The OPSeat Affiliate Program: Good?

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OPSeat is a gaming desk and ergonomic game chair company that provides well-designed and comfortable gaming chairs. This professional and affordable esports furniture is marketed to home gamers who want to level up their ergonomics.

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Does it have an affiliate program?

Yes, it does.

If you head over to their affiliate program page, you can sign up and begin earning pretty quickly.

The way it works, you need to sign up using your streaming channels details and then they’ll provide you banners, logos and a custom URL to track your sales.

A lot of streamers will use the banner or even a logo overlay to seamlessly integrate their marketing collateral directly into the video stream.

Promotional Example

How much can you earn?

For every chair that is sold through one of your clicks, you will make $15.

As a special incentive, for every tenth chair that you sell, you get a one-time free chair.

One question I have is whether the gaming desktops that they sell are also eligible for commissions. Another question is how long they’re tracking cookie lasts.

For example, are you earning money if somebody buys a chair 15 days after they clicked on your link, 30 days, or is it like the Amazon Associate program with a 24-hour cookie? That is important to figure out.

Is it worth it?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you’ll want to choose the programs you work with carefully.

First, you want to make sure that the product you are recommending is high-quality.

Second, you’ll want to examine the affiliate program details, specifically the commission and conversion potential of the affiliate program.

In this case, you are going to make $15 for every sale.

As a percentage of sale, that is .065% of the $229 selling price of their gaming chairs.

Can you do better?


If you are running a gaming channel or blog, I would investigate some alternative affiliate programs to see if they are a more lucrative option available.

For example, Secret Lab has an affiliate program that provides 12% Commission on each sale with a 7-Day tracking cookie.

DXracer also has an affiliate program that provides 12% Commission.

In this case, signing up requires a YouTube channel with at least 10 million views, a twitch Channel with 50,000 followers, a Twitter account with 380,000 plus followers and an Instagram account with 100 plus followers.

So you definitely have to have some social credibility before joining. But this could be more lucrative than receiving $15 for every gaming chair that you refer.

Summing Up

There are a ton of different affiliate options in this space.

With the explosion in popularity of Esports, there are a lot of decent options to promote.

My recommendation is to promote a gaming chair you actually use.

That way it becomes pretty easy to promote the chair on an ongoing basis by, for example, including an affiliate link in your YouTube description.

As you stream, you are also naturally promoting the chair and can generate a pretty passive profit from this without aggressively marketing it.

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