HireWriters Review | The Best Native English Writing Service

In this post, I’m going to analyze HireWriters– showing you how I use it to generate quality content at a decent price.

HireWriters is an affordable Native-English content marketplace. If you’re unfamiliar with using text brokerages, this is a ‘self-managed’ option.

Meaning, you place the content orders and then accept or reject the finished article. Compared with managed options, where the text brokers facilitate the process, self-managed content brokerages are generally cheaper.

HireWriters has become my favorite article-writing service because the writing is Native English, the turnaround is quick, and the pricing is surprisingly cheap.


My Video Overview

I shot a HireWriter review for my YouTube channel- I actually order content and show you what the fulfillment process is like:

[, Music, ] hi, guys Ryan from NicheFacts, and today I’m going to show you how you can order a really high quality native English content from one of my favorite article writing services called hire writers so in this review, I’m going to actually order some content. So you can see what the process looks like, but first just a little bit about hire writers, so they’re essentially they’re a self-managed marketplace, so you create an account and there’s a link in the description. It’S an affiliate link. So if you sign up, I get a commission based on the orders that you place, but anyway, once you sign up, it’s very easy to place these content requests inside their dashboard and the reason why I like it is because the pricing is really reasonable and all Of the writers are actually either American or British English native speakers, or at least fluent speakers, so you’re not you’re, not getting like spammy Indian English content, which a lot of a lot of these writing platforms will do that just to keep the costs lower. So you can see, I do have one hundred and thirty seven dollars in the account. I am actively using hire writers. You know for mostly SEO contents. It’S decent is good. It’S good quality. To put it that way. So in terms of why, like it like, I said it’s really, it really comes down to the pricing so right now, I generally order from this category right here the thousand to two thousand word category and then in terms of the skill level, I’m getting like doing Like eleven ninety or working forty, so just for some perspective like if I were on up work trying to recruit a freelance writer, I would look to hire someone say six dollars or five hundred words and you can see basically you’re getting 694 500 to 700 words. So whenever I get these back, like I ordered from this category thousand, the two thousand words like – maybe I’ll – get 1200 words I’ll the least get over a thousand, and that’s a very good deal is usually to get native English writers at that rate, is actually very Surprising, I’m not even actually recruiting native English, it’s very hard. Let me put it that way. The crew native English writer is, at a rate of you, know, seven dollars for 500 or $ 6.00 or 500, let alone the extra that you get because you know, though, right you know maybe 600 for 690. So that’s really what makes it unique. So if you head over to my post – and I also have a link in the description for this – I list out why I like it, how I’m using it like give you this sort of layout here, it’s pretty basic, nothing, nothing that complicated to do. I also list out some of the other things that I like about it. So, in terms of what I like, like I already mentioned, pricing is amazing. Quality is really good. I haven’t rejected any writing. As of yet as opposed to eye writer, where I mean it’s often like 30 % of the content I get back, I have to either reject outright or ask them to do of me write on it. Another thing I like about it is that when you make a request in here and the special instructions section you’re able to to link out which is really good for me, because I put all of my project guidelines inside of a Google Doc. And then I generate this shareable link, so then it makes it really easy. I could just say you know, follow the writing guidelines right here. Instead of you know, pasting in 1500 words, and then, if I did that I would lose all of these. These images that I put in here I put these these screen – captures to make it so the writers are doing keyword, research in this instance. So that’s one thing: another really underrated aspect: I’ve used like every single content, brokerage service, that’s out there and a lot of them will not let you link out for whatever reason other thing I like and they do. They do do plagiarism detection. So they say that they used the copyscape API to check all the content. Before it’s submitted to you, I recommend you know spot checking it. Let me just create a copy, scape account and fund it with like $ 5, and you know you can get like a ton of searches just off the $ 5. So it’s always good to just make sure they, your your spot, checking the content is to receive it every so often just to make sure that you know nothing slips by maybe the copyscape api. It’S is malfunctions or whatever the one thing i don’t like. The user interface a little bit old. You know it’s very, like internet circa 2005. I mean that’s really truly, not that big a deal it doesn’t. It doesn’t make it difficult to use a lot of these article writing services kind of have backends that look a little bit dated and that definitely matter that much other interesting thing hire writers does have an affiliate program. So if you like it, you can sign up and they give you $ 5 for each client referre. That makes it deposit and you get 50 % of the future net profits. It’S pretty good, so recurring affiliate program. So if you have it in a marketing blog or you just have friends that you think you can recommend this to just email them, it’s easy to join, there’s a link right over here in the post. The other thing I just wanted to touch on before I order some content is that I published in the my hire writers review my one of my writing guidelines, so you could actually download this right. Okay, here you click download and basically like I spend a lot of time figuring out the best way to request content, at least for me, this is a really good strategy because it teaches the writers how to do the keyword research. So in this instance, I used this example of like a weeping cherry tree. So if I want to content on that, instead of me, spending 15 to 20 minutes doing keyword, research and saying: okay, here’s an introduction, here’s the different concepts that I want included. I teach them you know here. Here’S how you use, google auto suggests here’s how you you know pick off some of these different concepts and included in the the article that you write and show them how to use uber suggests which is free. So it’s something that they can, they can use without any cost. I give them an example of some structure how some content is structured based on this process, so it this won’t work for every single use case. But for me one of my sites, like this, makes it so simple, I’m just like. Okay, here’s a keyword I want. Let me just get 1500 words on this and just send this document and they can just create it. The other thing I linked out to I show them how to make them create a free grammar early accounts with spot check, grammatical issues and punctuation errors. That’S really nice and also a keyword density tool. So I don’t want them sending me something with like you know. Five percent fewer density – it’s you don’t want the content to be over optimized. So generally I try to keep it below. Two percent. Actually is a little bit of a discrepancy here I say two percent one point five percent, but yeah basically say keep it below two percent, because this particular tool doesn’t like report on. Like you know, it just goes by you, like percentages, doesn’t split them up at the 0.5, so cute below two percent would probably be fine, not a big deal. So now that I’ve covered that I figured it would make sense to place an actual order. So I have some continent that I want to have created. So it’s. What is a dream tent and that’s just bleep. Excuse me Big Ten’s. It’S like a weird little product, see what it is I’ll, be here just for your edification. So it’s like a little tiny cavern that a child can can live. You know, I don’t know, I would say, look a little caravan tent for for sleeping grimaces, so say I want some content on that. So I say: okay, what is it dream tent? I would select the article category as putted arts and crafts article Lang – I like it 1000 of 2000 words, English American, that’s good for me. Leiter’S time limit one day I like very fast, sometimes I’ve had fighters requests like. I need a little bit more time. If it happens, you got an email inside. You know your. You got an email, you get notified, so you log in you can you can extend the time limit, which is not a big deal. I do like that. I found a lot of writers will actually message me, which is really good, because that means that they’re actually invested in the outcome and they want to produce a quality result, as opposed to some other platforms where it’s very anonymous. I don’t want to call that eyewriter, particularly, but sometimes that’s what happens with my writer. Is it’s like it’s just such a content, farm they’re, pushing out so much content that really isn’t a great deal of care and effort oftentimes going in especially here. If you’re not ordering a higher quality levels, but comparatively I just in terms of say between a writer and higher writer for the same amount of money you’re getting, I feel a bit more care and effort going and going into the content plus since they’re, really working With native English speakers and writers, it’s going to be a better piece of content, so skilled writers, I generally higher from there you can see right now. The price is 1440. If I go to expert you’ll go to 32, that’s a big jump for me and it could make sense for you to hire from that category. So you have may have to experiment for a little bit like, depending on the sort of content that you’re publishing and you know your editorial guidelines, but generally I like still in writers. So I only one on one article quantity. The article tone I like to keep it like friendly for this is good, clean. Tenth then I put in these follow writing guidelines here and then I just take my copy to link paste it in and then it looks good to go at 14:40. What is a dream? 10? Okay, it looks good, submit job [, Music ]. So there you go, my projects been created and then, when it’s finished, I’m going to get a notification. So I’m gon na pause the video in a bit and then just resume it once that I received the content back, but one other thing I just wanted to highlight quickly. Other interesting feature is that you can search writers and then basically build up your own kind of army of content creators, which is really good. I also like to thank food photos like a lot of these platforms are very anonymous. I feel like the fact that they have, you know, photos for each person and they it really decreases the anonymity of it. It makes it a bit more personal. I feel like that, increases the quality of the output that you get back, so they have a lot of filtering options here. So if I were in a particular industry, see that I really cared about aviation, you know, for instance, that’s something that I wanted to have writers for that specific experience. You know you can just I don’t have pictures for everybody. They spoke too soon, but maybe because this is very niche, there’s a picture, for instance, but aviation looks to be a very niche type of thing, but I mean you can see what I mean like you could really build out. You could hire these individual writers. You can send them a message. You can add them to your favorites. So then, when you go to order content, you could actually order article specifically from individual writers, invite writers to private job so see right here, it says select from my are slave set the favorite status. So you can go over here. You could favorite a bunch of people, you think look good and that way, you’ll have your own little army of content writers. I haven’t started doing that yet I basically just been placing these article requests and then the content I’ve been getting back has been really good, but I’ve also been favoring people and rejecting some other ones as I go along just to kind of increase. The quality of return that I’m getting so one last thing before I pause the video and just wait for the content to be returned to me. There’S actually a bunch of different types of content that you can order, so you can order articles, we’ve written articles, a Facebook fan page post a little bit dated data entry, work, transcriptions, poetry, which I don’t know who would order poetry from this? But you never know order and you can order an e-book and that’s you know, obviously, if you’re, if you’re, watching this video you’re most likely going to be using the order articles. That makes the most sense. So I’m gon na pause the video. Now, when I resume it I’ll have the finished content. Hopefully it looks good and we’ll review it together and see what we think. Okay, see you in a second and now we’re back, and I received an email from hi writers that I needed to approve an article and that’s the one that I submitted so you’ll click the button to log in I’ve already logged in just to expedite matters. So you’ll you’ll be in your dashboard here and you’ll, see kind of all your all your stats. So right here I see I’ve got two that require approval. I have one from before that I didn’t highlight in this video, but I’m gon na take a look at the one that I did request and we’ll see what we think that so here it is, what does it dream temps and then you get a bunch of Stats over here just summarizing the order, and then you can see the author is right. There there’s an auto, approve timer here, so in 70 hours this would automatically be approved and the writer will get refunds so I’ll click into review, and so I got a thousand. Seventy two words yeah okay, so here we go even showing us sometimes in your space, to get away and have some privacy a space that can really call their own and have some peace and quiet to read a play. A game on their tablet dream. Tents are a simple solution to this problem of quick pop up and fasten features that even chaga in the write itself so right away that meets pretty well tonight. You know not I’m not exactly publishing. You know Shakespearean sonnets online. So, though, in terms of ranking like I think this is pretty clearly written, sometimes I’ll get stuff like this back, you know I get a thousand words back and then I’ll add my own introduction onto it, just because you know with someone lands on your website, they’re Gon na read the first sentence and if it’s not great, if it’s not like really clear or if it’s betraying you idiomatic errors that make it seem like it’s not written and by a native English writer like they’ll just bounce, it was really important that the introduction Is good sometimes I add my own, but in this case I actually the introduction is pretty good. I’M inclined to keep it if we know it when I publish it on a website, but there’s an expensive solution. H, comma, any shot could have a tiny world of the phone get away from siblings for some quality. This is really well well written and then I’m just looking just to see if they followed the guidelines that I had in the writer document so like in my document. I outline like okay have a section for buyer feedback, so make it. This is what makes a product review useful them will be a section here that they kind of like show what our buyers saying about these these tents and there’s a section. What is a dream? Tent a dream time is a small time to cover a child’s bed, to give them a fun and prep space to read or play games: okay, [, Music, ], and then I do some keyword sections here, glow like unicorn full-size bad. So these are kind of like the type-ahead stuff that I would shows you in the the training document that they’re they’re doing some some keyword, research using the auto suggests. I like that, futurologist and now another thing I always recommend is like make sure you read through the bottom as well. Sometimes like I found articles store all really well and then all of a sudden like the bottom is just full of a bunch of spammy garbage. Like they just figured, you ought to approach. If you see the first sentence is good, so just read the bottom, some of the same on very clean lips, eyes, cleaning the official website the company wants. Advertising covers full-size, basically to duplicate. So you know the basics pretty good. I like it, and so now that I like it, I can fire this writer, which I’m not going to do which way’d I get. I’Ve never used this option, which I guess would mean that I would completely reject this, and I don’t know if I have to recreate the order or whether it would go back into the queue automatically. You can request a revision. You know that way. You could just you could write something like you know, whatever you could, whatever you would want them to revise, and then they pick another some extra time to apply in fixes, but in this case I’m accept it. I think it’s pretty good. So now I had the option and uh rating them leaving feedback leaving a tip. So I thought this writer was pretty good, so I’m just going to continue [, Music, ] and now this pop-up appears and then he’s use this link to go to the to go to the download content download articles section so now here it is and if you Click download it goes into the zip file, just somewhat annoying I’d rather just downloads document, because I’m the zip file stuff can be kind of annoying. So here it is so now I have as a Word document. Okay there. It is that’s pretty good. The other thing is, they have a download with spam which, if you’re familiar with spintax, basically it’s a way of like Auto, generating lots of different articles by placing synonyms in it, which is kind of like an old-world SEO. You know kind of black hat grey hat strategy, the kind of strange to see inside of here. But it’s you know, that’s a lot of people, probably appreciate you getting a spun burgeon, because, theoretically you can reuse the contents of other websites. You know and it’ll be somewhat unique because the some of the synonyms have been swapped out, but I don’t I don’t do that everything on publishing this unique. So that’s that’s basically it you know. Now I’ve approved this. You can click it to the author, I’m not sure if I’ve already saved this author, as in favor of seeing your picture has been good, send message, add notes. So actually I liked her so I’ll. Add her to favorites. Oh see she was already in my favorites. So when I received the writing back, usually there’s an option to favorite the writer – I didn’t see it this time, but that was because I already favorited them. So this is good. I would definitely hire her again and now the content is ready to be uploaded to the site, so that, in a nutshell, is how I use it pretty simple it right now is my go-to article writing service. For all the reasons that I outlined, I think it’s a is offering really good rates, American English writing and, as I sort of said in the beginning like if you were to try to recruit an American English writer for 500 words, I mean it’s all over the Board, you know, I would say, probably the lowest you can get up up. Work for American Inga born American would be maybe ten dollars for 500. Words is twenty four thousand and, as you see with this I’m getting this was you know, fourteen forty or whatever it was? Oh, that’s a different article, but yeah that DEP that was yeah. I think that was fourteen forty, so that was a really good deal, even even finding somebody for ten dollars at 500. That’S pretty low when I mentioned before getting writers or or English writers for, say, six dollars a 500-word of twelve per thousand. Those are Eastern European writers for the most part so, like I really can recommend this on unequivocally. I think it’s a very good deal. Definitely a value option within the article writing space, so there are links in the description. I am an affiliate for my writers, I’m also an affiliate for my writer, but, as you can see, I’m actually I’m using the service. You see me order from it. I like it so, if you’re interested in building out a niche site, this is a really good option to get content. So just if you’re interested really gon na necessary, I got my site you head over to Mitch’s. I highlight a bunch of different styles of site. If any types of niches that you could get into recently, I did a post on parking affiliate programs, which is a really really interesting niche. Basically, your ranking for all these parking queries that are done online. You know when you go to a sports event. People are typing in, like I’m, a big Knicks fan, so people are typing in like Madison Square Garden, parking you’re parking, so ranking for stuff like that and using affiliate programs into the parking parking affiliate, other ones they faced with this parking space, but yeah the in The parking affiliates space niche there’s tons, there’s actually it’s not that many, but it’s a couple of billion programs. You can join it if you want to monetize parking. I did an interesting one on ranking for prison turns, like you know, ranking for criminals, names things like that to later sth. I did a report in the psychic niche monetizing, astrology, Terran, afterlife communications or some really interesting stuff inside of a psychic match. So if you’re struggling to come up with an idea – or maybe you already have a site – and you want to do something pretty different – maybe you’re running the Amazon, affiliate site and you’re, just incredibly bored of writing product reviews. If you want to tackle something, that’s different! More interesting to you, that’s really what I profile here in these news reports, so that is my review of hi writers. They are some links in the description. If you want to head over and sign up, I really appreciate it. I would get a small Commission if you sign up and place an order, and let me know if you have any questions you can head over to my site. That is when our email me is Ryan at nice backs calm, and that is it for this review. Until the next video thanks, bye.

How It Works

Ordering content is pretty simple. Once you’ve logged in, just follow the steps below:

Hire Writers Order Articles and Content

The step by step process is outlined below:

  1. Create a HireWriters.com account (sign up)
  2. Click “Order Content”
  3. Click “Order Articles”
  4. Enter a Project Description (i.e. “DIY Tomato Cages”)
  5. Enter an Article Length
  6. Choose a Language (U.S. or British English)
  7. Provide a Writer’s Time Limit (i.e. one day or more)
  8. Choose a Skill Level for your writer:
    Beginner Writers – Any writer will do
    General Writers – At least 3 jobs completed with an overall rating of 4 stars or above
    Skilled Writers – At least 7 jobs completed with an overall rating of 4.1 stars or above
    Expert Writers – At least 12 jobs completed with an overall rating of 4.6 stars or above
    Invite Writers To Private Job – Select from writers I have set to “FAVORITE” status
  9. Choose an Article Tone
  10. Enter Your Keywords
  11. Add Special Instructions
  12. Place Order

You can also search out individual writers by a range of criteria. If you want to quickly build up an army of vetted article writers, this is a quick way to do it:

Hire Writers Search Writers

As you can see in the screenshot above, there’s a range of filters you can apply to screen the marketplace’s writers.

You can filter them by their Overall Rating, their Experience Level, their article’s Rejection Rate, how many jobs they’ve completed and even by their Specialty and Industry.

I like that they include photos, as well- other writing platforms I’ve used keep things pretty anonymous. The photo adds a bit of personality- and this added accountability probably improves the quality of their output.

Getting Started With Niche Sites

Use the strategies on this page in conjunction with my niche site process. Here it is in a nutshell:
  1. AuthorityHacker's Authority Site System (my review): a complete, step-by-step system to start growing your own highly profitable affiliate & authority niche site.
  2. A cloud-based on-page optimization tool: Surfer SEO makes your on-page SEO easier, faster, and more effective than ever using data-driven, real-time signals to rank in search engines.
  3. A reliable and fast hosting solution like SiteGround (my review)
  4. A brandable domain name from GoDaddy (my guide)
  5. A premium theme- I use GeneratePress but there are some cool niche themes on ThemeForest
  6. SEO Friendly Article Writing ($8-$12 / 1,000 words) from HireWriters (read: my HireWriters review)
  7. Powerful Backlinks from Authority.Builders (read: my Authority.Builders review)
  8. An automated social media drip campaign from MissingLettr
  9. An auto-responder to build your email listConvertKit is what I'm using (read: my ConvertKit review)
  10. Finally- you can always refer to my free step-by-step niche selection guide and all of my free niche reports for inspiration


HireWriters has a bunch of different content types you can order:

  • Articles
  • ReWritten Articles
  • Facebook Fanpage Post
  • Data Entry Work
  • Transcription
  • Poetry
  • eBook

If you’re reading this post, most likely you’re going to be ordering from the Articles category.

I published the pricing below:

Writer's Skill Level:150-300 Words300-500 Words500-700 Words700-1000 Words1000-2000 Words2000-3000+ Words

I generally hire from the General ($11.90) and Skilled ($14.40) categories for 1000-2000 Words.

Generally speaking, $12 or $14 for 1,000 words is really good.

When I hire UpWork writers, that’s the pricing I’m looking to hire for. So to get that pricing from a text broker is pretty surprising. Text brokers provide speed and convenience- which is great.

Though there’s a lot of benefits to working with a dedicated freelancer from a platform like UpWork. But- you can ‘favorite’ writers inside of HireWriters, so it is possible to build up a cadre of trusted article writers on the platform.

How I Use It

I created a detailed Google Doc that explains the writing task- I link to it in the Special Instructions section, asking the writers to review it before they begin writing.

The Google Doc includes a short video detailing the writing task and some specific requirements regarding the writing task I’m outsourcing.

I’ve found that this is the easiest way to work with a text broker.

By providing detailed instructions in a Google Doc, which I routinely tweak and optimize, it’s an easy way to help guarantee a quality outcome.

My Article Writing Instructions

Below I embedded one of my article-writing project guidelines. Feel free to download it- you can upload it to Google Docs, generate a shareable link, and use it within HireWriters when you submit orders.

The instructions are geared towards creating keyword-optimized content based on a single keyword- it trains the writers to perform some basic keyword research.

And it means I don’t have to spend a lot of time creating custom instructions for each piece of content I create- for example, specifying the different keyword concepts and themes that should be in an article.

As well, it instructs them create a free Grammarly account to spot-check their writing and use a keyword-density tool to avoid over-optimized content.


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What I Like

Pricing: I’ve found the writing quality to be the best bang for the buck compared with all the other text brokerage services I’ve used.

Quality: As of yet I haven’t rejected any written content- it definitely feels like the writers are Native English. Plus I often get questions from the writers about the task- that’s great because it shows they’re actually invested in a quality outcome, as opposed to just churning out low-quality articles.

External Linking: The ability to link to a Google Doc. Some of the text brokers I’ve experimented with prohibit you from externally linking- so I can’t link to my Google training document. That’s a hassle because I include several screenshots in the document which helps the writers perform on-the-fly keyword research.

Plagiarism detection: HireWriters says that they employ the Copyscape API to automatically scan submitted content to make sure that it’s original, and not plagiarized. I’d still recommend spot-checking it every so often with CopyScape.

Update: I used CopyScape to spot-check an article I received from HireWriters recently and did receive a plagiarism hit. I wrote to their support and received the following response:

We use the copyscape API, which is based on a percentage of similarity. We set the strictness level to around 80%, meaning, it must be 80% or higher to pass.

We do this in order to allow common sense similarities to pass, and not get flagged by copyscape.

So- just keep in mind that the ‘strictness level’ currently is set to 80%. I’m not as paranoid about ‘duplicate content’ issues as I used to be- in fact, one technical SEO I know says that in his testing as long as the content is more than 50% unique, the content will be indexed as unique by Google.

What I Don’t Like

User Interface: A minor gripe- the User Interface looks very dated and, while functional, can be somewhat confusing when you first begin using it.

The HireWriters Affiliate Program

If you like HireWriters and want to recommend it a friend- you can sign up to their affiliate program. How much can you earn?

According to their affiliate page, you’ll earn “$5 for each client you refer that makes a deposit plus 50% of the future net profits!”

I’ve just started promoting them- and it’s an easy recommendation because, as I’ve outlined, the content quality is well above average for the price.


Summing Up

HireWriters is one of the best deals for content on the internet right now- and I’ve used every imaginable article-writing service.

It’s fast, cheap and decent quality- I recommend trying it out whether you’re just beginning your internet-marketing journey or are a grizzled IM veteran looking to rank content in the SERPs.

Ryan Nelsonhttps://nichefacts.com
​Ryan Nelson is a NYC-based Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and a full-stack online marketer. He created NicheFacts.com to help people discover and build profitable, content-focused online businesses.



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  1. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for writing this excellent review of HireWriters.
    I’ve been looking for a new option for getting good quality content written and found myself here.
    Glad I did.
    Just placed my first order with them, used your template, used your affiliate link.
    Here’s hoping it comes back in good shape.
    All the best,

    • Thanks. HireWriters definitely provides good value. If you want true, best in class type content, it’s not what I’d use, even at the top-most price point, but as strong, supplementary, SEO content, it’s really a no-brainer.

  2. Got my content back from HireWriters and for $14.40 I’m pretty impressed. On this occasion, I was just after a bit of fun content for a site that is very new and pretty thin at the moment.

    Do you mind me asking who you use when you’re after top-quality stuff? I’ve had a bit of a nightmare with content writers up until this point…I’m a fussy sod though.

    • HireWriters is great value at that $8-14/1,000 word price point. For higher quality, I’d go with someone from UpWork. I feel like I can negotiate a better deal there for higher quality content than an article writing service where top stuff is going to veer into the $60+ price point. Plus, the article writing services employ a bunch of mercenaries- which is fine for decent, SEO filler content, but isn’t always the best if you’re aiming for top-level content.

  3. Hi Ryan,

    I have used Hirewriters maybe 2-3 times in the past for some quick articles. Have you tried them to write tech. related articles? I need such article with some good research so I don’t know if they are a good fit.

    Thanks a lot

    • Apologies for the late reply- I’ve been clearing out a lot of spam comments in an effort to find the real ones.

      For in-depth, specialized or technical writing, I wouldn’t use HireWriters- except maybe at their top price point. It would be better to recruit a writer or an agency from UpWork to do that type of writing. You’d probably get a better price on UpWork than trying to buy super high-quality content on HireWriters.

  4. Hey Ryan
    Nice job on the video for content procurement. I have a quick question. Is the article, “What is a Dream Tent” still live? I searched for it on google and it wasn’t to be found. I then went to Yahoo and Bing and also no luck. That should be an easy keyword phrase to rank for. Almost all of my articles are on page one of Bing and Yahoo for exact match titles. (Google is not as easy) I’m wondering if it’s still live somewhere?


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