How To Start A Local Lead Gen Business | Content & Monetization Strategies

In this premium niche report, I’m going to discuss the Local Lead Gen niche.

Local Lead Gen refers to generating leads for local services that homeowners and even businesses pay for- whether that’s carpet cleaning, mold removal, marketing for healthcare providers, or fence painting.

As you can imagine, carpet cleaning, mold removal and even fence painting can be pretty expensive services.

There are many advertisers (i.e. the fence painters) hungry for qualified traffic- and that’s where you as an ‘infopreneur’ come in, publishing quality content that attracts qualified traffic that you can refer to affiliate partners, or even run ads on for high Cost Per Click cash.


Local Lead Gen Niches

If you’re curious about what these ‘local services’ look like, you can reference this huge list from Thumbtack, an “online service that matches customers with local professionals.”

I used Thumbtack to generate a massive list of over 500 local lead generation niches, including the monthly search volume, their Cost Per Click, Competition (read more about the Competition metric) and other valuable metrics.

Below is a preview of this data- if you’d like full access to my keyword research you’ll need to purchase the premium niche report.

KeywordSearch VolumeCPCCompetitionSearch Volume (US)CPC (US)Competition (US)
personal injury attorney22,200$1420.4822,200$1440.5
payroll services18,100$79.730.7414,800$94.340.79
water damage restoration14,800$77.570.5912,100$78.980.61
dui attorney6,600$73.550.686,600$73.680.7
tax attorney12,100$68.430.719,900$69.240.75
criminal defense attorney14,800$44.240.6912,100$44.610.71
restoration service1,300$44.150.24590$48.550.3
termite inspection14,800$31.920.7314,800$33.640.75
water heater repair22,200$31.570.6618,100$34.510.68
plumbing pipe repair170$30.730.5370$57.420.78
long distance moving2,600$29.100.822,200$29.680.84
rodent removal1,900$27.520.811,600$24.340.57
divorce attorney33,100$27.200.7433,100$27.440.75
foundation repair22,200$26.420.7622,200$27.660.75
garage door repair135,000$24.100.56110,000$30.250.51
emergency plumbing5,500$23.830.562,400$35.960.46
data recovery service2,000$23.220.481,100$30.880.53
family law attorney27,100$20.980.6822,200$21.190.69
personal bankruptcy attorney260$19.840.2260$30.940.17
bed bug extermination18,100$19.040.9418,100$19.770.94
roof installation4,400$18.020.433,600$23.970.45
central air conditioning installation1,300$17.7211,300$19.521
heating system repair590$17.050.08480$20.950.07
roof repair40,500$16.340.7527,100$21.100.72

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Below is a screenshot of the Thumbtack page- in case it’s ever removed from their site:

Here’s a screenshot of the list, in case it ever disappears:

The Big Idea

The idea here is to rank for Local Service keywords and push traffic to affiliate offers as well as capitalizing on the high Cost Per Click opportunities in this niche.

Remember to reference the Thumbtack page for inspiration- you can see there are many different types of Services, ranging from Asphalt Installation to Fence Painting:

The goal would be to create a high-quality, niche website specializing in one of these Service areas and push organic, and even paid, traffic to affiliate offers in this niche.

What’s Inside The Premium Niche Report

  • Niche site examples
  • Site structure strategy
  • How to get traffic
  • Monetization opportunities (i.e., display ads and affiliate marketing)
  • Lead Generation link building strategy

Remember- you can always read my free niche reports to see if my style is right for you.