A 3-Step No Cost System To Acquire Powerful, White-Hat Backlinks With ZERO Outreach For People Who HATE Link Building

A 3-Step No Cost System To Acquire Powerful, White-Hat Backlinks With ZERO Outreach For People Who HATE Link Building

What's Inside

Chances are you're facing the stubborn dilemma: how to crack link building so you can improve your rankings, increase your traffic, and earn more money online.

Maybe you've researched link-building strategies online and justifiably worry that it sounds complicated, time-consuming and incredibly expensive.

I've been there.

Countless times I've clicked away in disgust from inconceivably complicated link-building case studies.

If you're using the traditional guest posting strategy, you'll have to send hundreds and even thousands of outreach emails to site owners to get a couple decent backlinks.

You'll repeat this process over and over. Hoping that your outreach emails don't get flagged as spam.

I've spent countless hours looking for an alternative to these outbound link strategies that cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month to implement.

That's why I created the Backlink Breakthrough

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What Is It?

The Backlink Breakthrough is my spin on a strategy known as Reverse Guest Posting.

It's a passive link acquisition tactic that can function as your primary or secondary link building method.

For example, if you're actively soliciting guest posting opportunities and building links that way, the Backlink Breakthrough can function alongside more active, link-outreach strategies.

Or it can be your primary link acquisition technique.

A Step-By-Step Course That Will Help You Build Powerful Backlinks To Rank Your Sites And Generate A Full-Time Online Income

With the Backlink Breakthrough, I'll give you a step-by-step process to create an INBOUND link strategy.

Instead of scraping websites, mass emailing site owners, begging them to accept your free content, and (potentially) paying a publication fee, I'll show you my strategy that completely flips the script.

Now, site owners with powerful domains are going to be reaching out to you asking how they can link to your website:

dr 43 backlink
high dr backlink

This repeatable, white-hat process will help you get super-strong backlinks to help you rank in the competitive online marketing world.

The Backlink Breakthrough is your one-stop shop to becoming a backlink guru, hoarding DR 30, DR 40, 50, 60 and even 70+ backlinks that will make your competitors drool.

Below are some of the dofollow backlinks I was able to acquire, over the course of a couple weeks, for a brand new site:  

backlink niche site analysis

About Me

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My name is Ryan.

I'm a NYC based 'digital marketing solopreneur' that makes a 6-figure passive income online.

Currently averaging over $60k a month- from affiliate and display ad revenue.

I don't say that to brag- just to help qualify my own thoughts and insights regarding building an online business.

I started to help novice and advanced online marketers build profitable, passive income content sites.

What's Inside

The course comprises 12 modules with 8 videos:

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Who This Course Is For

This course is ideal for online entrepreneurs who are looking for a low-cost, simple backlink strategy to increase their site's authority, rankings, traffic and income potential.

It is ideal if you already have an established site, but I've designed the course to accommodate new site builders, as well.

Established site owners can see particularly quick wins acquiring contextually relevant, editorial backlinks from high DR websites.

It will help float money pages up the SERPs, increasing traffic and conversions.

If you are just getting started, the Backlink Breakthrough will help novice site owners build powerful backlinks to completely new websites.

I'm not going to lie: there is work involved.

But this process is much easier than the traditional approach of cold emailing thousands of websites using expensive software.

And much cheaper than hiring pricey outreach services that can charge hundreds of dollars for a single link.

Who This Course Isn't For

If you (or your Virtual Assistant) don't have ~3 hours a week to answer emails this isn't for you.

If you want a high-volume of backlinks very quickly- this isn't for you. This process is more 'slow and steady wins the race'. 

The process does require ongoing work- it's not a turnkey, done-for-you solution, but it's definitely the easiest, cheapest (generally no-cost way) to build big-time backlinks.


You can email me at ryan@nichefacts if you have any questions.

If you aren't happy with the course, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee