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I’ve spent a lot of time poring over Flippa auctions trying to find a steal. Some under-monetized property that just needs a couple of improvements for sustainable increases in revenue.

Granted, it’s harder than ever to find good deals on Flippa. Everyone is looking to cash in on a lucrative, passive-income opportunity.

However, with the help of the Instant Data Scraper Chrome extension and Ahrefs Batch Analysis tool, I’m able to quickly sort through hundreds of Flippa auctions to find appealing listings.

In the table below, I analyzed 97 of Flippa’s most active listings using Ahrefs.

You can see the number of Keywords the site ranks for, Total estimated Traffic, Domain Rating, Total Backlinks, and Ahrefs Rank- and much more.

Just make sure you scroll the table to the right to see ALL the table’s data.

The second column contains the link to the auction listing- click that to Watch or Bid on the listing.

I am an affiliate for Flippa- so if you purchase a site through one of the links on this page, I’ll receive a commission.

Analyzing Flippa’s Most Active Listings

*This table is best viewed on Desktop so you can easily sort it


I’m going to pick off a few interesting listings each week and analyze the pros and cons of purchasing the site.

flippa site sale


  • Large (50k+ ranking keyword), aged authority site with a legitimate brand reputation and high-quality content in the ‘prison’ niche
  • Ad earnings could likely be increased by switching from Ezoic to AdThrive or Mediavine
  • Legitimate direct and referral traffic- its earned brand reputation means people go it directly or are referred to it by other authority sites. Helps protect it, to an extent, from Google Search traffic variability
  • I know the site owner- he’s in the Authority Hacker Facebook Group. Ron’s a definite internet marketing pro and built this site the right way


  • Bit of a learning curve- you’ll have to invest yourself in the niche to understand how to serve the audience
  • Experienced site owner has squeezed a lot of monetization out of it already
    Will require some digital marketing savvy- not optimal for a newbie
  • Felons, convicts, etc, aren’t a particularly lucrative audience- not great for affiliate marketing. Though the site owner has been creative with non-Amazon affiliate options like Lynda & Udemy

*Check out my prison niche report for more interesting insights


  • Fun, social-media-friendly site with solid, but not overwhelming, organic traffic stats (currently 4,200 ranking keywords)
  • Site is more of a passion project- which means there are a variety of SEO, CRO, affiliate wins available the current site owner hasn’t leveraged
  • Includes an untapped email list several thousand strong that’s only been contacted a couple of times and an active Facebook page with 5,000 followers
  • Room for growth on social media- sort of a pro/con, because this means it will require active management to maintain and maximize traffic potential


  • Search traffic potential is somewhat capped by the ‘Yorkie’ niche- on the one hand, the specificity wins it solid rankings for Yorkie terms, but on the other somewhat limits its scope
  • Not ideal for affiliate income because a lot of people are there just for fun pictures- but you could try creating more generalized canine product reviews and see how they land with Google Search
  • To fully maintain and maximize social traffic potential, you’ll need to remain engaged with the Facebook page

Farming Aquaponics For Sustainable Living - Farming Aquaponics


  • Small (2,000 ranking keywords), 1-year-old, affiliate site in the trending Aquaponics niche getting 94% U.S. traffic, according to Ahrefs
  • Ahrefs shows a positive growth trend- potentially good buy as it escapes the Google Sandbox
  • Very few backlinks- currently sitting at DR 1, which means a couple of backlinks could quickly increase rankings
  • Probably lots of Amazon affiliate alternatives you can experiment with


  • Not much ‘wrong’ with a site like this- content looks solid, if not exceptional
  • Will be a hassle swapping out all the Amazon affiliate links, but that’s to be expected

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