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Song Lyric SEO | How Lyric Finder Sites Make Disgusting Ad Cash
In this niche report, I examine a strange style of site that thrives on duplicate content. If you've ever Googled[...]
Ranking For TV Episodes: How To Make A Living Writing About Reality TV
Recently I've been binge-watching Kitchen Nightmares on YouTube. It's one of my favorite shows. Gordon Ramsay, the famous British chef,[...]
Discord SEO: Scraping & Ranking For Servers
As an NBA superfan, I've come to rely on certain streaming sites to get league-wide access to games. However- Reddit[...]
Ranking For Random Dates In Time
In the past, I've written about a variety of niches that are somewhat strange and obscure. These include expired food[...]
The Tea Niche: How To Start An Online Tea Shop
With over 2.5 million monthly searches, tea is a $12 billion market in the United States (Source). This is an interesting[...]
[Gym Equipment] How To Monetize This Neglected Niche For A 6 Figure Lifestyle
If you want to market big-ticket items and make large commissions on high-priced products, this is a great niche for[...]
How Quote Sites Cash In On Scraped Content
I've spent a lot of time scrolling through Flippa searching for websites to buy. And there's one style of site[...]
The Psychic Niche | Monetizing Astrology, Tarot and Afterlife Pet Communications
Whether you think psychics are con artists or not, there's a lot of money to be made in this niche.[...]
How Instagram Scraper Sites Automate 7 Figure Ad Profits
When I started building affiliate marketing websites back in 2015, I was pretty clueless. I built out a seat cushion[...]
Content Curation: Make A Living Curating YouTube Content
If you love YouTube, this one is for you.The idea here is that you will develop a content site that[...]

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