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Please note that affiliate links may be included in some posts.

The spammy-sounding Fiverr began as a cheapskate marketplace for $5 services. Whether you wanted some quick and dirty SEO that would get you penalized or a 500-word blog post with a 10% keyword density- Fiverr was your go-to.

Over the years, the platform has matured towards greater respectability. They scrapped the five-dollar idea in 2015 (Source) and became a public company in 2019 (Source):

Though it’ll forever be dogged by its spammy domain name, Fiverr is home to many interesting and completely legitimate, productized freelancer services.

From tattoo designs to voice acting (both are affiliate links), Fiverr has scores of international freelancers vying for your business.

Does It Have An Affiliate Program?


I’m a Fiverr affiliate- you can see my Year To Date (1/2020-8/2020) performance below:

Fiverr Affiliate Program

I have $90 lifetime earnings.

You can see that from 640 clicks, I’ve signed up 27 people, but I don’t get paid on people signing up for Fiverr.

I’ve only been paid when someone buys a service as a First Time Buyer (FTB). So, year to date, I have sold 2 services, a SEO service and a Video Marketing service:

  • 6/3/2020 12:04:44 AM 15 CPA (SEO)
  • 1/19/2020 6:11:10 AM 15 CPA (Video Marketing)

Fiverr is not my affiliate focus– but there is definitely solid income potential here, depending on the quantity and quality of traffic you can push to their various Gigs.

How Does It Work?

First, signup here on their affiliate page.

Then check out this highly detailed affiliate FAQ.

The commission plan is a bit complicated- this screenshot from their commission explainer page breaks it down pretty simply:Commission-Plan-Fiverr-Affiliates

Basically, Fiverr lets you choose whether you want to create Fiverr CPA or Fiverr Hybrid affiliate links (read more here).

It breaks down like this:

fiverr cpa vs fiverr hybrid

It’s important to note, when it comes to the Fiverr CPA: Fiverr breaks down their affiliate payouts by category, as well. Basically, you’re getting $15 per purchase, unless it’s in one of the following categories:

  • Pro Plan $150.00
  • Whiteboard & Animated Explainers $50.00
  • Book & eBook Writing $50.00
  • Architecture & Interior Design $50.00
  • Game Development $50.00
  • Website Builders & CMS $40.00
  • Mobile Apps $40.00
  • Web & Mobile Design $40.00
  • WordPress $40.00
  • E-Commerce Development $40.00
  • SEM $30.00
  • Proofreading & Editing $30.00
  • Web Programming $30.00
  • Data Analysis & Reports $30.00
  • Website Content $30.00
  • Business Plans $30.00
  • Short Video Ads $30.00
  • 3D Models & Product Design $30.00
  • Packaging Design $30.00
  • Virtual Assistant $25.00
  • Articles & Blog Posts $25.00
  • Illustration $25.00
  • Voice Over $25.00
  • Translation $25.00
  • E-Commerce Marketing $25.00
  • Product Descriptions $25.00

There’s definitely a lot going on- but I’d use the comparison breakdown to figure out which affiliate program makes sense for your particular audience.

The Fiverr Referral Program

Fiverr also has a referral program. Once you’ve logged in, go to this Fiverr referral area and you can get your referral link.

Referral Program Specifics

  • Invite a friend (or friends) to join Fiverr and you can earn up to $100 USD!
    Any one of your Referrals will get a 20% discount for their first purchase on Fiverr (capped at $100 USD).
  • In addition, for each eligible purchase made by your referrals, you, as the referrer, will get 20% of the qualifying purchase amount (capped at $100 USD credit per qualifying purchase) to your Fiverr shopping balance.
  • In total, you can make up to $500 USD in shopping credit. Your earnings will only be available for use over a three-month period. (Source)

How To Make Money With Fiverr

If I were to focus on making money with the Fiverr affiliate program, the first thing I would do would be to examine the different keywords that the site ranks for.

By doing that, you get an overview of the services that get the most search volume in Google.

That will help you to understand which services have the best traffic and affiliate revenue potential.

Below, I extracted 1,000 of Fiverr’s top-performing organic keywords, excluding Fiverr brand search terms.

The way I would approach it, I would examine this list of keywords and consider building an authority site in a related niche.

For example, if you’re in the business niche, you can easily promote business card design and logo services.

If you’re in the internet marketing niche, you can promote video editing, logo design and writing services.

While it would appear that the most popular services on the platform are things like graphic design and SEO services, Fiverr even has a relationship section:Personal Lifestyle Services Online - Fiverr

You can see that they have expanded to cooking, fitness, styling, astrology, and even gaming lessons.

So you can find affiliate opportunities if you run a cooking or even a psychic blog.

All Of Fiverr’s Services

Here’s a list of all of Fiverr’s different services:

Graphics & DesignBusinessMusic & AudioProgramming & TechDigital MarketingWriting & TranslationLifestyleVideo & Animation
Logo DesignVirtual AssistantVoice OverWebsite DevelopmentSocial Media AdvertisingArticles & Blog PostsGamingWhiteboard & Animated Explainers
Brand Style Guides- Call Center & CallingMixing & Mastering- Event Website- Strategy & PlanningResume Writing- Game CoachingVideo Editing
Game Design- Skip TracingProducers & Composers- Portfolio Website- Ads Setup & ManagementProofreading & Editing- Game SessionsShort Video Ads
- Character Design- Customer SupportSingers & Vocalists- Blog- Analytics & TrackingBrand Voice & ToneOnline LessonsAnimated GIFs
- Props & Objects- ResearchSession Musicians- Online StoreSocial Media MarketingTechnical WritingAstrology & ReadingsLogo Animation
- Backgrounds & Environments- File ConversionSongwriters- Business Website- Consultation & Audience ResearchTranslationSpiritual & HealingIntros & Outros
- UI & UX- AdministrationOnline Music LessonsWordPress- Profile Setup & IntegrationOnline Language LessonsFitness LessonsCharacter Animation
Graphics for StreamersData EntryPodcast Editing- Full Website Creation- Social ContentWhite PapersPersonal Stylists3D Product Animation
Business Cards & StationeryMarket ResearchAudiobook Production- Customization- Social Media ManagementUX WritingCooking LessonsLyric & Music Videos
Resume DesignBusiness PlansAudio Ads Production- Bug Fixes- Analytics & TrackingPodcast WritingCraft Lessons- Lyric Videos
IllustrationProject ManagementSound Design- Landing PageSEO- Podcast ContentArts & Crafts- Music Visualization
Pattern Design- Graphics & Design Projects- Sound Effects- WP Installation & Setup- Keyword Research- Podcast Show NotesRelationship Advice- Dance Videos
Brochure Design- Digital Marketing Projects- Foley- Performance & SEO- Page OptimizationCase StudiesHealth, Nutrition & Fitness- Narrative-Based Videos
Poster Design- Writing & Translation ProjectsDialogue Editing- Backup, Cloning & Migration- Voice Search SEOGrant WritingFamily & Genealogy- Performance Videos
Flyer Design- Video & Animation Projects- Videos & Films- Security- Technical SEO- Grant ResearchGreeting Cards & Videos- Conceptual Videos
Book Design- Music & Audio Projects- Video Games- Help/Consultation- Off-Page SEO- Grant ProposalsYour Message On...- Anime Music Videos
- Book Layout Design & Typesetting- Programming & Tech Projects- Phone Systems & IVRWebsite Builders & CMS- Competitor AnalysisCover LettersViral VideosAnimation for Kids
- Book Cover Design- General Project Services- Radio Ads- Full Website CreationPublic RelationsLinkedIn ProfilesCelebrity ImpersonatorsAnimation for Streamers
Album Cover DesignHR ConsultingMusic Transcription- Customization- ConsultationSocial Media CopyCollectiblesLive Action Explainers
Podcast Cover Art- Organizational DevelopmentVocal Tuning- Bug Fixes- Events, Conferences & AwardsSales CopyTravelingSpokespersons Videos
Packaging Design- Talent Acquisition & RecruitmentDJ Drops & Tags- Landing Page- Press Release PitchingPress Releases- Postcards FromSubtitles & Captions
AR Filters & Lenses- Performance ManagementJingles & Intros- Theme/Plugin Installation- Strategy & PlanningTranscripts- Local AdvisorsVisual Effects
Storyboards- Employee Learning & Development- Jingles- Performance & SecurityContent MarketingLegal Writing- Shipping Services- Rotoscoping & Keying
Web & Mobile Design- Compensation & Benefits- Intros & Outros- Backup, Cloning & Migration- Content Strategy & ResearchProduct Descriptions- Trip Plans- Color Grading
- Wireframe UX- HR Information SystemsOther- Help/Consultation- Content CreationWebsite ContentOther- Match Moving
- Graphic UIE-Commerce ManagementGame Development- Guest PostingBusiness Names & Slogans- Compositing
- Icons & Buttons- Product Upload- ConsultationBook & eBook MarketingScriptwriting- Cleanups
Social Media Design- Supplier & Vendor Sourcing- Backup & MigrationPodcast Marketing- Webinars- Beauty Retouching
- Headers & Covers- Store Management- Customization- Podcast Promotion- Cold CallseLearning Video Production
- Social Posts & Banners- Product Research- Prototyping- Advertising within Podcasts- Audio AdsArticle to Video
- Thumbnails DesignBranding Services- Full Game CreationVideo Marketing- Script CoverageUnboxing Videos
Postcard DesignLegal Consulting- Bug Fixes- Consultation & Audience Research- Film & TV ScreenplaysScreencasting Videos
Catalog DesignFinancial ConsultingDevelopment for Streamers- Video SEO- Promotional VideosSlideshow Videos
Menu Design- Analysis, Valuation & Optimization- Addons & Customization- Video Promotion & DistributionBook & eBook WritingApp & Website Previews
Invitation Design- Accounting & Bookkeeping- Setup & Installation- Video Ad Campaigns- Kindle Niche ResearchBook Trailers
Portraits & Caricatures- Tax ConsultingWeb ProgrammingEmail Marketing- Short StoriesReal Estate Promos
Cartoons & Comics- Personal Finance & Wealth Management- Custom Website- Copywriting- Book ProposalsGame Trailers
Tattoo Design- Financial Forecasting & Modeling- Web Application- Email Templates- Book BlurbsProduct Photography
Signage Design- Online Trading Lessons- Bug Fixes- Email Platform Support- GhostwritingLocal Photography
Web BannersBusiness Consulting- Browser Extensions- Audience DevelopmentBook EditingOther
Photoshop EditingPresentations- Email TemplateCrowdfundingEmail Copy
Architecture & Interior DesignCareer Counseling- Convert PSD- Campaign MarketingSpeechwriting
- Diagrams & Mapping- Interview Prep- Scripting- Campaign CreationCreative Writing
- Virtual Staging- Coaching- Landing PageSEM- Game Writing
- Planning & Design- Search & Apply- Help/Consultation- Setup & Strategy Consultation- Poetry
- 3D Modeling & RenderingFlyer DistributionE-Commerce Development- Search Engine Marketing Management- Song Lyrics
- 2D Drawings & Floor PlansLead Generation- Full Website Creation- Display Marketing Campaigns- Letters
Landscape DesignOther- Customization- Product Ad CampaignsBeta Reading
- Planning & Design- Bug Fixes- RemarketingResearch & Summaries
- 3D Modeling & Rendering- Theme/Plugin Installation- Ad Review & OptimizationOther
- 2D Drawings & Site Plans- Performance & SecurityMarketing Strategy
Building Information Modeling- Backup, Cloning & MigrationSurveys
- BIM 4D Construction Simulation- Help/Consultation- Survey Creation
- BIM Online Training & ImplementationMobile Apps- Analysis
- BIM Family Creation- Custom AppWeb Analytics
- BIM Coordination & Clash Detection- Convert Site to App- Setup
- BIM 3D Modeling- App Improvements- Tracking & Reporting
Character Modeling- Bug Fix- Optimization
Industrial & Product Design- Help/Consultation- Bug Fixes
- Concept DevelopmentDesktop ApplicationsInfluencer Marketing
- 2D Drawing- Custom Application- Strategy & Research
- 3D Modeling & Rendering- Application Improvements- Shoutouts & Promotion
- Prototyping & 3D Printing- Bug FixesLocal SEO
- Product Manufacturing- Help/Consultation- Google My Business
Trade Booth DesignCybersecurity & Data Protection- Local Citations and Directories
T-Shirts & Merchandise- ConsultationDomain Research
Presentation Design- Compliance ServicesE-Commerce Marketing
Infographic Design- Assessment & Penetration Test- Product Listings
Car Wraps- Cybersecurity Management- Product & Storefront SEO
Vector TracingSupport & ITMobile Marketing & Advertising
OtherOnline Coding Lessons- App Store Optimization
Chatbots- Mobile Ad Campaigns
Data Analysis & ReportsMusic Promotion
- Machine Learning- Organic Promotion
- Modeling- Paid Advertising
- Visualization- Music Streaming Services
- Data Entry/Cleaning- Playlists and Placements
- VBA/MacrosWeb Traffic
- Data Mining/ScrapingOther
- Help/Consultation
Convert Files
- Convert to a Fillable Form
- Convert to an E-Book
- Convert to an Editable File
- Convert to Another File
- Optimization & Design
- Queries
- Help/Consultation
User Testing
How to build a website?

Real-Life Examples

I dug up some real-life examples of Fiverr affiliate links by looking at the backlinks to Fiverr’s tracking URL ( and then sorting them by Traffic. These are the highest-trafficked pages that contain Fiverr affiliate links:

fiverr affiliate links

(Click to enlarge)

You can see that Powtoon links to their own video creator service page. There’s also a lot of make money online/side hustle pages affiliate-linking to Fiverr, like this one:

What I Like

  • Tons of different Gigs to promote
  • You can promote Fiverr anywhere. According to their FAQ, social media is fine and I’m assuming email is as well (Source)
  • Conversion focused design- lots of attention given to optimized landing pages with social proof, reviews, transparent pricing, upsells, etc.
  • Dynamic commission structure- you can choose your own adventure, so to speak. Flat or recurring payouts are options

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What I Don’t Like

  • There isn’t much to dislike- aside from its shady past, Fiverr does have good services on the platform. That said- make sure you’ve vetted the services you’re recommending!

Creating Deep Links

If you’re going to promote Fiverr and hope for any type of decent conversion rate, you’re going to want to create deep links to individual Fiverr Gigs, choosing between Hybrid and regular CPA link type options.

The good news is that Fiverr does let you create deep links. Until I started writing this affiliate program review, I didn’t even know that this was possible. It might have been a recent addition because I haven’t been deep linking this entire time. Anyway, this is how it works:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to “Marketing Tools ” and select “Default and Deep Links”
  3. Click on the “LP URL” button. A pop-up box will appear
  4. Visit any page on Fiverr you’d like to promote and copy the URL
  5. Paste the relevant Fiverr link to the pop-up box and click out
  6. Copy the link by clicking on the “Copy to clipboard” icon
  7. Place the link on your site

Summing Up

The Fiverr affiliate program offers a pretty unique opportunity because there are so many different services that you can promote.

It does bear more than a passing resemblance to the Udemy affiliate program. Instead of services, like Fiverr, Udemy hosts an infinite array of digital courses you can promote.

Whether you want to earn money referring people to psychic consultations or for business card design, it’s easy to find affiliate opportunities in the Fiverr affiliate program.

In addition, they have a pretty unique affiliate commission structure, allowing you to choose two different ways to earn money.

I’ve never seen this in an affiliate program before and it definitely allows for some unique flexibility regarding how you earn money. They also allow you to create deep-links, as I’ve discussed a bit. This is crucially important.

A while ago they weren’t offering this marketing functionality, as far as I can tell. This meant that when I created a Fiverr affiliate link, I couldn’t link directly to the product or the product category page. For example, this page (YouTube description templates), which generates most of my Fiverr clicks, is now updated to link to the most popular, relevant product, instead of just the homepage.

Deep links enable you to directly link to specific products, which increases the conversion potential.

Another good thing about the program, unlike Amazon Associates, where there’s always a looming perma-ban for some technical infraction, Fiverr enables and even recommends that you promote them anywhere across the internet.

Overall, it’s an intriguing affiliate option because of its strong conversion potential, infinite product range, and promotional flexibility.

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