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AAWP Review | The Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin I’ve Used


I’ve earned millions of dollars from Amazon’s affiliate program.  So I have a lot of experience managing Amazon affiliate links, optimizing for conversions, and maintaining Amazon Associates compliance.  A couple of years ago I switched to a new affiliate plugin- the AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin). I had been using EasyAzon since I started in 2016 and I […]

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The Authority Site System (TASS) Review

tass course

When I first started building affiliate sites in 2015, there were a few foundational gurus that I followed. Patt Flynn from Smart Passive Income was one. Amy Porterfield was another. However, it was Gael and Mark from AuthorityHacker.com that most helped me on my internet-marketing journey. Since the summer of 2016, I’ve earned well over […]

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Authority.Builders Review: Real User Data Case Study

building backlinks like a badass

I first started building niche affiliate sites in 2015. Like everybody else, I eventually collided with the familiar and frustrating conundrum: how to acquire high-quality backlinks. While white-hat guest posting strategies were well known then, a lot of the grayer hat link building methods were still popular. Things like: Tiered link building ScrapeBox blog commenting […]

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How To Get Twitter Traffic To Your Blog

twitter challenge

In the case study below, I documented a Twitter challenge I underwent for NicheFacts.com.  Though the Twitter challenge is finished- the case study below outlines the lessons I learned doing 10 replies a day on Twitter. In my ongoing quest to grow NicheFacts.com, I’ve been pursuing different growth strategies. Since organic traffic is so hard to come by […]

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Niche Site Case Study: Building A Meme Site

building a meme site

I recently started a new site in the internet culture/social media niche. Basically, memes. Like the one above that I’ve always resonated with. I’m not sure that I’ll reveal it, but picture it as Urban Dictionary meets Buzzfeed. It’s a fun experiment that I hope will provide an additional layer of income security going forward. […]

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21 Passive Income Apps | Real User Reviews

passive income apps

In this post, we curated a list of popular passive income apps. We also unearthed some real user reviews from Reddit and YouTube to make sure they’re not scams. Generally, the way these apps work, you’ll install them on your Apple, Android, Windows smartphone and they provide residual income. Usually, you’re getting paid because you’re enabling companies to […]

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