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Please note that affiliate links may be included in some posts.

In this post, I’m going to profile the GoDaddy affiliate program– how I’m making money with them and some promotional ideas, including site examples.

It might surprise you to learn that the weirdly named GoDaddy is a billion dollar company (Source).


When I first started in Internet Marketing, it seemed all that GoDaddy did was domain name registrations.

They’ve really broadened their service lines since then- check out their Product Catalog.

They provide a variety of domain name registration services; web hosting & storage; website security; website builder; eCommerce solutions; web design services; and email services.

How Much Can You Make?

As of 11/2018, here are GoDaddy’s performance stats, according to the CJ affiliate network:

3 month EPC: 33.84 USD
7 day EPC: 59.69 USD
Sale: 10% – 15%, 0.00 USD – 100.00 USD
Lead: 2.00 USD

Generally, you’re getting paid 10-15% commissions on GoDaddy purchases with a 45-day referral period.

There’s some exclusions and flat-fee payouts- you’ll want to read the fine print inside of CJ to keep apprised of their affiliate terms:

According to their EPC (earnings per 100 clicks) stats, the 3 month EPC is $33.84. So for every 100 clicks you send to GoDaddy, on average affiliates are earnings $33.84.

If you do the math, a 1,000 clicks will net you $330.84.

Use the EPC metric to project potential earnings- it’s also a great way to evaluate the earnings potential of the content you create.

The GoDaddy Reseller Program

Another interesting opportunity is their Reseller Program. The way this works, according to their Reseller page, GoDaddy provides you “everything you need to sell domains, hosting, email, website builder and more, right from your own website.”

In a nutshell, you can build out a storefront/website using GoDaddy’s tools, a domain name search widget, for example.

You’ll still need to drive traffic to the site, but GoDaddy provides a bunch of tools to help you succeed in promoting their hosting, domain name registration and website-building tools.


My Video Overview

Here’s my video overview of the GoDaddy affiliate program:

Hey guys, Ryan from here and today, I’m going to profile the GoDaddy affiliate program. I’m going to show you how I’m currently using it to make money and some promotional ideas if you want to begin using the GoDaddy affiliate program. So just overall GoDaddy this actually started office or like a domain name registrar and go there, you can register your domain names they’ve, recently really expanded into providing a bunch of other services. So if you head over to my post in each of XCOM, is a link in the description for this particular post for the GoDaddy affiliate program, I have linked to their product catalog, which is right over here. You can see they’ve got a ton of different services. You know within domain names, you got, transfers, you’ve got private registration, you’ve got cash parking and then the other big category they’ve expanded into they’re doing web hosting and storage. They do stuff with security. You know SSL for your websites. Even they have a website builder. Then there’s a bunch of business and marketing solutions to get logo, design, email, marketing, merchant account design services. So there’s a ton of different stuff that they now offer and a lot of people only know them as a domain name registrar. But they have a lot of different things that you can promote and they are making over 2 billion in revenue a year. That’S according to market watch. You see the source right there, so it’s a big brand which is really important because you know if you, if you promote a a large brand, you know it’s going to influence your conversion rate. So it’s gon na be it’s better than throwing traffic to son, fly-by-night ecommerce store that launched several months ago. So how much can you actually earn so it within CJ, which is where the Go Daddy affiliate program is located? You know I’ll just pull it up right now, so I’m already joined. But if you want to promote it, you could search that within CJ, and I have a link where you can sign up in the description of this video. So you can just head over and sign up, so this is inside of CJ. You can see the performance stats so essentially in terms of what you can earn. The three-month earnings per click is $ 33, 84 cents. 7-Day is fifty nine sixty nine. So what that means for every hundred clicks that you send on average CJ affiliates are earning thirty three dollars over the course of three months and the last seven days they have been earning $ 60. So if you’re able to send a thousand clicks, say a thousand clicks a month dude on average, you should expect to receive. You know: I’d go by the three month. Epc. Some some number in between here I would expect – would be like three hundred and thirty, but I’m actually an affiliate for GoDaddy. So you can, I publish some of my my affiliate performance actually on the page, to go to earning potential, so I don’t really do I. Don’T promote it that hard it’s sort of incidental, I have different sites and whenever I have happened to mention GoDaddy I’ll, just turn it into an affiliate link. So you can see some of my performance stats here open so over the course of exit last 30 days from basically from November 28th, I’ve made $ 42 and that’s on $ 266 in actual revenue sales. From a hundred eighty-eight clicks, you can see if you could kind of squint in here. You could see my big sale. There was somebody bought two hundred thirty-nine dollars worth of go Gotti products for, and I ended up receiving about thirty-six dollars. So that was my big GoDaddy payday so, like I said, I don’t promote it that hard, it’s not a big priority for me. It’S it’s actually a very competitive space to be in because it’s really is essentially internet marketing. If you want to get traffic from GoDaddy is gon na, be it’s you’re gon na want to be in the internet. Marketing space you’re gon na want to be promoting web hosting. I mean basically, this catalog of services. You’Ll want to be creating content and generating traffic based on these services, and this is very competitive, stuff. Web hosting is one of the most lucrative affiliate things you can do online. I mean it. It’S essentially it’s incredibly competitive because the web hosting providers do generally recurring revenue, so it’s like for every month that somebody’s signed up for a hosting plan you’re getting revenue on it. So assistant people love that it’s incredibly competitive. So I did do some some keyword, research. I ran GoDaddy through a draft to see what they rank for then I excluded a bunch of like brand terms. I try to you know, remove GoDaddy, because a lot of the searches that they rank for our GoDaddy, obviously so. The biggest keyword as of November 2018 is workspace. Login, you see who is they rank for? Who is which is like a sir. You know looking up who owns a domain domain lookup, they rank for WordPress download, that’s people, you know looking to start a website. They want to use WordPress as a CMS, so GoDaddy ranks for that they rank like now number six for web hosting, which is obviously an incredibly competitive term. You to manipulate the columns like that. You could see the difficulty so a giraffe’s. The SEO software I use, ranks the difficulty so here they ranked number six for a website, which is a ninety eight difficulty. So this gives you sort of like the nice overview of what they rank for and the sort of content that you should be creating. If you want to be able to push traffic to their different different offers different services within within GoDaddy, so I should also quickly go over how to create affiliate links. So if I were basically you sign up for CJ and then you’ll want to install this each a deep link bookmark. So I have instructions for that inside of my my post here. But essentially what happens is I want to create a deep link to say, domain name, transfers I’ll go to I’ll, go to the the deep URL within GoDaddy, then I’ll click CJ, deep link and because I’m logged at this EJ. I get this link right here and then I actually use thirsty affiliates. So within WordPress you can create like pretty links and do some reporting. Basically, you plug this kind of ugly link in to first the affiliates, and then you get, if you see right here in the lower left hand corner, you can see that this is actually an affiliate link. So I’m actually deep linking to the affiliate program as an affiliate link and this just a way to kind of hopefully monetize this post and get some recording revenue for all the all the effort it took to create this. This detailed guide to the GoDaddy affiliate program so now I just want to go over some different one. Other thing I wanted to mention there actually is a GoDaddy reseller program so out. Besides, just the affiliate program, there’s a reseller program, which basically means that they give you a bunch of different tools to kind of make it seem like you are the ones providing the services. So you can see you like to have a little screen grab right here. Like a sample site where, basically, this this site is almost kind of masquerading as the provider of these services, but it’s actually GoDaddy in the backend, with all of its different different tools and services that you could sell. So basically, like give you, if you signed up for this, you could build out like a storefront like a hosting storefront and it would seem like they’re buying from you, but it GoDaddy would be handling all of this in the back end. So it’s an interesting way to do it so you’ve. Basically, you would end up having to pay them to do this, but you’d get access to a lot of different tools. For instance, this little Princip there’s a little widget thing right here: you’d be able to capitalize on GoDaddy’s technology to have this kind of embeddable widget, where you’re able to search out domain names, and then you just be responsible for driving traffic and you get paid of People buying domain names, you’re buying hosting art, I’m sure that also the awesome product catalog. You could look up here. You know web hosting website builder, so you know you could do a whole tutorial site on using the GoDaddy website builder and then just utilize, their tools or even just be a pure affiliate and not use some of the reseller tools that they they offer you here. But that’s another interesting way that you can monetize with GoDaddy. So I did come up with some promotional ideas. If you were interested in promoting GoDaddy, basically you’re gon na want to be in the internet marketing or make money online space so, for instance, paid advertising. If you were to specialize in you know, teaching people about Google Ads or Facebook Ads, like GoDaddy as a natural affiliate partner, in that instance, like people who are running Google ads and Facebook ads and they’re, also going to be interested in all of GoDaddy’s different different Products that they offer you can have a website based on understanding Google Analytics with another kind of niche specialization with an internet marketing. Where that’s another place where people are buying websites they’d be interested in the the full catalog of different GoDaddy offerings. You could have a an SEO site, that’s very competitive, but there’s a ton of little sub niches with an SEO that you can maybe specialize them. Oops have a CEO site conversion rate, optimization site. You could specialize it lead generation, email, marketing, landing page design is a lot of different niches or the internet marketing you don’t have to be be so strict about the style of site. You kind of almost want to approach it from a an interesting angle. You don’t have to strictly be, like I’m gon na, be a domain name registration site, because that’s it’s incredibly competitive and be hard to generate content that gets traffic necessarily so, like I said, if you had an SEO site, there are gon na, be people that are Trying to register domain names that want to have private registration on domain names or need would be willing to buy domain name transfer services. There’S all such a ways that someone who’s into SEO or analytics or page traffic and reading your content. You could naturally insert some affiliate links to those some deep affiliate links to those types of services very naturally, and generate recurring revenue, so I actually highlighted some specific examples of sites that are using the GoDaddy affiliate program. So one style of site is like a domain name generator site and one that I’ve used. A lot is this one Tanabe? So if you searched for I just plugged in NYX like I’m, a New York, Knicks fan so just see what they had. So, for instance, this buy for $ 0.99 right there, that’s a GoDaddy affiliate link, so this would be more like a reseller program site like if you want the starter site, something like this. It would probably require some development, but there’s also tools within the reseller program. That would enable you to maybe not do this in particular, because they kind of have a little proprietary algorithm to scramble up other words into different potential domain names and then so yeah this. This, I don’t really recommend this unless you have kind of a development background or a really cool idea for coming up with a domain name. Generator’ psyche is easy. It would be kind of hard to get traffic of this. It doesn’t strike me as something you can get a ton over again traffic to it’s. Something like you just find online and return to over and over, because you like how it works, which is what I do was something like Canobie, so that that would be a kind of an advanced strategy. Another idea is a hosting review site, which I also do not recommend it’s so incredibly competitive, but there’s one site, that’s really killing it as hosting facts, and I have little screen grab here. They I mean they do like really great stuff here, like they’re, constantly evaluating all these different hosts by there’s a cost to support quality uptime low time. You can see right here, GoDaddy, there’s an affiliate link for it right over there, so it actually it’s not one of the top recommendations. Apparently, but that’s and that’s what makes this site really good. Is that they’re, very in my experience, I’m pretty honest and transparent about posting information and not just cramming the most lucrative ones at the top, but then again Bluehost is sort of over the air which I should withhold comment on. But so that’s another style of site. Not exactly something I’d recommend because hosting is an incredibly competitive space, but, like I mentioned before, if you have kind of an alternative, take that you can. You know, as I mentioned, if you were to take kind of a different angle, people would be interested in hosting products that are reading about email marketing. All these people that are reading this content are interested in hosting websites, and you know running traffic to them. So it’s it’s a if you were to do hosting, I wouldn’t approach it head-on and be a hosting review site. I would try to be an ancillary niche that I think I can get traffic for us and and then try to push the ball to GoDaddy. Would it make sense another thing that people do they want to make money online blog, which is what I have right here and then frequently they’ll have like a tools page like I do and you click into it and there’s a bunch of recommended internet marketing tools. So these pages can be very lucrative, as once you gain a lot of traffic. You gain some respect within the make money online industry people are gon na trust, your recommendations and now actually right now. I don’t have a GoDaddy affiliate link on my my tools page, but you definitely can I just figured it was kind of like I don’t know kind of redundant, not that maybe I’ll have it later. It’S not it’s not that big a priority for me and that’s that’s really how I would think about generating traffic for it. Like I said just overall, it can be very competitive to be in the internet marketing space, so I recommend kind of taking a approaching it from interesting angles. Finding a niche that you can generate. Content in that gets traffic, whether that’s through strictly through a website or maybe doing YouTube videos. That would be how I would would analyze it and, as you can see, I’m not making like a ton of money in it right now. But that’s that’s totally fine. For me, it’s not a like. I said it’s not a huge priority for me, but you know it’s. I’Ve earned some do $ 35 is passively just by throwing a few links into existing content. It’S it’s not a bad little moneymaker and some of these. These are all affiliate links in here, just to be completely transparent about it, and I don’t know. For instance, I don’t respect people that are looking to sign up as an affiliate to necessarily be going GoDaddy to buying you know products there. So that’s an example of why my conversion rates are pretty low because I’m not I’m not really pushing it in a very direct way. So if you click this link of a kind of GoDaddy affiliate, unless you end up also buying a domain name saying the next 45 days now, which is the referral period, you can see right here. That’S how I would earn money do something like this. So it’s not so likely! So that’s why I have a pretty low conversion rate on, because that’s sort of the way that the content that I have is pushing traffic to it. It’S a very indirect way. It’S not my big primary focus, but I figure why not? You know make some money on the content. That’S what it’s really what it’s all about, you’re, putting time and energy into creating content. You want to monetize it as best you can. So it’s little increments like this, you know, don’t move the needle massively, but it’s not it’s a nice to have so that’s how I would look to promote GoDaddy and that’s it for this report. So just head over to the site check out the post. I have a bunch of other interesting niche ideas and you click niches right there. I outlined a lot of different cool ideas that are kind of under under examined in the internet marketing space. So, for example, I recently did parking affiliate program, which is really a really weird one. I did the psychic niche, so that’s something that could be a really fun. It’S a fun. It’S a fun read, there’s a lot of interesting things happening within within the psychic niche. So if you’re interested in starting a website or starting a niche site, I have a lot of interesting ideas and having a traffic interesting, interesting content, concepts like parking, for example, and how I would approach monetizing it.


How To Join

First, sign up through the GoDaddy affiliates page (it uses the CJ affiliate network).

And then:

how to sign up for godaddy affiliate program

  1. Click Advertisers
  2. Search for GoDaddy and then select GoDaddy from the dropdown when it appears
  3. Then click the Join Program option and agree to their terms (I’ve already joined up- so the Join Program isn’t there)
  4. Wait to get approved

Creating The Affiliate Links

The way I like to create the affiliate links is to use CJ’s Deep Link Chrome extension.

The way it works- once you’re accepted into the GoDaddy affiliate program, and logged into CJ, you’ll head over to GoDaddy, click the CJ Deep Link bookmark, and it will generate a ‘deep URL link’.

I use the ThirstyAffiliates WordPress plugin to cloak the link and track clicks. There’s a free and paid version of this plugin- I recently started using the paid version and consider it an indispensable tool.


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My Earnings

I’m a GoDaddy affiliate– below is a screenshot of my last 30 days earnings.

As you can see, I’ve generated $42.03 in commissions on $266.85 in sales from 188 clicks- at a .016% conversion rate. I don’t push GoDaddy hard, so most of the affiliate commissions are almost incidental.

You can see I did have a big purchase of $239.88 on 11/16/18 that netted me $35.98 in commissions- so there’s definitely some big income opportunites here if you can push traffic to the program.

Keyword Research

Below I did some keyword research and extracted GoDaddy’s top-performing organic keywords.

You can use this list to brainstorm content ideas to help you acquire qualified traffic you can push to GoDaddy.

Some of their top performing keywords include:

  1. workspace login
  2. whois
  3. microsoft 365 login
  4. 365 login
  5. whois domain
  6. .com
  7. domain lookup
  8. whois lookup
  9. outlook 365 login
  10. domain name search
  11. how to make a Minecraft server
  12. domain search
  13. workspace email
  14. website
  15. domain names
  16. website hosting
  17. domain name lookup
  18. WordPress download

These are some very competitive terms.


Promotional Ideas

If you’re going to make money promoting GoDaddy, you’ll need qualified traffic that will convert on GoDaddy’s various services. Most likely you’ll want to be in the Internet Marketing space.

So, you could run a site/YouTube channel on:

  1. Paid Advertising (i.e. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.)
  2. Analytics (Google Analytics, etc.)
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Conversion Rate Optimization
  5. Lead Generation
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Landing Page Design
  8. SSL (check out how much a GoDaddy SSL can cost!)

There’s a lot of different internet marketing categories you can create content for- GoDaddy will be a natural fit in any of those categories.

Below, I’ve included some specific examples in the wild of sites using the GoDaddy affiliate program:

Domain Name Generator Sites

A style of site that really cashes in on GoDaddy are domain name suggestion sites. I’ve used a ton of these over the years. Below is one of my favorites: Panabee.

The ‘buy’ option is an affiliate link for GoDaddy.

I wouldn’t recommend starting a site like this, especially if you’re a beginner.

You’ll need to do a good amount of custom coding to build a site like this and it will be difficult to get traffic to unless you create a truly innovative domain name suggestion tool.

A Hosting Review Site

Another difficult idea to execute- hosting is one of the most lucrative affiliate spaces on the internet. But, it is one of the ways you can monetize with GoDaddy- especially if you become a GoDaddy reseller.

I don’t recommend this route either- it’s incredibly competitive and unless you’re doing something truly innovative, for example actually running tests on hosting provider quality, I’d stay far away from it.

One of the site that’s absolutely crushing it in the hosting affiliate space is HostingFacts:

Run An MMO Blog

Perhaps an even more competitive and thankless idea is running a make money online blog or YouTube channel.

I’ve been doing it for a couple years- but I love the space and I’m not concerned with monetizing this site too much. I have a couple of money sites that are pulling in over $40k a month- so this site is really a labor of love.

If you love internet marketing, and have something interesting to say, GoDaddy is a natural affiliate partner.

Many MMO gurus have big Tools or Resources pages (like I do) that will recommend GoDaddy as a hosting provider or domain name registrar:

 Of course, if you run a MMO blog and/or YouTube channel, you can create a lot of content you can monetize with GoDaddy besides just a Resources page.

For example, on all of my Niche Reports I have a How To Get Started Guide with an affiliate link to GoDaddy.


Other Interesting Ideas

If you really are intent on promoting GoDaddy and you don’t already have qualified traffic visiting your MMO or tech blog, I’d recommend perusing the GoDaddy keyword research table and picking off some interesting ideas.

Some compelling angles include:

  • how to make a minecraft server / 33,000 searches a month
  • website templates / 28,000 searches a month
  • how to design a website / 4,300 searches a month

Summing Up

GoDaddy has a big brand name- this will definitely help you convert the traffic you send to the program.

The only difficulty is drumming up the traffic. As you can see, the internet marketing space is intensely competitive.

You’ll need to come up with some interesting angles to drive traffic to the program early on- or have some patience if you’re beginning a niche site in the internet marketing or ‘make money online space’.

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