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The Udemy Affiliate Program: How I Promote It

udemy logo (2)

In this post, I’ll dive into the Udemy affiliate program.

I examine some of its top-performing keywords, how I make money promoting it, and different content marketing strategies you can use to cash in on online courses.

What Is It?

Udemy is a popular e-learning platform that enables course creators to sell and profit from their video content.

Buyers get access to a near-infinite array of reasonably priced video courses on topics ranging from WordPress SEO to baking. Udemy is one of my top-performing affiliate programs. In a way, it’s like the Amazon of digital courses.

As you can see, there’s a ton of categories and subcategories you can promote:

udemy course categories

Operating through the Rakuten Linkshare affiliate network, you can easily create deep affiliate links to specific products using the link creator within Rakuten Linkshare, or by using the browser-based LinkShare LinkGenerator tool.

Commission Structure

Udemy offers a baseline commission of 20% with a 7-day cookie. That means you’ll get commissions on anything that’s purchased within 7 days of an affiliate link click.

In addition, you can get free access to courses if you shoot them an email and you get approved (affiliates@udemy.com). There are also Udemy sales events- they’ll run promotional campaigns that, in my experience, will trigger a flood of affiliate commissions as cookied users scoop up Udemy deals. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are big spikes in earnings on a monthly basis- I attribute these to Udemy promotions:

udemy affiliate sales trends

How Much Can You Earn?

Most courses are $10.99, which means on average every course sale will net an affiliate $2.20. If you wanted to make a $1,000 a month promoting Udemy, you’d need 454 course purchases a month. As you can see in the screenshot below, from January to July 2018, I’ve sent 9,189 clicks to Udemy and have had 385 orders, which is roughly a 4% conversion rate.

This has amounted to $983 in commissions:

udemy affiliate earnings

Udemy isn’t my biggest affiliate partner by any stretch- but it’s a nice, passive return on investment for the content I’ve created.

The majority of these earnings resulted from just 5 posts on one of my sites.

Overall, I have 10 Udemy posts- 5 of which are newer, so haven’t begun ranking for their respective keyword terms yet.

Keyword Research

Below, I extracted 1,000 of Udemy’s top-performing organic keywords.

Scan through the list to find low-competition/high-volume search terms you can rank for.

As you can see, many of the keywords are related to computer programming- “learn c++”, “learning java”, “learn linux”, etc.

How To Make Money With Udemy

If you want to make money with Udemy, my general recommendation is to produce tutorial/product review content and then link to a Udemy course so that your readers can purchase a more comprehensive solution.

Tutorial content would mean diving into “Java” and helping users learn how to use it. Within the content you’d link to a related Udemy Java course.

With product review content, you’d be reviewing popular Udemy courses. For example, there is a class called Complete Java Masterclass. The course name itself gets 250 searches a month, according to Ahrefs.

Ranking for this term would be pretty easy, plus it is a high buyer intention search- someone searching for this is obviously right at the cusp of purchasing it and needs just a bit more information.

That’s where you step in to provide that support and hopefully register an affiliate commission for doing so.


For example, here’s a YouTube channel teaching Java Programming that affiliate-links to Udemy:

By referencing some of their top-performing keywords, if you’re in the IT niche, you could produce video content about “Database Design” or “Java” and then use Udemy affiliate links to monetize the content.

As you can see, the YouTube creator above inserts the affiliate links into the description. He also uses Amazon affiliate links in his description.

Just make sure you verify your YouTube channel with the Amazon Associates program if you’re going to be pushing traffic from YouTube.


If you have a website, these could be call-to-action prompts like “Learn More” or contextual links to more detailed guides on the topic.

Below, you can see that this CodeBurst site uses affiliate links as part of its Udemy product affiliate review:

Straying outside the tech niche, if you’re a cat lover, and have a cat behavior YouTube channel, there are a variety of feline products you can promote. There’s even a whole category dedicated to sourdough bread baking.The strategy, as always, is to produce content that gets traffic and then contextually promote an affiliate partner, in this case Udemy.

Be cognizant that certain Udemy products will convert better than others. If you promote the best sellers in a Category, you’ll most likely have a better conversion rate than if you focus on less popular options.

That sounds obvious- but some people might expect Udemy as a brand to convert at a set percentage, when really each of its products will convert at different rates.

What I Like

  • Udemy is a big brand with a solid reputation offering a variety of specialized products you can promote. That means, as a publisher, you can find niche offerings that other publishers aren’t creating content about, create some content, and consequently push a flow of qualified, passive traffic to the offer.
  • Plus, Udemy makes a concerted effort to convert users. Unlike some affiliate partners that don’t have the budget or general wherewithal, Udemy markets its products.
  • Indeed, that’s the entire premise of the platform- the incentive for creators to sign up is that Udemy promotes their content to relevant users through paid and organic search and email marketing.
  • They’ve created the advertising infrastructure for their creators that also will benefit you, the Publisher. It’s important to appreciate the effort Udemy is making to convert users. You can find hundreds of affiliate programs inside of Rakuten Linkshare- few of them can make the same promotional push that a company like Udemy can.

What I Don’t Like

There’s not much to dislike here.

  • Sure, it’d be cool to make more than $2 per conversion on a single course, but that’s because their courses are pretty cheap, which helps with conversion anyway.
  • Probably the biggest drawback is the 7 day referral window- I’d prefer if it was longer. Maybe 30 or 60 days.

10 Udemy Affiliate Alternatives

Below I’ve listed out some Udemy affiliate alternatives if you want to investigate other affiliate options.

  1. 360Training – 15% per sale
  2. Coursera – Up to 45% per sale
  3. CreativeLive – 10-20% per sale
  4. edX – 10% per sale
  5. The Linux Foundation – 20% per sale
  6. MasterClass – 25% per sale
  7. Pluralsight – Varies
  8. Shaw Academy – $1 – $10
  9. Skillshare – $10 per sale (check out my Skillshare affiliate program review)
  10. Treehouse – Up to 50% per sale

Final Thoughts

The Udemy affiliate program is a solid option if you want to make money online.

For me, it’s more of a supplementary income stream.

But, I imagine for some content creators, particularly those in the tech niche who can push a lot of traffic to Udemy’s different coding and development courses, it might be very lucrative.

Wherever niche you’re in, it’s likely Udemy has a relevant course you can promote.

Let me know your experiences with the Udemy affiliate program in the comments section.

The Ikea Affiliate Program | Does It Exist?

ikea affiliate program

I’m not going to leave you in suspense- it doesn’t appear that Ikea has an affiliate program at this time.

I dug deep- even joining the Tradedoubler affiliate network because aff.io suggested that there might be a German Ikea affiliate program available.

No dice.

2021 Update

There are some non-U.S. Ikea affiliate options that were recently announced:

  1. IKEA Russia: Admitad
  2. IKEA Netherlands: AWIN
  3. IKEA Germany: TradeDoubler

Third Party Selling?

Some Googling did reveal that there were rumblings in 2017 that Ikea would be selling on third-party platforms like Amazon (Source). There are Ikea products on Amazon, but according to a statement from Ikea they are unofficial resellers:

IKEA is not selling products on Amazon or any third party sites at this time. Any IKEA product on Amazon now is being sold by a reseller. IKEA has no relationship with them. Currently, IKEA is only exploring other online platforms. IKEA sells its products at IKEA stores worldwide and on IKEA.com.” (Source)

If you’re desperate to promote this iconic Swedish brand, you’re out of luck for now, unless you’re willing to promote Amazon resellers.

Company History

This Swedish-founded multinational group primarily designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances home accessories. According to Wikipedia, it has been the world’s largest furniture retailer since at least 2008.

The Company Man YouTube channel produced a great video on Ikea if you want further perspective:

And they’re not just famous for their ready-to-assemble furniture- they also are renown for their meatballs:

Ikea Keyword Research

Below, I did some keyword research, extracting 1,000 of Ikea’s top-performing keywords, excluding brand terms:

As you can see, Ikea.com ranks for a bunch of great home goods terms:

  1. futon
  2. sleeper sofa
  3. dresser
  4. bunk beds
  5. computer desk
  6. loft bed
  7. desk
  8. kitchen cabinets
  9. daybed
  10. mirror
  11. bathroom vanity
  12. bathroom vanities
  13. sofa bed
  14. covers
  15. wardrobe
  16. floor lamps
  17. icoworker
  18. couches
  19. sofa
  20. twin bed frame
  21. duvet covers
  22. bathroom mirrors
  23. bookshelves
  24. bed frame
  25. bar stools

If you wanted to promote Ikea, or another home goods affiliate program, these keyword terms would be a good place to start. You can also check out my antiques niche report if you want to monetize a furniture site.

Besides these keywords, Ikea is known for maintaining a lot of their foreign-language product names like “GODMORGON”. There’s probably an amazing SEO opportunity there- ranking for these foreign-language home-goods terms.

Ikea Audience

I used Facebook Audience Insights to get some details about Ikea’s customer base. According to Facebook, Ikea’s audience is (1) 80% women, that are (2) married, (3) college educated who (4) primarily work in Administrative Services:

So What Should You Do?

The affiliate marketing landscape is constantly changing.

It’s possible that Ikea launches an affiliate program or begins officially selling on Amazon, but for now your best bet is to explore alternative home good affiliate networks and programs.

Explore Affiliate Networks

Three affiliate networks I recommend joining, and which I personally use, is the Rakuten Linkshare Affiliate network, the CJ affiliate network, and the ShareASale network.

These networks have many home goods eCommerce brands with affiliate programs.

Rakuten LinkShare Affiliate Network

For example, as you can see below, if you join Rakuten Linkshare, and go to Programs > Categories, there are some Home categories you can investigate:

ShareASale Affiliate Network

For example, I promote Walmart and Jet.com inside of Rakuten Linkshare and Wayfair inside of ShareASale.

ShareASale, as you can see in the screenshot below, also has a bunch of Home & Garden offerings:

Scrolling through the list, there are affiliate programs like Wayfair, Sofamania (“top quality designer furniture at affordable prices”), Joybird (“high-quality, responsibly sourced furniture meant to last a lifetime”), and more.

What’s great about ShareASale, as opposed to Rakuten LinkShare, is that ShareASale provides a lot of publisher performance data so you can actually see how well the various affiliate programs convert and earn.

CJ Affiliate Network

You can also check out the CJ Affiliate network- as you can see there are some affiliate programs you can use to filter their inventory:

Ahrefs Competitor Analysis

Another way to find some Ikea alternatives is to use the Ahrefs software.

According to Ahrefs, the top 10 organic search competitors in the United States for Ikea include:

Ikea competitors

  1. wayfair.com (my program review)
  2. ashleyfurniture.com (VigLink affiliate program)
  3. overstock.com (has an affiliate program)
  4. homedepot.com (my program review)
  5. lowes.com (my program review)
  6. target.com (my program review)
  7. furniture.com (Not at this time)
  8. walmart.com (my program review)
  9. ikea-usa.com (N/A)
  10. mapquest.com (N/A)

Obviously, mapquest and ikea-usa.com aren’t really relevant ‘competitors’.

Another affiliate program I thought I should mention, is the Houzz affiliate program (“Houzz is the new way to design your home. Browse 17 million interior design photos, home decor, decorating ideas and home professionals online.”)

It’s a pretty modern home goods solution that might be worth experimenting with.

Summing Up

Ikea would be a pretty interesting affiliate program to experiment with. It has a big brand name and a ton of popular, proprietary products. That’s a recipe for a decent conversion rate.

Plus there are a bunch of interesting terms you can rank for, including some foreign language terms.

The H&M Affiliate Program | Fast Fashion Profits?

h&m storefront

In this post, I am going to explore the H&M affiliate program. I’m going to show you how to join, figure out earning potential, and perform some H&M keyword research to help you create a traffic-focused content strategy.

About H&M

According to Wikipedia, “Hennes & Mauritz AB is a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. H&M and its associated companies operate in 62 countries with over 4,500 stores and as of 2015 employed around 132,000 people. It is the second-largest global clothing retailer, just behind Spain-based Inditex (parent company of Zara). The company has a significant online presence, with online shopping available in 33 countries.”

How To Join

*2021 Update: The DCM Network has H&M inside of its affiliate network.

At the time of this writing, your best bet for monetizing with H&M is to join either Viglinks (5.95% commission) or Skimlinks (N/A%). The way these services work, they will convert any H&M link on your site into an affiliate link for you.

They are essentially middlemen that have access to the H&M affiliate program. I would outreach to them to figure out if the program is active and how it is performing before investing a lot of effort promoting H&M.

Calculate H&M Earnings Potential

Keyword Research

I used some SEO software to conduct keyword research on the H&M website.

Below, I extracted 1,000 of their top-performing organic keywords with H&M branded search queries filtered out. This will help you figure out some content ideas and themes if you want to drive traffic to H&M products.


SEO Ideas

The term “chunky knit cardigan” has a somewhat small search volume of 1,700, but a keyword difficulty of zero. If you are trying to do SEO, and you have a new website, or just want to compete for low difficulty keywords, this could be a good keyword to start with.

I would recommend doing a long listicle post- perhaps you scour social media and find examples of chunky knit Cardigans on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and write up 50 or 100-word blurbs beneath each image.

You could then throw in a couple of H&M chunky knit cardigans and include affiliate links. On top of that, it would make sense to create a Pin for Pinterest to drive traffic to your page. This is a smart, low effort strategy to siphon traffic from two different platforms.

Nursing dress” is another low competition term with 27,00 searches a month and it keyword difficulty of 4. It’s worth noting that when someone searches for this term, most of the results are going to be eCommerce stores.

If you have a content site with affiliate links, from my experience, your affiliate site content sometimes ranks for this primary keyword, but oftentimes ranks for longer tail variations of it like “best nursing dress” or “what is a nursing dress”.

This is because Google makes its own determinations about what people are looking for. And if they feel that the searcher’s intention is the purchase of a product rather than an informational query, it is going to rank an e-commerce store over and above your informational content.

Even if your content is incredibly long and the e-commerce product page, for example, has 150 words of duplicate content.

A particularly big keyword that H&M ranks for is “sweater”.

It gets 75,000 searches a month, has a keyword difficulty in the 20s, and is currently sitting at position 3. If I were approaching this as an SEO, I wouldn’t necessarily target the primary keyword. I would dive into some long-tail variations of this keyword to see what I could find.

I used the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool to dive into the keyword and found some interesting results:

sweater keywords

Personally, I would target some of these longer tail keywords, which do have significant search volume, over and above trying to target such a generic term like “sweater”:

  • ugly christmas sweater
  • virgin killer sweater
  • sweater
  • sweater dress
  • ugly sweater
  • sweater weather
  • sweater weather lyrics
  • cashmere sweater
  • christmas sweater
  • sweater vest
  • virgin killing sweater
  • patagonia better sweater
  • cable knit sweater
  • turtleneck sweater
  • cardigan sweater
  • ugly sweater ideas
  • coogi sweater
  • ugly christmas sweater ideas
  • gucci sweater
  • fair isle sweater
  • off the shoulder sweater
  • sweater dresses
  • argyle sweater
  • sweater weather chords

Again, if I was running a fashion blog, I would consider publishing long form, image-based listicles and creating some digital Pinterest assets to drive traffic to my website.

One thing I like to do is to use content from social media- this means you don’t have to pay for image licenses if you are embedding image content from platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

For example, there is a lot of fun social media content about ugly Christmas sweaters:


Here is a website that is doing the listicle style format really well:

The Best Sweaters for Fall 2018 We Can t Wait to Get Cozy Jetsetter

It’s an easy way to create a lot of content around a particular term. For example, say you want to hit 3,000 words, you can have 30 list items with 100 words each to hit that word count and naturally incorporate an almost infinite number of long-tail keyword variations.

Social Media

As I have already touched on, Pinterest could be a great place to promote your H&M affiliate content. Since H&M is a fashion retailer, there’s lots of image-based content for Pinterest Boards and Pins. A common content strategy is to use a service like ViralTag To automate Pinterest scheduling.

You can also formulate your Pinterest strategy around some of the keyword research I provided- that way you know you’re targeting highly searched fashion terms.


If you have a decent-sized email list, you could experiment with sending traffic directly to H&M. Say you do some research and figure out when they are going to have a sale, you can create some email scripts in advance and send them out to your list when the H&M sale is live.

Summing Up

It looks like H&M recently launched a dedicated affiliate program. Viglinks and Skimlinks are also good options. Doubtless, if you’re big enough, you might be able to reach out to H&M and coordinate sponsored content or a custom affiliate relationship, as well. Don’t be afraid to reach out to their marketing team to coordinate this- I’d find some H&M people on LinkedIn and ping them there to start a conversation. You can also check out Nike, ZaraNordstrom or Macy’s affiliate programs for more clothing retail affiliate options.

The Zara Affiliate Program | Does It Exist?

zara affiliate program

In this post, I’ll take a look at the Zara affiliate program. I’ll examine some Zara keyword research and different traffic generation ideas to monetize with this and other fashion affiliate programs.

About Zara

According to Wikipedia, “Zara is a Spanish fast fashion (clothing and accessories) retailer based in Arteixo (A Coruña) in Galicia. The company was founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera. It is the main brand of the Inditex group, the world’s largest apparel retailer. The fashion group also owns brands such as Massimo Dutti, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home, and Uterqüe. Zara as of 2017 manages up to 20 clothing collections a year.”

Watch My Video Overview

Does It Have An Affiliate Program?

Unfortunately, at the present time it doesn’t look like Zara has an affiliate program. According to this Q&A Forum post which was recently updated in April 2019, no one can find it.

Forum posters suggested these alternative affiliate programs:

  • Old Navy
  • Gap
  • ASOS
  • Forever 21

You can also check out Macy’s- I did a review of their affiliate program.

The advantage there is that it houses dozens and dozens of different fashion brands. So while a fashion brand like Nike may not have a robust affiliate program, particularly for American traffic, you can promote Nike products from within Macy’s affiliate program.

Knoji also offers an even bigger list of fashion affiliate programs you can join:

  1. Rue 21 affiliate programs
  2. H&M affiliate programs
  3. Elie Tahari affiliate programs
  4. ShopStyle affiliate programs
  5. Hollister affiliate programs
  6. SCOTTeVEST affiliate programs
  7. C&A Company affiliate programs
  8. Jane affiliate programs
  9. Boden affiliate programs
  10. Gap affiliate programs
  11. Yoox affiliate programs
  12. Volcom affiliate programs
  13. Scotch & Soda affiliate programs
  14. HypeBeast affiliate programs
  15. Dockers affiliate programs
  16. Pendleton affiliate programs
  17. MLTD affiliate programs
  18. Caliroots affiliate programs
  19. Simons affiliate programs
  20. Urban Outfitters affiliate programs
  21. Club Monaco affiliate programs
  22. Cath Kidston affiliate programs
  23. Claire’s affiliate programs
  24. Culture Kings affiliate programs
  25. Revolve affiliate programs
  26. Footasylum affiliate programs
  27. Banana Republic affiliate programs
  28. Dolls Kill affiliate programs
  29. Grunt Style affiliate programs
  30. Zalando FR affiliate programs
  31. Next affiliate programs
  32. Alpha Industries affiliate programs
  33. Cotton On affiliate programs
  34. Forever 21 affiliate programs
  35. Roots affiliate programs
  36. Lamoda affiliate programs
  37. DrJays.com affiliate programs
  38. Adidas Canada affiliate programs
  39. Buckle affiliate programs
  40. Roots USA affiliate programs
  41. HBX affiliate programs
  42. RVCA affiliate programs
  43. Zaful affiliate programs
  44. Vineyard Vines affiliate programs
  45. Betabrand affiliate programs
  46. Romwe affiliate programs
  47. East Dane affiliate programs
  48. Lands’ End affiliate programs
  49. Abercrombie & Fitch affiliate programs
  50. Shinola affiliate programs
  51. Karmaloop affiliate programs
  52. Glue Store affiliate programs
  53. UNIQLO affiliate programs
  54. TSC affiliate programs
  55. Newchic affiliate programs
  56. Tictail affiliate programs
  57. Tilly’s affiliate programs
  58. Sundance Catalog affiliate programs
  59. MANGO affiliate programs
  60. Tu Clothing affiliate programs
  61. American Eagle affiliate programs
  62. PacSun affiliate programs
  63. Boohoo affiliate programs
  64. Charles & Keith affiliate programs
  65. Mango affiliate programs
  66. Guess Factory affiliate programs
  67. Tommy Bahama affiliate programs
  68. Brooks Brothers affiliate programs
  69. American Apparel affiliate programs
  70. Cole Haan affiliate programs
  71. Matalan affiliate programs
  72. River Island affiliate programs
  73. Valentino affiliate programs
  74. Vau.lt affiliate programs
  75. Aeropostale affiliate programs
  76. Rosegal affiliate programs
  77. Garnet Hill affiliate programs
  78. Forever 21 UK affiliate programs
  79. City Beach Australia affiliate programs
  80. Shopbop affiliate programs
  81. Justice affiliate programs
  82. Belk affiliate programs
  83. Missguided UK affiliate programs
  84. Route One affiliate programs
  85. Newegg Canada affiliate programs
  86. Express affiliate programs
  87. Old Navy affiliate programs
  88. Hot Topic affiliate programs
  89. ASOS affiliate programs
  90. 6PM affiliate programs
  91. Boden UK affiliate programs
  92. Desigual affiliate programs
  93. Lands’ End Business Outfitters affiliate programs
  94. Zulily affiliate programs
  95. ASOS UK affiliate programs
  96. Nordstrom affiliate programs
  97. Myntra affiliate programs
  98. Ariat affiliate programs
  99. Life is Good affiliate programs
  100. Forever 21 Canada affiliate programs

Fashion Affiliate Earning Potential

Zara Keyword Research

Even though they don’t have an affiliate program, it’s always fun to take a look at what a large site like this ranks for.

Below, I extracted 1,000 of their top-performing organic keywords just to see the sort of terms they rank for and get traffic from.

You can see there’s a variety of different, high-value terms that they’re getting millions of unique site visits from a month:

  1. accessories
  2. mens suits
  3. faux fur coat
  4. culottes
  5. girl
  6. leather jackets
  7. ankle boots
  8. bomber jacket men
  9. bomber jacket
  10. trench coat
  11. high waisted jeans
  12. mens dress shoes
  13. maternity clothes
  14. mens fashion
  15. jumpsuits
  16. mens bomber jacket
  17. zaea
  18. bag
  19. girls dresses
  20. maxi dresses
  21. midi dress
  22. midi skirt
  23. bags
  24. zarausa
  25. mens trench coat
  26. mens vest
  27. parka
  28. palazzo pants
  29. women’s suits
  30. women’s suits
  31. mens shirts
  32. platform sneakers
  33. blouse
  34. mens leather jackets
  35. belt bag
  36. plaid pants

SEO Content Ideas

If you run a fashion blog, it’s not a bad idea to use SEO software like this to conduct keyword research for content ideas.

For example, if you’re really into SEO, you can see that “leather jackets” have a keyword difficulty score of 0.

It also has a pretty high search volume of 34,000 searches a month. It definitely doesn’t mean that any random page optimized for “leather jackets” is going to rank, but it’s definitely a keyword I would look at if I was trying to drive traffic to a fashion blog.

Although Zara itself doesn’t have an affiliate program, there are obviously many different affiliate programs in the fashion niche that have pricey leather jackets you could promote.

If I were going after this keyword, I would figure out a massive listicle with a BuzzFeed-like title targeting the term “leather jackets”.

There might be 25 different leather jackets, each would get a 100-word blurb, with the entire post clocking in at close to or over three thousand words.

They don’t all need to be affiliate links- just showcase some gorgeous leather jackets from Instagram like this one:

Long Tail Volume

While the primary key where you’re going after is leather jackets, you’ll find that writing naturally about leather jackets over and over again you’re going to capture hundreds and even thousands of longtail variations – for example, cheap leather jackets, black leather jackets, suede leather jackets, etc.

It might be that you never rank for the term leather jackets itself because it is an e-commerce search term and you might be running a content website, but you’ll find that there is a ton of traffic to be had capturing the near-infinite amount of long-tail, keyword variations around this and other terms.

You could also take to a platform like Pinterest and create Pins promoting your leather jacket content.

Or even directly linking to the leather jacket affiliate program that you are a part of. Leveraging third-party social media platforms like Pinterest is a smart strategy to feed more traffic onto your site – this is especially shrewd when keywords are very competitive.

Site Example

Who What Wear has a great Zara listicle you can use as inspiration:

The Best Zara Items to Buy in

Affiliate Links

One thing that can be somewhat troublesome- if a leather jacket goes out of stock or is discontinued, depending on how the particular company website handles this, the affiliate link may be broken or it might be redirected to a product category page. It’s important to keep tabs on your different affiliate links especially in something that is so seasonal like fashion.

One of my primary websites focuses on evergreen products – products that don’t come and go seasonally like fashion does.

So it’s a lot easier to manage.

With something like fashion, every season fashion is changing and the products are cycling in and out so you have to be on top of that if you are in the fashion affiliate space.

The way I manage things like this, I use the ThirstyAffiliates WordPress plugin to track and manage all of my affiliate links.

Summing Up

While Zara doesn’t have an affiliate program at the moment, there are tons of different fashion brands that do. Including fashion affiliate programs like Macy’s or H&M or Nordstrom that house a number of big name brands that you can tap into.

The Shopify Affiliate Program [Promotion Strategies]

shopify affiliate program

The Shopify CMS has exploded in popularity the last several years as make money online gurus have hyped the insane earnings potential of eCommerce sites.

According to w3techs.com, Shopify is used by 1.4% of websites. For reference, WordPress, which I use, is used by 32.5% of all websites (Source) and there is a WordPress affiliate program which I reviewed.

In this post, I’ll examine how much you can earn using the Shopify Affiliate Program and some promotional strategies.

How Much Can You Make?

The short answer is if you’re an affiliate for Shopify,

“affiliates can earn an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan with your unique affiliate link, and $2000 for each Plus referral. To maximize your earnings, each referral will be supported to help them transition from trial to paid plan.” (Source)


You can see that there is a range of different paid plans you can promote, as of December 2018:

Shopify Pricing Setup and Open Your Online Store Today – Free Trial

Shopify Plus

The Shopify Plus plan is an enterprise-grade option- and as of this writing, you need to fill out this form to request pricing (Source).

But Shopify is understandably willing to pay affiliates a lot of money ($2,000) to get an enterprise client.

According to their Shopify affiliate page:

“You’re eligible to receive a bounty payment for merchants that you refer to a paid Shopify plan through your affiliate link. Shopify Plus referrals are eligible for an additional bonus. To learn more about the revenue that you’re entitled to as a Shopify Affiliate, see Shopify Partner revenue share.”

Other Partnership Opportunities

It’s important to understand there are several different partnership opportunities, according to this Shopify page:

  1. Shopify Partners
  2. Developers
  3. Shopify Plus Partners

For our purposes, the most relevant opportunity is with their standard Affiliate program.

The Shopify Partners program, according to this page, enables

“a diverse group of designers, developers, marketers, and affiliates who use the Shopify platform to build ecommerce websites, themes, and apps. We offer our partners three great ways to grow their business and generate ongoing monthly revenue: refer clients to Shopify, create ecommerce themes and publish them in the Shopify Theme Store, [and] create Shopify apps and publish them in the Shopify App Store.”

So, if you’re someone who is looking to publish apps and themes, that’s the partner program you should investigate.

But, for my purposes, as an information publisher, the standard affiliate program is where I would focus.

The Big Idea

The big idea here is creating a high-quality authority site, with a variety of social media traffic channels, that helps individuals and organizations make informed decisions about choosing and using the Shopify Content Management System.

As you create content, you’ll be strategically inserting Shopify (as well as other internet-marketing tool) affiliate links into your content to monetize the traffic.

My Application Info

I included my application information below. You can see that I took some time to write up some thoughtful responses- including why I was a fit and how I could hit the ground running.

How To Apply To The Shopify Partners Affiliate Program

My Application Answers

“I run a marketing blog called NicheFacts.com.

I help entrepreneurs research niches and build large content sites that use eCommerce as a monetization option.

I run several large content sites, besides NicheFacts.com, which is the marketing blog, that generate a substantial amount of yearly income.

I’ve been self-employed in this capacity for several years. Prior to that, I worked in the NYC startup community as a digital marketing manager and consultant.”

I Got Approved

As you can see below, I got approved to the program:

Congratulations you have been approved as a Shopify Affiliate

That should give you an idea of how to apply for an affiliate program and get approved- now I’ll discuss how to create the affiliate link and some promotional strategies.

Creating The Affiliate Links

Once you’re approved, you can log in to your Shopify Partners dashboard, click Affiliate tools and you’ll see your affiliate link:


I am using that affiliate link in this post, cloaked by ThirstyAffiliates, to monetize Shopify traffic- so if you click some of the “Shopify” keywords in this post you’ll see that they are actually affiliate links for Shopify.

How To Promote

If you want to promote the Shopify affiliate program, you’ll be creating content in the internet marketing space.

Shopify Keyword Research

I did some keyword research below- I used Ahrefs to extract 1,000 of their top-performing keywords.

Refer back to this table to browse content ideas- I’ll be discussing more detailed promotional strategies below.

As you can see, there’s a variety of different themes Shopify generates traffic for, including:

  • name generator
  • logo maker
  • business name generator
  • company name generator
  • eBay
  • royalty free images
  • logo generator
  • free images
  • business ideas
  • free stock photos
  • slogan generator
  • background
  • best free photo editor
  • drop shipping
  • dropshipping
  • shop
  • now in stock
  • free pictures
  • shipping easy
  • how to make money on instagram
  • gift certificate template
  • bluehost
  • oberlo
  • domain name generator
  • stock photos
  • drop shipping
  • slogan maker
  • profit margin calculator
  • backgrounds

If you want to promote Shopify, you can see that the content themes coalesce under the umbrella of ‘internet marketing’.

These are people looking to build online businesses, register domain names, find stock photos, even make money on Instagram.

Building A Shopify Support Resource

If I were trying to promote Shopify, the way I’d do it is by creating a content site that targets low-competition keywords to start along with a high-quality YouTube channel.

A 1-2 Combo

This would be a 1-2 traffic combo- both the website and YouTube channel would push monetizable traffic to Shopify.

If you’re really intent on promoting Shopify, one of the easiest ways to get traffic is to create a Shopify support site/YouTube channel.

The idea is to be a tech-solution type of content site with an associated YouTube channel.

This style of content would help users fix common issues, do advanced customization, help them select specialty themes, provide best-practices information on things like product photography, building eCommerce email lists, abandoned cart conversions, etc.

To get started, I’d recommend doing some keyword research using SEMrush or Ahrefs to see what terms Shopify support sites, including Shopify’s own support channel ranks for.

Here’s a screenshot of some of Shopify’s top-ranking support keywords:

shopify affiliate program keyword data

You can see some solid support topics you can rank for including “shopify API” and “how to remove powered by Shopify”.

If I were starting a support-style site, I’d focus on the long-tail keywords- find keywords with a Keyword Difficulty under 15 (using Ahrefs) and begin creating content.

That should get you some traffic to start and you can begin strategically promoting Shopify’s affiliate program in your content using a tool like ThirstyAffiliates, or as a widget, or even a site-wide banner.

Here’s an example of how the Ecommerce Guide website promotes Shopify- you can see it has a really clear call to action:

The YouTube Channel

If you head over to YouTube and search for “Shopify Review”, you’ll see a ton of channels competing for this term. The Wholesale Ted channel I screenshot below was the number #1 ranking video at the time of this writing, in December of 2018.

You can see that the video creator’s video description, there’s an affiliate link to Shopify, along with links to a bunch of other content resources on a website and her channel.

What I would do, I would find keywords that I want to target- for example, “Shopify vs WooCommerce” and produce high-quality content on my website and then an associated YouTube video.

The video would link to my website and the website would embed and also link to my YouTube video.

I’d also be capturing emails and remarketing all of my site and YouTube content back to my list.

This is an easy content plan to start- you’re creating hyper-targeted content on two different traffic-acquisition channels, both of which are referring traffic to each other, to your email list, and to Shopify itself.

Other Social Promotion

You can automate an intelligent drip-campaign using a service like MissingLettr- this would plug into your site’s RSS feed and generate social media campaigns across a range of different platforms over the course of 3, 6 or 12 months.

Using a service like MissingLettr ensures that your content isn’t forgotten- a post you wrote 3 months ago is still being promoted across your social media channels even after you yourself have forgotten about it!

You can also use things like Stencil and Buffer to create attractive social media content and automate its cross-channel social publication.

There’s obviously a lot you can do with promotion- but the great thing is is that you don’t necessarily need to spend time building links, which everyone hates.

If you patiently execute on this sort of content formula, you will begin seeing solid traffic returns- which should yield affiliate commissions over time.

Summing Up

Shopify is a big-time player in the Content Management System space and its affiliate program looks to be pretty generous.

There’s obviously a ton of money to be made referring individuals and organizations to Shopify.

My approach would be to create reams of high-quality content- helping individuals and organizations make informed decisions about using Shopify.

You can create content across a variety of platforms- it doesn’t just have to be an SEO play.

While I recommend publishing on a website/YouTube to start- you can focus on different channels in the beginning, or launch with those two and add in some additional traffic-acquisition arms like Twitter and Pinterest if you have the bandwidth.

The big idea is that there’s an insatiable demand for content on the internet- especially when it comes to making complex decisions regarding the use of a Content Management System.

Capitalize on that demand by producing high-quality content intelligently monetized with affiliate links and it’s a sure-fire recipe for making money online.

The Microsoft Affiliate Program | Monetization & Promotional Strategies

microsoft windows start screen

From Microsoft Word to Minecraft, Internet Explorer to Outlook, Microsoft has a dynamic range of popular and indispensable technology products.

They also have an affiliate program.

So if you want to promote their software and hardware products, this guide will show you how to signup and promote this multinational technology company.

One quick note- Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, has a separate affiliate program. You can sign up for the Bing Ads affiliate program here.

Earning Potential

It’s important to note– it might be easier, and more lucrative, to promote some of Microsoft’s products by becoming an Amazon Associate and affiliate-linking to Amazon.

Though Amazon doesn’t have access to the full inventory of Microsoft products (the Windows Store Apps, for example), you can buy Xbox consoles and games as well as copies of the Windows operating system on Amazon and you’ll have a much higher conversion rate referring people to Amazon than to Microsoft.

That said, as I explain a bit further on, Microsoft does have a range of proprietary products that aren’t on Amazon- so there’s definitely a reason to consider signing up as an affiliate.

According to their affiliate program page, you can “join the Microsoft Affiliate Program and earn up to 10% commission on Office, Surface, Xbox, PCs and more.

What’s included in the “more”?

If you read down the page, you’ll see that it includes “Microsoft hardware and software products…apps, games, and movies from the Windows Store“.

Their affiliate program sits within Impact.

I went through the application process and was approved:

How To Join

Create an Impact account.

Then, go to this application page and go through the process.

If/when you’re approved, you’ll see Microsoft within your Campaigns:

Microsoft Keyword Research

Below, I did some keyword research and extracted 1,000 of Microsoft’s top-performing organic keywords.

You can use this table to brainstorm content ideas to generate cross-platform traffic you can push to Microsoft:

Promotional Strategies

Microsoft has a variety of different software and hardware products you can promote.

My general thesis is to create content across different channels (website, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) that generates a passive flow of monetized traffic.

When it comes to making money online promoting Microsoft, you can go a lot of different directions.

Site Ideas

Here are a couple ideas:

  1. Promote Microsoft cell phones (Lumia) on a cell phone review website with a YouTube unboxing channel.
  2. Promote Windows Store Apps– reviewing different games and utilities on a website and YouTube channel.
  3. Create an Office 365 site that specializes in Microsoft’s various desktop products- Excel, Word, Access, etc.
  4. Specialize in resolving Microsoft Support questions- there are tons of users reporting problems with Microsoft products.
  5. Run a VR site and promote some of Microsoft’s Virtual Reality products– you can see on this page that Microsoft has a variety of VR software and hardware products:
  • Microsoft HoloLens
  • Windows Mixed Reality headsets
  • Windows Mixed Reality-ready PCs
  • Windows Mixed Reality Experiences
  • VR-ready PCs
  • VR Headsets and accessories

Those are just a couple of ideas- the general thesis is creating a tech content site that can push traffic to different Microsoft software and hardware products.

As you can see, you can be pretty imaginative- try to angle your website around a specific theme that attracts organic traffic.

Remember, you don’t need to strictly monetize with affiliate marketing. Once you’re getting some decent traffic, you can monetize with display ads.

You can use an advertising solution like Mediavine, once you’re getting ~1,000 Sessions a day, and automatically insert ads into your content.

Display advertising can be a powerful, even primary, monetization method.

Windows Affiliate Site Examples

Windows Central affiliate-links to the Microsoft Surface on Microsoft.com below. It’s pretty apparent that when it comes to promoting hardware, most tech review sites prefer to link users to Amazon over Microsoft.

It took me a while to find an authority site linking to Windows and not to Amazon for a physical good.

Digital Trends did a roundup of the best Windows apps- these also are affiliate links. A nice, clean example of a ‘best of’ product review in the App space:

What Can You Promote?

According to their FAQ page, “all products on Microsoft Store or the Windows Store are eligible for commissions. All completed sales referred by your site earn a commission (subject to a 30-day return period).

I got a glimpse of the commission rates during the application process. I reproduced it below- the information is accurate as of November 2018:

Online Sales  
1Unshipped Preorders0% of item sale amount
2Unshipped Preorders0% of item sale amount
3Windows Mixed and Virtual Reality1% of item sale amount
4Services and Accessories2% of item sale amount
5TV Shows7% of item sale amount
6Xbox Live 12 Months7% of item sale amount
7Xbox Live 1 Month7% of item sale amount
8Movie7% of item sale amount
9Surface and Surface Accessories2% of item sale amount
10Windows5% of item sale amount
11Xbox Live 3 and 6 Months7% of item sale amount
12Office 365 (Monthly Subscription)$5.00 per item
13Office (non-subscription)5% of item sale amount
14e-Books7% of item sale amount
15PC Hardware1% of item sale amount
16Office 365 (Yearly Subscription)$10.00 per item
17Other Software5% of item sale amount
18Apps and Games purchases7% of item sale amount
19Developer/Visual Studio5% of item sale amount
20Band2% of item sale amount
21Xbox Game Pass7% of item sale amount
22Phones2% of item sale amount
23Gaming: Xbox Console and Games2% of item sale amount
24Apps and Games in-App Purchases7% of item sale amount
25Phones2% of item sale amount
26Office 365 (Monthly Subscription)$5.00 per item
27Apps and Games purchases7% of item sale amount
28Gaming: Xbox Console and Games2% of item sale amount
29Windows5% of item sale amount
30PC Hardware1% of item sale amount
31Other Software5% of item sale amount
32TV Shows7% of item sale amount
33e-Books7% of item sale amount
34Xbox Live 12 Months7% of item sale amount
35Developer/Visual Studio5% of item sale amount
36Xbox Game Pass7% of item sale amount
37Windows Mixed and Virtual Reality1% of item sale amount
38Xbox Live 1 Month7% of item sale amount
39Office (non-subscription)5% of item sale amount
40Apps and Games in-App Purchases7% of item sale amount
41Xbox Live 3 and 6 Months7% of item sale amount
42Services and Accessories2% of item sale amount
43Surface and Surface Accessories2% of item sale amount
44Office 365 (Yearly Subscription)$10.00 per item
45Movie7% of item sale amount
46Band2% of item sale amount
All Other1% of item sale amount
Digital Goods & App Sales
1Unshipped Preorders0% of item sale amount
2Unshipped Preorders0% of item sale amount
3PC Hardware1% of item sale amount
4Windows5% of item sale amount
5Office (non-subscription)5% of item sale amount
6TV Shows7% of item sale amount
7e-Books7% of item sale amount
8Office 365 (Monthly Subscription)$5.00 per item
9Apps and Games in-App Purchases7% of item sale amount
10Office 365 (Yearly Subscription)$10.00 per item
11Gaming: Xbox Console and Games2% of item sale amount
12Xbox Game Pass7% of item sale amount
13Movie7% of item sale amount
14Xbox Live 12 Months7% of item sale amount
15Other Software5% of item sale amount
16Windows Mixed and Virtual Reality1% of item sale amount
17Phones2% of item sale amount
18Apps and Games purchases7% of item sale amount
19Xbox Live 1 Month7% of item sale amount
20Band2% of item sale amount
21Surface and Surface Accessories2% of item sale amount
22Xbox Live 3 and 6 Months7% of item sale amount
23Services and Accessories2% of item sale amount
24Developer/Visual Studio5% of item sale amount
25Apps and Games in-App Purchases7% of item sale amount
26TV Shows7% of item sale amount
27Phones2% of item sale amount
28Xbox Game Pass7% of item sale amount
29Gaming: Xbox Console and Games2% of item sale amount
30Xbox Live 12 Months7% of item sale amount
31Windows Mixed and Virtual Reality1% of item sale amount
32Movie7% of item sale amount
33Office (non-subscription)5% of item sale amount
34Band2% of item sale amount
35Xbox Live 3 and 6 Months7% of item sale amount
36e-Books7% of item sale amount
37Services and Accessories2% of item sale amount
38Apps and Games purchases7% of item sale amount
39Xbox Live 1 Month7% of item sale amount
40Developer/Visual Studio5% of item sale amount
41PC Hardware1% of item sale amount
42Windows5% of item sale amount
43Office 365 (Monthly Subscription)$5.00 per item
44Office 365 (Yearly Subscription)$10.00 per item
45Surface and Surface Accessories2% of item sale amount
46Other Software5% of item sale amount
All Other1% of item sale amount
Shipped Preorders
1Xbox Live 1 Month7% of item sale amount
2Windows Mixed and Virtual Reality1% of item sale amount
3Windows5% of item sale amount
4Band2% of item sale amount
5e-Books7% of item sale amount
6Office (non-subscription)5% of item sale amount
7PC Hardware1% of item sale amount
8Developer/Visual Studio5% of item sale amount
9Xbox Game Pass7% of item sale amount
10Apps and Games purchases7% of item sale amount
11Xbox Live 3 and 6 Months7% of item sale amount
12TV Shows7% of item sale amount
13Services and Accessories2% of item sale amount
14Movie7% of item sale amount
15Surface and Surface Accessories2% of item sale amount
16Apps and Games in-App Purchases7% of item sale amount
17Gaming: Xbox Console and Games2% of item sale amount
18Office 365 (Monthly Subscription)$5.00 per item
19Office 365 (Yearly Subscription)$10.00 per item
20Xbox Live 12 Months7% of item sale amount
21Other Software5% of item sale amount
22Phones2% of item sale amount
23Phones2% of item sale amount
24Services and Accessories2% of item sale amount
25TV Shows7% of item sale amount
26Surface and Surface Accessories2% of item sale amount
27Office 365 (Monthly Subscription)$5.00 per item
28Band2% of item sale amount
29Windows5% of item sale amount
30Apps and Games purchases7% of item sale amount
31Xbox Live 12 Months7% of item sale amount
32Windows Mixed and Virtual Reality1% of item sale amount
33Xbox Live 3 and 6 Months7% of item sale amount
34e-Books7% of item sale amount
35PC Hardware1% of item sale amount
36Movie7% of item sale amount
37Xbox Game Pass7% of item sale amount
38Xbox Live 1 Month7% of item sale amount
39Apps and Games in-App Purchases7% of item sale amount
40Gaming: Xbox Console and Games2% of item sale amount
41Office (non-subscription)5% of item sale amount
42Office 365 (Yearly Subscription)$10.00 per item
43Developer/Visual Studio5% of item sale amount
44Other Software5% of item sale amount
All Other1% of item sale amount

Windows Store Apps

There are some interesting opportunities here- if you head over to the Windows Store, you can see a variety of different free and paid apps.

Some paid apps (which are obviously better to promote) include:

  1. HEVC Video Extensions
  2. Windows DVD Player
  3. HD Movie Maker – PRO
  4. Drawboard PDF
  5. Player for DVD’s
  6. paint.net
  7. Penbook
  8. WLinux
  9. PDF Conversion Tool
  10. Media Player S PRO
  11. X410
  12. Nebulas in 4K
  13. Nebo
  14. FL Studio Mobile
  15. PDF Fill & Sign
  16. iCloud on PC Guide
  17. Media Importer
  18. Krita
  19. MindMaple Pen
  20. My PDF Editor
  21. Screenbits – Screen Recorder
  22. myTube!
  23. Cloud for iDevice
  24. Ultra DVD Player
  25. Torrex Pro – Torrent Downloader
  26. Live Home 3D Pro
  27. Affinity Photo
  28. Diarium — Private Diary / Daily Journal
  29. Scrble Ink
  30. DVD Player-support VLC
  31. Recording Studio Pro
  32. Home Design 3D
  33. A+ VCE Pro
  34. Affinity Designer
  35. Panoramic Landscapes
  36. Weather Radar Pro
  37. Recipe Keeper Pro
  38. hueDynamic for Hue
  39. XOON
  40. MobileSheets
  41. WolframAlpha
  42. WinOpener

One easy way to promote Microsoft is to review these apps on a blog or a YouTube channel.

You can run the Windows App Store URL through Ahrefs to figure out the keyword search volume of the terms and produce content on the most lucrative terms- inserting your affiliate link into the YouTube description or on your blog.


Microsoft also has a lot of hardware you can promote. According to their menu dropdown, these include:

  1. Surface
  2. Xbox
  3. PC & tablets
  4. PC gaming
  5. VR & mixed reality
  6. Accessories
  7. Phones
  8. Connected life (smart home products)

Promoting Microsoft hardware will be more competitive than the apps- but it’s still doable, especially if you focus on creating high-quality, cross-channel content.

Games & Entertainment

Under their Games & Entertainment dropdown, you can see Microsoft breaks the categories down this way:

  1. Xbox games
  2. PC games (disc)
  3. Windows digital games
  4. Windows phone games
  5. Movies & TV
  6. Books

This is another popular affiliate category- Microsoft produces tons of popular computer and console video games.

Clicking into paid digital games, there’s a lot of popular options:

  1. Minecraft for Windows 10
  2. Minecraft for Windows 10 Starter Collection
  3. Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition
  4. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition
  5. Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition
  6. Sea of Thieves
  7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  8. Plague Inc.
  9. Minecraft for Windows 10 Master Collection
  10. State of Decay 2
  11. Farming Simulator 18
  12. Cuphead
  13. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  14. Forza Motorsport 7 Standard Edition
  15. ARK: Survival Evolved
  16. Forza Horizon 4 Deluxe Edition
  17. Sunset Overdrive
  18. Gears of War 4
  19. Bridge Constructor Portal
  20. Doodle God: Crime City
  21. Forza Horizon 3 Standard Edition
  22. ASTRONEER (Game Preview)
  23. Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection
  24. Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle

It’s actually surprising how many popular games Microsoft Studios is responsible for- check out this list on Wikipedia.

Summing Up

The Microsoft affiliate program is a pretty interesting option- there are lots of unique, proprietary products you can promote.

There’s also a lot of long-tail searches available- particularly if you decide to promote some of the Windows Store apps. If you make the added effort to create YouTube tutorials you can really drive a lot of traffic to the Microsoft affiliate program. Check out my list of the best technology affiliate programs for more tech options.

The Chewy Affiliate Program | Ranking For Pet Profits

chewy affiliate program

In this post, I’ll take a look at the Chewy affiliate program. I’ll show you the earning potential, some keyword research and promotional strategies.

About Chewy

According to Wikipedia, “Chewy is an online retailer of pet food and other pet-related products, owned by PetSmart and based in Dania Beach, Florida. In addition to its headquarters in Florida, Chewy also maintains fulfillment centers in Texas, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Florida and Indiana.”

They’re pretty active on social media as well- check out the recognition I got promoting this very post:

How Much Can You Earn With The Chewy Affiliate Program?

Their affiliate page doesn’t discuss commission structure, but one person I know who is familiar with their affiliate program told me that they are paying $15 per sign up, as of April 2019. If you have pet traffic, I would recommend filling out their application and getting up-to-date information about their commission structure.

Keyword Research

Below, I extracted 1,000 of Chewy’s top-performing organic keywords. I filtered out a bunch of branded search queries that included the Chewy keyword. This list of high volume keywords that they rank for is incredibly impressive.

It can also help you formulate a content and traffic strategy if you are trying to monetize your website or even a social media account using Chewy’s affiliate links.

You can see that some of their top-ranking keywords include:

  1. pet meds
  2. revolution for cats
  3. dog tags
  4. diatomaceous earth
  5. dog food
  6. dog harness
  7. victor dog food
  8. taste of the wild
  9. kong
  10. bravecto for dogs
  11. apoquel
  12. self cleaning litter box
  13. cat tree
  14. dog beds
  15. dog crate
  16. trifexis
  17. bravecto
  18. dog dna test
  19. cat trees
  20. trifexis
  21. dog crate
  22. cat toys
  23. cat window perch
  24. carprofen
  25. nexgard
  26. cat trees
  27. dog backpack
  28. nexgard for dogs
  29. best dog food
  30. kong
  31. merrick
  32. wisdom panel
  33. dog sweaters
  34. dog crates
  35. blue buffalo
  36. merrick dog food
  37. denamarin
  38. nexgard
  39. dog costumes
  40. dog house
  41. diamond dog food
  42. nexgard for dogs
  43. dog clothes
  44. cat food



Currently, they rank #6 for the term “best dog food“. It gets 49,000 searches a month and has a keyword difficulty of 39.

This is obviously a great keyword for them to rank for. It’s a review keyword with high buyer intention behind it. It’s also similar to the sort of website or social media content you should be creating to push converting traffic to Chewy.

Google is very smart these days and it doesn’t rank websites for terms like that unless visitors are satisfied and converting on the page. That means, their dog food pages are probably performing pretty well so you would also want to be sending traffic to them:

chewy products

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily target such a big keyword right off the bat, especially with a new site.

Instead, I would do some deeper keyword research to tap into some longer tail dog food queries. If you’d look at their dry dog food category page, you can see a variety of different brands. All of these brands will have their own universe of long-tail keyword.

Just doing a quick and dirty Google auto-suggest search, you can see that the Keywords Everywhere extension shows some significant volume for these terms including “Blue Buffalo dog food reviews” and “Blue Buffalo recall”:

blue buffalo dog food search

The general idea here is to produce content around some of these lucrative terms. You can see that if you do a little bit of digging there is great opportunity inside of larger, primary keyword terms like “dog food” or “best dog food”.

One way to target this traffic would have one single post dedicated to the Blue Buffalo brand with subheadings that correspond to all of the large keyword search terms like recall, careers, coupons.

Here’s a site that does this well- especially around the ‘recall’ keywords.

You would obviously want to create something that people want to read and not just an SEO exercise- but you get the idea.

Creating content online nowadays requires somewhat of a balance between satisfying the user as well as optimizing for the search engines.

Product Reviews

When it comes to writing product reviews, I prefer employing listicles.

For example, I would write something like the “10 best dog foods for large breed dogs”. I would instruct the writer to write 200 words per dog food brand, for example, and end up with at least two thousand words very easily.

This is a great SEO and user engagement strategy. It’s a recipe for creating long-form content without blathering on idiotically just to satisfy an SEO word count.

As well as attracting clicks from the search engine results page.

People like listicles- it’s the promise of easily digestible and organized information that encourages clickthrough.

Social Media

They also rank number 4 for “dog backpack”. This term has a keyword difficulty of 4, so it is an easier to rank opportunity compared to “best dog food”. It’s another example of an interesting pet-related keyword with some decent search traffic.

If you type that query into Pinterest, you’ll see that there are a lot of Pinterest users optimizing their content for this keyword:

pinterest dog content

Doubtless, they are trying to push traffic to their affiliate content which logically could include Chewy as well as Amazon affiliate links.

One of the top Pinterest images links to this website that showcases a pretty badass military-looking dog backpack.

This is not a Chewy product, but obviously, you could do the same with a Chewy dog backpack: create some captivating visuals and acquire traffic from Pinterest to your website.

Pinterest has also eased up there restrictions on using affiliate links directly in your pins.

This is another strategy you might want to explore to see if you can get Pinterest users to click through to Chewy using your affiliate link and convert directly without any intermediary pre-selling.

Summing Up

A lot of online marketers complain that certain niches like dogs or cats are completely saturated. It might seem that way- you probably know off the top of your head a variety of dog authority sites that seem overwhelmingly big.

I don’t necessarily agree with the oversaturation hypothesis, however.

When it comes to organic traffic, even if you never rank for the really juicy, big-time keywords, if you produce long-form content that is decent quality, over time you will get traffic to your website and conversions on your affiliate links.

You don’t need to be ranked number one for the term “dog food”.

You could make a nice living online ranking for thousands of long tail keywords like “dog food for weight loss”, “best dog leash for large breed dogs”, etc.

If you are monetizing with Amazon or the Chewy affiliate program, there’s enough traffic to go around, especially when you include other social media platforms, to earn a couple of thousand dollars a month as an affiliate in the pet niche.

The 25+ Best Insurance Affiliate Programs | How To Monetize Them

insurance affiliate programs

The international insurance market is a trillion-dollar industry (Source).

Selecting the right coverage can be incredibly complex for buyers, with a range of different providers offering a variety of membership levels.

On the provider side, when you sign up someone for an insurance plan, they rarely leave it.

Where I live, in fact, our beneficent government dramatically restricts your ability to change plans.

That’s an incredible business model for the insurance provider who is able to lock buyers into long-term contracts that are difficult to leave.

Naturally, given this lucrative and competitive landscape, many insurance providers are willing to pay for qualified, converting traffic.

In this niche report, I’m going to take a look at how insurance affiliate sites are acquiring traffic and converting it on different affiliate offers.

Some of the top affiliates like Nerd Wallet are producing some pretty slick creative. Check out how they’re promoting auto insurance (here’s the page).

insurance comparison example

Types Of Insurance Affiliate Programs

There are a bunch of different types of insurance options you can promote.

Liberty Mutual has a popular affiliate program- check out all their different offers:

liberty mutual insurance affiliate

  1. auto & vehicle insurance affiliate program
  2. property insurance affiliate programs
  3. health insurance affiliate programs
  4. pet insurance affiliate program
  5. travel insurance affiliate programs
  6. dental insurance affiliate programs
  7. life insurance affiliate programs
  8. identity theft affiliate programs
  9. small business affiliate programs
  10. accident affiliate programs
  11. critical illness affiliate programs

Popular Programs & Networks

Some of the popular programs and networks include:

  1. The Allstate Insurance Affiliate Program ($5-$20 per lead)
  2. The eHealth Insurance Affiliate Program ($10-$75 per lead)
  3. The American Automobile Association (AAA) Affiliate Program: ($.30 per click)
  4. The Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program: ($3-$17 per lead)

The FlexOffers affiliate network also has a bunch of different options:

  • My CoPay is Too High Affiliate Program
  • Breeze | Affordable Disability Insurance Affiliate Program
  • Trip Cover Affiliate Program
  • Lemonade (US) Affiliate Program
  • Mason Finance Affiliate Program
  • Travel Insurance Saver Affiliate Program
  • AardvarkInsure.com Affiliate Program
  • Direct Asia Insurance Affiliate Program
  • Insure the GAP Affiliate Program
  • Allianz Pojistovna, A.s. – CZ Affiliate Program
  • Premium Health Connections Affiliate Program
  • Towergate Touring Caravan Insurance Affiliate Program
  • Jet2 Insurance Affiliate Program
  • Midcounties Co-operative Travel Insurance Affiliate Program
  • Zelf NL Affiliate Program
  • Pedalsure Affiliate Program

Niche Site Analysis

To get a sense of what insurance affiliates are doing to acquire and convert this traffic, I started Googling around and found a couple of different affiliate sites. One of the bigger ones I found that was wholly dedicated to insurance was US Insurance Agents.

insurance niche example

You can see that the site ranks for over 110,000 organic keywords. That’s not a gigantic number, per se. Especially compared with some of the other niche sites I have examined, but this is a pretty competitive space, so these rankings are very solid.

insurange website stats

Keyword Research

I extracted 1,000 of their top-performing organic keywords to get a sense of the content they rank for and the type of traffic they’re acquiring.

Content Themes

  • You can see that they rank for the brand names of the insurance providers (“kemper insurance”),
  • review keywords like “state auto insurance reviews”,
  • and general information queries like “can i insure a car that is not in my name”.

If you are going to build a content site that acquires traffic passively, you’ll want to examine the industry’s keywords and figure out the type of content you want to create the rank for them.

As well, this keyword research will help inform your content creation efforts on platforms like YouTube.

Maybe you focus on a silo of ‘review’ content and a silo of content answering common industry questions like “how to check what vehicles are registered in my name”, which is a low difficulty keyword from the research table above.

I’ll discuss the importance of keyword research and content creation a bit more in the following sections.

Competitor Sites

I used Ahrefs to find their top organic competitors. In the table below, you can see 10 of US Insurance Agents’ top competitors.

Many of them are not wholly dedicated to insurance. For example, Reviews.com is a general review site that has a good deal with insurance information on it:

CompetitorsDomain RatingAhrefs RankTotal BacklinksTotal KeywordsTotal Traffic

How They Get Traffic

According to SimilarWeb, the bulk of their traffic comes from search with a little bit of direct traffic as well.

building insurance affiliate site

This definitely makes sense- insurance is a very dry niche and there isn’t likely to be much social opportunity here.


I used Ahrefs to dig up some ads that are running for the term insurance review. There were a lot of them- below you can see a screenshot of some examples:

insurance ad examples

When it comes to ads, you’ll want to make sure that you’re playing by the rules.

I’m not entirely sure what Google Ads’ policies are regarding insurance keywords, but that is something I would investigate before starting a campaign. It’s also important that you figure out how to do tracking properly and define conversion so that you aren’t flying blind.

I’ve seen a lot of sites run traffic to a ‘top 10’ type list (I’ve got a screenshot below of this type of landing page).

For example, bidding on the keyword “best health insurance” and pushing traffic to a page that rank orders the best options. I imagine the cost per click would be pretty high- so it would be a game of art and math to get the margins profitable.

How They Make Money

Interestingly, US Insurance Agents doesn’t seem to be running any ads on their website. Instead, they have a call to action banner across their site for a free insurance quote (#1) and an affiliate link to the website (#2). You can see both in the screenshot below:

insurance affiliate programs

Once you click that, you’re directed to a landing page with a variety of different Insurance programs (Geico, Progressive Insurance, Esurance, Pretected, Insured Nation, Rate Fetcher & Best Auto Insurance) you can get your free quote from. These are all obviously affiliate links:

insurance quote affiliate programs

What I Would Do

I would use GoDaddy to search out a brandable domain name. You can read my guide on selecting brandable domain names – I’d want something catchy and modern-looking.

Keyword Research

I would spend a lot of time doing keyword research to figure out the type of content to create that gets traffic.

Specifically, I would use Ahrefs or SEMrush to see what the top websites in the insurance niche are ranking for.

Content Styles

I would also examine the style of content that is ranking.

For example, the U.S. Insurance Agents website primarily ranks using user-generated content, i.e. all the user reviews:

all state reviews

A new website isn’t going to get a lot of user traction. So I would look through the keywords and begin creating long-form reviews of these different insurance agencies and insurance types, incorporating feedback from user reviews on other websites.

In addition, you can publish public information like support numbers, mailing addresses and other information people are searching for.

This helps make your page more usable, which should help with rankings. Many sites create handy knowledge boxes containing this information at the top of the page- this gives the content a premium feel.

I would also figure out a way to solicit user reviews.

I profiled Pissed Consumer– which does both knowledge boxes and user review solicitation really well.

You can build out custom forms and solicit user reviews on your website, even linking to them from social media. That way you can begin to curate a flow of user-generated content.


In terms of monetization, I would wait until the site is getting at least 50 to 100 unique users a day before applying to an insurance affiliate program.

If you apply too soon before your site has significant traffic, you might not be approved or you might be removed from the affiliate program because you’re not sending any traffic.

I would use an affiliate link tracking plugin like Thirsty Affiliates to manage my affiliate links and even automatically link keywords across my sight to different insurance programs.

There are a lot of high cost-per-click keywords in this niche, so I would look to get into an ad network like AdSense once I had around 100 uniques a day.

Secondary Traffic Sources

I would also consider creating YouTube content. YouTube can be a powerful secondary or even primary traffic source I’ve been either direct linking to the Insurance affiliate program or pushing traffic back to your website.

Here’s an example of a popular car insurance video:

Summing Up

I think that this is a pretty competitive niche and Google might scrutinize sites competing in this vertical more strongly than in other niches- plus you need to be aware of lead provider regulatory issues.

I do think that with a decent volume of traffic, you could see good ad revenue for these high CPC terms. I would want to examine the different affiliate programs to really understand how lucrative the payouts actually are.

As well, if you go into the ShareASale or CJ Affiliate networks, they do provide some performance metrics. That way you do have some insight into anticipated conversion capability.

The Lyft Affiliate Program [Any Good?]

lyft logo

In this post, I’ll break down the Lyft affiliate program– how to join, the commission structure, some keyword research, and how I would build a site that gets traffic that converts on ride-sharing offers like Lyft.


Lyft is a San Francisco, California- based, on-demand ride-share app. It launched in 2012 and operates in around 300 U.S. cities, including major metropolitan areas like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

It does over 1 million rides per day and was recently (2017) valued at over $11 billion dollars (Source).

The Story Of Lyft

Their Affiliate Programs

2021 Update: According to Lyft, “The Ambassador and Referral Partnership programs are phasing out. We greatly appreciate all the work our Ambassadors and Partners have done to help grow the Lyft community.”

Check out the Uber affiliate program if you want a ride-sharing alternative.

Lyft provides a Referral program and an Affiliate program. The referral program is more of a family and friends promotion opportunity, while the Affiliate program is better suited to more serious online publishers.

Both programs reward you for signing up Referred Riders or Referred Drivers.

I’m going to discuss the Lyft Affiliate Program going forward because the referral program is the more relevant option for niche site publishers.

I did apply to their affiliate program- so if/when I’m approved, I’ll update this post with more information.

The Affiliate Program Commission Structure

The payout structure is somewhat unclear. As of this writing in June 2018, according to the program terms, “Lyft shall pay you a referral fee (the “Referral Reward(s)”) for each Referred User according to the Referral Program Rules, subject to maximum payment amounts as described below. The amount of the Referral Payment is determined as of the time the new User satisfies the then-applicable criteria for qualifying as a Referred Rider or Referred Driver (the “Reward Criteria”) (as an illustrative example, taking a first passenger ride, or giving fifty rides within thirty days of becoming an approved driver). The Reward Criteria may change over time and by market at Lyft’s discretion.”

Translation: It basically says that they will pay you some amount, depending on a ‘Reward Criteria’ that can change at any time (“The Reward Criteria may change over time and by market at Lyft’s discretion.”) and will cap your earnings however they feel like it (Lyft may set maximum Referral Reward amounts that you can earn through the Referral Program”).Lovely stuff. My recommendation is, if you’re in this transportation niche, join their program and shoot them an email to get some specifics about the commission structure.

It’s likely that if you have a website with traffic that you can figure out a concrete referral payment structure for your traffic. I couldn’t find an email address within the affiliate program details, but you can contact their support here.

Lyft Earnings Potential

How To Join

To signup for their affiliate program, head over to their partnership page.

VigLink and Lyft

VigLink also can help you monetize with Lyft. The way VigLink works, if you have normal, non-affiliate, links on your site pointing to Lyft, if you integrate with VigLink, they’ll automatically transform your normal Lyft links to affiliate links.

According to this landing page, VigLink pays out “$35.00 commission and a $5.00 Flat Fee for First Ride”.

Before using VigLink, I’d get in contact with them to nail down the exact terms- because the above payout structure is somewhat unclear.

How To Promote It

To promote Lyft or another ride-sharing app, you obviously need qualified traffic.

While there are a bunch of quantitative affiliates out there running paid ads to affiliate programs- that’s never been my preferred strategy.

I’ll outline how I’d think about promoting Lyft- but first I wanted to do some basic keyword research to further examine this make money online opportunity.

Lyft Keyword Research

Below, I extracted 1,000 (with some duplicates removed) of Lyft’s top-performing organic keywords.

This keyword research table will help you brainstorm content ideas for your niche site.

Building A Content Site

As I’ve written about extensively, my promotional strategy is to create content-rich websites that publish high-quality information.

I’ll try to capture email addresses and push compelling content out to social media that drives traffic back to the website.

Example Niche Site

I Googled for a “Lyft review” and came across this ride-sharing authority site: RideShareApps.com.

This particular post offers a driver review of Lyft:

How to Become a Lyft Driver [Step By Step Guide]

As you can see, at the bottom of the site’s post there’s an affiliate link to sign up to the Lyft driver program.

One way I would gin up a ton of content is by conducting interviews with actual Lyft drivers.

You could post on Craigslist asking to conduct interviews with the drivers- I bet a bunch of them would do it for free for the exposure.

You could conduct the emails over the phone, or even have them submit forms. If you did a video interview, you could post it to YouTube and transcribe the content onto your website- two birds with one stone!

High Quality Information

This is the sort of content I would focus on creating- content that is interesting and informational but also monetized.

Not all of your content needs to be directly monetized. For example, you could create a page on your site dedicated to Lyft contact information.

According to KeywordsEverywhere, the search term “Lyft contact” gets 18,000 searches a month. If you published a detailed post outlining all of the different Lyft contact options, and it ranks in Google search, you’ll get a lot of traffic to a page that isn’t really a ‘money page’.

But you’ll be able to capture emails or get users clicking through to other pieces of monetized content.

In a nutshell– get the traffic first and then figure how you can creatively monetize or capture their contact information. That could be through email marketing, social media follows, or installing a push notification WordPress plugin.

What Niches Work For Lyft?

You could, obviously, build out a ride-sharing site and review the different apps for both drivers and riders.

Or, perhaps you can create a travel site- do profiles of city destinations and promote Lyft as a way to navigate foreign locales.

Below, I extracted 1,000 of TripAdvisor’s best-performing organic keywords. You can see that things like “argosy casino” is getting 8,600 searches a month with a Keyword Difficulty of 7 and “the social orlando” is getting 6,500 searches a month with a Keyword Difficulty of 0.

TripAdvisor Keyword Research

The point being- these are easy terms to rank for in the travel niche.

You could easily promote Lyft from this content- along with other travel affiliate programs for things like flights, hotels and vacation experiences.


There are several ride sharing affiliate programs out there. Granted, the program terms for Lyft are somewhat opaque.

But that’s also a competitive advantage- you can reach out and craft your own custom deal.

In my experience, lots of make money online publishers are lazy- they don’t want to do the legwork.

The Wix Affiliate Program [Good?]

wix affiliate program

Wix is a well-known website builder that, according to Wikipedia,

“was first developed and popularised by the Israeli company also called Wix. It allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools.

Users can add social plug-ins, e-commerce, online marketing, contact forms, e-mail marketing, and community forums to their web sites using a variety of Wix-developed and third-party applications. The Wix website builder is built on a freemium business model, earning its revenues through premium upgrades.”

Commission Structure

According to Wix’s FAQ affiliate page:

“You’ll earn $100 per Premium user* with unlimited payouts. The more sales you refer, the more you get paid. Learn more about our Premium Plans here.

*A Premium user who did not cancel their upgrade before the 14-day trial period.”

Other Website Builder Affiliate Programs

  1. Elementor: 50% commission
  2. Thrive Themes: 35% commission + recurring
  3. Beaver: 25% per sale
  4. Weebly: $25 per sign up
  5. Strikingly: Earn up to $100.80 for every customer
  6. TemplateToaster: 16% per sale
  7. VEVS: Up to $96 per year per sale
  8. Duda: $35-$100 per sale
  9. GoDaddy: 10-15% (they have a website builder)
  10. Webnode: $100 for every first purchase of a Premium Plan done by referred user

Keyword Research

I extracted 1,000 of Wix’s top keywords to get a sense of what drives traffic to their site.

Obviously, if you want to make some money promoting this website builder, you’ll want to drive traffic employing some of these keywords on your website or social media channels.

SEO Content

As you can see there are a lot of keywords that contain the word Wix. Sometimes I screen these key words out when I do keyword research, but in this case, probably the most logical content you could create would be for example a block post that demonstrates how to use “Wix templates“, which is a keyword that gets 22,000 searches a month for the keyword difficulty of 13.

If you look at the keyword difficulties in the table above, you’ll see that they are very high because this is a lucrative and competitive landscape. People that build their website using Wix, they’re going to be on the hook for recurring payments and Wix is undoubtedly upselling them once they’ve captured them in their funnel.

Besides straight Wix related searches, you could see that they rank for a variety of other, somewhat unrelated terms like “create a logo free“, create a blog and photography terms. All of these are internet or digital-related queries that are more top of the funnel for Wix, but undoubtedly feed a steady flow of conversions for them.

Another keyword that they rank for is “starting a YouTube channel”. This might seem somewhat unrelated, but anybody that builds a YouTube channel, it makes sense that they also have a website that they can send traffic to.

This is an example of another top of the funnel piece of content that pushes people down the rabbit hole towards purchasing Wix.

If you’re interested in being an affiliate, these different keywords can represent a blog post, a silo of content, or perhaps the theme of an entire website.

There’s definitely a lot of traffic and affiliate commission opportunity and the website builder space, which sits under the broader category of internet marketing.

YouTube Traffic

I would think that a YouTube channel would play a prominent role if you were to enter into this space. Especially if you are brand new, launching a new website, it can take a long time to get organic traffic traction.

With YouTube, YouTube gets a lot more traffic more quickly and particularly in this space, you’ll want to be shooting YouTube videos demonstrating how to use Wix.

For example, check out this Wix YouTube tutorial:

It’s a high-quality video that pushes people to a custom Wix landing page- doubtless, it generates a good deal of commissions for Greg Gottfried.

Summing Up

Internet marketing in general and website builders specifically are extremely competitive niches.

That said, there’s always a way to create content and get traffic.

As I’ve mentioned, the way I would go about it, I would examine the keyword research table and begin producing cross-platform content.

Maybe you start with a YouTube video and convert it into a blog post or do that in reverse and create a blog post with an associated YouTube video.

Over time, as you begin producing more and more of this content, you’ll begin to see incremental traffic growth as well as commissions.