In this post I’m going to track my progress promoting my content using Facebook Groups. The idea behind this strategy is to join Facebook Groups and promote NicheFacts.com content.The way this works: Find Facebook Groups relevant to your nicheJoin or apply to join (if they’re private)Post in the Group promoting your content in a non-spammy way1. Finding […]

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Logo Design For Tightwads With No Design Skills

designing a logo

I have a troubled history with logo design. On the one hand, I understood the value of a gorgeous logo. On the other, I refused to spend money to design one. This meant many late nights in PowerPoint designing grainy logos that looked like bad clip art.But I’ve had a revelation that I want to share […]

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Shared Hosting: A Data-Backed Performance Comparison


In this post, I’m going to help you make an educated decision about selecting a hosting provider using actual third-party performance data.This won’t be a long-winded analysis about auto-scaling and RAM usage. I’m not a hosting geek- but I know enough to be dangerous.I’d like to help you make a quick and data-backed decision about […]

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The NicheFacts Twitter Challenge

twitter challenge

In my ongoing quest to grow NicheFacts.com, I’ve been pursuing different growth strategies.Since organic traffic is so hard to come by in the ‘make money online’ niche, I haven’t really focused on that. Instead, I’ve been: Publishing on Quora (NicheFacts Quora)Running ads on Facebook (NicheFacts Facebook) I’ve been thinking, what else can I do? I decided that I […]

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The Woodworking Niche

woodworking niche

This is another fun, visual niche that has both physical and informational affiliate products you can promote to a passionate audience.The idea is: Woodworking.You’ll be creating a woodworking site that reviews woodworking tools while also publishing informational content like ‘how-to’ and long, image list posts. The site can be a resource for hobbyists, professional craftsmen, […]

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4 Black Magic Content Hacks To Grow Your Niche Site

black magic content hacks

As a niche site builder content is the life-blood of my business.If you’re building a niche site, outside of hosting costs, content is going to be your biggest expense. This can be a big hurdle if you don’t have a lot of spare cash to hire quality writers.I’ve been there.Fortunately there are some ways you […]

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3 Tools For Pinterest Shock And Awe

Pinterest passive traffic strategies

In this post I’ll walk you through my Pinterest traffic strategy.Historically the majority of my traffic has originated from Google Search to an affiliate site that is very Pinterest-unfriendly.However, a new site I started is a DIY-style site, which is image-heavy. That means that it’s a natural fit for an image-rich social-media platform like Pinterest.I […]

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This niche report is pretty exciting for me. Why?Because I’m personally pursuing it. The good news is that there’s a ton of wide-open white space in this niche, so you don’t have to worry about me eating up all the opportunity. The niche is ticket sales. More specifically, becoming an affiliate for a ticketing platform […]

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The Duplicate Content Question

The duplicate content question

It raises the hackles of every SEO: “duplicate content”. If you publish content online, you’re probably aware that Google frowns upon duplicate content. According to the search giant, duplicate content refers to “substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar.” (Source)The consequences of duplicate content […]

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Why MailChimp Terminated My Account

MailChimp Logo

In this post, I discuss why my MailChimp account was terminated. And what I did about it.Why was it banned?Apparently the emails I’ve been sending are in violation of their Acceptable Use policy.What it boils down to is that this site, nichefacts.com, which is technically in the notorious ‘make money online’ space, had autoresponder emails […]

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