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In this post, we’ll give you the quick answer for this question below, but also some tips on how to use your Google Ads certification in the world of work.

Keyword Planner Can Do All Of These Things Except:

  1. Show search volume trends
  2. Correct: provide Quality Score estimates and validate keywords
  3. suggest keywords and ad groups that may not have occurred to you
  4. provide historical statistics on search volume

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Google Ads Consulting Opportunities

Otherwise, if you are looking to leverage your Google ad certification, I would suggest experimenting with UpWork..


Upwork is a large freelancer market place where you can sell your services as a paid acquisition specialist.

There are lots of individuals, agencies and businesses online looking for someone to help them with paid search marketing.

It can be very lucrative, especially if you niche down, and specialize in a particular vertical of paid search.

For example, say you specialized in getting leads for roofing businesses. This is a very lucrative vertical and if you know the space especially well you could charge a pretty high premium for your expertise.

Profile Tips

I’ve purchased a lot of consulting services using this freelancer marketplace and one thing that I can recommend is filling out your profile as thoroughly as possible.

You can also include a bunch of different keywords related to Google ads. This will help people find your profile and drive traffic to it.

You’re probably aware that the Google Ads platform is constantly evolving and changing, so new keywords emerge that you can include so that knowledgeable buyers locate you and begin a conversation about the Google consulting services that you provide.

Another thing you should do, make sure that you have a professional picture taken.

This really does help and I’ve seen a lot of Freelancers neglect it. You don’t want to look unhappy or scowling, you want to look presentable and upbeat- it will encourage UpWork searchers to click into your profile and initiate a conversation.

Another thing that’s extremely important, make sure that you have copy-edited your profile description.

So many times I’ve read freelancers profiles and they include grammatical errors and misspellings.

This is going to dramatically impair your ability to get business on the platform because buyers aren’t going to trust the quality of your work if you can’t even get your profile to read correctly.

If you are a non-native English speaker, I would recommend getting your profile edited by a native English speaker so that they can fix errors in syntax, for example, that you are unaware of.


Fiverr is another market place where you could sell your services. It’s a little bit different than UpWork because everything on Fiverr is basically a product.

Whereas with UpWork, things are not productized- you are searched out as an individual and then you have to figure out what product or service you will be selling when you engage with an UpWork buyer.

Summing Up

We use are some common tips to help you get started.

You might be taking this Google Ads certification for a corporation that you are employed by, but if you are at all interested in internet marketing, I can help you find a niche online, get traffic to it, monetize that traffic and leave the corporate world behind.

Or, perhaps, you are interested in providing freelance consulting services. This is another great strategy for quickly generating revenue online. Either way, good luck on taking the certification course!

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