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It took me forever to figure out how the blockchain works.

It’s embarrassing. I thought it was kind of an annoying fad until the realization struck me that it’s ‘digital private property’.

For some reason that term really struck me and I could begin to envision its potential.

I finally watched a couple YouTube videos and developed a working understanding of how the blockchain works.

Obviously, I’ve known that there’s a HUGE affiliate opportunity here. I never pursued it because the keywords are super, super competitive.

The market is massive.

For example: as a basketball nut, I was pretty mortified that the Lakers just sold naming rights to the Staples Center to for $700 million!


Cryptocurrency concept map

I created a Cryptocurrency concept map to help understand all of the different potential topics.

crypto mindmap

Created using Frase

Concept maps help you see the “big picture” and how all the different ideas are interconnected.

They are also a great way to brainstorm potential article topics. Especially foundational topics that you need to cover or even subtopics that deserve their own niche site.

For example, “decentralized finance” or even “stablecoins”.

Low Competition Keywords & Bad Data

I’ve really been diving into low-competition keywords recently.

More and more of the SEO gurus are discovering that the keyword research tools just aren’t accurate. Ahrefs themselves even blogged about it.

It turns out, you can actually get solid traffic in super competitive niches targeting keywords that get under 100 searches a month.

Ahrefs and other tools just aren’t accurate when the numbers get granular.

The AuthorityHacker guys recently did a video showcasing how to rank in competitive niches without link building:

Here’s the jump link where they discuss the strategy

The strategy involves targeting extremely low (sub 100/month) competition keywords, banking on their actually being much more search volume than meets the eye.

Plus, you’ll end up ranking for ancillary, related searches.

So, I took a look at some of the top crypto keywords in Ahrefs:

crypto ahref keywordsI then sorted the keywords- selecting less than KD 5 and max search volume of 100/month:

crypto seoHere’s the Ahrefs link to run this query

Low Competition Crypto Keywords

This list of crypto keywords contains a lot of pretty obscure stuff…

But it’s a great way to enter into the lucrative crypto market.

You can identify common themes- maybe you specialize in a particular coin. Maybe you start a general crypto site and just target ALL the keywords.

Maybe it’s a ‘news’ site and you keep it up to date with latest pricing and breaking news type content.

What I’d Do

  1. Get a crypto expired domain: check out how I do this with Spamzilla
  2. I’d build out a mindmap of keywords using MindMeister to organize my site
  3. Begin creating content using HireWriters or UpWork writers
  4. I’d optimize the content with Frase
  5. I’d run a popup advertising a popular crypto affiliate offer using ConvertBox
  6. Over time, begin hyper-targeting your popup offers to particular URLs

Best Crypto Affiliate Offers

There are tons of crypto offers. I’d experiment with running different offers across my crypto site. Here are a few:

  1. Binance Affiliate Program
  2. Coinbase Affiliate Program
  3. Coinmama Affiliate Program
  4. Changelly Affiliate Program
  5. LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program
  6. Trezor Wallet Affiliate Program
  7. Ledger Wallet Affiliate Program
  8. CryptoTrader.Tax Affiliate Program
  9. eToro Affiliate Program

ConvertBox lets you easily run affiliate popups across your content. You can easily segment your popups by keywords in the URL.

Here’s a ConvertBox popup I run on my DIY site pushing people to Wayfair:

ConvertBox Popup Example

And what I really like about ConvertBox is that it makes split-testing popups extremely easy. Here’s a look at one of my split tests:

Convertbox Dashboard

Once you start seeing one version winning, you can duplicate the campaign and start a new split test- very simple!

To start, I’d probably run the most popular offer across all the content.

Over time, if a particular page is getting a lot of traffic, I’d customize the popup to that page.

For example, if I’m ranking for a keyword that teaches ‘how to mine for crypto’, I could link to a Fiverr course teaching crypto mining.Help-with-your-crypto-mining-rig-by-Smartspender-FiverrOver time, you can begin segmenting your popups to increase the CTR and conversion.

Writing this, I’m almost tempted to start a crypto site myself…

It’s a great way to diversify from Amazon and enter into a still-emerging market with near-infinite traffic and monetization potential.

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Start with an expired domain

Write some content about why you would want to purchase an expired domain to start a cryptocurrency blog

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now and there’s no doubt that the market is only going to continue to grow.

If you’re looking for a way to get in on the action, then purchasing an expired domain to start a cryptocurrency blog might be just the thing for you.

Here’s a filter I created to find 2 solid crypto domains- use the Keywords Search function and input “crypto, bitcoin, cryptocurrency” and deselect Country TLDs:

expired domains crypto and are two solid options to start your crypto blog.

There are a few reasons why an expired domain would be ideal for a cryptocurrency blog.

  1. For one, it would already have some authority and trust built up from the previous owner- a solid link profile from big-time crypto authorities
  2. Secondly, the domain name itself could be highly relevant to the topic of cryptocurrencies, something brandable that it would hard to come up with on your own
  3. There might be a fair bit of content you can ‘appropriate’ from the previous domain using the WayBackMachine. This is a bit of a moral gray area- I favor rewriting the old content so that it’s unique to me and then recreating the old URLs so that they pick up all the old, legacy links

If you’re serious about starting a cryptocurrency blog, then purchasing an expired domain is definitely worth considering. With the right domain name, you could be well on your way to becoming a leading voice in the industry.

Supplement with AI content

AI content can help you to create content that is both informative and engaging. With Jasper’s help, you can write about the different cryptocurrencies available, understand the blockchain technology that underlies them, and write about how they are changing the world.

Jasper is a tool that helps speed up the content creation process- it can create blog outlines, write catchy introduction sentences, produce full sales emails, and more.

Jasper can help you to quickly find information on different cryptocurrencies, understand how they work, and explain the potential implications of this technology. For example, you can use Jasper to help you write about how cryptocurrency is changing the world by decentralizing power and control away from governments:

Sample content

Cryptocurrency is changing the world in a few different ways. Perhaps most notably, it is decentralizing power and control away from governments and financial institutions. For example, with Bitcoin, there is no central authority that controls the currency. Instead, it is controlled by the network of users who participate in the Bitcoin system.

Another way that cryptocurrency is changing the world is by making it possible to send and receive payments without the need for a third party such as a bank or credit card company. This means that transactions can be completed much more quickly and cheaply, as there are no fees associated with using a third party to process the payment.

Finally, cryptocurrency is also changing the world by providing a new way to invest and raise capital. In the past, if you wanted to invest in a company or project, you would typically do so by buying shares of stock. However, with cryptocurrency, you can invest by buying tokens that represent a stake in the company or project. This provides a more direct way to invest, and it also allows you to invest in a much wider range of companies and projects.

This content is completely unique- check out the Copyscape:

crypto content example

If you’re interested in entering into the lucrative crypto market, consider starting a blockchain blog.

There are tons of affiliate offers for those looking to a crypto blog today for a chance to make money in this still-emerging market.

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