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What Is Quest Mindshare?

According to their Twitter profile, Quest Mindshare provides”Market Research, Sample & Data Quality Enthusiasts supplying B2B/B2C audiences for Online Surveys! Follow @opinionchamp to JOIN & become a member of our Panel!

_1 Quest Mindshare QuestMindshare Twitter


Their Facebook page provides a bit more information. They say “Join the fastest growing, undeniably exciting and financially rewarding panel anywhere! Average survey length is 10 minutes, topics on everything!”

In a nutshell, they administer online surveys to gather market research data. If you’re looking to make money online, or just earn some side income, Quest Mindshare pays qualified applicants to take online surveys.

How To Sign Up

Head over to their sign up page– they’ll help you “Get connected with hundreds of others who will pay for your opinions!” You can also ping them using their email address:

Apparently, they’ll email you when a survey is available that you’re a fit for. Which is better than having to constantly check in on a site to find surveys you can complete.

Can You Make Money With Quest Mindshare?

Reddit Reviews


Over in the beer money subreddit, one Reddit user asked the community if anybody else had been ripped off by PanelChamp / Quest Mindshare. They elaborated, saying that they had completed several music surveys, trying to make $100.

Anyone else get ripped off by PanelChamp (Quest Mindshare) ? from beermoney

However, after logging into they are account, they got an error message that said: “This email is not connected to any panels.” Apparently, this user was banned for violating the terms and conditions.

When they contacted Quest Mindshare, they were told that Cint, who operates OpinionAPP, is the one responsible, but when they contacted Cint, they said that it was Quest who is responsible for the termination. The pretty confusing situation all around.

4-6 Week Turnaround

In the same subreddit, one person said that they had finished a music survey that took over two and a half hours for $60 bucks.

Quest Mindshare Music Survey from beermoney

However, they were somewhat concerned because they said that they were told it would take four to six weeks to be paid and they hadn’t received it yet even though it had been close to six weeks.

Reddit users had mixed responses. One said that they had completed a similar survey several months ago, And they ended up getting paid on time.

However, the person who did it a survey related to dry shampoo said that they received the same payment time frame of four to six weeks and they apparently didn’t get any money after 6 weeks.

On the other hand, another person completed a music survey and was compensated for both of them. They did a lot of online research prior to committing to finishing the surveys and found that there are a lot of people earning solid side income from Quest.


Over on the r/SwagBucks subreddit, One person had a question about the quest mindshare radio station surveys.

Quest Mindshare Radio Station Surveys from SwagBucks

Again, it was related to receiving payment. In this case, $60 distributed through PayPal. They say that they received the survey through Swagbucks and they had to listen to 600 clips of songs and then rate each of them.

One person said that they did receive payment. They were given the typical four to six-week time frame and they were paid exactly at the 6-week mark. time of this post, this Redditor also said that they are completing a $90 survey that requires reading 1,200 songs- a really arduous task.

The original poster commiserated, saying that in his own case, the classic rock music survey was really difficult to complete because it was incredibly repetitive and inundated with southern classic rock and roll as well as 80s power ballads.

$40 Payout

Another Redditor had a pretty positive review, saying that the survey that they took was about their local radio stations.

40 dollar survey payout that started in swagbucks or survey junkie, but ended inside quest mindshare. from SwagBucks

In a nutshell, they had to play 256 different song clips and then read each one of them on five different aspects. Apparently took this person about 2 hours to finish and he was extremely anxious throughout the process because he wasn’t sure he was actually going to get paid for it.

The good thing was, they actually like the music I was playing so it wasn’t too arduous to just buckle down and get the whole thing done.

At the end, they needed to create a PayPal link apparently to request the money, but was eventually paid $40 for the two hours of work if they had put in.

People that commented on the thread were fairly impressed.

One person said that they would be wary of taking that much time to do the survey because in their experience sometimes they experience technical difficulties during the administration of the survey that prevented them from finishing it and getting compensated.

Another person says that $40 for two hours of work is really not that good. Apparently they had fairly recently completed a 70-minute medical research survey that paid $125.

They said that it was for chronic illnesses and was administered by

A lot of other people concurred with the original poster, saying that they were initially skeptical that they would get paid, but all of the survey work ended up being worth it, I would people reporting receiving payments of $40 and $50.

Someone from Australia chimed in, saying that Quest Mindshare in their experience probably one of the top 10 survey sites.

YouTube Testimonial

The YouTuber describes how Quest MindShare paid her $10 for a fun radio survey:

Summing Up

Examining the different user reviews, it seems that they are legit and not a scam. While sometimes it looks like the pads take a long time to process, their Facebook page has responsive support.

As well, most of the Reddit reviews we’d analyzed were positive, saying that the payouts do get distributed, even though the work itself can be pretty tedious.

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