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One of the best strategies I’ve found for increasing affiliate clicks and commissions is running exit-intent popups on my content.

OptInMonster says it can increase affiliate sales by 30%!

My affiliate popup recipe is ConvertBox (lifetime deal for popups) + Affluent Analytics (to measure conversion).

So, for example, I get a lot of DIY traffic on a page about Pergolas. I run this popup on the content:

ConvertBox Popup Example

I use ConvertBox to run 2 split test popups on the content:

Convertbox Dashboard

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ConvertBox lets you easily see the stats for each variation in the ConvertBox dashboard.

And, on top of that, I integrate Affluent Analytics, an affiliate dashboard, to see how the Wayfair campaign is performing:

Affluent Analytics Dashboard

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You can see, it’s not a great performer- only converting at .82% the last 30 days.
But it’s still worth it since I run the popup on people that are abandoning the page or have become inactive.

So, it’s not disrupting the user’s experience too much and ekes out some decent incremental income.

You also have to keep in mind that people browsing for DIY solutions aren’t ‘buyers’, so the Wayfair conversion % makes a bit more sense in that context.

I have a bunch of other affiliate programs that are converting better than this- but it’s a good example of getting affiliate sales from a purely informational piece of content.

My recommendation: no matter what site you have, you can experiment running an affiliate popup on specific pages, or across the entire site and quickly test conversion.
Plus: since the affiliate links aren’t ‘on-page’, you don’t have to worry about Google penalizing your content.

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Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson
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