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When I first started building affiliate sites in 2015, there were a few foundational gurus that I followed.

Patt Flynn from Smart Passive Income was one. Amy Porterfield was another.

However, it was Gael and Mark from that most helped me on my internet-marketing journey.

Since the summer of 2016, I’ve earned well over a million dollars running several content sites.

That’s not to brag- just to qualify my thoughts on internet marketing and the innumerable information products that sell the passive-income possibility.

*I am an affiliate for AuthorityHacker- so if you end up purchasing the course, I’ll receive a commission.

tl;dr Summary

  • AuthorityHacker was founded by Gael Breton & Mark Webster- a pair of seasoned internet marketers.
  • Their website and podcast help novice to advanced internet marketers grow profitable content websites with white-hat traffic and monetization methods.
  • AuthorityHacker has two primary products:  The Authority Site System (TASS) and Authority Hacker Pro (AH Pro).
  • The Authority Site System is a step-by-step system for launching successful affiliate & authority sites. It’s intended for beginners who want to create new sites and reach job replacement income levels. It’s always available for purchase- unlike AH Pro.
  • AH Pro is only available during launch periods- it’s designed for marketers who already have a blog or website and want to grow it further. Make sure you’re subscribed to my email list (there’s a signup form at the bottom of this post) to get notified when AH Pro is available.
  • I purchased TASS and AH Pro in 2016 and relied on their traffic/monetization strategies to scale my websites to over $65,000 monthly earnings.
  • Besides the course content, when you purchase The Authority Site System, you get access to their private Facebook mastermind group. It’s an invaluable repository of internet marketing knowledge. Mark and Gael are on hand- as well as a ton of other successful site owners willing to share their knowledge.
  • Gael and Mark routinely update both TASS and AH Pro so that their strategies remain cutting edge.
  • The two resources I unreservedly recommend if you’re trying to build a passive-income internet business is Ahrefs, the SEO software, and The Authority Site System.

*If you’re wondering if it’s right for you, I’ll answer your questions. Just email me at or use the contact form below:

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    Interested? Join The Webinar

    I recommend jumping on the AuthorityHacker webinar if you’re at all intrigued. Gael and Mark do a great job explaining their approach:

    Why I Recommend The Authority Site System

    There are two online marketing resources that I unreservedly recommend.

    The first is Ahrefs- the SaaS SEO tool.

    The second is the AuthorityHacker brand.

    I’ve been listening to their podcast for years:

    The Authority Hacker Podcast on Apple Podcasts

    I’ve purchased their highest priced internet marketing product, AH Pro. And I participate in their private Facebook Group on a regular basis.

    I came to trust Gael and Mark because:

    1. their blog content was always best-in-class
    2. they were always completely transparent about their wins/losses
    3. their podcast revealed them as friendly, relatable people- not spammy affiliates shilling a get rich quick scheme
    4. After I became an AuthorityHacker affiliate, I had the chance to speak with Mark over the phone and Skype. It further cemented my positive impression of their approach to internet marketing

    If you’ve been searching around in vain for an all-in-one course that will help you launch a profitable website, this is an amazing place to start.

    Who It’s For

    In my opinion, if you’re just starting out, want to build a website that earns several thousand dollars or more a month, the Authority Site System is a great place to start.

    It’s an exhaustive primer for beginner internet marketers who want a clear process for constructing sustainable internet properties.

    It provides cutting-edge, white-hat internet marketing strategies to create content that gets traffic.

    If you’re an advanced site-builder, you might find a few useful items in the course, but it’s probably not worth it for you.

    Intermediate and advanced internet marketers should purchase AH Pro during a launch period.

    My Early Failures

    When I first started building affiliate websites back in 2015, I had no idea what I was doing and ended up receiving a manual penalty from Google.

    I was doing a bunch of spammy content creation. I was using an article spinner to publish hundreds of thin content pages.

    Google took notice one day and obliterated my network of sites.

    It turns out that getting penalized by Google was the best thing that could have happened to me.

    I quickly pivoted to whiter-hat internet marketing strategies.

    It was a costly lesson- I had spent at least 6 months doing things the wrong way.

    A lot of people would have quit at that point.

    I had been dabbling with Authority Hacker content at the time- reading their blog posts and listening to their podcasts, but I still wasn’t following their advice.

    I was still in the early stages of the ‘make money online’ game. I was listening to dozens of different gurus espousing dozens of different strategies.

    I had no idea what was the best path.

    It was an exciting and confusing time. I knew that there were internet marketers out there experiencing tremendous success. To my mind, it certainly seemed possible.

    Full transparency: I started the site that ultimately became my biggest success before I purchased an AuthorityHacker product, but their free blog and podcast content was a factor in my early success.

    What’s Inside TASS?

    authority hacker system course contents

    Inside of each of these Modules there are a variety of Lessons.

    For instance, inside Module 2: Brainstorming Niches there are 11 individual Lessons:

    1. What makes a good niche
    2. What Makes A Good Niche For YOU?
    3. Introducing the niche research spreadsheet
    4. Things You’re Good At
    5. Website Marketplaces
    6. Content Marketplaces
    7. Affiliate Networks
    8. [Advanced] Affiliate Tracking Domains
    9. Disclaimers
    10. Online Lists
    11. Shortlisting Your Niches (Round 1)

    Once you’re inside a Lesson, the content includes ultra-detailed text and video material:

    niches that work well Internet Marketing

    How Much Is It?

    Currently, TASS is priced at $997.

    Yes, that’s a lot of money.

    Could you get the same information for free elsewhere?

    I bet you could cobble together 75% of the information from free resources.

    But it would be a disorganized mess.

    I know when I was first starting out, I was so incredibly confused about the best course of action.

    I had a lot of early failures that could have been avoided if I had just stuck with a workable and winning system.

    Plus- you wouldn’t have access to peer support from the Facebook mastermind.

    To this day, whenever I have a question about something that’s got me stumped, I search the Facebook group and usually find detailed answers from reputable marketers I know I can trust.

    So, yes, it’s a lot of money.

    But if you’re serious about building a profitable content site, I’d recommend investing in a proven system to ensure efficient progress towards job-replacing online income.

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    Are there refunds?

    Yes, they offer a 30 day, no questions asked refund.

    Does this work in 2020?

    Yes- they routinely update the content in the course. Including a recent reshooting of their entire TASS video catalog.

    Are there other costs?

    Yes. You’ll have to pay to host your website, buy a WordPress theme, and invest in an SEO tool like Ahrefs (or a cheaper alternative like KWFinder). In addition, you’ll need to create content for your website- you can write this yourself or outsource it.

    Is there support?

    Yes, the private Facebook mastermind group is where you’ll get support from Gael and Mark. As well as other authority-site marketers. I’m in the group every day- it’s probably my 2nd or 3rd stop in the morning.

    Are there discounts?

    I’ve seen the price occasionally discounted- but I don’t know for sure if/when this will happen again.

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