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Please note that affiliate links may be included in some posts.

In this post, I’m going to discuss the ConvertKit affiliate program. I’m both a customer and an affiliate for ConvertKit- it’s the email marketing provider that I use on

I’ll show you how much you can earn, how to join, some keyword research, and discuss promotional strategies.

ConvertKit Affiliate Program Earning Potential

convertkit logo

According to their affiliate page, “As a ConvertKit affiliate you’ll earn a 30% commission each month from everyone you refer. That means if you send us an account worth $99/month, you’ll earn $30. Every month. Joining our affiliate program is simple.”

Recurring affiliate offers can be incredibly lucrative- the trick obviously is to get people to sign up.

One of the things I like is that they recently added the ability to affiliate-link to a recurring webinar that they run. This is a powerful way of selling and converting the traffic you send.

They also provide you with a range of different creative banners and images you can use like this one:


My Stats

Below you can see my ConvertKit stats. This year so far I’ve sent 117 clicks.

convertkit getambassador com stats

Some people have signed up- but no one’s bought yet. I don’t promote it that hard, so those stats aren’t that disappointing to me.

Keyword Research

To get a sense of their product line, who uses their services, and ancillary content themes, I extracted 1,000 of their top-performing organic keywords:

Some of the top keywords include:

  1. ebook template
  2. vlog
  3. goal tracker
  4. convertkit vs mailchimp
  5. video hosting
  6. video platforms
  7. evergreen webinar
  8. how to publish a podcast
  9. video hosting sites
  10. print on demand books
  11. coaching packages
  12. how to vlog
  13. mailchimp vs convertkit
  14. successful kickstarter campaign
  15. how to publish a podcast
  16. video hosting free
  17. free video hosting
  18. how to edit videos
  19. podcast format
  20. evergreen webinars
  21. high demand products
  22. convertkit pricing
  23. successful kickstarter campaigns
  24. ebook templates
  25. publish podcast
  26. po box alternatives
  27. convertkit landing pages
  28. indesign ebook template
  29. event ticketing system
  30. free ebook template
  31. convertkit free trial
  32. free ebook templates
  33. convertkit affiliate program
  34. digital products
  35. sponsored blog posts
  36. retreat planning
  37. affiliate programs for bloggers
  38. vlogging
  39. facebook marketing strategy

How To Use This List


If you would like to monetize with email marketing affiliate program like ConvertKit, SEO is one of the most popular options.

If you are able to create content that ranks, if you know how to get backlinks, generally you’ll be getting traffic to that post over a long period of time and, in my experience, ever-increasing amounts.

The trick to acquiring lucrative traffic that converts on your affiliate offer, especially within SEO, is to target the right keyword.

The right keyword, especially if you have a new site without a lot of authority, is one that has a low keyword difficulty. As well, you’ll want it to be a buyer keyword- in the table above you can see one example of this:

convertkit vs mailchimp

This search term implies that the user is deep in the buying process and they are at the stage where they are comparing the feature set of two different email marketing Solutions.

If you are able to step in to the conversation with detailed and valuable information you can intercept this potential buyer right before they make a purchase decision and monetize using your ConvertKit affiliate link.

Another, different example of using SEO to drive traffic that would convert ConvertKit is:

how to publish a podcast

On the face of it, it doesn’t look like a very lucrative keyword for ConvertKit itself, but anyone that is looking to publish a podcast is also someone that would be interested in using an email marketing software. Now, in and of itself, this is a particularly competitive keyword because there is a lot of podcast software & hardware on the market, so lots of people are competing to rank for this lucrative traffic.

The idea here is that there are lots of ancillary terms, seemingly unrelated to email marketing software, that could acquire users that would purchase something like ConvertKit.

Especially with different internet marketing terms like vlogging, blogging, podcasting- anyone who is looking to make a living online, they are also potential buyers. They aren’t as deep down the purchase funnel for an autoresponder, but they are in the realm and just need to be convinced.

So, I would recommend publishing content that targets buyers that are deep down the purchase funnel as well as targeting a broader audience of people that could be interested in something like ConvertKit, but just need to be educated a bit.

Another interesting keyword is:

convertkit pricing

This is another example of a keyword with high buyer intention. Somebody that is Googling for how much a service costs is deep in the buying journey.

As an internet marketer, it makes sense to intercept a customer like this and provide them with the extra information they need to make a quality purchasing decision.

For example, if I was looking to rent for this keyword, I would obviously list out pricing information near the top of the post so that the reader has what they want immediately when they land on the page.

However, I would make an additional effort to sell them on the service even more, if possible. For example, you might want to showcase ConvertKit’s features and value by comparing it to other popular email marketing providers.

You could highlight some of its unique features. As a ConvertKit user myself, one of the things I like most about it besides its modern user interface is the visual automation tools.

These enable you to get a visual overview of your different autoresponder sequences. This is a huge help in comparison to other email marketing tools like AWeber, for example, which didn’t provide this the last time I used it.

Another smart strategy here would be to try to capture their email address by including a Content upgrade and then marketing ConvertKit to them via email. You could create a one-page PDF with 10 tips for increasing email open rates, or 5 tips for using ConvertKit- something related to the content of your post that ideally aligns with the specific affiliate offer you’re promoting.


You can also experiment on social media. As you can see if you type ConvertKit into Pinterest there are a ton of high-performing Pins that are either pushing traffic to their website that presumably contains ConvertKitaffiliate links or direct linking to ConvertKit itself:

convertkit pinterest example

A lot of times the SEO landscape is incredibly competitive, so for a comparative advantage, you can try to rank content on different social media platforms to funnel traffic to your money page or even directly to the affiliate offer itself.


If you have a decent sized email list, it obviously makes sense to promote this email marketing affiliate offer to your list.

A powerful to punch combo is to capture people who aren’t aware that they need or want an email marketing solution, educate them on its advantages, and convince them to purchase through your affiliate link.

This makes sense in conjunction with the SEO strategies I mentioned above. If you write about topics that aren’t related to email marketing (a blogging topic, for example) you can capture their emails and gradually make the case to them why ConvertKit is a good fit to market their blog.

Summing Up

Recurring affiliate programs can be a pretty powerful earner. You just need a thoughtful traffic strategy to push high-quality leads to the ConvertKit affiliate program.

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Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson
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