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Ranking & Banking In The Woodworking Niche

woodworking niche

This is another fun, visual niche that has both physical and informational affiliate products you can promote to a passionate audience. The idea is: Woodworking. You’ll be creating a woodworking site that reviews woodworking tools while also publishing informational content like ‘how-to’ and long, image list posts. The site can be a resource for hobbyists, professional craftsmen, and […]

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[Niche Report] Monetizing The Musical Instrument Niche

Music Instruments Niche

If you’re a musician, this next niche could be an excellent opportunity for you. The idea is: musical instruments. According to Statista, 18.08 million Americans play a musical instrument. ​Gallup also reports that more than one in two households (54%) have a member who plays a musical instrument. The most popular instruments, according to FirstTutors are as follows:Electric […]

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Publishing Listicles: The Secret To Viral Engagement


This next idea isn’t so much a niche, more a style of site that I’ve long been a fan of. It is: list/ranking sites. These sites specialize in publishing long listicles. Some sites like publish lists on everything under the sun.  Others like Startups-List are more niche.  They list startups and categorize them by location and […]

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How To Profit Promoting Obscure Technologies

Oscilloscope Niche Research

If you’re an engineer or of a scientific bent, this is a great niche for you. It’s: Oscilloscopes. I’ve made over a thousand dollars promoting expensive oscilloscopes on my review site.  I like them because they are ultra-expensive (some cost thousands of dollars), there’s lots of obscure terms to get long-tail organic traffic for, and very few […]

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Content Curation: Make A Living Curating YouTube Content

YouTube Niche

If you love YouTube, this one is for you. The idea here is that you will develop a content site that profiles and curates YouTube content. There are a couple different directions you could go:YouTube News: Report on YouTube channels & personalitiesYouTube Curation: A YouTube video curation siteYouTube Hybrid: Curating a genre of video + profiling the […]

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The Tea Niche: How To Drink Earl Grey For A Living

The Tea Niche

With over 2.5 million monthly searches, tea is a $12 billion market in the United States (Source). This is an interesting and potentially lucrative niche- especially if you’re comfortable thinking outside the box and putting in the work to build something significant. Rather than build a junky Amazon affiliate site and just affiliate-linking to Lipton tea bags, you […]

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[Case Study] How To Make Money Online Promoting Hardware

plier niche research

One word: pliers. This is honestly a pretty awesome niche. Unless you’re a carpenter or machinist, you’d be surprised how many different types of pliers there are. From snap ring pliers and needle-nosed pliers, to flat nose pliers and electrician pliers- there are a lot of specialty hand tools out there for different industries. This niche is just […]

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