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The WordPress Affiliate Program [Full Review]


In this post, I dive into the WordPress affiliate program- both .org and .com affiliate opportunities. To start, the affiliate program provides 20% recurring payouts, for the first year, for every referral who signs up (Source).While is popular for its free plan, there are paid options as well:Personal: $4/month billed yearlyPremium: $8/month billed yearlyBusiness: […]

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How To Hire UpWork Freelancers: Writers, VAs, Developers and More

My UpWork Hiring Process

Below I outline my UpWork hiring strategy.  If you need to hire a freelancer- this post will walk you through my hiring strategy. I’ve hired writers, virtual assistants, WordPress developers, specifically targeting high-quality/low-cost freelancers.  This post focuses on how I’ve hired writers- but the techniques can be applied more broadly to recruit any type of freelancer you […]

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How To Make Passive Income Online


Passive income is a beautiful thing. Imagine not having to work for money. Instead of grinding it out in a cubicle, day after day, with a capped earning potential, imagine a flow of automated income that you control. While many people are rightly skeptical of passive income opportunities, I’m here to tell you that it is possible.But, it […]

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The Udemy Affiliate Program: How I Promote It


In this post, I’ll dive into the Udemy affiliate program.  I examine some of its top-performing keywords, how I make money promoting it, and different content marketing strategies you can use to cash in on online courses. What Is It?Udemy is a popular e-learning platform that enables course creators to sell and profit from their video […]

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Ranking For Weird Computer Files [Windows SEO]


Have you ever pulled up your Windows Task Manager and wondered what a specific process was? Perhaps it’s gibberish-looking .exe file that’s hogging an inordinate amount of RAM.The sites that I’m analyzing today specialize in researching these arcane file processes. Raking in reams of traffic for esoteric searches for things like “QtWebEngineProcess.exe”.  Quick Navigation Keyword ResearchThe […]

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WarriorPlus Review: Affiliate Monetization Strategies


In this post, I examine the Warrior plus affiliate network- analyzing their different offers and how I would promote them.  What Is It?WarriorPlus is an affiliate network that specializes in information products. Specifically, make money online products. You can join as an advertiser or an affiliate. Meaning, you can either list your product so affiliates can […]

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The Lyft Affiliate Program [Any Good?]

ride sharing logo

In this post, I’ll break down the Lyft affiliate program- how to join, the commission structure, some keyword research, and how I would build a site that gets traffic that converts on ride-sharing offers like Lyft.AboutLyft is a San Francisco, California- based, on-demand ride-share app. It launched in 2012 and operates in around 300 U.S. […]

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The Affiliate Program: Shortcut To Massive Profits


If you’re interested in the fitness and bodybuilding niche, the affiliate program is a logical affiliate partner.About is Boise, Idaho-based content site and eCommerce brand that gets over 1 million visits a day (Source). It produces tons of awesome content- specifically workout training plans and editorial blog posts. I’m a fan of […]

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