I research interesting niches to help you create a thriving online business. I define the market opportunity, provide the keyword research, and tell you how I would approach building an online business in the niche.



How To Make A Gaming Website: Content & Monetization Strategies

In this Premium Niche Report, I'll show you how to make a gaming website. There are some truly amazing opportunities if you're passionate about creating...

The Drug Addiction Niche

In this premium niche report, I discuss the 'drug treatment' niche. I examine the SEO opportunity, site structure considerations, how to get backlinks, content...

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A 3-Step No Cost System To Acquire Powerful, White-Hat Backlinks With ZERO Outreach For People Who HATE Link Building A 3-Step No Cost System To...

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    The Nordstrom Affiliate Program | Is 2% Worth It?

    If you're a fashion blogger, you're probably scouring the internet looking for big-brand, high-converting affiliate programs. Nordstrom definitely fits the bill. Nordstrom is a luxury...

    The REI Affiliate Program [Full Review]

    In this post, I examine the REI affiliate program. I review their commission structure, what products you can promote, and how I would push...

    The Ikea Affiliate Program | Does It Exist?

    I'm not going to leave you in suspense- it doesn't appear that Ikea has an affiliate program at this time. (Email me at ryan@nichefacts.com if...

    The Home Depot Affiliate Program: Better Than Amazon?

    If you're a niche site publisher, you're probably familiar with the all-powerful Amazon Associates affiliate program. There are, however, other affiliate programs that are...

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    How To Start A Profitable Local News Website

    I was recently reading a Guardian news article bemoaning the death of local journalism: Small-town Alaskan newspaper seeks new owner. Price: $0 It's a now-familiar trope:...