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In this post, we’ll show you the answer to this question and provide some thoughts on how to make money with your Google Ads certification.

First, the question:

On the Display Network, your ad is eligible to show on a webpage if your:

  1. landing page matches that webpage’s content
  2. Correct: keywords match that webpage’s content
  3. ad text matches that webpage’s content
  4. website matches that webpage’s content

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Build Your Own Internet Marketing Business

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If you are taking the Google Ads certification exam, we have some tips for building out your own pay per click digital agency. If you are a corporate employee, it might be worth reading on because we’ll show you that it’s pretty easy to build out a digital agency to replace your salary.

Consulting Opportunities

If you’re into pay-per-click advertising, you are pretty fortunate. Understanding paid media is a great place to be. There are lots of businesses eager to pay you for your knowledge, particularly if you are effective at driving bottom-line results and profits for their business.

And if you are trying to grow your own digital agency, paid media is going to be one of the primary drivers of your business. Search engine optimization, by contrast, takes a long time to get going, a lot of expertise, and it can be very difficult to get traffic in the crowded, digital marketing space.

The way I would recommend approaching the launch of a digital agency is to choose some specific customer verticals that you want to serve. I would pick some lucrative professions like lawyers, surgeons, accountants, etc. and build-out personalized landing pages that you’ll use in conjunction with Google Ads, including retargeting display ads on other websites, to build awareness.

If you can prove that you can convert customers on your ads, that itself is an endorsement of your skills to these potential customers.

One thing I should mention, when you build these landing pages, you should have a content upgrade. What this means, say you are targeting self-employed accountants or accounting firms that you want to provide digital marketing services for, try to capture their email with a Content upgrade light “the 5 best marketing tips for accounts”.

Email Capture

It’s a good idea to try to capture emails. Not everyone will immediately convert on your landing page. They may not call you or email you immediately, so if you capture their emails you have a way to connect with your potential customers. This will make your ad spend more efficient because you are not losing out on people that do not immediately convert. I have heard some studies that said that it can take 43 days from click to conversion!

This means that you need to build out a funnel- a way for customers to interact with you over the long term because it can take over a month for a customer to actually convert on what you are offering.

Retargeting Customers

As a Google ad specialist, no doubt you understand how to set up a retargeting campaign.

Anyone that lands on your specific landing page, you should be retargeting them because it is a cheaper click and it is warmer traffic since they are already somewhat familiar with who you are and the business solutions you offer.


Nowadays, it is really easy to hire freelance contractors. So if you have a growing digital agency, don’t be afraid to reach out to virtual assistants and other paid media specialist using a platform like UpWork. As your pay per click agency grows, you’ll want to get out of the weeds and outsource a lot of the tedious tasks that don’t drive the bottom line for you anymore.

In my own business, I found that it is extremely helpful to have a virtual assistant. I’m able to outsource a lot of mundane and repetitive tasks to the virtual assistant and focus on things that are more strategic to drive bottom-line profits and results.

For Employees

If you work for someone else, getting a Google advertising certification is a resume enhancer. It can help you if you are trying to find a new job. As well, if you want to transition to paid consulting work as a freelancer, it’s a real feather in your cap.

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