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Please note that affiliate links may be included in some posts.

In this post, I’m going to analyze HireWriters– showing you how I use it to generate quality content at a decent price.

HireWriters is an affordable Native-English content marketplace. If you’re unfamiliar with using text brokerages, this is a ‘self-managed’ option.

Meaning, you place the content orders and then accept or reject the finished article. Compared with managed options, where the text brokers facilitate the process, self-managed content brokerages are generally cheaper.

HireWriters has become my favorite article-writing service because the writing is Native English, the turnaround is quick, and the pricing is surprisingly cheap.


My Video Overview

I shot a HireWriter review for my YouTube channel- I actually order content and show you what the fulfillment process is like:


How It Works

Ordering content is pretty simple. Once you’ve logged in, just follow the steps below:

Hire Writers Order Articles and Content

The step by step process is outlined below:

  1. Create a HireWriters.com account (sign up)
  2. Click “Order Content”
  3. Click “Order Articles”
  4. Enter a Project Description (i.e. “DIY Tomato Cages”)
  5. Enter an Article Length
  6. Choose a Language (U.S. or British English)
  7. Provide a Writer’s Time Limit (i.e. one day or more)
  8. Choose a Skill Level for your writer:
    Beginner Writers – Any writer will do
    General Writers – At least 3 jobs completed with an overall rating of 4 stars or above
    Skilled Writers – At least 7 jobs completed with an overall rating of 4.1 stars or above
    Expert Writers – At least 12 jobs completed with an overall rating of 4.6 stars or above
    Invite Writers To Private Job – Select from writers I have set to “FAVORITE” status
  9. Choose an Article Tone
  10. Enter Your Keywords
  11. Add Special Instructions
  12. Place Order


You can also search out individual writers by a range of criteria. If you want to quickly build up an army of vetted article writers, this is a quick way to do it:

Hire Writers Search Writers

As you can see in the screenshot above, there’s a range of filters you can apply to screen the marketplace’s writers.

You can filter them by their Overall Rating, their Experience Level, their article’s Rejection Rate, how many jobs they’ve completed and even by their Specialty and Industry.

I like that they include photos, as well- other writing platforms I’ve used keep things pretty anonymous. The photo adds a bit of personality- and this added accountability probably improves the quality of their output.


HireWriters has a bunch of different content types you can order:

  • Articles
  • ReWritten Articles
  • Facebook Fanpage Post
  • Data Entry Work
  • Transcription
  • Poetry
  • eBook

If you’re reading this post, most likely you’re going to be ordering from the Articles category.

I published the pricing below:

Writer's Skill Level:150-300 Words300-500 Words500-700 Words700-1000 Words1000-2000 Words2000-3000+ Words

I generally hire from the General ($11.90) and Skilled ($14.40) categories for 1000-2000 Words.

Generally speaking, $12 or $14 for 1,000 words is really good.

When I hire UpWork writers, that’s the pricing I’m looking to hire for. So to get that pricing from a text broker is pretty surprising. Text brokers provide speed and convenience- which is great.

Though there’s a lot of benefits to working with a dedicated freelancer from a platform like UpWork. But- you can ‘favorite’ writers inside of HireWriters, so it is possible to build up a cadre of trusted article writers on the platform.

How I Use It

I created a detailed Google Doc that explains the writing task- I link to it in the Special Instructions section, asking the writers to review it before they begin writing.

The Google Doc includes a short video detailing the writing task and some specific requirements regarding the writing task I’m outsourcing.

I’ve found that this is the easiest way to work with a text broker.

By providing detailed instructions in a Google Doc, which I routinely tweak and optimize, it’s an easy way to help guarantee a quality outcome.

My Article Writing Instructions: Order Templates

Below I embedded one of my article-writing project guidelines. Feel free to download it- you can upload it to Google Docs, generate a shareable link, and use it within HireWriters when you submit orders.

The instructions are geared towards creating keyword-optimized content based on a single keyword- it trains the writers to perform some basic keyword research.

And it means I don’t have to spend a lot of time creating custom instructions for each piece of content I create- for example, specifying the different keyword concepts and themes that should be in an article.

As well, it instructs them create a free Grammarly account to spot-check their writing and use a keyword-density tool to avoid over-optimized content.



2021 Update: Nowadays I’m not using the Google Docs as much with Hirewriters. Here’s one template that I copy and paste into the Special Instructions section. It’s for ‘general’ articles- say I need a 1,000 word article on something fairly specific like, ‘how do you add kindling to a fireplace’.

General Article Order Template
Write at least 1000 words.

If your English is really poor- please don’t accept this task.

I don’t want to reject the writing. But I will! The English needs to be clear and grammatically correct.

USE GRAMMARLY TO COPY-EDIT BEFORE SUBMITTING, PLEASE! It’s really INEXCUSABLE to submit articles with spelling errors in 2021.

***Before You Submit***

1. Did you run it through Grammarly or Word to fix grammatical/spelling/capitalization errors?

2. Did you check the keyword density using this tool (https://wordcounter.net/) to make sure no single keyword is over 3%? Please don’t spam the keyword over and over and over and over.

3. Is the content organized into clear and logical headings?

4. Include links to where you source information!

5. If you feel like you’ve ‘run out’ of things to write about, use Google’s autosuggest feature to find new topic ideas. Example: https://share.getcloudapp.com/Z4ur9rlY

***Before You Submit***

What I Like

Pricing: I’ve found the writing quality to be the best bang for the buck compared with all the other text brokerage services I’ve used.

Quality: As of yet I haven’t rejected any written content- it definitely feels like the writers are Native English. Plus I often get questions from the writers about the task- that’s great because it shows they’re actually invested in a quality outcome, as opposed to just churning out low-quality articles.

External Linking: The ability to link to a Google Doc. Some of the text brokers I’ve experimented with prohibit you from externally linking- so I can’t link to my Google training document. That’s a hassle because I include several screenshots in the document which helps the writers perform on-the-fly keyword research.

Plagiarism detection: HireWriters says that they employ the Copyscape API to automatically scan submitted content to make sure that it’s original, and not plagiarized. I’d still recommend spot-checking it every so often with CopyScape.

Update: I used CopyScape to spot-check an article I received from HireWriters recently and did receive a plagiarism hit. I wrote to their support and received the following response:

We use the copyscape API, which is based on a percentage of similarity. We set the strictness level to around 80%, meaning, it must be 80% or higher to pass.

We do this in order to allow common sense similarities to pass, and not get flagged by copyscape.

So- just keep in mind that the ‘strictness level’ currently is set to 80%. I’m not as paranoid about ‘duplicate content’ issues as I used to be- in fact, one technical SEO I know says that in his testing as long as the content is more than 50% unique, the content will be indexed as unique by Google.

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What I Don’t Like

User Interface: A minor gripe- the User Interface looks very dated and, while functional, can be somewhat confusing when you first begin using it.

The HireWriters Affiliate Program

If you like HireWriters and want to recommend it a friend- you can sign up to their affiliate program. How much can you earn?

According to their affiliate page, you’ll earn “$5 for each client you refer that makes a deposit plus 50% of the future net profits!”

I’ve just started promoting them- and it’s an easy recommendation because, as I’ve outlined, the content quality is well above average for the price.


Summing Up

HireWriters is one of the best deals for content on the internet right now- and I’ve used every imaginable article-writing service.

It’s fast, cheap and decent quality- I recommend trying it out whether you’re just beginning your internet-marketing journey or are a grizzled IM veteran looking to rank content in the SERPs.

Last Updated on November 15, 2023 by Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelsonhttp://nichefacts.com
​Ryan Nelson is a NYC-based Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and a full-stack online marketer. He created NicheFacts.com to help people discover and build profitable, content-focused online businesses.



  1. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for writing this excellent review of HireWriters.
    I’ve been looking for a new option for getting good quality content written and found myself here.
    Glad I did.
    Just placed my first order with them, used your template, used your affiliate link.
    Here’s hoping it comes back in good shape.
    All the best,

    • Thanks. HireWriters definitely provides good value. If you want true, best in class type content, it’s not what I’d use, even at the top-most price point, but as strong, supplementary, SEO content, it’s really a no-brainer.

  2. Got my content back from HireWriters and for $14.40 I’m pretty impressed. On this occasion, I was just after a bit of fun content for a site that is very new and pretty thin at the moment.

    Do you mind me asking who you use when you’re after top-quality stuff? I’ve had a bit of a nightmare with content writers up until this point…I’m a fussy sod though.

    • HireWriters is great value at that $8-14/1,000 word price point. For higher quality, I’d go with someone from UpWork. I feel like I can negotiate a better deal there for higher quality content than an article writing service where top stuff is going to veer into the $60+ price point. Plus, the article writing services employ a bunch of mercenaries- which is fine for decent, SEO filler content, but isn’t always the best if you’re aiming for top-level content.

  3. Hi Ryan,

    I have used Hirewriters maybe 2-3 times in the past for some quick articles. Have you tried them to write tech. related articles? I need such article with some good research so I don’t know if they are a good fit.

    Thanks a lot

    • Apologies for the late reply- I’ve been clearing out a lot of spam comments in an effort to find the real ones.

      For in-depth, specialized or technical writing, I wouldn’t use HireWriters- except maybe at their top price point. It would be better to recruit a writer or an agency from UpWork to do that type of writing. You’d probably get a better price on UpWork than trying to buy super high-quality content on HireWriters.

  4. Hey Ryan
    Nice job on the video for content procurement. I have a quick question. Is the article, “What is a Dream Tent” still live? I searched for it on google and it wasn’t to be found. I then went to Yahoo and Bing and also no luck. That should be an easy keyword phrase to rank for. Almost all of my articles are on page one of Bing and Yahoo for exact match titles. (Google is not as easy) I’m wondering if it’s still live somewhere?


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