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Is Quest Mindshare Legit? Read Real User Reviews


What Is Quest Mindshare? According to their Twitter profile, Quest Mindshare provides”Market Research, Sample & Data Quality Enthusiasts supplying B2B/B2C audiences for Online Surveys! Follow @opinionchamp to JOIN & become a member of our Panel! Facebook Their Facebook page provides a bit more information. They say “Join the fastest growing, undeniably exciting and financially rewarding […]

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Team National: MLM Scam? Read Real User Reviews

What Is Team National? WatchForScams Says: According to WatchForScams, “Team National Is a MLM multi level marketing company that provides savings off the retail price. In almost all cases you would be able to find the same discount or better by searching the Internet.” Team National Says: According to Team National itself: “Team National is […]

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The Authority Site System (TASS) Review

tass course

When I first started building affiliate sites in 2015, there were a few foundational gurus that I followed. Patt Flynn from Smart Passive Income was one. Amy Porterfield was another. However, it was Gael and Mark from that most helped me on my internet-marketing journey. Since the summer of 2016, I’ve earned well over […]

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How To Start A Profitable Local News Website


I was recently reading a Guardian news article bemoaning the death of local journalism: Small-town Alaskan newspaper seeks new owner. Price: $0 It’s a now-familiar trope: local news is unsustainably unprofitable. It made me think. Is it really? I don’t think it has to be. The problem with a lot of these local news agencies […]

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How To Start A Coupon / Deals Website Business


Coupon sites are compelling internet businesses. Why? For one, there are tons of big, low competition keywords you can rank for. But, perhaps more importantly, it’s because coupon sites are capturing you at the end of your buyer journey. You’re on the cusp of purchase, but you’re running one last Google search to see if […]

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The Best Places To Buy Websites


The first website I ever bought was a dog bed affiliate site started by a husband and wife team.  It was a dinky, exact-match-domain. I bought it for ~$500 off of Flippa back in 2016.I still remember the immense anxiety I felt negotiating the site transfer. I even got on the phone with the site owners to hash […]

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Ranking For Dreams

  What was the last dream you remember having? For me, it was a comically obvious nightmare about school. Something about a forgotten exam, a failing grade, a missed due date- it’s always horrible. According to this sleep study, I’m experiencing one of the most common dreams- the ‘being back in school’ nightmare. In this […]

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Ranking For Random Dates In Time

calendar (1)

In the past, I’ve written about a variety of niches that are somewhat strange and obscure. These include expired food searches, ranking for random people’s names, ranking for license plates, and ranking for phone numbers. In this niche report, I’m going to analyze sites that rank for dates and time. There are searches for literally […]

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