics- 1-3%.  

I also recommend checking out their small business offerings- if you can push traffic to their enterprise solutions, the commission rate is much more lucrative. 

5+ Examples Of The REHub WordPress Theme With User Reviews


REHub is a hybrid WordPress theme boasting unique features based on current trends and business needs. It’s recommended for multi-vendor marketplaces, eCommerce shops, and affiliate marketing.

If you were looking to buy a versatile WordPress theme, take a look at some of the example sites below that are using it. You’ll see that it is adapted to a variety of different use cases, from a DIY interior design blog to an entertainment content site.

Video Guide: Building A Site With REHub

Real Live Examples

Coupon Site

rehub theme review example

Medical Devices

rehub example site wordpress

Entertainment Blog

rehub wordpress blog example

DIY Site

rehub diy example site for wordpress

Baby Blog

rehub blog review

User Reviews

To discover what clients think about REHub and judge its efficiency and quality, we search through numerous reviews and ratings.

  • A client shares that he likes the price or product comparison options and that the dynamic price update will be useful to any eCommerce shop. The user also comments that he is satisfied with the plugins included in the REHub package and the complexity of the theme. However, he warns that it might take you a while to understand what you can do with the available plugins.
  • Another buyer points out that REHub offers more than 40 custom Elementor modules in addition to extended layouts. The user mentions that the vendor/users panels are very handy and that he loves the design and versatility of the template.
  • Another individual comments that he likes the ability to create price range pages, custom tables, and advanced search filters. He also mentions that the theme offers advanced mobile support and that it’s compatible with multiple vendors, including WC Vendor, Docan, WCFM, WC Marketplace.
  • On the other hand, an unhappy customer says that the code has too many bugs and that it’s not working as well as he expected. He contacted Customer Support, but they were not very helpful and that he was disappointed by how the theme’s feature and performance.
  • A user said that he found it difficult to upgrade to the newest version and that it would have been better if there was a step-by-step guide. However, other clients pointed out that support had released such a document already and that you could ask them to do the update for you by sending them admin access.
  • A website owner claims that REHub is not very mobile-friendly and that it’s not as responsive as he expects it to be. He adds that the content doesn’t fit a mobile’s screen and that its features are outdated. The client also observes that the author is not a native English speaker, and as such, some of the instructions are hard to comprehend and execute.
  • Another client also points out that the mobile layouts need improvement because it’s not as functional as it should. However, he says that the template is easy to use and that he hasn’t had any issues with it. The user adds that customer support is always ready to answer questions and that the theme updates frequently.
  • Another purchaser states that he doesn’t like working with Elementor page builder because it’s horrible and buggy. He wanted to know if it would be possible to use WP Bakery with this template. Support explained that Elementor is superior to them in quality, but he still can use WP Bakery if he wants.
  • A web developer shares that he is satisfied with the quality of the code and that he has been using REHub for several projects already. He says that he has never seen a template with so many customizable options and that the plugins do not slow down the websites.
  • Another purchaser reports that he uses this theme for WooCommerce and that he is very pleased with the achieved results. The flexibility of the design is astonishing according to him and that the code is well-written.
  • A user comments that he has been using the REHub theme for his 3-4 websites and that he doesn’t have any complaints. The person mentions that the template gets better and better with every update and that he highly recommends it.
  • On the other hand, a client complains that you can’t get adequate support for this theme and that his tickets remain unanswered. He has continuous problems with the template because the provided documentation is not well-written and beginner-friendly.
  • Another buyer observes that while some of the features might be hard to understand even by experienced developers, it’s worth the effort. He mentions that the template is perfect for affiliate sites and compare/review blogs.
  • A client says that the theme works smoothly and that the speed of his website is adequate. He also mentions that it allows you to build a nice-looking site with amazing features very easily if you’re an experienced developer. However, he notes that the code has some bugs in it and that customer support sometimes takes its time to respond to requests.