About Me

My name is Ryan. I'm a NYC-based 'digital marketing solopreneur' that makes a 6-figure passive income online.

How It's Done

The brunt of this income currently comes from a general product/service review site that I've scaled up to about a million words, ranking for over 275,000 keywords (according to Ahrefs.com).

In addition, I have a pair of 'AdSense' sites in the technology and DIY niches.

They're primarily SEO-plays, meaning that they gets free, organic traffic.

My success has boiled down to high-quality keyword research and high-quality content that I automate using Virtual Assistants and writers.

I don't say that to brag- just to help qualify my own thoughts and insights regarding building an online business.

Proof Of Earnings

amazon earnings

Because my main site assesses so many different products and services- I'm uniquely qualified to comment on the viability of certain niches because I'm currently in them.

While that site is my biggest success, I'm not purely wedded to SEO.

My interests are necessarily diverse.

Meaning- if you don't diversify your online income and revenue sources, you're tremendously exposed to the whims of Google, or Instagram, or Facebook, etc.

​tl;dr: I earn a living online with passive income. This site will help you do the same. Shoot me an email if you have any questions. 

About This Site

With this site, I'm aiming to solve both my problem and yours.

Since the success of my affiliate site, I've done extensive research to discover interesting online businesses.

Indeed, if you're at all interested in building an online business, whether it be a lifestyle business, or something that becomes a huge brand, choosing a niche can be dauntingly difficult, especially if you're new to internet marketing.

I finally decided to go really meta.

This site researches niches and shows you interesting opportunities you can undertake, whether you are new or experienced.

Many of these niches I've thought long and hard about entering, so they're the product of my own research and validation.

I lay out what I think is interesting about them- what the opportunity is, how to get traffic, and how to make money.

The Niche Reports

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These niche writeups aren't exhaustive- you'll have to figure out a lot for yourself. But that's the fun part!

My Background

I'm a NYC native currently living in Brooklyn Heights.

I graduated from New York University in 2013 with a Masters Degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

NYU Campus

After several years working at companies like Y&R & Bloomberg, I pivoted to a startup digital marketing role. 

I cultivated a broad digital skill set- managing the AdWords and Bing Ads accounts; running all email and direct marketing; creating SEO campaigns; in general-  overseeing all customer acquisition. 

I was always hustling on the side- growing what eventually became a strong fleet of digital content businesses with millions of users.

Eventually when my earnings doubled my salary, I phased out of the 9-5.

Now my day to day consists of managing my digital portfolio and discussing online business opportunities here on NicheFacts.

The lifestyle is amazing. I have complete freedom to work on any project I like and enjoy all of NYC's amazing amenities. 

I answer ALL reader questions- just message me at ryan@nichefacts.com.