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Affiliate marketing is one of the few ways you can build a legitimate, online passive income source. I’m going to take a look at some of the best affiliate marketing programs you can join to help monetize your blog o auth blog or authority site. I review affiliate programs on an ongoing basis- so this list will continue to grow.

Best Affiliate Networks

First, you’ll need to understand the distinction between affiliate networks and affiliate programs. Affiliate networks house affiliate programs. For example, the Rakuten Advertising affiliate network houses affiliate programs as diverse as Udemy and Macy’s.  The ShareASale affiliate network houses programs like Reebok, Minted, and FreshBooks. In contrast, the Amazon Associates Program and eBay are their own networks- they don’t operate through something like ShareASale.

Best Affiliate Programs


american airlines affiliate program

Internet Marketing

shopify affiliate program

The internet marketing space famous, perhaps even know notorious, for highly lucrative and aggressive affiliate marketing programs. It makes sense because many marketing tools are expensive and recurring, so companies are willing to reward high commissions in this competitive space if you’re able to refer qualified traffic to things like autoresponder software, keyword research tools, SEO services, hosting platforms and domain name providers.

  • The WordPress affiliate program: the affiliate program provides 20% recurring payouts, for the first year, for every referral who signs up.
  • The GoDaddy affiliate program: There are lots of money-making opportunities with GoDaddy because they provide a variety of domain name registration services; web hosting & storage; website security; website builder; eCommerce solutions; web design services; and email services.
  • The Shopify affiliate program has exploded in popularity over the last several years as make money online gurus have hyped the insane earnings potential of eCommerce sites.
  • Though it’ll forever be dogged by its spammy domain name, the Fiverr affiliate program is home to many interesting and completely legitimate, productized freelancer services.
  • The NameCheap affiliate program is another domain and hosting provider that competes with the likes of GoDaddy.
  • The Convertkit affiliate program is a modern autoresponder option- something I use for my email newsletter.
  • Page builders are highly popular ways to build websites and there are a bunch of options you can promote. The Wix affiliate program is one option.
  • My SEO affiliate program roundup covers many more of these niche internet marketing affiliate opportunities.


credit card affiliate programs

Finance might be one of the most lucrative niches in affiliate blogging. Whether you’re promoting credit card affiliate programs or credit repair affiliate programs, there are lots of options for the motivated site builder.

Home & Garden

the home deopt affiliate program

  • The Wayfair affiliate program has a home & garden specialization and product depth that makes it a solid option to promote. Its 7% commission rate is competitive with the commission from comparable Amazon Associate program categories.
  • Lowe’s is a Fortune 500 American company that runs a chain of appliance and home improvement and stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The Lowe’s affiliate program if you’re looking to monetize your DIY blog.
  • Target is the second-biggest discount store retailer in the U.S., placing just behind Walmart. If you’re running a home blog, could the Target affiliate program be a viable alternative to the Amazon Associates affiliate program?
  • Home Depot is a bit-name home goods retailer with a significant in-person footprint. They sell tools, construction equipment, and home services. Check out up-to-date commission rates for the Home Depot affiliate program.
  • The Wish affiliate program taps into a mega-marketplace of weird odds and ends, promising big-time bargains but long shipping times.
  • The Walmart affiliate program is another resource if you’re trying to make money online by reviewing physical goods.

While some like Ikea don’t have an affiliate program- there are some pretty solid affiliate programs in the Home & Garden niche.

Clothing & Fashion

nike affiliate program

  • Nike’s affiliate program is one way that Nike is working with consumers to reach more people, while offering incentives for people who have helped them grow their business.
  • Like Nike, the Adidas affiliate program designs and manufactures clothing, shoes, and accessories. It’s a pretty sexy sports brand and they have some big-name, celebrity athletes on their roster.
  • If you’re a fashion blogger, you’re probably searching for big-name affiliate programs. High-converting ones are always the best! The Nordstrom affiliate program could be an option- but how well does it convert?
  • The Macy’s affiliate program is another option- one of the biggest, ‘old-world’ retailers available to promote.
  • Another trendy clothing retailer, Zara is a Spanish fast-fashion option. Check out the Zara affiliate program to learn more about its commission structure.
  • H&M is another wildly popular fast-fashion brand- check out the H&M affiliate program’s commission structure and details.
  • Also check out our recent reviews of the Old Navy affiliate program and the Shein affiliate program


The pets niche is a billion-dollar opportunity- whether you’re running ads, promoting affiliate offers, or selling products.

  • The Chewy affiliate program has an Amazon-level product catalog and a massive user base. A great opportunity if you’re running a dog blog.

Online Learning

udemy logo (2)


There’s a lot of opportunities within entertainment- think of all the hobbies and recreational activities that people enjoy.

I’m still waiting on the Spotify affiliate program and the Netflix affiliate program to launch- but there are still lots of opportunities here. I’ll be building out this section with more opportunities going forward.


microsoft windows start screen

If you’re looking for a technology affiliate program, there are some compelling options.

Summing Up

Is affiliate marketing hard? Not if you align niche selection, keyword research and content production!

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