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Please note that affiliate links may be included in some posts.

Whether you think psychics are con artists or not, there's a lot of money to be made in this niche.

In fact, I'm using the term 'psychic' pretty loosely. 

I'm really referring to an entire genre of mystical and extrasensory concepts. 

Things like tarot reading, astrology, numerology, spiritual communication, etc. that can loosely sit beneath the umbrella term 'psychic'. 

You can rake in display ad cash from high CPC (cost per click) keywords, generate passive income from affiliate opportunities, or even sell your own products and services. 

Weird Affiliate Offers

Check out some of the interesting affiliate opportunities in this niche: 

In this report, I'm going to use to get an overview of this niche. 

Below, you can see they have a pretty robust site- ranking for over 500,000 keywords as of September 2018: online stats

In terms of what they actually do, Keen provides access to a range of pay-per-call psychics, healers, mediums, and intuitives on their site:

According to their About page, 

"Since its inception in 1999, Keen has provided a platform for customers to receive reliable personal advice. Today, Keen is a leading community for online psychics, giving you a direct line to instant, live, personalized psychic advice. Getting an online psychic reading on Keen is safe, secure, confidential, and easy. You can connect with a psychic in our network anytime using your preferred conversation method: online chat, email reading, or phone call."

Keyword Research

To get a sense of the opportunity, I extracted 1,000 of's top-performing keywords.

As you can see, Keen has done a ton of content marketing- creating lots of pages for different astrology, tarot and pyschic keywords. 

For example, one of their top-performing pages is this one on the Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card:

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card | Articles at

If your life seems to be moving as if guided by destiny, expect The Wheel of Fortune to make an appearance in your Tarot reading. A Tarot article by

You can see that, once they have the user on this page they're trying to get them to click on "Find Your Best Psychic Match", or view their "Advisors" in the menu drop-down, or click the "How are you feeling today?" emojis to enter a lead scoring process.

The Big Idea

The big idea here for you, the reader, is to choose a psychic niche (or even go 'general'), create a content site that acquires traffic from multiple channels (organic, social, direct, referral), and monetize with display ads, affiliate marketing, and/or eCommerce.

Making Money

As you can see, Keen isn't running ads or using affiliate links.

They have their own stable of professional mediums and psychics that they're promoting. 


It's eCommerce.

That said, you could, just as easily, create the same type of content and promote affiliate offers or capitalize on display ads. 

As an aside, they actually have their own affiliate program, which pays "a $125 bounty for every first-time paid customer. With a 30-day window to convert free customers into paid customers."

If you're starting a site in this niche, unless you're a psychic yourself, it's unlikely that you'd begin with a product or service.

It's more likely that you'd begin with affiliate marketing and once you have decent site traffic (maybe 500+ a day), include display ads. 

Display Ads

Sort the keyword research by the CPC column and you'll see some pretty pricey keywords:

psychic affiliate seo programs

Affiliate Marketing

As well, there are plenty of affiliate offers to choose from:

They range from astrology call centers to Clickbank eBooks that help you develop your own psychic powers:

Or check out this affiliate program- astrological dating:

Within your content, you could link out to relevant affiliate offers- promoting a Tarot Pay Per Call offer within your Wheel Of Fortune Tarot post. 

Or perhaps you use a plugin like AdInserter to advertise affiliate offers across your site, or across Categories of your content. 

What I Would Do

Niche Selection

I'd do a lot of research into the different 'psychic' sub-niches. You could use to help with this research. 

Here's a list of all their advisor categories:

Wikipedia also has a good list: 

  • Apportation
  • Astral projection or mental projection
  • Aura reading
  • Automatic writing
  • Clairaudience
  • Claircognizance
  • Clairgustance
  • Clairolfactance
  • Clairsentience
  • Clairvoyance
  • Conjuration
  • Divination
  • Dowsing
  • Energy manipulation or energy work
  • Energy medicine
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Levitation or transvection
  • Mediumship or channeling
  • Precognition or premonition
  • Prophecy
  • Psychic surgery
  • Psychokinesis or telekinesis
  • Psychometry or psychoscopy
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Remote viewing, telesthesia or remote sensing
  • Retrocognition or postcognition
  • Second sight
  • Scrying
  • Telepathy
  • Thoughtography

Maybe you become a psychic fraud investigator- reviewing and outing bad products. 

Perhaps you specialize in interviewing psychics- getting traffic from YouTube and SEO transcripts of your conversations.

Or maybe you review supernatural claims- people who claim they have telepathic powers.

There's a range of different niches and angles you can take.

Keyword Potential

Each of these sub-niches will have different keyword potential. 

You could niche down into "pet psychics", "astrological dating" or specialize in "Chinese astrology".

I would use Ahrefs to analyze the top sites in the respective niche and examine how competitive and how voluminous the keywords are. 

You could also have a general psychic site and build out silos of content for each category.

Remember- you'll want to investigate affiliate offer potential prior to jumping into a niche.

If you specialize in 'levitation', like Wikipedia lists, there really aren't any affiliate opportunities. Plan ahead! 

Ethical Issues

I would have certain ethical qualms with this niche.

I'm very open-minded, but would be skeptical about the legitimacy of certain affiliate offers, and even entire practices altogether.

That said, if you're passionate about the topic and credibly believe in it, you can always just run ads on your content. 

Or just thoroughly vet the affiliate offers you promote.

There are even Amazon affiliate product reviews you could write for physical items like healing crystals and other energy 'hardware'. 

Be Brandable!

In a nutshell, I'd choose a brandable domain name that doesn't pen me in to one particular niche. 

For example, I wouldn't be I'd prefer a name like, which is short, memorable, brandable, and doesn't limit your site's potential.

Obviously four letter domain names are hard to come by- but you get the idea.

You might think your site's potential lies in afterlife pet communications- but realize several months in that there's not enough traffic and now you want to dip into a more lucrative vertical like chakra cleansing.

Content Mapping

I'd use a site like MindMeister to sketch out a mindmap of my content ideas and fit them into different categories.

This will help plan your site's architecture- making it more user friendly and navigable by the search engines. 

It will also help you hire writers and budget for content creation. 

You can even organize your content by the type of monetization.

Some content can only be monetized by display ads, while others are better for affiliate promotion. 


The two easiest monetization strategies will be display ads and affiliate marketing.

I've touched on both above.

Besides ensuring that your site concept has enough traffic potential, you don't need to worry too much about monetization early on.

Getting Traffic

I would recommend creating quality content on your website, sharing it across social, building an email list and incrementally building links.

It's not an overnight process (for that, try paid traffic). 

The biggest hurdle might be getting backlinks. If you don't have the patience or will to execute on a link-building campaign, you can pay an outreach service like ReachCreator

Paid Traffic

If slow-growth organic strategies bore you, you can try your hand at Pay Per Click advertising like this enterprising site with the catchy name is doing:

The landing page for that ad is below. Each of these psychic resources are affiliate links. 

You can see that is the 'Our Pick' recommendation- probably because they're the highest converting or highest paying.

You can always experiment running traffic to a page like this- but you'll need to track everything to understand if you're making or losing money.

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Summing Up

Definitely an interesting niche.

I'd suggest entering it only if you have honest intentions. 

You don't want to end up promoting people like Psychic Tammy:

It's most likely that you'd monetize with display and affiliate.

I definitely see a good opportunity here to create an interesting content site- particularly if you found an interesting angle.

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