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I help people find profitable niches. I'll show you how to get traffic and monetize your website to reach 5, 6, and even 7-figure profits. 

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My name is Ryan Nelson. I run a bunch of different websites that brings in a six-figure yearly income. Internet marketing is a passion. I began building niche sites in 2015 when I was working at a New York City startup as a digital-marketing product manager. I've learned a tremendous amount about creating income-producing websites in the past several years- and one of my passions is educating novice site builders.

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I research niches to help you create a thriving online business. I define the market opportunity, provide the keyword research, and tell you how I would approach building an online business in the niche.


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I write real-world case studies & tutorials documenting how I build niche sites, get traffic, and monetize audiences for passive-income profit. 

Recent Niche Reports

Affiliate Program Reviews


The Rakuten LinkShare Affiliate Network Review | Traffic & Monetization Strategies

In this post, I'm going to explore the Rakuten LinkShare affiliate network.I'll be showing you how to find affiliate programs ...
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The DJI Affiliate Program | Monetizing The Drone Niche

If you're obsessed with drones, this post is for you.Whether drones are capturing gorgeous, flyaway footage for big-time YouTubers like ...
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Parking Affiliate Programs | The Most Boring Niche In The World

If you've ever booked a flight or planned a trip, you've probably been prompted to reserve parking. Whether it's to ...
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The WordPress Affiliate Program [Full Review]

In this post, I dive into the WordPress affiliate program- both .org and .com affiliate opportunities. To start, the WordPress.com ...
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The Udemy Affiliate Program: How I Promote It

In this post, I'll dive into the Udemy affiliate program. I examine some of its top-performing keywords, how I make ...
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WarriorPlus Review: Affiliate Monetization Strategies

In this post, I examine the Warrior plus affiliate network- analyzing their different offers and how I would promote them ...
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ride sharing logo

The Lyft Affiliate Program [Any Good?]

Lyft Affiliate Program About Lyft is a San Francisco, California- based, on-demand ride-share app. It launched in 2012 and operates ...
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The BodyBuilding.com Affiliate Program: Shortcut To Massive Profits

If you're interested in the fitness and bodybuilding niche, the BodyBuilding.com affiliate program is a logical affiliate partner. About BodyBuilding.com ...
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The AVG And Avast Affiliate Programs [Full Review]

In this post, I examine the Avast and AVG affiliate programs.I'll examine their respective commission structures, their different product lines, ...
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The REI Affiliate Program [Full Review]

In this post, I examine the REI affiliate program. I review their commission structure, what products you can promote, and ...
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The Expedia Affiliate Program [Full Review]

If you're hankering to get into the travel affiliate game, Expedia is one of the more established affiliate programs in ...
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The Newegg Affiliate Program [Full Review]

In this post, I examine the Newegg affiliate program, its commission structure, how it compares with the Amazon Associates program, ...
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adobe affiliate program

The Adobe Affiliate Program [Full Review]

In this post, I examine the Adobe Affiliate Program. I analyze the different Adobe software services you can promote, their ...
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The 150 Best Electronics & Tech Affiliate Programs [Ranked]

In this post, I examine some of the best-performing technology and consumer electronics affiliate programs in the ShareASale affiliate network ...
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The Airbnb Affiliate Program [Review]

If you're looking to promote Airbnb, there are two types of partnership options you need to be aware of.First, Airbnb ...
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The Dell Affiliate Program [Full Review]

Named after its founder, Michael Dell, the company is one of the biggest tech businesses in the world, employing over ...
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The Adidas Affiliate Program: Monetizing A Sports Brand

In this post, I review the Adidas affiliate program. I cover the commission structure, promotional strategies, and examples of successful ...
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The Nike Affiliate Program: Joining & Monetizing

Does Nike offer an affiliate program?Yes, but with a caveat.The bad news here is that according to this support page, ...
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