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TheBestSpinner vs WordAI [Comparing The Article Spinners]

If you’re looking for a spinning software, two of the most popular options are:TheBestSpinner WordAI TheBestSpinner is currently $37 a month while WordAI is $49.95 a month or $347 a year. In this post, I’ll take a look at both rewriting software tools, run a test on them, and compare their results using the Copyscape plagiarism tool. tl:dr Summary: […]

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The 5 Best YouTube View Bots [Free and Paid]

If you’re looking for a YouTube View Bot, there are a couple of options. It’s important to note that there two different styles of ‘bots’:There are non-human viewers (bots) And there are human viewers that you either pay for or exchange views with (traffic exchange networks)Bots like SupaGrowth’s YouTube View Bot tool don’t involve actual humans. They […]

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How To Write Conversion Focused Product Reviews

conversion focused product reviews

I’m currently averaging over a quarter million dollars a year publishing product reviews. It’s really the bread and butter of my online income. Today I’m going to share my experience publishing affiliate review content that converts. From a high level, my product reviews have the following 6 features:A scannable, listicle formatA high-quality, 500-word introductionA comparison […]

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Grum Review: Instagram Auto-Posting From PC [2018]

how to use

Back during Black Friday I decided to purchase Grum, a desktop Instagram scheduling tool, for $39 lifetime access. (Click here to check out their current pricing.)What Is a nutshell, this third-party Instagram tool lets you upload images, add your captions, and schedule the content to be posted at a future date all from your PC […]

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How To Ethically Harvest Emails For Free (Or Cheap)

Email Outreach Strategies

In this post I’m going to walk you through some free (or cheap) ways you can scrape emails for outreach or remarketing purposes.  As a niche site builder, outreaching to other site owners is a crucial skill if you want to build backlinks or just generally network in your niche. It’s something I’m focusing on more heavily […]

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ShareASale Review: How To Use It In [2018]

how to use shareasale

Today I’m going to dive into one of the most popular affiliate networks in the online marketing world- ShareASale. I’m going to show you how I use the ShareASale network interface, outline how to make money using ShareASale, and rank their top 10 affiliate programs.   (Click here to visit ShareASale and then click on Affiliate Sign […]

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Link Building

building backlinks like a badass

If you’re a long-timer reader, you know I hate link building.  In fact, I wrote an entire post about how I’ve grown an affiliate site to five figures a month without doing ANY link building.  I’m here today to say that I’m joining the dark side- I’m going to start building backlinks in earnest. I’m also going to […]

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