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It took me forever to figure out how the blockchain works.

It’s embarrassing. I thought it was kind of an annoying fad until the realization struck me that it’s ‘digital private property’.

For some reason that term really struck me and I could begin to envision its potential.

I finally watched a couple YouTube videos and developed a working understanding of how the blockchain works.

Obviously, I’ve known that there’s a HUGE affiliate opportunity here. I never pursued it because the keywords are super, super competitive.

The market is massive.

For example: as a basketball nut, I was pretty mortified that the Lakers just sold naming rights to the Staples Center to Crypto.com for $700 million!

Low Competition Keywords & Bad Data

I’ve really been diving into low-competition keywords recently.

More and more of the SEO gurus are discovering that the keyword research tools just aren’t accurate. Ahrefs themselves even blogged about it.

It turns out, you can actually get solid traffic in super competitive niches targeting keywords that get under 100 searches a month.

Ahrefs and other tools just aren’t accurate when the numbers get granular.

The AuthorityHacker guys recently did a video showcasing how to rank in competitive niches without link building:

Here’s the jump link where they discuss the strategy

The strategy involves targeting extremely low (sub 100/month) competition keywords, banking on their actually being much more search volume than meets the eye.

Plus, you’ll end up ranking for ancillary, related searches.

So, I took a look at some of the top crypto keywords in Ahrefs:

crypto ahref keywordsI then sorted the keywords- selecting less than KD 5 and max search volume of 100/month:

crypto seoHere’s the Ahrefs link to run this query

Low Competition Crypto Keywords

This list of crypto keywords contains a lot of pretty obscure stuff…

But it’s a great way to enter into the lucrative crypto market.

You can identify common themes- maybe you specialize in a particular coin. Maybe you start a general crypto site and just target ALL the keywords.

Maybe it’s a ‘news’ site and you keep it up to date with latest pricing and breaking news type content.

What I’d Do

  1. Get a crypto expired domain: check out how I do this with Spamzilla
  2. I’d build out a mindmap of keywords using MindMeister to organize my site
  3. Begin creating content using HireWriters or UpWork writers
  4. I’d optimize the content with Frase
  5. I’d run a popup advertising a popular crypto affiliate offer using ConvertBox
  6. Over time, begin hyper-targeting your popup offers to particular URLs

Best Crypto Affiliate Offers

There are tons of crypto offers. I’d experiment with running different offers across my crypto site. Here are a few:

  1. Binance Affiliate Program
  2. Coinbase Affiliate Program
  3. Coinmama Affiliate Program
  4. Changelly Affiliate Program
  5. LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program
  6. Trezor Wallet Affiliate Program
  7. Ledger Wallet Affiliate Program
  8. CryptoTrader.Tax Affiliate Program
  9. eToro Affiliate Program

ConvertBox lets you easily run affiliate popups across your content. You can easily segment your popups by keywords in the URL.

Here’s a ConvertBox popup I run on my DIY site pushing people to Wayfair:

ConvertBox Popup Example

And what I really like about ConvertBox is that it makes split-testing popups extremely easy. Here’s a look at one of my split tests:

Convertbox Dashboard

Once you start seeing one version winning, you can duplicate the campaign and start a new split test- very simple!

To start, I’d probably run the most popular offer across all the content.

Over time, if a particular page is getting a lot of traffic, I’d customize the popup to that page.

For example, if I’m ranking for a keyword that teaches ‘how to mine for crypto’, I could link to a Fiverr course teaching crypto mining.Help-with-your-crypto-mining-rig-by-Smartspender-FiverrOver time, you can begin segmenting your popups to increase the CTR and conversion.

Writing this, I’m almost tempted to start a crypto site myself…

It’s a great way to diversify from Amazon and enter into a still-emerging market with near infinite traffic and monetization potential.

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