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What was the last dream you remember having?

For me, it was a comically obvious nightmare about school. Something about a forgotten exam, a failing grade, a missed due date- it’s always horrible.

According to this sleep study, I’m experiencing one of the most common dreams- the ‘being back in school’ nightmare.

common dreams

In this next niche report, I’m analyzing sites that rank for dream interpretation keywords.

I’ve highlighted an example site below- dreamdictionary.org.

You can see the site ranks for about 25,000 keywords. Granted, that’s not a lot, but it’s representative of many sites in this niche that have some truly outsized organic traffic from dream keywords.

Once you dig into the keywords, you see all different types of dreams that the site ranks for from dreams about water, tornado dreams, and dreaming of being naked.

What’s a tornado dream mean? I had no idea- check out this interpretation:

Keyword Research

I performed some keyword research- exporting 1,000 of their top-performing organic keywords. Check out the table below. You can even download it to catalyze your own research- try it out with SEMrush or Ahrefs.

What I Would Do

This isn’t a niche that I necessarily would enter into, but I do have some ideas. For example, it could be useful if you are selling services related to dream keywords.

My mother is a therapist and I’ve done some online marketing for her and this could be an interesting type of keyword to rank for and see if it can generate actual leads. In that sense, it’s more a silo of content than an entirely focused website.

As well, say you run a website about psychology, you could easily experiment with a category of dream content. In which case, targeting some of these dream key words could be a lucrative bet.

Overall, as I generally advise, I would start out doing some keyword research to map out a potential site and inform the type of content I would be creating. I would use a mind map to explore the different themes in the keyword research table on this page.

(Mind Map Example For The Tennis Niche)

Tennis MindMeister Mind Map.png

Once I figured out different themes, I could organize different keywords beneath those themes.

For example, I see dreams about natural disasters and animals- those both could be a category of content, or merely be tagged in WordPress. This would help organize and curate the content so that it is easier for you to figure out what to write about and for your readers to use your site.


There is some good traffic to be had from creating YouTube videos in this niche. Check out this video I found for the query “dream about cats meaning”:

At the time of this writing, it has nearly 50,000 views. And it is voiced by a robot.

Somebody has used some software to convert a blog post into a video with some images of cats as a slideshow. This is very low-effort YouTube content marketing, but it has an impressive view count. There’s definitely some real traffic opportunities here.

What I Like

Interesting Topic

If you’re interested in dream psychology, this could be a really interesting niche for you. You could probably do pretty well with a YouTube channel or a Pinterest account, creating contextually relevant content about dreams on those social media platforms.

What I’m Unsure About

Keyword Difficulty

I’m generally attracted to big keyword opportunities that have limited competition. Here, the keyword volumes aren’t necessarily that huge and the difficulty is a little bit higher than I would like to see, especially since there isn’t an obvious affiliate opportunity in this niche.

What I Don’t Like

Limited Monetization

This will likely be just a display ads play. There are not really any physical products you can sell here.

Maybe there are some information products you can dip into- check out these Clickbank offers that are most about coaching lucid dreaming.

Their Gravity, which is the ClickBank score used to assess an items selling potential, are all pretty low:

Here’s the Lucid Dreaming Made Easy landing page:

dream affiliate program

FlexOffers includes the TalkSpace affiliate program. Maybe you are able to link to online psychologists who can help people with dream interpretation and other life issues.

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Summing Up

I think that this is a solid niche to enter into. Particularly if you have a passion for dream interpretation, it could be a great website to start, especially if you supplement with third-party social media platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter.

As well, if you are in a related niche, you could definitely siphon some traffic from this keyword vertical without having to start an entire, dream-dedicated website.

Last Updated on November 15, 2023 by Ryan Nelson

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    • Yes- they’re legit. I have about 7 orders requiring approval in my account right now actually. Usually, orders are picked up really quickly- but it will depend sometimes if you’ve loaded up the project requirements too much. In that case, I’ve had writers take a couple of days before accepting the order. Or if you have a high rejection rate- then writers might not want to accept your orders. But, generally, it’s fast and recently I’ve found the content a lot better- pretty subjective, but I haven’t rejected an article in months.


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