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Spamzilla Review [2022]: Complete Expired Domain Guide


I first started building niche sites in 2015 and I really had no idea what I was doing.

Even though it’s only about 6 years ago, affiliate SEO was wildly different.

Hell, it’s different than it was 6 months ago! About that time, in December 2020, a Google algorithm update devastated many product review sites.

Nowadays, starting a niche site from scratch involves lots of uncertainty…

You’re going to have to invest a lot of time and money producing content, getting backlinks, praying that your niche site will return the favor with lucrative rankings 6 months or even a year down the line.

What if there was a way to bypass the Google Sandbox and get organic traffic immediately?

I’ve been playing around with expired domains and I’ve had some exciting success with a recent purchase.

I bought an expired domain in the outdoors niche using Spamzilla, launched it on 8/5/2020 and it began getting organic traffic the next day, on 8/6/2020

new site immediate organic traffic

It’s very exciting and opens up a ton of new opportunities.

I’m going to show you exactly how I’m buying expired domains using Spamzilla so you can achieve similarly exciting results.

What Are Expired Domains & How Do You Profit From Them?

Expired domains are domains that have been registered but they haven’t been renewed. That means that they are available for re-registration.

The benefit is that these websites have a history on the internet. Google usually has them in its index. They often have high-quality backlinks.

They may still be ranking for keywords even after expiration!

What this means is that you can swoop in, register the domain, relaunch the site, and get IMMEDIATE traffic.

No waiting in the Google Sandbox for 6-12 months.

No need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars building links; these sites already have them!

You may be thinking, this sounds too good to be true…

Yes, and no. The other side of the coin- you do need to do some legwork to filter through these domains. And there is a bit of a learning curve evaluating the quality of these sites.

I’m going to walk you through how I use Spamzilla to find lucrative niche site opportunities, from creating powerful, but nuanced, Filters to auditing backlink profiles.

What Is SpamZilla?

Spamzilla aggregates millions of expired and expiring domains, compiling them into a database that includes every imaginable SEO metric known to mankind.

You can sort these auction lists and create highly nuanced Filters to screen out the best opportunities for a new niche website.

Even better, you can get daily emails that include newly added domains that match your Filter criteria:

spamzilla daily email

Sign up for a free Spamzilla trial

Once you find something you like, just click through to the domain auction site and start bidding. Most of these auctions are occurring on Godaddy or NameJet. Each of these auction sites has their own eccentricities.

For example, at the time of this writing, GoDaddy charges $4.99 a year just to participate in the auctions. With NameJet, you often have to submit a refundable $69 Backorder to even participate in the auction.

If you fall in love with a domain, make sure you’re verified to bid on the auction instead of waiting until the last 30 minutes of bidding to go for the kill. Because you could get tied up in a verification process and lose the auction!

Watch How I Find And Qualify Spamzilla Domains

Get a free Spamzilla trial

Some Jumplinks

What I Look For

  1. Failed startups: these sites usually have powerful backlinks from legitimate PR. They often focus on a single product, so they offer a ready-made affiliate angle.
  2. Hobbyist sites: these types of sites were operated by an enthusiast as a passion project. They usually have clean backlink profiles with a rich content history in Google’s index.
  3. Failed local businesses: I’m still kicking myself for not purchasing a local kayaking business a couple of weeks ago. A local business that offered a service or product can easily be converted to an affiliate blog. They usually have nice backlink profiles and a reputable history with the search engines.
  4. Shuttered nonprofits: Nonprofits often have great backlinks- often from big-time entities. They have a clean reputation, usually- no affiliate links or spammy SEO. If you find the right angle, you can convert it to an affiliate site pretty easily.
  5. Expired e-commerce ventures: eCommerce sites usually have a nice, tight niche focus and oftentimes high-quality, editorial backlinks. They can easily be converted into affiliate sites padded with informational content.

Getting Started

When you first log in to Spamzilla, it is pretty overwhelming. It’s a wall of nearly 5 million expiring domains with over 12 columns of arcane SEO data:

spamzilla dashboard But, don’t fear- it’s really not that difficult.

The Stuff I Pay Attention To

  • DR: This is Ahref’s Domain Rating score. According to Ahrefs, “Domain Rating (DR) shows the strength of a target website’s backlink profile on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100, with latter being the strongest.”
  • Trust Flow/Citation Flow: Trust Flow is the quality of links and Citation Flow is the number of links. Ideally, it’s a 1:1 ratio. High Trust Flow sites have high-quality links; high Citation Flow sites have high numbers of links. The best is a high TF/high CF. The worst is low TF/high CF.
  • SZ Score: Spamzilla’s proprietary domain health rating. (Lower is better). It’s pretty good at identifying sites that have been spammed with backlinks or redirected multiple times.

Step #1: Integrate Ahrefs

Ahrefs-Integration spamzillaThe first thing you’ll want to do is integrate Ahrefs. If you don’t have Ahrefs, it’s not the end of the world because once you sign up with Spamzilla, they provide lots of free data.

For example, I don’t pay for Majestic SEO, but I still see their Citation Flow and Trust Flow statistics for each domain.

That said, I wouldn’t buy an expired domain without doing a deep dive on the site’s backlinks. You can’t do that effectively without a subscription to a tool like Ahrefs.

Step #2: Create filtersspamzilla filters

Creating filters allows you to quickly sort low-quality domains from high-quality ones. I’m going to show you some of my favorite Spamzilla filters below.

One of the best things about Spamzilla is that you can have these filtered domains emailed to you on a daily basis.

So whenever a new domain that fits your Filter’s criteria is listed, you’ll get an email alert. This makes it easy to stay on top of these expired domain auctions.

For each filter, there are certain constants I always use:

  • I Delesect Country TLDs (you can’t usually register foreign TLDs anyway)
  • Only English Site languages (I only want English language websites)

Here’s how it looks:

Expired-Domains and country tlds

First Filter: High DR Sites with Low SZ Scores

spamzilla filter example

With this filter, you’re seeing domains with a high Ahrefs Domain Rating that Spamzilla’s proprietary SZ metric identifies as ‘healthy’.

According to Spamzilla, the SpamZilla Score (SZ) “uses a proprietary weighted algorithm created to measure the level of spam for a domain. Range is 1-100. ‘1’ represents a low level of spam.” (Source)

I’d go with a DR above 25 with a SZ score below 10. You can tweak these settings as you see fit- this is just a baseline suggestion.

These are pretty powerful domains that according to Spamzilla are free of spam (bad backlinks, too many ownership changes, bad language on the site, etc.)

Second Filter: Include Domains

Expired-Domains backlink list

If you go to Backlinks > Include Domains, you can input a list of up to 20 domains and Spamzilla will find domains that have backlinks from those sites.

This is an exceptionally powerful way to find hyper-relevant domains with powerful backlinks.

So, for example, if you wanted to build a gaming blog with some powerful technology site backlinks, try inputting this list into Include Domains field:


Or, if you want to see sites with links from powerful news organizations, enter this list:


If a site has a link from cnn.com, it’s likely it has other powerful backlinks from similar entities. This filter is a great way to source super high-quality sites that have the potential to rank fast.

Third Filter: Indexed Keywords

spamzilla ranking keywords

With this filter, under Ahrefs > Positions, I set it to 500, which highlights domains with at least 500 keywords currently ranking.

Once you get the list, you can sort the list by SZ to see clean sites with actual rankings in the Google Index. Some of these sites may still be live and set to expire, whereas others have expired and haven’t been completely expunged from Google search results.

These domains could be great for a niche site because they already have evident SEO traction. If you buy one, you can use Ahrefs and the Wayback Machine to find popular pages, rebuild them, and reinitiate organic traffic to the pages.

Fourth Filter: Affiliate Keywords

Expired-Domains keyword search

If you go to Backlinks > Keywords Search, you have the option to search for keywords in the expired domain’s anchor text.

This means if you’re searching for expired CBD domains, you’re filtering the Spamzilla domain list down to sites that have a backlink that includes the word “CBD”.

I created multiple filters using the various BrandBuilders niches:


Brandbuilders builds and sells affiliate niche sites- so any niche they’re in is going to be lucrative. This is one of my favorite filters for finding expired affiliate sites or enthusiast blogs that can easily be converted to a lucrative affiliate project.

Once I have the list, I like to sort it by Domain Rating or Trust Flow and work through the sites one by one to evaluate their quality.

Step #3: Qualifying Expired Domains

Using these filters, you should have isolated some interesting opportunities. The next step is to qualify these expired domains by performing some evaluations:

  • Backlinks analysis
  • Audit the history
  • Is it indexed?
  • Look for relevance

Backlink Analysis

You’ll need Ahrefs or a comparable tool to do this. Generally, what I’ll do is click into the Ahrefs backlink report from Spamzilla by clicking on the DR score:

spamzilla DR table example

Then I’ll sort the backlinks so that I’m only seeing DoFollow links, sorted by DR, or by the backlinking pages’ # of Keywords. Sorted by DR, you’re seeing the best backlinking pages by Domain Rating.

When I sort the backlinks by the number of keywords the backlinking page ranks for, you really isolate the best quality links. You’re seeing backlinks that are not just passing ‘link juice’ but actual traffic:

Backlinks-app-convertkit-comWhat you’re looking for is in-content, editorial backlinks from quality websites. Are the majority of the highest DR backlinks from scraper sites or things that look like gibberish? Not a good sign. If you sort the backlinks by # of ranking keywords, is it all or mostly sites with zero ranking keywords and traffic? Not good. Is there a lot of foreign language sites in the backlink index? Not good.

On the other hand, if you follow the sorting suggestions above and you see recognizable, non-spammy sites with pages that have some keyword rankings linking with normal-looking anchor text to the expired domain- that’s a good sign. Backlink analysis is definitely tricky if you’re new to it.

I’ve looked at thousands of backlink profiles, so I can spot good and bad link profiles pretty quickly. Check out this Ahrefs video for evaluating backlink quality for a more detailed overview of the process:

Audit The History

To audit the site history, Spamzilla has integrated the Wayback Machine- so all you need to do is click into this internet archive to evaluate site screenshots over time.

When I’m clicking through these images, I want to see a site with a consistent identity like this site:

spamzilla waybackmachine

As you hover over the images in Spamzilla, you can see that this gypsy horse site had one singular identity across time.

Every year, you’re seeing a snapshot of a live site. Even when the look and appearance of the site changed in 2005, you can tell that it was just a redesign, not a new site owner acquiring the site doing something shady with it.

What you don’t want to see a website that has undergone various iterations as different owners bought and rebuilt it over and over.

For example, this site switches owners and languages- not a good look:

auditing site history

Is It Indexed?

One of the best ways to qualify an expired domain is to check if it’s still indexed in Google. If it is, it’s a great indication that you can quickly get traffic to your new niche site.

Spamzilla makes it easy to check the Google Index status- just click the green down arrow by the SZ score and then navigate to the Index tab:

checking if an expired domain is indexed

Check For Relevance

This is the trickiest aspect of evaluating domain quality. Some people use Spamzilla to find domains in a particular niche. Virtual reality, for example.

So, when they keyword search Spamzilla for “virtual reality”, they might turn up a website about VR developers, or maybe it’s a tech site that had one post about VR. You need to assess just how relevant the domain’s history is to your new, niche project.

Other people, like me, I’m just looking for quality domains with a good affiliate angle. I’m agnostic about what the site is, as long as there’s an affiliate product I can promote.

I’m casting a much broader net.

The best way to examine relevance is to click through the Wayback Machine’s archive and also examine what the Anchor text looks like for the website.

If you look at this basketball site’s top anchors, you’ll see a bunch of different basketball-related anchor terms:


The anchors demonstrate just how highly relevant this site is to basketball- whether it’s player names, draft combine measurements, NBA owners, etc.

Google understands what a site is about by evaluating the anchors people use to link to the site.

All that being said, it’s very subjective. We don’t know how Google will evaluate the site until we buy it and start publishing content. But you can definitely spot red flags by deep-diving into the site’s history using Spamzilla’s tools and a premium tool like Ahrefs.

How does Spamzilla compare to Domcop?

Spamzilla is a significantly cheaper option- its primary paid plan is $37 a month and gives you complete access to everything. Domcop’s cheapest plan is $64 a month and if you want all-access, it’ll cost you $198/month.

One HUGE issue with Domcop is that they don’t support Ahrefs anymore (Source). That’s a deal-breaker for me.

One other thing Spamzilla has that Domcop doesn’t is an easy interface for historic screenshots using the Wayback Machine. Domcop doesn’t have that- which is another, major omission. Spamzilla lets you quickly scroll through historic screenshots so you get a sense of whether the expired domain is clean or not.

Is Spamzilla Worth It?

If you’re trying to launch a website using clean domains, that’s ready to rank with live, quality backlinks, it’s the best way I’ve found to scour the millions of domains that are up for auction.

It takes some legwork to sort through list of domains, but I find it kind of addicting. Once you find a niche blog that just expired with an awesome affiliate product opportunity- the sky’s the limit!

Domains That I Bought

I’ve purchased 3 domains through Spamzilla. Two of them are currently live and I should be pushing the 3rd site live in the coming days.

1st site


cute gray chinchilla

Price: ~$450

I bought a niche pet site that used to be home to a breeder organization. Within 2 weeks I’m already getting organic traffic to the site. It’s a small, evergreen niche and I hope that the site hits 3k ranking keywords within a year. There are a variety of pet affiliate opportunities here, whether through Amazon, Chewy and even Wayfair.

2nd site



Price: ~$350

I recently bought this domain. It’s in the ‘beach’ niche. You’d be surprised how many keyword opportunities there are for beach topics- from beach chairs to ‘things to do in myrtle beach’. There are some solid physical product affiliate opportunities here as well as a chance to tap into travel affiliate programs. I hope to run ConvertBox popups on the travel pages and push users to the Expedia or American Airlines affiliate program.

3rd site



Price: $69

This one is a very small electronics communication niche site. It has a lot of weird, spotty backlinks, including some adult anchors. I actually didn’t mean to buy it. I placed a bid on NameJet just so I could participate in the auction while it was on Backorder, but I ended up winning the auction by default because nobody else bid! So, I’m making the best of it. I haven’t launched the site yet- I’m still waiting on the writers to produce the content. I’ll update this section after I push the site live. But, it has an exact match domain name for the product and it did function as a legitimate startup for awhile, so it has some legitimate links to it.

How To Start A Perfume Blog

how to start a perfume and cologne blog

This is a niche I’ve thought about entering for a while.

Especially after Amazon drastically cut its commission rates a couple of years ago. The appealing aspect here: fragrances sit in the 10% Amazon Associates Luxury Beauty category. It’s the highest affiliate commission available these days (Source).

There’s big-time search volume for high-priced, consumable products.

It’s a great opportunity for affiliate and display ad revenue.

Just look at these blockbuster keyword rankings for Fragrantica, a perfume and cologne review site:

fragrantica perfume cologne keywords

They’re basically ranking for a million keywords and getting twice that in organic traffic every month.

They’re one of the biggest sites in the fragrance market. I compiled some stats about them and their biggest organic competitors:

Fragrance Industry Stats

  • The global perfume market size was valued at USD 31.4 billion in 2018 (Source)
  • By 2025, the global fragrance market is estimated to be worth about 52.4 billion U.S. dollars (Source)
  • As of 2016, the leading cosmetic and fragrance company in the world was L’Oreal, which generated a revenue of 25.8 billion euros (Source)
  • The largest fragrance market is North America. Body Fantasies Signature was the top women’s fragrance brand in the US in the year. A total of 43.4 million U.S. dollars was produced by the brand (Source)
  • BaseNotes lists nearly 5,000 fragrance brands in their directory (Source)

The Big Idea

Rank for ultra-expensive perfumes and colognes and cash in on a lucrative, luxury market of consumable goods.

To get a sense of the opportunity, I ran Fragrantica through Ahrefs and exported 1,000 of their top-performing organic keywords:

You can see that Fragrantica primarily ranks for individual perfume and colognes- Versace Eros is 39,000 searches a month, priced at $75 on Amazon; Tobacco Vanille, a Tom Ford product is selling for $245 on Amazon; Acqua Di Gio Profumo, a Giorgio Armani cologne, is selling for $90 with 16,000 monthly searches.

These are pricey products with large search volumes and really low Keyword Difficulties. For example, Acqua Di Gio Profumo has a KD of just 6!

Their top page is this Prada L’Homme Prada product review:

The page is a cluttered mess. That doesn’t mean it isn’t converting- but even with the ads disabled, it’s loaded with Amazon and eBay affiliate widgets (1, 3, 5) and all sorts of custom-coded fragrance insights (4, 7).

But, one look at the Reviews section (6), and you’ll see how insanely popular this content is. The screenshot doesn’t capture it, but there are over 100 user reviews for this particular fragrance.

How To Make Money

Affiliate Marketing

This is a pretty obvious one. These perfumes and colognes are available on Amazon and eBay, for starters.

And eBay might be a solid option as these buyers probably flock to secondary marketplaces to purchase vintage and limited edition scents.

Perfume & Cologne Affiliate Programs

There are also a bunch of different affiliate programs you can join. Fragrantica is using several of them, including:

  1. Bloomingdale’s
  2. Sephora
  3. Macy’s
  4. eCosmetics.com
  5. Cos Bar Retail
  6. GiftExpress.com
  7. FragranceNet.com

(You can Google around for more. This site lists a bunch, including a subscription box option.)

You can see on their product review pages that Fragrantica prefers Amazon and eBay over the other options. Those two programs get the most on-page visibility. That makes sense. Amazon, as always, is going to convert the best. I’d be using AAWP to generate Amazon-compliant images and tables.

As well, if I were them, I’d be running exit-intent popups with a tool like OptinMonster on the content for even more affiliate clicks. It’s excellent real estate to trial alternative affiliate programs. Especially since the Amazon Associates program doesn’t allow their links to appear in popups.

Display Ads

I imagine the CPC would be pretty good for the fragrance niche. The goal would be to use Ezoic or AdSense until you’re getting enough traffic to apply to Mediavine or AdThrive. Ads are fairly plug and play at this point.

The good thing about this niche is that you can focus on affiliate income until you have enough traffic to justify the incremental benefit of running ads.

How To Get Traffic


The obvious one here is SEO. I’ve recently begun using tools like Surfer SEO to optimize my on-page content for word count and term frequency. It used to be, content length was everything.

Nowadays, it’s better to match your content length to Google’s expectations and correlational SEO tools like Surfer SEO do that for you.

The other great thing about correlational SEO tools like Surfer SEO and Frase is that you can build comprehensive outlines for your writers to follow inside of their editor:

surfer seo editor

It’s easy to create foundational, properly optimized pieces of content that have the potential to rank from day one.

Your writers can even be trained to format the content as they write. That way all you need to do is copy and paste the html right into WordPress. This saves a ton of time formatting.

Informational:Affiliate Ratio

One thing I’d be wary of: you’ll want to have a high ratio of informational:affiliate content. My general review site got hit hard in the December 2020 Google update because it’s a pure affiliate site.

Trust me, you’ll want to buttress your affiliate content with ‘info’ content. Things like “how to find your natural scent”, “how to transfer perfume from one bottle to another” and “how many sprays in 1 ml”.

(Check out the Authority Hacker course if you want an over-the-shoulder look at how to structure affiliate/informational content.)

I don’t know the exact ratio, but I would keep the on-page affiliate links as low as possible. Fragrantica is overloading their page with affiliate links and ads and they are thriving.

They’re probably ‘white-listed’ by Google at this point. If I were starting a fragrance blog, I probably wouldn’t even add an affiliate link to the product reviews until the site’s getting traffic.

And, even then, I’d really limit the links on-page. Maybe one prominently placed AAWP product box, for example.

Creating Content

If you want to make decent affiliate commissions in this niche, you’re going to have to find a way to visually depict the fragrances.

That’s probably the most challenging aspect of this niche.

Look at how Parfumo depicts fragrance quality:Yves-Saint-Laurent-Y-Live-Reviews-and-Rating

perfume and cologne affiliate programs

Credit: Parfumo.net

If you’re starting a site like this, you’re not going to have this data available to you.

You could compile this data and create your own graphics using PowerPoint or Canva. That’s probably what I’d do to start.

User-Generated Content

Another interesting way to generate content is to solicit user reviews. You can see that this Basenotes YSL page is just user reviews with a sidebar filled with a sticky affiliate widget. There are some huge Facebook Groups like this 65,000 member Gents Scents Fragrance Family community, which could be a great place to recruit writers or just wiling users who actually own the fragrances you’re reviewing.

Social Media

You can also rake in a lot of traffic from YouTube. This Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille YouTube review is closing in on 200k views as of this writing:

I use MissingLettr to automate my social media campaigns. If you’re a fun, lively character passionate about perfumes, I’d consider focusing on YouTube and other social media channels. You might not even need a website, in that case.

But if you’re an introvert like me, I’d stick to the SEO waiting game with some automated social media campaigns for social signals and hopefully a trickle of incremental traffic.

What I Like

  • Big-time keyword volumes with low keyword difficulties on expensive products
  • Interesting niche
  • Good social media potential
  • Plenty of non-Amazon affiliate options are available

What I Don’t Like

  • Describing a smell is difficult- hard to ‘demo’ a fragrance
  • Requires some extra work to visually depict smells

Ranking For Antiques: How To Build A Collectibles Website

old antique bureau chest of wooden drawers isolated on white background isolated with clipping path

Growing up, my family collected a lot of antiques.

My parents were friends with a heavily tattooed antique dealer and we purchased a plethora of 19th-century furniture and lamps from him and other NYC-area auction houses.

Things like this Horner dining room table, which is our dinner table to this day:

Victorian Quarter Sawn Oak RJ Horner Winged Griffin Oak Dining Table with leaves For Sale at 1stdibs

My father bid at local NYC auctions, but eBay revolutionized the collectibles market when it launched in 1995.

Our home is packed to the gills with antique lamps, Persian rugs, ornately carved mirrors, even a baby grand Mason & Hamlin piano with real ivory keys.

And we aren’t alone:

According to IBIS, the U.S. market for Online Antiques & Collectibles in 2020 is a $1.5 Billion dollar industry that includes:

“retails or auctions antiques and collectibles, such as coins, jewelry, books, figurines and memorabilia.”



It’s clearly a huge, growing market.

How can you capitalize on it? In this niche report, I’ll walk you through how I’d approach creating and monetizing an antiques and collectibles niche site.

The Big Idea

Rank for high priced, antique keywords like “art deco furniture”, “antique radios for sale”, “apothecary cabinet” and monetize with affiliate and display ads.

Antique Site Examples

To get a sense of the big players in the antiques niche, I extracted the top 10 organic competitors for Collectors Weekly, which is “is an online resource for people interested in antiques, collectibles, and vintage items”:


Collectors Weekly has a ton of informational antique content. As opposed to eCommerce sites like 1stdibs, which actually sells antiques.

Presumably, if you’re entering this niche, you’re not going to be an antique seller.

You’re going to be writing about antiques and monetizing with affiliate marketing and display ads.

So these are going to be your most relevant competitors:

TargetDomain RatingTotal BacklinksTotal KeywordsTotal Traffic

How Do They Make Money?

As always, there are 3 ways websites make money: ads, affiliate, commerce.

Collectors Weekly, an informational content site, runs ads and does affiliate marketing.

Check out one of their recent articles on the Beatles:


You can see them running ads on the site (1); pushing traffic to an art market search engine called Barnebys (2), which is probably an affiliate relationship; and (3) they direct traffic internally to their Category pages, in this case for “Records” or “Beatles” or “Rolling Stones“.

These Category pages, like this one, have a prominent above the fold ad (1), are pushing traffic to eBay (2) and to Barnebys (3) that redirects traffic to different art and auction houses:


What I’d Do

If you’re interested in this niche, the first thing I’d suggest doing is pouring over the keyword research.

Keyword Research

I extracted 1,000 of 1stdib’s top-performing organic keywords, screening out branded search terms:

You can see lots of expensive furniture with really low Keyword Difficulties.

Antique Sub-Niches

  • Tables
  • Purses
  • Lamps
  • Rugs
  • Watches
  • Diamonds
  • Chairs
  • Sofas

Imagine ranking for “cocobolo desk” and generating sales on a $15,000 piece of furniture:

Rare Cocobolo Wood desk Don Shoemaker For Sale at 1stdibs

With a 3% commission rate, you’d earn $450 on that purchase.

This is definitely an under the radar, high-ticket affiliate opportunity.

The question becomes- how deep should you niche down?

I might be tempted to go ‘general’ and try to rank for any and all of these keywords, basically what Collector’s Weekly does.

Or maybe I specialize in a certain style of antiques like Art Deco, or a type of furniture like desks.

There’s no definite answer- though I’d avoid niching down so small that you restrict your site potential.



I’d also try to figure out what my monetization options are before starting to build the site.

Create a Google Sheet and begin sketching out your options.

Here’s an example when I was exploring the ink cartridge niche:


You don’t want to start building a site and ultimately realize there aren’t any good affiliate opportunities.

Antique Affiliate Programs

I’d begin Googling around and checking inside of the popular affiliate networks like ShareASale, Rakuten Linkshare, etc. to unearth opportunities.


Taking a look at the most obvious option, 1stdibs doesn’t have an affiliate program at this time. Maybe you can create a private deal once you have some traffic, but for now, it’s not an option.


eBay is another option- it’s easy to join, they have somewhat decent affiliate advertising tools, and they have the inventory, but the problem with them is that their affiliate terms are pretty poor.

Currently, eBay is paying 3% on Antiques purchases, but the Referral period is only 1 day.

That means, after 24 hours of clicking your Cocobolo eBay affiliate link, if that person outright buys, or wins the auction, you’re paid nothing.

For considered purchases like this, it’s not likely you’re going to have people buying within 24 hours.


Wayfair could work- granted, they don’t sell antiques, but it’s conceivable that if someone wants a cocobolo desk, but can’t afford a $15k antique, you can convert them on a new desk for a couple hundred:

Three Posts Margate Credenza Desk - Wayfair

I’d wait until I have some traffic and a decent-looking site before applying to them. I’ve been in the Wayfair program for many years, but I hear that new people are having some difficulty joining.


A lot of people are writing off Amazon ever since their drastic commission reductions, but it’s still the best-converting affiliate option you’re going to find.

Like Wayfair, Amazon isn’t in the business of antiques. But you can find new furniture options to cross-sell your users.

Currently, Amazon’s U.S. Furniture category earns 3% commissions.


Barneby’s is a is a “search engine for art, antiques and collectibles from more than 3,000 auction houses and galleries around the world. Barneby’s offers a free-to-use database of realized prices, dating back to the beginning of the 1970s and providing over forty million sold lots (Source).”

I’d wait a while until I had meaningful traffic before applying to Barneby’s.

Smaller Options

Outside some of the big players, there are a variety of niche affiliate programs.

A couple of sites list out a bunch of different options (like this and this), including Victorian Trading Co, Country French Antiques, Woolvey Fine Antiques, Antique Farm House and more.

I’d add all of these to my spreadsheet, including commission rates and conversion stats, if available.

Having compiled all of this data, if I’m starting a new site in this niche, I’d probably just go with eBay to start.

Once I begin getting traffic, I’d consider applying to some of the niche programs that have relevant product inventory and using ThirstyAffiliates to automatically link keywords on my site to relevant offers.

Going With eBay

For now, eBay is the quickest option to get monetization up and running.

There’s even a plugin to create eBay product feeds like this:

ebay product feed example

Getting Images

A product feed with images like this is an easy, compliant way to get imagery on your site.

Unless you’re an affiliate for a company and they let you reuse images, you’re going to need a license.

I’ve even read through eBay’s terms of service, and they don’t want you using images from their listings.

Stock photo services like DepositPhotos might work, but it’s not going to have a ton of antiques’ pictures.

Another workaround is using Instagram embeds like this one:

Display Ads

I wouldn’t worry about ad networks until I have some meaningful traffic. Maybe I’d apply to AdSense, Ezoic, or Monumetric when I’m averaging 200 visitors a day.

Keep in mind that unless you have meaningful traffic, you’re not going to be making much money from ads, so it’s not even worth the user experience aggravation to run them.

My ultimate goal would be to get the site into Mediavine or AdThrive- so you’re going to need to average at least 50,000 uniques a month before they’ll even consider your application.

The Content

To the heart of the matter- what type of content should you create?

If you’re an affiliate, you’re going to be creating informational content.

That is to say, you’re not going to build an eCommerce store and ship Cocobolo desks from your studio apartment.

Yes, you can create a fake eCommerce storefront by importing product listings with lots of duplicate content, but I’ve written enough about scraper sites for a lifetime.

I’m more interested in the whitehat approach here.

Check out the SERPs for “cocobolo desk” and you’ll see a mixture of informational and eCommerce content:

cocobolo desk serp

I’d poke around the SERPs of the different search terms and see what types of informational content ranks.

You can even use SurferSEO to help ensure your on-page content is perfectly optimized for Google.

Maybe you create listicles– i.e. the ’10 most stunning cocobolo desks’ and use Instagram embeds for the imagery.

Maybe you write up a Wikipedia style article discussing the history of this style of desk.

You’ll need to experiment to see what works.

Instagram listicles will certainly be cheaper- and you can easily outsource it to HireWriters.

Getting Started

Once I have my niche selected, as well as a general content and monetization strategy,  I’d choose some of the lower difficulty keywords from my research (think KD < 5) and begin churning out content.

Keep in mind, you don’t need all your affiliate links set up and running from day one.

You’re likely not getting meaningful traffic for a while, so maybe add an eBay call to action for each of your posts to get started, affiliate-linking to the search path for the antique.


This is a great niche for Pinterest- it’s a good idea to get an account up and running as soon as possible.

I’d begin creating Pinterest Boards and filling them up with relevant pins using the Tailwind Chrome extension.

Eventually, as you get more content on your site, you’ll be able to have a Board for every keyword post on your site, like “cocobolo desks”.

I’m not a Pinterest expert. There’s a ton of free information out there about Pinterest strategy- read up on it because if you’re in this niche, there’s tons of traffic to be had.

If you need inspiration, check out what 1stdibs is doing on Pinterest- they have over 10 million monthly viewers:

1stdibs pinterest


I’d also experiment pushing traffic to the site from YouTube or maybe even generating affiliate sales directly from the channel.

You can easily churn out tons of slideshow videos using a tool like Animoto:

This video has over 2 million views at the time of this writing! And it’s basically a narrated slideshow.


If you have the money to invest, I’d recommend using a service like Fat Joe or Authority.Builders (read my Authority.Builders review here).

You can also do your own guest post outreach- there are a million guides out there on how to do it.

But it’s a tedious and expensive task that often requires bribing webmasters with money.

Maybe once your site has 15 quality posts, hit it with 5 links from FatJoe and 5 links from Authority.Builders and track how your rankings improve.

You can also use my Backlink Breakthrough methodology to acquire high-powered backlinks for little or no money.

What I Like

  • Fun niche
  • Lots of low competition keywords
  • Great for immediate and long-lasting Pinterest traffic
  • Interesting potential for high-ticket affiliate opportunities
  • Good for ad revenue

What I Don’t Like

  • Generally, I’d expect low affiliate conversion %’s on antiques. It’s not like converting people on Amazon commodities like power washers and Bluetooth speakers
  • Very image-based content. I prefer being completely above board with images- so I’d use Instagram embeds, but they can go offline. I wouldn’t expect any legal issues if you used an image from an eBay auction, for example, but it’s clearly against their T.O.S.

Summing Up

There’s definitely a lot of low-competition, high-traffic opportunities here. Conversion percentages might not be great, especially for the really expensive furniture.

But you can supplement with ad revenue. Lots of people enjoy just looking at the furniture and reading about its history.

It also has a ton of Pinterest potential. Which is great because SEO takes forever. With Pinterest in particular, you can get traffic to your site from Day 1.

How to Increase Affiliate Sales by 30% With One Easy Strategy

Pop up ad example.

One of the best strategies I’ve found for increasing affiliate clicks and commissions is running exit-intent popups on my content.

OptInMonster says it can increase affiliate sales by 30%!

My affiliate popup recipe is ConvertBox (lifetime deal for popups) + Affluent Analytics (to measure conversion).

So, for example, I get a lot of DIY traffic on a page about Pergolas. I run this popup on the content:

ConvertBox Popup Example

I use ConvertBox to run 2 split test popups on the content:

Convertbox Dashboard

Get the ConvertBox Lifetime Deal

ConvertBox lets you easily see the stats for each variation in the ConvertBox dashboard.

And, on top of that, I integrate Affluent Analytics, an affiliate dashboard, to see how the Wayfair campaign is performing:

Affluent Analytics Dashboard

Get Affluent Analytics For Free

Read My Affluent Analytics Review

You can see, it’s not a great performer- only converting at .82% the last 30 days.
But it’s still worth it since I run the popup on people that are abandoning the page or have become inactive.

So, it’s not disrupting the user’s experience too much and ekes out some decent incremental income.

You also have to keep in mind that people browsing for DIY solutions aren’t ‘buyers’, so the Wayfair conversion % makes a bit more sense in that context.

I have a bunch of other affiliate programs that are converting better than this- but it’s a good example of getting affiliate sales from a purely informational piece of content.

My recommendation: no matter what site you have, you can experiment running an affiliate popup on specific pages, or across the entire site and quickly test conversion.
Plus: since the affiliate links aren’t ‘on-page’, you don’t have to worry about Google penalizing your content.

Rytr Review: My Favorite AI Writing Tool

rytr logo

I’ve been playing around with some new AI copywriting tools.

I buy all the AI writing lifetime deals on AppSumo, so I have quite an arsenal of robot copywriters.

As a known cheapskate, at least when it comes to ordering content, I LOVE the idea of a robot automatically writing free content for me.

Of all the new robot writer services I’ve explored, I’ve really come to enjoy Rytr.me, which currently has a lifetime deal for $39 on AppSumo.

(I’m not sure when the deal is going away- so I’d recommend buying it now and refunding it later if you don’t like it.)

In The Robots Own Words

I figured, why not let the AI tell you why you should buy rytyr.me:

“It’s the world’s first AI-powered copywriting service. The AI analyzes and creates content for you based on your keywords, audience, and style preferences.

rytr.me is an AI-powered copywriting service that can help you create engaging content with minimal effort. You can share your thoughts on any topic and let our AI do the rest of the work for you!”

That remarkably cogent text was produced by Rytr.me:


​Get The Rytr Lifetime Deal​

What I Like

  • Polished interface that’s super easy to use
  • Integrated plagiarism scanner so you can make sure your copy isn’t plagiarized
  • Full content editor
  • Some of the best AI copy I’ve seen- and I’ve used at least 4 other AI writing services
  • Active development- new features are being added regularly

What I don’t Like

  • If you’re having the AI write about more complicated subjects, you’ll need to spot check the facts to make sure it’s accurate

Example Rytr Content

DIY/Gardening Content

You can use it for blog introductions. You can spin out 2 friendly paragraphs about birch trees, like this:

“Birch trees are most well known for their bark which is often dark brown or reddish-brown, but when they’re young you can find some birch trees with grey or white bark too! The bark is quite rough to touch and it’s not uncommon to see it peeling off as well as bits of moss growing on it.”


You can also use it to generate FAQ sections in your content to add length and capture longtail keyword rankings.

Pet Blog

Say you’re running a pet blog- here’s another output I created about chinchillas:

“Chinchillas are small mammals that look like a cross between a squirrel and a rabbit. They are from the rodent family and they make up the smallest species.

Are chinchillas pets? Yes, they can make good pets if you have time to care for them. You will need to clean their cage every day and feed them organically grown food.”

Product Reviews

Say you’re reviewing bow rakes- here’s another friendly output from Rytr:

“A bow rake is a tool that can be used to reach higher leaves from the ground. It is usually 9 feet long and made from wood.

A bow rake can last for about 10-15 years, but it depends on how often you use it to what kind of terrain you are working on. The lifespan of the product also depends on how well you maintain it, what kind of wood your bow rake is made out of and how often you sharpen the blade.”

What Else Can It Do?

  • Write sales and marketing emails that get replies
  • Discover ideas and write engaging content for a blog
  • Generate creative, catchy copies for social media
  • Write product, job, profile, video descriptions
  • Generate interesting captions for Instagram posts

Rytr has lots of diverse uses and is a great addition to your content creation arsenal. It’s going to get more powerful going forward as they add new features.

How To Start A Car Blog [Niche Report]

BMW car

I’m currently on the verge of leasing a 2021 BMW m340xi.

I’ve been driving the same hand-me-down, 2007 Camry XLE for over 6 years now.

I’ve been deliberating on pulling the trigger for a year at least- hesitating on a somewhat extravagant purchase.

Naturally, I’ve pored over tons of car blogs and instinctively evaluated their keyword rankings and monetization.

So, if you’re interested in starting a car blog– this niche report demonstrates how I’d approach building a profitable, automotive authority site.

Top Car Blogs

To give you an idea of the big players, I used Ahrefs to extract Car And Driver’s top organic competitors.

TargetDomain RatingTotal BacklinksTotal KeywordsTotal Traffic

Edmunds sits atop the organic traffic heap- but there’s a ton of traffic to go around.

What I’d Do

If you’re obsessed with cars and want to start a car blog, the first thing I’d do is perform some keyword research.

Below, you can see I extracted 1,000 of Car And Driver’s top-performing organic keywords:

Car And Driver Keywords

Examine The Themes

You can see that they rank for types of cars (“tesla truck”), styles of cars (“best midsize suv 2019”), and informational queries (“what is a hybrid car”, “how much does it cost to paint a car”).

Choosing A Niche

Eyeballing the keywords, here are several different type of sites I’d consider building:

  1. Focus on a brand: BMW, Mercedes, etc. and target all brand-related keywords
  2. Create a general site specializing in automotive queries like “how long do tires last”
  3. Specialize in a type of car like SUVs, classic cars, or supercars
  4. Publish an image-based, destination site ranking for things like “bmw car pictures”
  5. Hyper-specialize in something like car tires, windshields- you can potentially target lucrative lead-gen deals on things like windshield replacement

You can see there are some interesting directions.

For the sake of argument, let’s say you’re really into the BMW brand like I am.

Using Ahrefs, I can filter Car And Driver by the keyword term “BMW” to see all of the different BMW keywords that they rank for:

Again, it’s mostly car types.

Using Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, I double-clicked into the “BMW i8” keyword:

bmw keywords

You can see a (1) huge Global Search Volume with a massive, international long-tail. 22% of the search traffic is from America- but the rest of the searches come from non-U.S. countries.

BMWUSA.com (2) ranks for the top 3 spots, followed up by huge car blog brands like Edmunds.com.

You can also see (3) that 83% of clicks are organic, with a pretty high proportion of paid traffic clicks (17%).

Behind The Scenes Of A BMW Blog

Luckily, at the time of this writing, there was an actual BMW blog up for sale on Flippa. This provides a lot more data about the car blog niche:

You can see some interesting earnings and traffic information (1 & 2); traffic channels (3); seller information (4); and a comments section (5), where I’ve chimed in, wondering where the imagery comes from:

car-blog-site-for-sale (1)

The site has some pretty decent rankings. Earnings aren’t huge. Looking at the AdSense revenue in the included documentation, it’s making $10.61 RPM per page.

If the site was in Mediavine or AdThrive, it’d be making a lot more. Amazon is doing well, converting at 17%, which is a really big number- but not a ton of clicks.

But the site could do a lot more with affiliate marketing- perhaps experimenting with TrueCars’, AutoZone’s or eBay Motor’s affiliate program.

Social is pretty neglected as well- it’d be easy to curate BMW car content across Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest and get some decent traffic.

Starting A BMW Blog

Say I wanted to start a general BMW blog, I’d spend some time examining how other sites structure their blog posts.

Over on Driving.ca, you can see that they have a dedicated i8 ‘overview’ page, with links to other categories like News & Reviews, Pricing, and Specs & Safety:

The News & Reviews feed links to all their i8 related content like “First Drive: 2019 BMW i8 Roadster”.

So the structure of their site is:

If I was running a BMW blog, I’d build an i8 Overview page with a Category feed of i8 content at the bottom.

That would be an easy way to start building out silos of content. And I’d link to the i8 Overview page from the site Menu.

You could build out silos of BMW car content like that.

Here’s another, more modest example of car blog site structure:

BMW-Test-Drives-Expert-opinions-and-reviews-of-BMW-carsYou can see that the site is divided up between Models of BMWs, Test Drives; a News section that divvies up the content even further; Videos; Spy Photos; Podcast; and Mini.

It’s important to really think through site structure because it is going to inform your content creation, traffic acquisition, and influence user experience on your site.

Staying with the i8 example, you could have an i8 Category in WordPress with subcategories for i8 news, rumors, pictures, etc.

Getting Traffic


Car content has viral social media potential. I’m not suggesting you compete as another struggling car vlogger.

Instead- it’s actually pretty easy to create slideshow videos like the one below using Animoto:

I’d experiment churning out fun, viral listicle videos like this- if just one of them hits, you’re looking at a ton of traffic you can siphon back to your site.

Or even monetize with YouTube if your subscriber base and view count get large enough.


Pinterest is another social media traffic source that can light up your Analytics with sessions overnight.

Which is great because SEO traffic to a new site takes forever.

Check out BMW Fiend on Pinterest. There aren’t a lot of BMW accounts on Pinterest- it’s pretty wide open:

BMW Fiend (bmwfiends) on PinterestI’d recommend using Tailwind to help automate your pinning. The Chrome extension makes it easy to quickly schedule tons of content directly to your Pinterest Boards.

Search Engine Optimization

Of course, there’s SEO.

Staying with the i8 example, to start, I’d target really low competition keywords like “bmw i8 interior”, which has a Keyword Difficulty of 1 with a volume of 2,100 Google searches a month.

I’d begin filling out the i8 content silo with articles- you’ll need to use your best judgment about which keywords should be standalone articles, and which ones should be folded into a larger topic.

You just want to be careful you don’t ‘cannibalize’ your keywords by publishing overlapping content. Try using something like Surfer SEO to optimize your content for Google search engine discoverability.


If you’re running an car enthusiast site, I’d expect a pretty high email opt-in rate.

This is especially true if you’re publishing timely news content.

Making money from email marketing isn’t easy in general and the affiliate opportunities in this niche don’t really lend themselves to email marketing.

Buying or leasing a car is a highly deliberative process- so pushing traffic to Carvana or Autotrader is going to have a really low conversion rate.

That said, it’s definitely worth capturing emails, if only to increase the sale value of your site should you decide to divest at some point.


When it comes to monetization, it will be a mixture of display ads and affiliate marketing.


Ads are simple enough. Once you’re generating some decent traffic, you can apply to Mediavine or Adthrive. Those two networks have relatively large traffic requirements, so until you meet their criteria, you can apply to Google AdSense or Ezoic.


On the affiliate side of things, the opportunities will vary depending on the angle of your car blog. For example, if you are reviewing cars like Top Gear does, you can see that there are three different things they promote in the sidebar:top gear affiliate example

One is a used car Marketplace, the second is a car financing solution, and the third connects users to car manufacturers:

Autoblog.com promotes TrueCar. For example, on this BMW i8 review, they serve this pop-up ad that redirects to TrueCar.


And you can see that MotorTrend promotes State Farm:2021-Genesis-G70-Buyer-s-Guide-Reviews-Specs-Comparisons

It’s not important to have your affiliate monetization figured out from day one. The first focus is getting traffic.

Once you have some traffic to play around with- then you can begin integrating affiliate offers.

I’ve been using Convertbox to quickly test affiliate offers. It’s dead-simple popup software for WordPress- and even has a lifetime deal.

Other Car Affiliate Programs

  1. Carvana affiliate program
  2. Autotrader affiliate program
  3. Goodyear affiliate program
  4. CardsDirect affiliate program

There are a bunch of automotive affiliate programs- this isn’t an exhaustive list. If I were in this niche, I’d build out a Google Sheet documenting all of the different offers, their payouts, and my application status with them.

Once you have some traffic to play with, you can experiment with running offers using Convertbox, using popups, fly-ins, and banners to push traffic to different offers.

I’d also incorporate the affiliate programs into an affiliate dashboard like Affluent.io to easily analyze and contrast the programs’ performance.

What I Like

  • Fun, visual niche with lots of traffic potential through SEO/social
  • Great passion project- you won’t get bored publishing car content if you’re an enthusiast
  • Great for ads- though, the less non-U.S. traffic, the better

What I Don’t Like

  • Affiliate opportunity is somewhat scattershot- I’m not seeing the big players consolidated around one single, stellar affiliate program
  • I’d do some due diligence regarding images before I jump into a particular car niche- you want to have free/cheap access to legal pictures. You can use Instagram embeds- but the embed code is messy + the embed images disappear if it’s deleted from Instagram
  • It can be pretty competitive- especially if you don’t make a legitimate effort on social and only prioritize SEO

How To Start A Profitable Local News Website

starting local news site

I was recently reading a Guardian news article bemoaning the death of local journalism:

Small-town Alaskan newspaper seeks new owner. Price: $0

It’s a now-familiar trope: local news is unsustainably unprofitable.

It made me think. Is it really?

I don’t think it has to be.

The problem with a lot of these local news agencies is their large overhead costs overwhelm their often limited and unimaginative monetization.

All of the sites I own prioritize profitability first.

In this post, I’ll show you how I’d approach creating a profitable, local news site with small overhead and focused monetization.

Also Read: Creating A Local Event Site

I’ve also written about starting a local event site- that’s another fun take on creating a local website:

People on conference

How To Create A Local Event Site For Passive Profit

This next niche idea can be a really fun and lucrative one especially if you live in a big city. The idea here is to create a local event site​ with a focused specialty or theme (music, tech, luxury, etc.) and monetize with sponsored content. This post will examine the opportunity and discuss how best to approach […]


My Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights

I’m going to use my neighborhood, Brooklyn Heights, as an example.

For context, here’s a map of Brooklyn neighborhoods- you can see Brooklyn Heights, indicated by the black arrow, is one of the smallest neighborhoods in all of Brooklyn, with just over 20,000 residents (Source).

brooklyn heights map

Here’s a view of the neighborhood from my apartment:

brooklyn heights view

A Neighborhood Walkthrough

A Local Blog Example

I’ll use the BrooklynHeightsBlog throughout this case study as a reference point:

bk heights blog stats

Suffice it to say, despite a DR 50 score, as of 12/19, it’s leaving a lot of organic keywords on the table because of permalink and site structure issues- but I digress…

I highlighted some interesting features:

Brooklyn Heights Blog Dispatches from America s first suburb

  1. They’re using the Amazon Associates affiliate program as a ‘support’ option
  2. They solicit news tips- a good way to generate content ideas
  3. They have a newsletter- a pretty ubiquitous blogging strategy
  4. They’re monetizing with display ads
  5. Social follow icons help diversify traffic- though we’ll see deeper in this case study that they’re not getting much social traffic
  6. They solicit advertisements/sponsorships- another monetization strategy for a local blog
  7. The ‘nabe chatter’ section highlights blog comments- a good way to build up community


I’m going to analyze how I’d approach starting a local news site below- highlighting important considerations:

Market size

You’ll want to make sure the ‘local’ traffic opportunity is big enough to justify targeting. One way to figure it out- I’d use Ahrefs to analyze search term volume. The best way to do this is to find local blogs and see what keywords they already rank for.

Keep in mind- a local blog like this will get a lot of direct traffic from regular neighborhood readers, so organic traffic isn’t going to be your only traffic source.

Keyword Research

I analyzed the BrooklynHeightsBlog using Ahrefs to see what keywords they rank for:

You can see some interesting keyword themes here:

  1. Food queries like “sushi brooklyn heights”, “chip shop brooklyn”, and “friend of a farmer brooklyn”
  2. Service queries like “nail salon brooklyn heights” and “brooklyn heights vet”
  3. Event queries like “brooklyn heights events”, “brooklyn heights halloween”, “brooklyn heights fireworks”
  4. Destination queries like “bossert hotel”, “housing works montague”, and “roebling inn brooklyn”

Keyword research will reveal a lot of interesting data- helping you to figure out interesting topics you can create content for and whether a local area like Brooklyn Heights has enough search traffic.

You can see that the primary term “Brooklyn Heights” gets 20,000 searches a month, which is strong- and there’s a lot of long-tail traffic.

The BrooklynHeightsBlog, for example, evidently realized that it makes sense to cash in on traffic opportunities from neighboring communities like Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Cobble Hill:

brooklyn heights blog

I bet if they could do it over, they’d choose a different domain name.

They could have branded themselves something like “brooklynblog” and silo’d different neighborhood content on the site. They might have lost some of their ‘hyper-locality’ but gained valuable search real estate for nearby neighborhoods.

It’s really a judgment call- I’d advise choosing a domain name that gives you some flexibility to expand as needed, rather than locking yourself into one neighborhood.

Traffic sources

One advantage of creating a hyper-local news site is that it should be easy to get email newsletter signups and legitimate direct traffic.

People should be pretty eager to sign up for a local news site because of its tremendous relevance. They’ll also type your site directly into their browser to get up-to-date news on their community.

According to SimilarWeb, the BrooklynHeightsBlog gets the majority of its visitors from Direct traffic:

Brooklynheightsblog com Analytics - Market Share Stats Traffic Ranking

Traffic Ideas

  1. A YouTube channel dedicated to the neighborhood- just create a walking tour of your neighborhood, or maybe video reviews of local restaurants, etc.
  2. Pay micro-Instagram influencers, i.e. neighborhood social media ‘stars’, to shout-out the blog
  3. Own your neighborhood hashtag on Instagram and Twitter- you can use MissingLettr to automate a lot of social content
  4. SEO low competition terms- you can see a ton of them in the keyword research table near the top of this post
  5. Create a local Meetup group to discuss neighborhood affairs
  6. Post in Nextdoor- naturally include links to your content
  7. Register with Help A Reporter Out and become a local area resource
  8. Network at local events and practice word-of-mouth marketing- you never know who you’ll meet at these events and how they can increase site awareness
  9. Interview local dignitaries- maybe they’re local politicians and get them to reshare the content to their audience

Content ideas


If you live in the neighborhood, you can register with Nextdoor.

Nextdoor is a hyper-local, community forum. In Brooklyn Heights, there’s a lot of engagement- with people discussing anything from lost cats to stolen Amazon packages.

These are easy topics to pick through to create content.

Below is a sample screenshot from my own Brooklyn Heights Nextdoor feed- it includes “peanut problem in parks” (a fun, easy topic idea) and the frequently recurring search for a quality cleaning person:

brooklyn heights nextdoor

Local Forums

You can also unearth plenty of local forums Googling around and peruse them for interesting topic ideas.

Google Alerts

I’d also create a Google Alert for various neighborhood terms so you’re quickly notified when your neighborhood is mentioned.

This way, you’ll be quick on the draw when your neighborhood is in the news and you can capitalize on trending topics.

Subscribe To Other Blogs

Subscribe to other local area blogs- this way you can see what topics they’re covering and the sort of offers they’re marketing to their readers.

Content types

Not Doing SEO

As I’ve touched on a bit, another fun thing about a site like this- you don’t need to ‘SEO’ everything.

Since you’ll be courting direct and email traffic, you can write a 150-word post on a lost cat getting reunited with its owner, with some fun, credited images, for example.

This will help keep the site fresh with content- you want to satisfy your direct traffic!

Doing SEO

The way I’d approach it, I would divide content types up- figure out what you want to ‘SEO’ and what sort of content you want to write for other traffic sources (direct/social).

For example, in Brooklyn Heights, there’s a huge construction controversy about the Brooklyn Promenade:

heights promenade (Large)

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade, also called the Esplanade, is a 1,826-foot-long platform and pedestrian walkway cantilevered over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

It’s one of the preeminent tourist destinations in the city and there’s been a huge controversy regarding its planned closure and potential ‘reformulation’.

In a nutshell, the promenade and the highway beneath it have been neglected for a very long time and repair proposals would have a drastic, negative effect on the neighborhood, with one plan essentially installing a major highway in the heart of the neighborhood.

As you can imagine, there’s a ton of local interest in this topic.

This is an example of a topic I would ‘SEO’.

I’d create a single post optimizing for this keyword and keep it up to date with trending developments.

You can promote this content over and over again on social media and doubtless get a lot of referral traffic and links from sources like Nextdoor and news aggregator sites.

To summarize, I’d figure out the different types of content I want to produce- news items, restaurant and store reviews, real estate. There are a lot of different topic areas to explore- each might require different writing and research requirements.

You can source these ideas from forums, keyword research- or just walking around your neighborhood, noticing that a new nail salon opened.


If I were doing it, I’d create a standard operating procedure for transforming posts on Nextdoor into fun news items on the site.

Here’s a post about “peanut problems in parks”:

Peanut problem in parks — Nextdoor

A writer could easily summarize some of the comments in the thread to generate content. You could even reach out to Nextdoor users for quotes and take some pictures of the park with your smartphone for unique images.

This post could be 300-500 words and be a fun news item to keep the site fresh and the direct traffic returning. Remember- a news site that goes stagnant will quickly lose its direct traffic readership!

You could use HireWriters or someone from UpWork to quickly create this content.

Choosing a theme

The Newspaper theme is one of my favorite WordPress themes. I like how easy it is to create gorgeous homepage layouts like this:

local news wordpress theme

They also have a ton of post formats to make your content effortlessly pop. A magazine-style theme, in general, is the sort of layout style you’d want for a news site to encourage readers to click multiple pages per session, across common interest areas.


Display Ads

AdSense, Ezoic or Mediavine are great display-advertising options.

That said, I wouldn’t run ads until I’m getting ~250 sessions a day.

Since ad rates typically are calculated on a per 1,000 session model- if you’re managing a $10 CPM, for example, you’ll need some decent traffic before you see solid ad revenue.

Affiliate/Lead Gen

You can try to monetize some of these local search terms utilizing an affiliate program like HomeAdvisor’s.

According to their affiliate page, “HomeAdvisor’s industry-leading partner program offers aggressive payouts for qualified leads or calls.”

Look at how some of the big players monetize local service queries- Reviews.com has a pest control landing page that’s top-notch:

The Best Pest Control Services for 2019 Reviews com

I’d definitely ‘SEO’ a term like “brooklyn pest control” and construct a landing page using some of the affiliate programs BestReviews uses like Orkin and Terminix, and even HomeAdvisor.

Another option- Caviar, the food delivery service, has an affiliate program. They write:

“Caviar delivers food from the best restaurants in cities around the country directly to you in the comfort of your home or office, enabled by technology. Browse a picture menu, customize your meal, and get delivery straight to your door. Only restaurants that meet the uncompromising standards of the Caviar tastemakers qualify for Caviar delivery.

Once an order is placed, the customer can track their order with a real-time GPS. Join the Caviar affiliate program and you’ll be promoting delivery for the love of food.”

This type of offer could do well in an email- you can write up a post about local Caviar delivery options and circulate it to your list.

Real Estate

Here’s another big one- real estate affiliate programs.

Realtor.com is currently paying $5 per lead through Viglink and Foreclosure.com is paying 25% commissions:

brooklyn heights foreclosures

You could optimize content for “Brooklyn foreclosures” and even have a dedicated email capture on this page just for people who want foreclosure alerts in Brooklyn and then market foreclosure listings to them via email.

Once your site gets some traction, you can solicit sponsored content- perhaps a local business will pay to post on your site or access your email list.

The Skint is a local event site I’ve written about before- here’s one of the sponsored emails I recently received from them:

skint newsletter

The 92Y apparently paid for access to The Skint’s email list.

If I were creating a local event site, I’d sign up to ALL the local sites and see what they’re promoting.

I’d keep track of these sponsorship opportunities in a spreadsheet and, if I had enough traffic to warrant it, I’d reach out to the 92Y and ask if they’d be interested in sponsoring content or an email broadcast.

Summing Up

If I didn’t have so much on my plate, I’d consider starting a site like this.

To make it work, it’ll need some time and dedication- it’s not worth ‘half-assing’ with low-quality content like your average affiliate site.

The upside here- ideally you’re living in the neighborhood you’re blogging about. You have a tremendous opportunity to create genuine and unique content that a small number of people love.

Ranking For Statistics

statistics niche

I’ve been on the hunt for an interesting niche to profile for a while. Nothing has really sparked my interest. From wine blogs to niche rodent sites.

That was until one of my favorite YouTubers made a point about marriage statistics and referenced an obscure niche demographics website:

Black Population in US - BlackDemographics.com


Clicking through the site I was immediately impressed. Just a couple of charts and tables are acquiring really solid organic rankings and insane backlinks from the likes of the Washington Post and the New York Times.

This is a unique niche. Really short content is naturally attracting big-time backlinks that cement authoritative rankings.

The Big Idea

Start a niche statistics site compiling public information data into compelling charts, graphics and analysis. To get a sense of the opportunity, I ran Statista, the ‘internet’s leading statistics database’ through Ahrefs and extracted 1,000 of their top-performing organic keywords.

Scrolling through the keywords, you can see a variety of different ‘statistical’ niches:

  • Social media (YouTube, TikTok, Reddit) stats
  • Inflation rate
  • Military spending
  • Police killings
  • Crypto stats
  • Video gaming stats
  • Dating (“how do couples meet”)
  • Demographics (“highest population density”)

One note: sports stats is another huge niche opportunity that I’d be remiss ignoring. For example, Basketball-Reference ranks for nearly 1 million keywords. HoopsStats parses Basketball-Reference’s more traditional data in interesting ways, ranks for 20k keywords, and assuredly gets loads of direct traffic.

Another angle, HerHoopStats focuses on female basketball statistics, ranks for 6k keywords and sells a $20 data product. Sports is a great topic for stats, direct and social traffic, but will require some technical know-how to pull and compile game-by-game data.

A Real Example

A great example of a thriving site in the statistics niche is BlackDemographics.com.

BlackDemographics.com is the “top resource for information regarding African Americans”.

It publishes high-quality, statistical information about African Americans- ranging from State-by-State demographic breakdowns, business job creation, household income, political affiliation, marriage rates, and more.

It ranks for 15k keywords with super-powered backlinks from the Washington Post, New York Times, 538, PJMedia, DailyCaller, and more:

Overview-blackdemographics-com-on-AhrefsCheck out some of their top ranking keywords:

Their top organic-trafficked page is this State-by-State breakdown of black demographics:

black demographics screenshot

You can see that they are making money with ads (1, 2, 3, 4); promoting what looks to be a companion project (5); and soliciting donations (6).

Their top trafficked page is a simple table- it’s not some 15,000-word post. If you’re able to succinctly visualize data in a table or a chart, you can reap huge amounts of traffic.

One of the best things about a site like this is that it’ll get a ton of Direct traffic. Nearly 18%, according to SimilarWeb:


Some Considerations

Data Access

I’d think long and hard about the niche- you’ll want a niche that you can get free data, like this from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If the information is proprietary, you’re going to have to pay a lot of money to get access to quality stats.

In addition, you’ll want to consider how easy it is to publish the data. For example, SocialBlade does an amazing job scraping YouTube for up-to-date Subscriber statistics.

That type of data output will require a lot of technical know-how and server resources. BlackDemographics.com, on the other hand, uses publicly available information and, at most, creates or reuses existing charts and graphs to display information.

In a nutshell, you’ll want to find publicly available data that is not exceptionally difficult to visualize for your audience.

Traffic Potential

I’d also try to find something with solid organic traffic opportunities. BlackDemographics.com ranks for 15,000 keywords. That’s not a huge number, but it’s supplemented by Direct traffic.

For example, if you were considering targeting “college tuition stats”, it would make sense to zoom out to a broader, more trafficked niche.

You could specialize in a type of college, say Ivy League colleges, and covering tuition, admission and other related stats.

That way, you’re not covering every single college, which would be a huge undertaking, but you’re not just reviewing admissions data.

Getting Traffic

Traffic, as usual, comes down to publishing cross-channel content alongside quality ‘SEO’ content.

The good thing about statistics and data is that they can perform really well on social channels like YouTube on Twitter. At the time of this writing, this military spending visualization has over 3.5 million views:

and a military spending Tweet like this one already has over 205 Retweets in 5 days:

This is really good news because it doesn’t tether you to organic traffic, which can be very fickle.

It should also be easier to get backlinks naturally because people usually cite the source of information.

If you’re publishing interesting data combined with charts and imagery that you allow others to share, it’s possible that you’ll acquire some big-time backlinks that will help increase your keyword rankings.

Content Creation

If I were approaching this niche, I’d focus on publishing tables, graphics and analysis.

Helpfully, Excel has an Analyze Data option which automatically creates dozens of charts and graphs based on your spreadsheet like this one:

population chart exampleI’d include at least 500 words of analysis with the tables and create some shareable/embeddable graphics.

That way, when the time comes to run ads on your content, Mediavine and AdThrive can run their in-content ad units on your Posts.

You can even create embed codes for the images so that other sites can embed the content with a backlink to your website.

In terms of site structure, I’d create a mind map ahead of time so that the content is thoughtfully structured.

Check out BlackDemographics menu structure- you can see their content is highly organized:

site structure exampleThis helps Google index and rank your content, as well as enhancing on-site user engagement.


You’ll want to find something with an affiliate opportunity. Demographics, as is the case with BlackDemographics.com, doesn’t have a natural affiliate opportunity.

On the other hand, Crypto does.

‘Military spending’ doesn’t have an affiliate angle. But ‘dating’ does. That said, there might be a better traffic/ranking opportunity in a niche without an affiliate angle.

In that case, display ads will be your primary option.

One important note- premium ad networks like Mediavine require long-form content to run their lucrative in-content ads.

If your top trafficked page is just a table- they might not accept you. It’s best to beef up these pages somewhat if you’re trying to get into an ad network like Mediavine or AdThrive.

You could experiment with selling a product. For example, if you donate to BlackDemographics.com, you get an exclusive data download product.

If you are able to provide exceptional data insights, maybe even your own proprietary data, you can charge huge amounts of money.

For example, Datarate is selling this litigation history product for $299 a month!

Some More Site Examples

TwitchTracker: Track Twitch channels, streams and subscribers along with global statistics visualised in a clear form of tables, charts and graphs.

CollegeStats: Discovering your dream school just got easier. Search our database of more than 3,000 colleges and universities to find the best advanced degree opportunities for you. CollegeStats.org lets you decide what matters most in your search for the perfect college.

MusicBrainz: MusicBrainz is an open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public.

FrontPageStats: Statistics about which users have made it to the ‘front page’ of Reddit the most. (Flippa listing)

US Inflation Calculator: This site was created as a resource for inflation and inflation-related news.


  • Lots of public data available for free
  • Great opportunity for easy, free backlinks
  • Potential for direct traffic
  • Potential for social media virality
  • Chance to sell high-ticket data product/service


  • There can be limited search traffic- depending on the niche you pick
  • Data will need to be updated on a somewhat routine basis
  • Some sites compile data by scraping- this requires some technical know-how
  • Some data is proprietary, i.e. not publically available
  • Generally, this will be an ads-only opportunity, though there are some good niches for affiliate marketing

The Authority Site System (TASS) Review

authority site system

When I first started building affiliate sites in 2015, there were a few foundational gurus that I followed.

Patt Flynn from Smart Passive Income was one. Amy Porterfield was another.

However, it was Gael and Mark from AuthorityHacker.com that most helped me on my internet-marketing journey.

Since the summer of 2016, I’ve earned well over a million dollars running several content sites.

That’s not to brag- just to qualify my thoughts on internet marketing and the innumerable information products that sell the passive-income possibility.

*I am an affiliate for AuthorityHacker- so if you end up purchasing the course, I’ll receive a commission.

tl;dr Summary

  • AuthorityHacker was founded by Gael Breton & Mark Webster- a pair of seasoned internet marketers.
  • Their website and podcast help novice to advanced internet marketers grow profitable content websites with white-hat traffic and monetization methods.
  • AuthorityHacker has two primary products:  The Authority Site System (TASS) and Authority Hacker Pro (AH Pro).
  • The Authority Site System is a step-by-step system for launching successful affiliate & authority sites. It’s intended for beginners who want to create new sites and reach job replacement income levels. It’s always available for purchase- unlike AH Pro.
  • AH Pro is only available during launch periods- it’s designed for marketers who already have a blog or website and want to grow it further. Make sure you’re subscribed to my email list (there’s a signup form at the bottom of this post) to get notified when AH Pro is available.
  • I purchased TASS and AH Pro in 2016 and relied on their traffic/monetization strategies to scale my websites to over $65,000 monthly earnings.
  • Besides the course content, when you purchase The Authority Site System, you get access to their private Facebook mastermind group. It’s an invaluable repository of internet marketing knowledge. Mark and Gael are on hand- as well as a ton of other successful site owners willing to share their knowledge.
  • Gael and Mark routinely update both TASS and AH Pro so that their strategies remain cutting edge.
  • The two resources I unreservedly recommend if you’re trying to build a passive-income internet business is Ahrefs, the SEO software, and The Authority Site System.

*If you’re wondering if it’s right for you, I’ll answer your questions. Just email me at ryan@nichefacts.com or use the contact form below:

Contact Me


    Interested? Join The Webinar

    I recommend jumping on the AuthorityHacker webinar if you’re at all intrigued. Gael and Mark do a great job explaining their approach:

    Why I Recommend The Authority Site System

    There are two online marketing resources that I unreservedly recommend.

    The first is Ahrefs- the SaaS SEO tool.

    The second is the AuthorityHacker brand.

    I’ve been listening to their podcast for years:

    The Authority Hacker Podcast on Apple Podcasts

    I’ve purchased their highest priced internet marketing product, AH Pro. And I participate in their private Facebook Group on a regular basis.

    I came to trust Gael and Mark because:

    1. their blog content was always best-in-class
    2. they were always completely transparent about their wins/losses
    3. their podcast revealed them as friendly, relatable people- not spammy affiliates shilling a get rich quick scheme
    4. After I became an AuthorityHacker affiliate, I had the chance to speak with Mark over the phone and Skype. It further cemented my positive impression of their approach to internet marketing

    If you’ve been searching around in vain for an all-in-one course that will help you launch a profitable website, this is an amazing place to start.

    Who It’s For

    In my opinion, if you’re just starting out, want to build a website that earns several thousand dollars or more a month, the Authority Site System is a great place to start.

    It’s an exhaustive primer for beginner internet marketers who want a clear process for constructing sustainable internet properties.

    It provides cutting-edge, white-hat internet marketing strategies to create content that gets traffic.

    If you’re an advanced site-builder, you might find a few useful items in the course, but it’s probably not worth it for you.

    Intermediate and advanced internet marketers should purchase AH Pro during a launch period.

    My Early Failures

    When I first started building affiliate websites back in 2015, I had no idea what I was doing and ended up receiving a manual penalty from Google.

    I was doing a bunch of spammy content creation. I was using an article spinner to publish hundreds of thin content pages.

    Google took notice one day and obliterated my network of sites.

    It turns out that getting penalized by Google was the best thing that could have happened to me.

    I quickly pivoted to whiter-hat internet marketing strategies.

    It was a costly lesson- I had spent at least 6 months doing things the wrong way.

    A lot of people would have quit at that point.

    I had been dabbling with Authority Hacker content at the time- reading their blog posts and listening to their podcasts, but I still wasn’t following their advice.

    I was still in the early stages of the ‘make money online’ game. I was listening to dozens of different gurus espousing dozens of different strategies.

    I had no idea what was the best path.

    It was an exciting and confusing time. I knew that there were internet marketers out there experiencing tremendous success. To my mind, it certainly seemed possible.

    Full transparency: I started the site that ultimately became my biggest success before I purchased an AuthorityHacker product, but their free blog and podcast content was a factor in my early success.

    What’s Inside TASS?

    authority hacker system course contents

    Inside of each of these Modules there are a variety of Lessons.

    For instance, inside Module 2: Brainstorming Niches there are 11 individual Lessons:

    1. What makes a good niche
    2. What Makes A Good Niche For YOU?
    3. Introducing the niche research spreadsheet
    4. Things You’re Good At
    5. Website Marketplaces
    6. Content Marketplaces
    7. Affiliate Networks
    8. [Advanced] Affiliate Tracking Domains
    9. Disclaimers
    10. Online Lists
    11. Shortlisting Your Niches (Round 1)

    Once you’re inside a Lesson, the content includes ultra-detailed text and video material:

    niches that work well Internet Marketing

    How Much Is It?

    Currently, TASS is priced at $997.

    Yes, that’s a lot of money.

    Could you get the same information for free elsewhere?

    I bet you could cobble together 75% of the information from free resources.

    But it would be a disorganized mess.

    I know when I was first starting out, I was so incredibly confused about the best course of action.

    I had a lot of early failures that could have been avoided if I had just stuck with a workable and winning system.

    Plus- you wouldn’t have access to peer support from the Facebook mastermind.

    To this day, whenever I have a question about something that’s got me stumped, I search the Facebook group and usually find detailed answers from reputable marketers I know I can trust.

    So, yes, it’s a lot of money.

    But if you’re serious about building a profitable content site, I’d recommend investing in a proven system to ensure efficient progress towards job-replacing online income.


    Are there refunds?

    Yes, they offer a 30 day, no questions asked refund.

    Does this work in 2020?

    Yes- they routinely update the content in the course. Including a recent reshooting of their entire TASS video catalog.

    Are there other costs?

    Yes. You’ll have to pay to host your website, buy a WordPress theme, and invest in an SEO tool like Ahrefs (or a cheaper alternative like KWFinder). In addition, you’ll need to create content for your website- you can write this yourself or outsource it.

    Is there support?

    Yes, the private Facebook mastermind group is where you’ll get support from Gael and Mark. As well as other authority-site marketers. I’m in the group every day- it’s probably my 2nd or 3rd stop in the morning.

    Are there discounts?

    I’ve seen the price occasionally discounted- but I don’t know for sure if/when this will happen again.

    The Airbnb Affiliate Program [Review]

    the airbnb affiliate program

    If you’re looking to promote Airbnb, there are now 3 types of partnership options you need to be aware of.

    *3/21 Update: Airbnb has canceled their affiliate program, according to CNBC.

    *5/20 Update: Airbnb has just launched a new affiliate program: The Airbnb Associates Program. You’ll earn 30% of the Airbnb service fee with a 28-day cookie. There’s chatter that the traffic requirements are much lower for the Associates program than for their Referral Program.

    First, Airbnb has a formal Affiliate Program, but it also has a more informal Referral Program for your friends and family.

    1. The Airbnb Referral Program Commission structure: Up to $95 per user you get to sign up, capped at $5,000 in travel credits.
    2. The Airbnb Affiliate Program Commission structure: N/A at this time.
    3. The Airbnb Associates Program Commission structure: 30% of the Airbnb service fee with a 28 day cookie

    The Specifics

    The Airbnb Referral Program

    Regarding the Airbnb Referral Program, the affiliate agreement says that:”Airbnb Users can earn Travel Credits towards future Airbnb travel if: (i) a referred friend clicks on their referral link to create a valid Airbnb account that complies with our Terms of Service; and (ii) the referred friend completes a Qualifying Reservation either as a guest or as a host.”

    While the Referral Program looks decent- it doesn’t pay you in cash and it’s capped at $5,000, which I presume is a lifetime limit- the details are a bit unclear.

    It’s really a fun incentive for non-affiliates to earn some travel rewards points with Airbnb from friends and family.

    The serious money will be made with the true affiliate program below.

    The Airbnb Affiliate Program

    Regarding the Airbnb Affiliate Program, details about the affiliate program are scarce- I couldn’t find any online. Your best bet is to complete the application, get approved, and then let me know! The real money will be made with the Airbnb Affiliate Program. Airbnb’s affiliate program has some pretty high standards. According to their affiliate page, they require 1 million monthly visits to an app or a website.

    Airbnb Affiliate Program (Video Review)

    I shot a short video walking you through the Airbnb affiliate program and how I would consider promoting it. Leave a Like if you find it useful!

    Examining The Airbnb Affiliate Program

    What Can You Promote

    You’ll have access to their Guest affiliate program and their Host affiliate program. According to their affiliate page, publishers with access to the Guest affiliate program can promote Airbnb listings. This means you’ll get paid commissions for every guest booking you convert. Publishers will also get access to the Host affiliate program. This enables you to promote Airbnb hosting opportunities to your audience and you’ll earn a commission for each new host who signs up.

    travel affiliate programs

    Why Should You Promote It?

    Airbnb has access to 4 million homes in 191 countries, 60,000 cities, enabling your site or app visitors to book or host nearly any type of property. According to their affiliate page, they clear 100,000 bookings a day.

    And, besides that, it’s a beloved brand- which means that it will convert.

    Travel Site Examples

    If you’re interested in promoting Airbnb, you probably have an ancillary interest in travel. And nowadays everybody is obsessed with travel, for better or for worse.

    So I’m sure you could name several travel-authority sites or Instagram profiles off the top of your head.

    I’m not too familiar with the travel niche, so after some Googling, I found this handy list of travel sites:

    51 Best Travel Blogs to Follow (2019) -

    Clicking through to the Amateur Traveler– it’s an example of a content-rich travel blog that presumably would be an ideal partner for Airbnb.

    I ran a site search for mentions of Airbnb and found one post with an Airbnb affiliate link- ‘how to become an Airbnb host‘.

    The site is a good example of the sort of holistic approach to site traffic I endorse.

    They obviously have their blog, but they also have a podcast, a YouTube channel, an Instagram profile, a Pinterest account, and a variety of other social channels pushing traffic to their site and to affiliate & display ad monetization.

    One of the best ways to strategically approach Airbnb promotion is to examine the top-performing sites in the niche and get inspiration.

    How To Promote Airbnb


    If I were to approach this niche, my first instinct would be to create a travel content site.

    And, yes, travel is a saturated niche, but with some effort and keyword research (see below), you can find some low-competition spaces in the travel niche to exploit with long-form content.

    Airbnb Keyword Research

    Below, I extracted 1,000 of Airbnb’s top-performing organic keywords.

    I removed a bunch of brand terms (and a million Airbnb misspellings) to make the keyword research clearer:

    As you can see, there’s a ton of interesting keywords you create content for.

    An interesting theme are keyword phrases like “things to do in new york”, “things to do in nashville”, “things to do in chicago”, “things to do in san diego”.

    I also pulled out some ‘rental’ keyword phrases with a max Keyword Difficulty of 15.

    These are really low competition options you can produce content for. Here’s just a few of them:

    • houseboat rental key west
    • rv rental houston
    • room rental
    • lake travis cabins rental
    • rv rental tucson
    • cabin rental in sc
    • houseboat rental san diego
    • yacht rental charleston sc
    • rv rental miami
    • rv rental orlando
    • houseboat rental florida
    • earthship rental
    • cabin rental near me

    TripAdvisor Keyword Research

    Going even deeper, another way to find low-competition keywords is to examine travel sites with lots of user-generated content.

    Sites that rank with user-generated content are prime SEO opportunities- easy to outrank in the SERPs.

    I picked TripAdvisor. Below are 1,000 keywords that I winnowed down- you can see there are lots of travel destinations on this list:

    whitewater amphitheater” has a Keyword Difficulty of 0, at the time of this writing, getting 7,300 searches a month.

    argosy casino” has a Keyword Difficulty of 7, getting 8,600 searches a month.

    And I can go on and on. Check out the table below- the idea here is writing up travel guides for these keywords and monetize with Airbnb.

    Help people find the best accommodations as they visit the Whitewater Amphitheater.

    Email and Social

    One thing to be careful of with Email and Social- make sure you examine the affiliate agreement carefully to make sure there aren’t any email or social restrictions.

    Oftentimes, affiliate programs will restrict placing affiliate links on organic Facebook content, or running paid traffic to the affiliate’s landing pages. Some even want to pre-approve email copy.

    Other than that- I don’t have any really profound insights for email and social. You’re creating content and you’re sharing it via email and social.

    And, if you are getting over a million visits a month to your website, enough to qualify for Airbnb, you don’t need me advising you on email and social promotional strategies!