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Looking for niche site inspiration? Check out my niche reports below to brainstorm your next online business opportunity. These profitable niches range from the mundane (pliers) to the weird (expired food), but should help you to pick a vetted online business opportunity. Most of these website ideas can be monetized with either affiliate marketing or display ads- so they can rightly be classified as passive income opportunities.

Ranking For Dreams

  What was the last dream you remember having? For me, it was a comically obvious nightmare about school. Something about a forgotten exam, a failing grade, a missed due date- it’s always horrible. According to this sleep study, I’m experiencing one of the most common dreams- the ‘being back in school’ nightmare. In this […]

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Ranking For Random Dates In Time

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In the past, I’ve written about a variety of niches that are somewhat strange and obscure. These include expired food searches, ranking for random people’s names, ranking for license plates, and ranking for phone numbers. In this niche report, I’m going to analyze sites that rank for dates and time. There are searches for literally […]

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Ranking For TV Episodes: How To Make A Living Writing About Reality TV


  Recently I’ve been binge-watching Kitchen Nightmares on YouTube. It’s one of my favorite shows. Gordon Ramsay, the famous British chef, tours failing restaurants in the United States and the United Kingdom, and conducts a rapid-fire intervention with outrageous and hilarious results. After every episode, I look up the restaurant online to see what happened […]

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