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The Big Idea

  • FindThatLead is a robust lead-generation tool for finding website emails, LinkedIn contacts, and more
  • The primary feature: it can scrape email addresses from websites and send them emails
  • Use FindThatLead to email these site owners to collaborate, request guest posting, suggest link exchanges and grow your site traffic + revenue

How You Should Use It

When I started building affiliate sites, I did ZERO link building.

I did well without ever building a link, replacing my salary within 8 months after ALL my sites were deindexed. Fun times.

But, Google has changed since 2016…

Much of it is still a mystery to me- despite earning 6 figures a year from affiliate marketing and display ads the last 4 years.

One thing I’m sure of: if you’re trying to rank your site, you can get exponential gains acquiring some backlinks.

You have 3 choices when it comes to link building:

  1. Acquire links passively: wait for other sites to naturally link to you (takes forever, if it ever happens)
  2. Buy links: very pricey, though there are some good link building services out there.
  3. Do outreach: email sites and prospect them for backlinks

Outreach & Email Prospecting

Outreach is going to be the best bang for you buck. If you’re motivated to grow your site and want to save some money by implementing your own link-acquisition process, option 3 is your best choice.

If you’re going to do outreach, you’re going to need 3 things:

  1. A means of scraping websites
  2. A means of collecting site email addresses (FindThatLead)
  3. A means of emailing these contacts (FindThatLead)

FindThatLead: Easy Email Prospecting

FindThatLead is a lead generation tool- that frequently runs Lifetime Deals.

One of the key features of FindThatLead is the ability to scrape a bulk list of websites and extract their email address contact information.

It can also email all of those contacts.

That said, FindThatLead’s email tool isn’t as robust as something like Lemlist or Mailshake.

The latter two are much more feature-rich, dedicated email prospecting tools.

But, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to dash off a guest post outreach email- FindThatLead does make that pretty easy.

How It Works

1. Start Scraping

First, you’ll need to generate a list of websites you want to scrape emails from.

FindThatLead has a browser extension that lets you extract contact information from websites one at a time.

That takes forever to do. It’s better to do a bulk scrape.

One free way to do that is to use the Instant Data Scraper Chrome extension.

Once it’s installed, if you go to Google and type in a keyword of sites you want to outreach, then click the Instant Data Scraper extension, you can export a spreadsheet of all the site URLs:

instant data scraperHow To Use Instant Data Scraper

2. Bulk Upload The Site List

Then you’ll login to FindThatLead, click Search, then click Bulk Upload:

FindThatLead Review

Then you can upload your CSV File and begin a Domain Search:

You might need to trim the URLs down to their root domain first for FindThatLead to properly identify the websites. I used this online tool to do that.

3. Download or Send Emails

Once FindThatLead is finished, you’ll get 2 options: you can download your spreadsheet of contacts or send them emails.

findthatlead download or send emails

More Thoughts

I don’t do any email outreach at this point.

But, if you want to acquire backlinks and help grow your traffic revenue faster, it’s a good idea to nail down an outreach process.

Especially since paid links are so incredibly expensive: the cheapest guest post opportunity I’m seeing on the Authority.Builders (a backlink marketplace) is $150!

I’d probably use FindThatLead to capture emails and then MailShake or Lemlist to do the emailing.

Also: don’t use your primary email address for the outreach. You could get dinged for spam. It’s just the nature of cold outreach.

Start Slow

Don’t go too fast with email outreach- especially on a new email account. For example, don’t blast 1,000 emails Day 1 from a new Gmail address.

There’s no hard and fast rules when it comes to email outreach, from what I’ve read.

Maybe schedule emails to go out 50/day in the beginning.

Write Good Emails

I get cold-emailed constantly.

Most of the outreach is spammy garbage.

Some are good. Like this one:

guest post outreach example email

Email Text:

Hello Ryan,

I am David from [site]. We are a digital safety advocate and a trusted digital agency for cybersecurity companies.

I came across your article on titled [post title] which was really informative. That’s why I was wondering if you would be interested in a guest post on “Security tips for Mac users”?

Contrary to popular belief, Macs are far from impervious when it comes to cybersecurity. A recent report found that Apple accidentally approved malware to run on recent versions of macOS.

It is therefore important to always have security measures in place. My article will detail effective ways to secure Mac devices, including enabling Apple’s built-in encryption tool, using an authenticator app, installing security tools, and more. 

If you think [their site] readers would be interested in the topic, I’d be happy to start writing an article for you at any time.

The email copy is cogent. It includes an attractive email signature. They’ve addressed me by my first name- so they obviously did a little bit of research. And the ‘ask’ is really clear.

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Summing Up

Some people prefer the email finders Snovio or but all seem to agree that if you can get a lifetime deal (they frequently run them) on FindThatLead that it’s a more than an adequate tool.

As site builders, it’s best employed as a ‘guest post’ outreach tool. Especially if you’re on a budget, FindThatLead offers a quick and cost-effective means of connecting with niche-specific site owners and prospecting for quality backlinks.

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