5+ Examples Of The REHub WordPress Theme With User Reviews

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REHub is a hybrid WordPress theme boasting unique features based on current trends and business needs. It’s recommended for multi-vendor marketplaces, eCommerce shops, and affiliate marketing.

If you were looking to buy a versatile WordPress theme, take a look at some of the example sites below that are using it. You’ll see that it is adapted to a variety of different use cases, from a DIY interior design blog to an entertainment content site.

Video Guide: Building A Site With REHub

Real Live Examples

Coupon Site

rehub theme review example

Medical Devices

rehub example site wordpress

Entertainment Blog

rehub wordpress blog example

DIY Site

rehub diy example site for wordpress

Baby Blog

rehub blog review

User Reviews

To discover what clients think about REHub and judge its efficiency and quality, we search through numerous reviews and ratings.

  • A client shares that he likes the price or product comparison options and that the dynamic price update will be useful to any eCommerce shop. The user also comments that he is satisfied with the plugins included in the REHub package and the complexity of the theme. However, he warns that it might take you a while to understand what you can do with the available plugins.
  • Another buyer points out that REHub offers more than 40 custom Elementor modules in addition to extended layouts. The user mentions that the vendor/users panels are very handy and that he loves the design and versatility of the template.
  • Another individual comments that he likes the ability to create price range pages, custom tables, and advanced search filters. He also mentions that the theme offers advanced mobile support and that it’s compatible with multiple vendors, including WC Vendor, Docan, WCFM, WC Marketplace.
  • On the other hand, an unhappy customer says that the code has too many bugs and that it’s not working as well as he expected. He contacted Customer Support, but they were not very helpful and that he was disappointed by how the theme’s feature and performance.
  • A user said that he found it difficult to upgrade to the newest version and that it would have been better if there was a step-by-step guide. However, other clients pointed out that support had released such a document already and that you could ask them to do the update for you by sending them admin access.
  • A website owner claims that REHub is not very mobile-friendly and that it’s not as responsive as he expects it to be. He adds that the content doesn’t fit a mobile’s screen and that its features are outdated. The client also observes that the author is not a native English speaker, and as such, some of the instructions are hard to comprehend and execute.
  • Another client also points out that the mobile layouts need improvement because it’s not as functional as it should. However, he says that the template is easy to use and that he hasn’t had any issues with it. The user adds that customer support is always ready to answer questions and that the theme updates frequently.
  • Another purchaser states that he doesn’t like working with Elementor page builder because it’s horrible and buggy. He wanted to know if it would be possible to use WP Bakery with this template. Support explained that Elementor is superior to them in quality, but he still can use WP Bakery if he wants.
  • A web developer shares that he is satisfied with the quality of the code and that he has been using REHub for several projects already. He says that he has never seen a template with so many customizable options and that the plugins do not slow down the websites.
  • Another purchaser reports that he uses this theme for WooCommerce and that he is very pleased with the achieved results. The flexibility of the design is astonishing according to him and that the code is well-written.
  • A user comments that he has been using the REHub theme for his 3-4 websites and that he doesn’t have any complaints. The person mentions that the template gets better and better with every update and that he highly recommends it.
  • On the other hand, a client complains that you can’t get adequate support for this theme and that his tickets remain unanswered. He has continuous problems with the template because the provided documentation is not well-written and beginner-friendly.
  • Another buyer observes that while some of the features might be hard to understand even by experienced developers, it’s worth the effort. He mentions that the template is perfect for affiliate sites and compare/review blogs.
  • A client says that the theme works smoothly and that the speed of his website is adequate. He also mentions that it allows you to build a nice-looking site with amazing features very easily if you’re an experienced developer. However, he notes that the code has some bugs in it and that customer support sometimes takes its time to respond to requests.

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