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The oddly named Banggood is a Chinese e-commerce company that sells a disorientingly large range of products, from Lab Chemicals to anime nicknacks.

Even though it has a weird name, the website is nothing to sneer at.

Check out these huge organic traffic rankings: banggood website stats

It ranks for 2.4 million keywords (1) and gets very long-tail, international traffic (2).

Does Banggood Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes, it does.

According to their affiliate signup page, you can earn up to 12% commission.

However, according to this Banggood blog post, it is a tier-based system. So, to reach 12% commission you have to be a top affiliate performer.

How To Make Money With Banggood

Below, I extracted some of the website’s top-performing organic keywords. You can see a fairly extensive and oftentimes bizarre collection of rankings.

From “Japanese keycaps” to “ingrown toenail tool”, Banggood has it all.

Keyword Research

How can you make money promoting Banggood?

In my case, I have a general product review website, so I could literally target any of the keywords on this list, as long as they are not too perverted or strange, and push organic traffic to the product listings on Banggood’s website.

Or, you can use a site like this for niche site inspiration.

There are a lot of weird and random keywords in here with pretty big volumes and they might help you think up a new, lucrative affiliate site opportunity.

Because the site ranks for tons of different products, I would promote it by creating a product review listicle.

Like: “The Five Best Ingrown Toenail Tools“. I would experiment with different affiliate programs. In this case, I might try using the Banggood affiliate program as one or two of the products on the list, maybe even in using it in a pop-up just on that page.

I’ve found that using a pop-up tool like OptinMonster, with a countdown deadline timer, or promise of a discount, gets lots of clicks to the affiliate product page.

Dropshipping Option?

Some people even use Banggood as a dropshipping solution- similar to something like Aliexpress.

That’s outside my realm of expertise. But check out the video above if you’re interested in exploring dropshipping.

Summing Up

In many respects, it’s similar to Wish. Tons of random products listed at cheap prices.

And if you’re writing up product reviews, I would still prioritize the Amazon Associates program over Banggood.

Even though they have cut commissions really close to the bone, personally I am seeing over 10% conversion rate with Amazon.

Banggood isn’t going to get close to that. That said, it’s worth experimenting with. Plus Banggood has a lot of products that Amazon doesn’t have- particularly the ‘weirder’ offerings on the site (just browse the keyword research table).

As I previously mentioned, I have recently been experimenting with pop-ups on specific pages pushing people to non-Amazon affiliate offers. It’s an easy way to add a different affiliate option to the page without messing with any of the on-page SEO.

Plus, you can quickly assess a click-through rate from the pop-up, which will help you figure out the viability of the affiliate program your testing.

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