Growth-Hacking Facebook Groups


In this post I'm going to track my progress promoting my content using Facebook Groups. 

The idea behind this strategy is to join Facebook Groups and promote content.

The way this works: 

  1. Find Facebook Groups relevant to your niche
  2. Join or apply to join (if they're private)
  3. Post in the Group promoting your content in a non-spammy way

1. Finding Facebook Groups

This is pretty easy- just use your niche's keywords and filter by Groups. You'll see a list of Groups that you can join.

Facebook Groups Growth Hack Strategy

2. Joining Them

Some will auto-accept you, while others will review your request. I've 

seo Facebook Search (1)

3. Posting Content

Here's my first post that I did in the SEO USA Group:

FB Post

Executing The Strategy

As I execute on this strategy I'm going to keep a running tally of my performance along with my insights and traffic statistics.


Ryan Nelson is a full-stack online marketer. I help people discover niches to build passive-income online businesses (for free!).

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