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Please note that affiliate links may be included in some posts.

If you’re intrigued by the alternative-health potential of CBD oil like I am, you’re not alone: there are a ton of consumers searching out information on this trendy ‘medical marvel’.

It’s a great internet-marketing opportunity.

And one of the more well-known affiliate programs in the space is the HempWorx affiliate program.

In this post, I examine the HempWorx affiliate program and also provide some CBD oil marketing strategies if you want to capitalize on the CBD craze.

According to their website, HempWorx provides the “Highest Quality Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Available!”

A strong claim- but first let’s first define terms.

What Is CBD Oil?

According to WebMD, “Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has become the hot new product in states that have legalized medical marijuana.

The non-intoxicating marijuana extract is being credited with helping treat a host of medical problems — everything from epileptic seizures to anxiety to inflammation to sleeplessness.” (Source)

HempWorx Reputation

Apparently, there’s a good deal of controversy with the HempWorx brand.

According to the Truth In Advertising website, HempWorx has made “Illegal Health Claims and Inappropriate Income Claims”.

Reddit is also very skeptical, with one commenter writing:


Another Redditor in an anti-Multi-Level-Marketing subreddit said,

It’s evident that there’s a lot of controversy with HempWorx.

I’d suggest that you do your own research prior to joining their affiliate program to make sure that you’re comfortable recommending their products to your audience.

That said, I’m going to take a look at how you sign up for HempWorx and some promotional strategies for monetizing the CBD craze.

How To Join

You can read how to join HempWorx here. I can’t recommend joining this particular affiliate program because of the enormous controversy surrounding the products.

Earnings Potential

HempWorx Alternatives

Affiliate ProgramCommission RateSign-Up URL
1. Hemp BombsStarting at 20%
2. CBDFXStarting at 20%
3. Koi CBDStarting at 15%
4. Diamond CBDStarting at 25%
5. Hemp MedsStarting at 15%
6. CBD EssenceStarting at 20%
7. Vape BrightStarting at 25%
8. CBD SkyStarting at 30%
9. Hemp My PetStarting at 30%
10. Charlotte's WebStarting at 8%

CBD Keyword Research

To get a sense of different content concepts, I did some keyword research analyzing ProjectCBD‘s 1,000 top-ranking keywords:

As you can see, ProjectCBD has some great keyword rankings for terms like:

  1. cbd
  2. cannabidiol
  3. what is cbd
  4. project cbd
  5. endocannabinoid system
  6. cbd oil dosage
  7. cbd dosage
  8. cannabis hyperemesis syndrome
  9. cbd oil near me
  10. kind peoples
  11. terpenes
  12. cbd oil with thc
  13. what is cbd oil
  14. cannabidiol oil
  15. how to make cbd oil
  16. cbd oil dosage for anxiety
  17. organicann
  18. cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome
  19. cbd dosage for anxiety
  20. cbd dosage for pain
  21. cbd anxiety
  22. cbd for anxiety
  23. cbd and cancer

CBD Oil Affiliate Promotion Strategies

Whether you join the HempWorx affiliate program or just recommend some of the hemp and CBD-style products on Amazon, there’s a lot of opportunities to create high-quality content in this niche.


Obviously, if you’re trying to make money online, one of the tried and true methods is ‘rank and bank’ affiliate marketing- targeting buyer-intent keywords and producing long-form content that attracts organic traffic.

Below, you can see that the CBD Oil Review site, which ranks #1 currently for the term “cbd oil dosage for anxiety”, has a call to action widget advertising a popular hemp oil.

It actually links to an eCommerce option on their site- but it could easily be an affiliate link:

This is a good example of a high-quality authority site that’s funneling traffic to a CBD oil offer.

If you’re interested in ‘doing SEO’ for CBD oil- I’d emulate this site style.

The design is clean and attractive; the information is cogently written; and the monetization is pretty slick.

The first step- I’d recommending investing in a keyword research tool and finding some low-competition/high-volume search terms you can target in the SERPs with high-quality content.

Email Marketing

Another smart strategy is to build up an email list.

Again, I’ll use CBD Oil Review as an example. Below, you can see a ‘squeeze page‘ where the site solicits its readers for their email address:

It’s positioned as a ‘membership’ designed to source “affordable access to CBD oil products”.

When readers join up to this list, they’re fully aware that they’re going to be emailed CBD oil products.

It makes sense if you have an authority site to build up your email list and you can easily market CBD-style offers to your audience.


If you’re more into social media marketing, you can try your hand at pushing traffic from Instagram. One of the top-ranking CBD oil Instagram posts is this one: If you click the link in the user’s bio, you’re directed to a landing page with an affiliate link to CBD Pure.

This is another viable affiliate marketing strategy if you’re in the CBD space- once you have your affiliate links established on a landing page, you’ll obviously need to generate traffic.

Instagram marketing strategies are beyond the scope of this post- but you can see the profit potential if you can post interesting content that generates traffic.

It’ll be passively funneled to your money links- and if one your posts really goes ‘viral’ you’ll probably see some amazing commissions.


Another great traffic source is YouTube- below is a CBD oil product review I found on YouTube:

If you go to the video’s description (the original video was removed- I updated with a new one), you’ll see an affiliate link to the Charlotte’s Web CBD store:

This is another smart strategy if you’re looking to generate passive income from the booming marijuana industry. You can see that this particular YouTuber, Megan Elizabeth, also promotes vegan retreats and raw-food lifestyle.

It really pays to have an interesting angle and a compelling personality when it comes to YouTube like Megan Elizabeth does.

You could, obviously, publish lots of Powerpoint-style CBD oil affiliate reviews on YouTube, but building up a brand, with a strong audience, is a much more lucrative and fulfilling strategy.

CBD oil is an obvious affiliate partner for a natural or alternative-living style vlog.

Facebook Groups

If you search for “cbd” on Facebook, and filter it by Groups, you’ll see some massive communities- “CBD Oil Users Group” and CBD Oil Users & Education Group”:

There’s a ton of people inside these communities- and you can that there are 10+ posts a day published inside of them.

How can you monetize this?

I don’t recommend spamming these communities with affiliate links.

If you’re truly interested in its health benefits and, for example, have an awesome authority website, you could join a community like this and become an active member and discreetly push traffic to your content.


I’d recommend filling out your Facebook profile with links to your website- if you’re providing great insights inside of the community, people will click through to your profile and visit your website.

Facebook Group administrators are oftentimes quick to ban Group members who link out to their own websites- so you really need to tread carefully.

Join up, get a sense of what the community is like, and don’t violate the Group’s rules by hawking an affiliate link. It’s bad form and will probably get you booted from the Group.

Instead, as always, provide valuable contributions and, over time, establish a trusted reputation and I’m confident you’ll begin to see referral traffic to your website from inside Facebook.


Another interesting strategy is to start a podcast. This is definitely a more time-intensive strategy and would require a great deal of forethought, but podcasting has exploded in popularity the last several years.

I used the Listen Notes podcast search engine to see who’s producing CBD content and found Tim Ferris, one of my favorite podcasters, with a top-ranked result:

If you click into Tim Ferris’ show notes, you’ll see that he’s also using the Charlotte’s Web affiliate program to promote hemp and CBD products:

You can see that CWHemp has even created a custom landing page for the Tim Ferris audience.

It’s a very slick affiliate marketing strategy- and it’s what enables Tim Ferris to keep producing such high-quality content. He’s able to monetize his content with affiliate and advertising promotions like this.

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Summing Up

While I can’t recommend joining the HempWorx affiliate program, it did give me an opportunity to explore the ‘legal marijuana’ affiliate space.

When it comes to monetizing this niche, the strategy is pretty simple. You need traffic and you need an offer.

Whether the offer is an AdSense display ad, an affiliate link, or your own eCommerce product, pushing traffic to your website (which is my preferred monetization strategy), is a guaranteed profit strategy.

It could take a good deal of time and effort to see meaningful and consistent returns- but if you enjoy the niche, and you’re focused on supplying high-quality content, the grind to established and significant success can be highly rewarding.

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