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If you're like me, you're constantly on the lookout for clever automation hacks.

Whether that's stringing together an IFTTT (if this then that) recipe that dims your lights when it rains, or merely republishes all your Tweets to your Blogger profile.

So when App Sumo recently ran a lifetime deal for MissingLettr, I took notice.

What MissingLettr does is connect to your site's RSS feed, so whenever you publish a new post, it automatically generates 9 social media posts, spread out over the course of a year. 

(RSS integration is painless- they find the feed for you.)

All you have to do is log in and touch the social media drafts up a bit and then approve them.

You can use a speech bubble, plain text, or an image in your posts- scroll down to a sample campaign I created to see what each looks like. 

Below is a screenshot of the Dashboard for NicheFacts.com- it gives you an overview of your current campaigns, branding, clicks: 

Missinglettr Dashboard-min

Currently, they support Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. But Instagram and Pinterest integrations are coming, according to their product roadmap.

You can also generate these drip campaigns for older posts, too.

MissingLettr Video Review

Check out the my MissingLettr overview below for a complete walkthrough:

Video Transcript

MissingLettr Pricing Plans

I'm currently on the AppSumo unlimited plan- it lets me create 10 unique campaigns a week for unlimited sites. That plan expired sadly- here are the current Individual offerings:

Missinglettr pricing Plans

Currently, the Personal plan lets you link 2 sites and create 4 Campaigns a week.

Just to be clear- a Campaign is one series of drip posts from a single URL. (Scroll down to check out a drip campaign for this site, NicheFacts.com)

There is also free plan- so you can always test it out that way and see how you like it.

How It Works

Once you've connected your RSS feed- every time you publish a new post, you'll get an email notifiying you that "Your social marketing campaign is ready!" like so: 

Your social marketing campaign is ready

Then you'll have the opportunity to tweak your campaign.

Below is a screenshot of a Campaign that's been prepared for me to review for this post


  1. Do some hashtag research using hashtagify and define default hashtags for your site's content- this save a lot of time and ensures maximum social visibility.
  2. Consider outsourcing the creation of these campaigns- especially if you have a large site and want to build drip campaigns for old content.
  3. Review how content looks after a drip campaign has posted at least once- you'll then get a sense of what content 'looks' best on different platforms.

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What I Like

Intelligent Hashtags: MissingLettr automatically generates the best, most popular hashtags, based on your content. They even show you how relatively popular each hashtag is with a bubble score below the hashtag. You can also set default hashtags for each site you add- that way each campaign automatically has those hashtags to start. I use Hashtagify to research my niche's most popular hashtags and then include them as defaults.

URL Tracking: Integrated URL shortening automatically shortens and tracks link clicks.

Medium integration: Another cool feature- you can connect your Medium account, and once you've approved a Campaign, you are given the option to republish on Medium. Since Medium uses canonical URLs, there's no 'SEO penalty' for duplicate content- you can republish there without losing rankings for your original content.

Design: MissingLettr has a clean and attractive interface.

Functionality: It just works- I haven't experienced any bugs or glitches to date.

What I Don’t Like

Facebook Integration: It's not their fault, but in order to use Facebook's API, they force you to manually copy and paste the text content of your post into the field and save each individual post. It takes about 45 seconds to do for the 9 posts in a campaign, but it's still annoying.

Analytics: Currently, they track link clicks on a weekly basis. It would be cool to see daily link clicks and more reporting about the best performing content. For example, do images perform better than quotes?

Number Of Posts: I would like the option to post more than 9 times a year for a particular post- but I get that they don't want people abusing the drip campaign to spam a post 500x a year, for example.

Final Thoughts

So far, I've found MissingLettr to be a useful social automation tool. It does require a little bit of curation- but not much. 

There are a million tools out there that will automatically publish your link on social platforms, but there aren't many that will 'intelligently' analyze your content and publish unique variations.

If you have a large site, it might be worth hiring a virtual assistant to create some campaigns from your old content- especially if you have engaged users on social platforms.

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