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Ranking For Dreams
  What was the last dream you remember having? For me, it was a comically obvious nightmare about school. Something[...]
Ranking For Random Dates In Time
In the past, I've written about a variety of niches that are somewhat strange and obscure. These include expired food[...]
The ‘Gone Wild’ Words Of UrbanDictionary.com
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The 25+ Best Insurance Affiliate Programs | How To Monetize Them
The international insurance market is a trillion-dollar industry (Source). Selecting the right coverage can be incredibly complex for buyers, with[...]
Ranking For TV Episodes: How To Make A Living Writing About Reality TV
  Recently I've been binge-watching Kitchen Nightmares on YouTube. It's one of my favorite shows. Gordon Ramsay, the famous British[...]
How To Start A Book Blog That Makes Money
  If you are thinking about starting a book blog, I'm going to give you some practical advice and show[...]
Ranking For Colors: Cool Color Wheel Cash
  When I first started building websites, I was obsessed with emulating what the pros were doing. With good reason.[...]
Scrabble SEO: Ranking For Auto-Generated Anagrams
  There's a board game cafe in my Brooklyn neighborhood. Whenever I walk by late at night it's packed full[...]
How PissedConsumer.Com Taps Customer Outrage for 7 Figure Ad Profits
  Has a business ever made you blind with fury? Maybe you were deceptively billed. Maybe they refused you a[...]
Cemetery SEO: How FindAGrave.com Makes Millions From Ads In Morbid Organic Search
  How's this for a niche: death? Talk about unsexy… I generally embrace boring and weird niches, but this next[...]

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